Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Team Réciprocité

You ask what? Or maybe where? I've been spending the last five months absent from this blog and actively involved in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, a international competition inspired by the the U.S. Solar Decathlon that challenges collegiate teams from all over the world to design, build, and operate cost effective, energy-efficient and attractive solar-powered houses. My university, Appalachian State University, is pairing up with Université d’Angers in France to represent Team Réciprocité. The last five months I've been involved in creating construction drawings on Revit, helping the team pick out furniture and accessories, and actually doing hands-on construction on our home, Maison Reciprocity.
Work on the construction site has taught me so much more about my field of industry as well as more about myself. For example, I started off not knowing how to use an impact drill, or do trim carpentry, or what the crap is a T25 drill bit?! I didn't know that I was so good at putting Roxul insulation into walls. Neither did I know I was capable of driving a truck into a building...
Work on the construction site has taught me how to ask: to ask for a helping hand when you can't possibly carry that huge piece of plywood up the stairs, or to ask for a hammer - or just steal it out of someone's tool belt, how to ask when you don't know how a particular tool works, or ask for a lighter to which all seven French boys reach for their pockets and ask if you smoke, or for a utility knife (sometimes called a utilitarian knife) in which the four men you ask from all produce a knife out of somewhere on their being and you end up have four knives pointed at you.

Work on the construction site has earned me the nickname of "Near-Miss" simply because I am always tripping, always bleeding, always getting a splinter, and even occasionally twisting an ankle, falling off a ladder, or bumping heads with the stairs. (But then again, what's new?!)
Work on the construction site has taught me to fend for myself. So what if I'm the smallest/shortest person around, and I'm a girl. There are slight advantages, like fitting into small quarters, getting into precarious ladder situations, and bossing the boys around getting treated like a lady. But hey, I can do the job just as well.

Work on the construction site has taught me how to get the job done! If that means unloading tools from the truck so you can start working sooner, or sweeping the floor just to stay occupied, or breaking up the conversation to get the boys back to working, or even staying until 2am in the morning... you do whatever it takes to get the job done.
Yet working on the construction site leaves you with a sense of satisfaction like nothing else. Because at the end of the day, you look back at what you've done, at how far you've come, at the experiences you've had, and the memories you've made, and its not something I would ever give up. Don't ask me how I worked at Solar Decathlon for 50 hours a week, plus went to class with a full-time 15 credit hours semester work load, and worked part time 12 hours a week. All those late nights either using a drill or catching up on homework were worth it.

P/s. Plus, I get to go to France for a month.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Year

Looking through my archive, it is painfully obvious how overworked I have been the last four months or so. Forgive the lack of blogposts. It has been a crazy semester that was stretched into my short Christmas break. In fact, only a few hours ago did I put the finishing touches on my last project. Now to enjoy my one week of break before next semester rolls in.

The last quarter of 2013 was truly a milestone in so many ways. Not only did I learn more, challenge myself harder, had some great experiences, been more mindful of God's wonderful provision and love, lost some weight (yes, after I had reached my coveted 100 pounds), gotten injured more aka cut my forehead open and thought I had a concussion, been more places, got my driver's license and my very own car, grown in so many different ways... the list could go on.

Whatever happened in 2013, good or bad, I'm glad its a new year.

2014 is going to be a year of learning, growing, experiencing more, learning to love deeper, making milestones, traveling, treasuring moments, exploring possibilities, reaching 100 pounds (again), having adventures even if that means you strain your knee or bust your head open, overcoming fears even if that means getting in an elevator alone, making and strengthening relationships, watching the World Cup, being adventurous, discovering more about God, growing closer to Him. Its gonna be all that plus more. I don't know about you, but I'm excited about this year!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Month of Thankfulness

We all know November is the month of thanksgiving. Instead of posting every single day something I'm thankful for, I've decided to write a quick line each day that describes my day, what I've learned, and mostly, what I'm thankful for... and post it all on the last day of November. Take a sneak peek at the diary!

What a way to start off a month. Thankful for conviction, for friends that hold you accountability, for forgiveness in Christ, for James 5:16.

Thankful for productive, learning days. Thankful for books to learn from, for godly insight, for the reminder that a women was created to help.

Thankful for humility and learning to ask for help. Thankful for people willing to help - Fran giving me a ride to church; Cathy letting me practice my driving. Plus, making a great interception in football pretty much makes one's day. ;)

Thankful for meeting random strangers like Joe who owns Cheap Joe's and reminded of his sweet generosity when using the gift card he gave me.

Thankful for a sketchbook.

For meetings and things to keep you occupied else what would one do?

For my sweet little children at childcare.

Thankful for practice that makes perfect... even if it seems really far off.

For movies - cowboys, Josh Lucas, and Tony Stark all in one day.

Thankful for submission. For the space and freedom we're given so we can choose to submit. Thankful for the authority in my life and the continuous act of submission and respect towards them.

Grateful for the beautiful fellowship of godly women in all different stages of life and for the wisdom imparted!

For a warm coat, long hair that keep my ears warm, for the wind, the sun, even the anticipated snow, for God's creation even when it's cold.

Thankful for the reminder of how blessed I am.

Thankful for the 19 years God has been faithful. Thankful for his divine designs, those little so-called random details in life, that he has so purposefully planned. What a perfect example of a true designer.

For professors that are helpful and truly want you to succeed. I cannot be more grateful for the education and the amount of things I'm learning in college.

So thankful for seeing the fruit of practice pay off!

For little girls who push you into the center of attention for the birthday song, for gentlemen who tell off little boys who are being a little less than gentlemanly towards girls, for girls to have tea parties, trips downtown, Thai food, and Sweet Frog runs with... for friends. :)

Thankful for fun friends and good catchup sessions.

For being able to take off work sometimes and watch my favorite USMNT.

For delicious taco bells and families that are concerned about your extremely tired face.

Thankful that I am healthy even when I work at a childcare where everyone is falling sick this time of the year.

For my daddy, for his advice and guidance, and his help with selecting my fantasy premier league team this week!

You gotta be grateful for southern men and their southern directions.

For the Patriots and their epic comeback.

Thankful for trusty mechanics and being able to learn more about cars!

For rain, even as horrible as it is, for rainboots, even if they break on me, and for movie theaters!

Love the white stuff falling from the sky and especially grateful for the safety I experienced on the roads today.

Happy Thanksgiving! My heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness for Ms. Elaine, the Reynolds, and the other friends who joined us for a delicious Turkey meal.

For tears and people who care for you even when you get busted up on the football field again.

Grateful for the beginning of the Christmas season, for the fun in decorating the Christmas tree, and for the reminder of what this next season is all about.

Goodbye November! You've been a month to remember!