Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reality Check

You know the song Count Your Blessings? Well I do that often. Especially when I'm all boggled down with the things that make life not so great and then I realize, well hey. I've got it a whole lot better than a lot of people.

So I'm carrying my fairly large pile of dishes (that accumulated in a matter of two full days) into the bathroom and I look at myself in the mirror and its like instant self-pity. Because here I am, red nosed, coughing and sputtering like no one's business, the amount of snout coming out of my nose enough to wash all my dishes (if, for some reason, you would want to wash dishes with snout). And then that song instantaneously pops into my head. Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done.

And so I began to count them.

What a blessing it is that I'm already clad in my sweats at 11am in the morning and can spend the entire rest of the day inside my warm dorm room, catching up on homework.

What a blessing it is that my work allows us to find subs when we're too sick or busy to come in and work with the precious children.

What a blessing it is that I have a computer, internet, and resources to do my homework.

What a blessing it is that if I were really dying, someone would come rescue me and nurse me back to health because I know so many loving mothers that treat me like their own.

What a blessing that I really am not dying, that I only have a cold, and that I can still focus and think, go to classes, and finish this semester off.

What a blessing that there are only a little more than 2 more weeks till the semester is over!

So many blessings. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Finally. I'm the big one eight.

I decided it was worth enough to actually spend a few minutes of my precious time to record this special day. Let's be real: you only turn 18 once.... you only become a legal adult once. At least, once in the country you're currently in. I pretty much had a span of one and a half days when people started wishing me happy birthday because technically, in their time, it was my birthday. And technically, I turn an adult again in countries where the legal age is 21. But anyhows, it is a somewhat special day.

Since November is the month of thankfulness as well as the month of not shaving - you know I just found out that some girls celebrate No Shave November as well... gross! - I decided I would do a thankful post to go along with this birthday post because (1) I am just so thankful on this special day and (2) I probably won't find any other time to write another post in this crazy month. So here goes:

To my amazing roommate and suite-mates, as pictured above, thank you for baking my a delicious gummy cake, for giving me an over-generous-way-too-big slice of it, for the love, the words on the mirror, and just being great living companions. I could have never wished for better people to spend my sleepy mornings and lazy Saturdays with.

To Cathy, for bringing me around today to get my fingerprint scanning and buy art supplies, for being there to help out in any way possible, for your welcoming family, for the dinners at your house, and for the sightseeing we've done in the past year or so, thank you.

To my ten favorite one-year-olds in the entire world, for always smiling and being cute and making my Tuesdays and Thursdays always so much better. For being one, for making messes while eating, for never wanting to take a nap, for giving me hugs and smiles. I love my work.

To my favorite soccer player of all time, Michael Bradley, for scoring today and playing a HUGE part in getting a tie against Russia. For being the greatest-volley-goal-scorer of absolutely all times and giving me the opportunity to convince my dad of that fact: after forcing him to watch your goal today, after talking about your goal against Scotland... after watching Ibrahimovic's amazing goal and still thinking your goal was pretty amazing (although in Ibrahimovic's defense, that was a pretty darn good goal.)

To my friends, both old, new, long-term, short-term, for being and playing such an important role in my childhood, my fun times, and my life-challenging moments. There are just way too many things to cover, but you know who you are and what big part you've had in my life. And for each and every one of you, I am grateful that I know you.

To my church family in Highland Christian Fellowship, for your continual support, for your acceptance, for playing a huge role in my growth as a believer. For the many good times I've had with you all, at the corn maze, at parties, at church, playing football, climbing trees, hanging out at people's houses... talking, laughing, growing in maturity as a body. I cannot thank or express my gratitude in enough words. Y'all are truly my family.

And finally, to my precious three members of my blood related family, for the skype conversations that we have, for my daddy bearing with me as I talk about soccer until it gets out of my system - which takes about an hour - for my sister, and her amazing gift buying skills, and for my mommy, for being a mom. Thanks for also trying to find the guy who stole my first kiss... they're talking right now about hiring a private investigator and all. ;)

To think that just last August 2011, I was a naive 16 year old, on the brink of starting college life. And man have I grown since then! Its funny when your boss, as she is pulling out paperwork to be filled out since you're turning 18, was like, "and to think the first time you came here you were sixteen! How time flies!" You know you've really grown up when the sheriff you saw more than a year ago recognizes you and asks you how old you are because the last time you saw her you were sixteen and too young to get your fingerprints scanned.

It's surreal. Today happened. I'm finally eighteen.