Friday, November 30, 2007

a friend that always there..

Have you ever gotten so exasperated when you check your email inbox to find that it is stuffed with forwards? Geesh!! You finally finish reading them 30 minutes later. And if you're the type that forwards them, it takes even longer!! I sometimes wonder who ever had the time to write all these forwards.

I'm glad I was patiently reading forwards one day. Because I found this beautiful poem. (let's call it touching instead of beautiful) This was some time ago. Well, I wanted that poem again and since I memorized the first line, I searched it up in Google. Who agrees with me? Google is so cool!!

Yea, and if you're the type that reads my sidebar, you'll have already seen it. But I want to share it with you today and talk more about it. It has such a wonderful meaning to it.

Here goes:
If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone

If I could take your troubles
I would toss them into the sea
But all these things I'm finding
Are impossible for me

I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair
But let me be what I know best
A friend that's always there.
Read it really carefully. And think about it. Meditate on it. I've already read it a billion times and the more I read it, the more I luv it. It means so much to me.

I wish I could catch a rainbow, or build a mountain. I wish I could toss your troubles into the sea. I wish I could do all these things for you. But this one thing I can do. That is..

A friend that's always there.

Just remember, I'm always there for you...

It was time...

It was time for funness today. I mean, I was ready for it. After being rather bored during the last couple of days, it was nice to go to school again. I had funnn (=

Yea, great relief to find out all my friends are still alive. Okay, I kid. But it was still cool seeing Paullyn, Paul Mae, Shu Way, Dawn, Shabeta, Emily, Roberts, Tommy, Bryant, Soph, Kelvin, Fai, and even Ai Theeng from Klang!!

Lunch time proved to be full of laughter. You should seriously listen to Shu Way talking crap. It's rather amusing. Like this one:

Paul Mae: tell me a joke Shu Way!!
Shu Way: oh ok. Why did the skeleton cross the road?
Tommy: Cause he had no guts.
(everybody was not laughing)
Shu Way: correct!! Harharharhar (he seriously said harhar, it's not to indicate laughter.)
everyone burst out into laughter.

Yea, this is what you call lame jokes that make you laugh. Paul Mae seriously couldn't stop laughing. We were quite flabbergasted.

this is what happens when your too kind to your friend...

My name is : Hazel

But u can call me : hazel-chazel-mazel-bazel

Never in my life have I : went to the capital of Maine

The one person who can drive me nuts is : my sister

My high school is : GRCland (i miss school)

When i'm nervous : grip my skirt, or if not wearing skirt, grip my pants

The last song i listened 2 was : listening to it now Voice of Truth

If i were to get married rite now, it would be 2 : someone no one knows

My hair is : cool!! I luv it. Except it's getting too long

When I was 4 : I ran around the house with no t-shirt on!

Last Christmas : was interesting and funnn

I should be more : disciplined in my work. bummers!

When i look down, i see : the keyboard

The happiest recent event was : the last day of school. Not because I hate school. It was just funn.

The saddest recent event was : Award's Night went too fast!!

If i were a character on "Friends" : I'll be seriously blurcase girl then.

By tis time next year : i'll be fourteen!! woot..

My current grip is : music

I have hard time understanding : Science!! Aghhh

There are these girls : whom I luv!!

If I won an award, the 1st person i would tell would be : my friends.

I want to buy : a wallet

Where do u plan 2 visit : plan and going in two weeks! Cambodia!!

If you'd spend the night at my house : You'll have funn. Guarantee.

The world could do without : bad words.

The most recent thing i've bought myself : hmm, food!!

Most recent thing some1 else bought 4 me : Christmas present. :|

My middle name is : Tian Ai (i find it interesting when Malaysians get confused about middle names!!)

In the morning I : woke up and wanted to go back to sleep!!

Last night I : used the comp!!

There's this guy i know : who totally rocks!! Most guys rock.

If i were an animal, I'd be : a dog? I don't really intend to be an animal!!

A better name 4 me would be : hazelchazel. i guess

My b'day is : Guess. Just have to read my blog and you'll find out. ahaha.

I tag : Nobody. If Roberts had a blog, I would tag him.

That reminds me. I thought I'll test Roberts. See whether he comments!!

ahaha.. That's it for today. Whatcha lonnng post.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

"it's my pleasure"

Last couple of days haven't been boring. I'm glad I actually have something to do instead of just sitting there. I'm not blaming all the bored people. I just am glad I'm not one of them.

Why not boring? I've been volunteering in my mom's company, World Vision. I'm pretty much occupied cutting this, pasting that. On Monday there was this huge stack of letter for me to fold. And as for my sis, she is busy and excited about making sheep. No kid. It's an interesting factory. Making sheep. She has 150 'sheep' to make. I'm suppose to help her, but I don't enjoy it. It's too messy for miss clean hazelchazel.

Whenever someone giving me a task and and continuously says her thanks about "coming and helping us out" I wish I could reply with a confident mind and heart, "it's my pleasure." But is it really a pleasure? Sitting there all day, folding a thousand and one letters. Pasting 100 and 1 stamps? Cutting out so many fliers?

Yea, maybe I do get bored. My hands are so dried up from helping my sis sand down her wonderful collection of sheep. And so hardened from gripping the paper cutter. I continue to tell myself that I'm working for the Lord. (World Vision is a Christian organization.) But do I really take pleasure in what I do?

So many times we do things just because we have nothing better to do. Because we're forced to. Because we're bored. Half the time when people thank you, you feel like saying, "No probs. I don't mind." But you don't exactly enjoy it either.

I wish that when I ask people to do something for me that they would answer, "it's my pleasure." And I wish that when someone ask me to do something, I'll reply, "it's my pleasure." And when we say that, that we'll really mean it from the bottom of our hearts. That we would really take pleasure in what we're doing. (even if we don't get paid)

Next time when someone asks, I'll reply, "It's my pleasure."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the blues

when I talk about the blues, I'm talking about being sad. Well, usually. It could mean I love the color blue. In fact, I do.

this 'blue' which I'm talking about is both. Because firstly, I am sad. And secondly, I love blue. So that's why my title is plural. Get it? I know I'm extremely lame. (=

So first of all, why am I sad. I use the word 'sad' not 'emo' cause I'm not that emo. It's just that I'm dissappointed. And missing everyone. Disappointed about what? that MSN doesn't work and that I can't chat with Paullyn. I mean seriously. I'm not joking. The reason why is cause I'm in my mom's office and the version of MSN that they have is extremely old. So when I tried saying 'heyyy' it didn't go through.

Yea, and I miss everybody a lot. Especially the 'gang' I hang out with. Like Sarah, Shabeta, Beeps, Paullyn, Isaac, Tommy, Roberts, Kelvin. And everyone else. Staying at home all day or in my mom's office is dead boring. Good thing I'll see you all soon. *bigsmiles*

I miss the huggies too. ahahaha.

(oh yea! I'm into MSN finally!)

And lastly, the color blue. It so rocks. I mean right, I was like going crazy about it a few days ago. I was telling my sis that you should make this and that blue. Blue totally rocks!


it's totally impossible to do this template. As hard and long as it took.

Yea, so many times we think things are impossible. Yet, they aren't. Everything is possible with God. Luke 1:37 says: "For nothing is impossible with God."

Just don't give up yet. Things you think are useless impossible actually can be done.
Who's dead bored at home? high five. I mean I've never felt so dead till this long short vacation came. It's actually very short, compared to the 3 months vacation you get in U.S.

Is that good or bad? lalala.

Monday, November 26, 2007

new template

this template rocks right? I mean, seriously yes.

Thanks so much, Larryboy, for helping me. He helped me choose my template, wrote my profile, and gave me company while I did the whole thing. ahaha..

You so rock. Thanks again.

missing you...

I just amaze myself when I can survive a day without someone. Well, it's been at least 2 weeks already. And to think, I'm only gonna see that someone next year.

Right now, when I think of that someone I rather feel like crying. I mean, I miss you so much. And I can't wait to see you again at the beginning of next year.

It's almost a miracle that God can make two people so close in a time being of one year. Not that our relationship was perfect all the way through. We went through many challenges and trials. And I still love you. No matter what.

(I have a feeling that some of you are thinking, "oh my gosh, is it a boy?" You guys seriously think weird things. ahaha.)

Anyway, my darling sister, I miss you terribly. I missed you at school. No Zoe going to her locker and then stopping by at my desk to say, "hi". No Zoe to come and ask me for help or call me to come see her latest experiment. No Zoe to share her food with me during break.

No Zoe. No Zoe. No Zoe. No Zoe.

Life without a Zoe is... boring

I miss you Zoe. Just wanna tell you that.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Too Busy on Nov 22?

Listening to I'm Yours by Planetshakers. Really loudly. Cause in the background, my dad is watching star wars. agghh! I so can't stand the background music. It makes me nervous. Geesh! Of all movies, why Star Wars!

Anyway, a lot of things happened on November 22. And I was too busy in Klang that I couldn't even blog about it all. And now, I finally have the time.

Firstly, it was Thanksgiving. t so super saddening that in Malaysia you don't celebrate Thanksgiving. I so miss all the stuffing and turkey. And Cranberry Sauce. Oh yum.

Birthdays. Can't believe that I missed blogging about two birthdays on that day. Firstly, Mr. Handsome.
Caleb Foong. I mean, without him and Joseph making noise in Fraser's Hill, it would make the whole trip boring. Man, did we have fun. This boy might be ten, but he can still tease me. ahahahaha.

Secondly, Amanda. I miss her so much. She was my only girl pal in 2nd grade. There were only two girls in 2nd grade. That was her and me. And I was new that year. And she just started being my friend. You could call us 'quiet friends'. Cause at first, we hardly ever talked. During recess we would just walk around together without saying a word. Course, that isn't true now.

And so, you two, sorry for the late wishes. But I'll just wish you extra now.

Happy Birthday Caleb and Manda.

Hugz <3

Friday, November 23, 2007

Last Day of School

Okie-dokie! Here comes the pictures for the last day of school. Man, I'm so gonna miss everyone. Especially all these people in the pictures below...

All of us. It was first all the seniors in Mr. Francis class, but we all joined sooner or later.
One big family. I love them all.

Hanger-outer dudes. Not choosing favorites, but we do hang out together all the time. I'm gonna miss them all so much. (Doesn't Beeps look pretty? Her hair is down!!)

I was telling my sis, the pic would be perfecto if Isaac was here.
What a bummer.
Best buddies. I miss you Sarah.
Paullyn looks so pretty! I miss you too.

Gracie Goh. She just graduated yesterday. We're all gonna miss her like nuts. Missing you already.

And lastly, those who are going into full-time homeschooling next year. We'll seriously miss your presence in the center. Make sure you come and visit us often, k?

Soph and I. I luv this pic. =)

And Roberts. I still can't imagine GRC without him. I mean, he is like the most huggable and bestest big bro eva. You better visit the center often.

And lastly, Naomi. She's not going into full-time homeschooling. This was just too classic that I had to post it. ahahah.

It's the deeds, not the words

Before I began this long post about how grand award's night was, I have one regret that I made today. I hugged almost the whole school before I left today, except the most important girl. I'm so regretful that I didn't manage to hug Gracie. Maybe we'll meet again. I pray we will.

Award's Night. Imagine a whole day in Klang practicing and getting ready for the program. From 8:30 in the morning till 11:40pm my whole day was pack with business, with no time to rest. Yep, tiring indeed. Other than that, I had fun. Our drama really rocked the house. I was so nervous. Who wasn’t? (Apparently Fai wasn’t nervous, but I don’t believe him.) Jon was hilarious. He was supposed to crawl, and then die. Instead, he rolled everywhere. We were all quite shocked. He didn’t believe us when we told him that he was rolling across the stage.

Photo Time. After the whole program, it was picture time. Funness. Just to think, I at least was in 20 pictures. Today also. The whole day was full of eating, snacking, and taking pictures together. With this person and that. I can’t exactly blog all the pictures, but I will put them on Picasa so you guys can see.

Something that really touched me last night was when Grace said her speech. Many of us cried. I almost did. Oh Gracie, we’re gonna miss you a lot. Just some memories about Grace Goh…

Once, I got really touched by the preaching and the altar call in chapel. I went up for prayer. And Grace prayed for me. It was so touching. And I can’t really remember the exactly words she said but I do remember something. After she prayed for me, she hugged me. And like it says above, it’s the deeds, not the words.

Yea, the deeds, not the words. I’m really gonna miss each and every one of you this vacation. You guys each have touched me in a special way. From the smallest deed to the biggest. I’m not gonna remember all the words you guys told me. I don’t even remember. But I do remember the deeds. Each and every thing you all did for me. All the hugs today. From Celine all the way up to Roberts. Each of you are different sizes, ages, and cultures. But in God’s eyes, we are all equal.

The deeds. I just loved all the huggies today. To think, I can’t hug Sarah for maybe 1 month. Course, I shouldn’t think that. We’ll see each other again. And Roberts? He’s home schooling next year. When am I gonna hug him again? Theviyan? Man, I’m gonna miss that interesting 10-year-old. He was such a gentleman today. When Beeps forsake me to do all the sweeping, he took her broom and came to help me. Thanks so much. (opps, I forgot to hug him before I left.)

Okie, enough writing for the day. Pictures are coming.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It means parting...

tomorrow is Award's Night. then on Friday it's party day. then freedom.

I don't want school to end. It means a lot of things change.

Firstly, Gracie Goh graduates! That's a great thing. But the sad thing is that she's no longer gonna be in school. And Grace, you make such a difference in the school. She's so, so wonderful. And I can be short with her. ahahaha. I'm gonna miss you a lot.

Secondly, it means that some people are gonna go into full-time homeschooling next year. Homeschooling at home. (okay, that makes no sense) Roberts is. I mean, who can imagine GRC without Roberts? It's gonna be dead. And when people get emo, who's gonna cheer us up? And Soph is also. No offense, but I hope I never have to go into full-time homeschooling again. One year of being wrapped up at home is enough for me. (fyi, I was full-time homeschooling before I came to GRC) At least they'll come to the center once in a while to score or something.

Award's Night: tomorrow!! I know we'll all do fine in the drama. Just pray extra harder for us. Praying works you know. And you guys are already word-perfect. I'm positive we'll rock the house. And we'll shock all the boys with our formal attire, right girlies? ahaha..

Random thought: didn't this school year go fast? Extremely fast when I think about it. After all, I only came to the school in Jan and I've already attended GRC for an entire school year. Waooh!!

What time's it? It's our vacation.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

when it was you and me

Sometimes I feel so abandoned. Left out. Unwanted. Lost. Today was stressful. Extremely stressful. I even started crying. Except no one saw. After all, I was alone in the main sanctuary with all lights off. Just me and Naomi. And plus, she was half way across the room so she didn't see me cry. While everyone had abandoned us and went to eat lunch.

Yea, it's one word. Stress. I hate that one word. It gets my brain thinking the wrong things. For example, why did all my friends abandon me in the main sanctuary? Do they even care? (I really do appreciate Naomi for waiting though) I know you guys didn't abandon me. Except stress made me think that.

And when I get stressed or loose my temper, God's always telling me, "Slow down, Hazel. Hang on to me." And I'm hanging on to his finger. Never wanna let go of his forever loving hand. And with me clinging on tightly, never again shall I go that stressed. He's always there to calm me down.

When it was you and me. I'm hanging on tightly to his hand.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fraser Hill pictures are here. Yea! Finally. So anyway, here they are. You can see how many children I put up with. Oh wells, they were all so adorable. And archery?? It was fun!! My dad took it to the extend. ahahah. And I look expert right? I didn't hit anything though. ahahah. And thanks Sarah for that cool pic of me! I love me hair. And yep, I'll tie my hair like that on Wed for Sarah!

Enjoy the pictures!

it's a...

fairy tale?

oh lalala

ignore me. get to the point.

I feel useless these days. Like it's this dream, storybook, or fairy tale which is really living. Dead. Behind in everything except the drama. Especially in work. I want to blend into the wall, and work hard. But my blending in isn't good enough. Never can I focus and work. There are always temptations and distractions all around us.

Speaking of distractions and temptations. I will just have to be honest and admit that last week I didn't do quiet time. I'd wake up and fall back to sleep. By the time I'm finally awake it's time to eat breakfast. During youth group on Saturday I was convicted. We learned how to start quiet time. Well, I got on fire again. I couldn't wait to have time with God the next morning.

Guess what? Satan was still trying to get me out of this quiet time business. The next morning (yesterday) I got sick. I was coughing with a sore throat and running nose. The thought, "oh just forget about quiet time" echoed through my mind. But I then realized that this was a distraction. Satan is trying to get me out of this quiet time business. I endured it and had a great time with the Lord.

And today, yea, I'm sick also. But I still endured it and spent time with God. It was hard though. It's hard to try spending time with God at 6 am in the morning with a sore throat. Just trying to sing softly makes my throat scream for water.

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Maybe it's a fairytale or any of the above, but it's still happening. Let's take it as it comes.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

we're blessed

I thought this was so touching. So many times we wish for this and that when half way across the world in various places people are dying because of hunger.

So just a reminder: we all are so blessed. stop complaining.

Friday, November 16, 2007

... yet I don't dare.

oh bummers. Seriously stressful these days. I don't blame anyone for this stress. I mean right, we do have to practice for Award's Night. It's 6 days away. That means soon. Time goes fast you know.

Okay, so let's see. Yesterday we went to Klang. It was rather fun on the trip there. Mr. Kelvin Wong insisted to come and sit in the second row. Appearantly it was too squishy in the back row cause of Ralf. (and he's such a small size) To think, we were more squashed in the second row. But the wonderful part about sitting beside Kelvin is that I get to listen to music from his phone. Instead from the irritating radio. Cool part was when Shabeta called, I could hear everything she said.

There at Klang was one word. Stress. Like all the mics messed up and we had to put all the costumes on. In the end, we only practise twice. what a bummer.

And today? Practice again. This time in the main sanctuary. It was so funny at the beginning. I started working and Jon and Fai came to sit by me. And Fai was like, "Aiyo Hazel. This is a sanctuary not a center." With Jon repeating everything Fai said. loll

Today's practice was okay. I mean it felt more successful. If you know what I mean. Cause we knew where to get out mics from. At least this time it when faster.

And chapel was cool. I can't exactly comment about the worship cause I was singing. But it the music sounded nice though. ahahah. And as for the activity? Fun. Fun. Half cause I knew already. Some people didn't though. Paul lyn's hands were shaking. And Paul Mae, well, let's just say she was scared stiff. ahahaha. Someone mistaken that I was crying. LOL..
And as for the title of this post? oh geesh. I so wanna do it yet I so don't. Wish someone (AKA JONATHAN DANIEL ROBERTS) would come online. He is pro in his advice. ahahah.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today was wonderland. I had fun~~

Thanks so much for all the wishes. And for treating me extra nice. ahahah. okay, fine. I'll take that back. You guys always treat me extra nicely. But I mean today was just extra better. It was embarrassing also. Like when I was forced to say a speech. Geesh! someone is gonna get killed by me. I found out who was the real person who wanted that speech! And for all the gifts... I love them all..

Oh man. The day would be perfect if Isaac and Wee yen were here. Oh wells, at least I had all the rest of you.

And if you didn't get me a present I shalln't kill you. Plus, having you as a friend is good enough, no gift can ever pay that.

And lastly, I shall say..
Happy Birthday to Me. muahahaha

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Time to Rewind

Today was funnn~

piggy tails! (yep, random again)

The reason I wore piggy tails to school today is an extremely lame reason. So just don't ask.

Oh well, at least I had fun time acting 12-year-oldish for the last time today. ahahaha. I just told you the reason.
Without mentioning directly the reason for this post, I shall continue. oh lol. Half of you know the reason anyway. So...

I just can't wait for tomorrow. No reason at all. oh haha.
Anyway, my 12th year being Hazel Chazel was wonderful. I just want to rewind and think about what I did last year. So here we go...

2006 after Nov- homeschooling at home then. I remember looking forward to missionaries from Cambodia coming to stay for 3 months!

Beginning of 2007- came to GRC. One weird incident that happen...
  • One evening I was studying really hard for an Language Arts test. I went to bed still thinking about it. In the middle of the night I got up, still sleeping mind you, and started looking for a dictionary. (Reminder: the missionaries from Cambodia were still staying with us. They were staying my parents room) So, me thinking that my parents were in the guest room I opened the door. And I walked in. The woman screamed. And her husband sat up straight. I was like, "Geesh it's just me." Actually, I thought the woman was my mom. Remember I'm still sleeping! I went on talking about looking for a dictionary. And finally the man woke me up and said, "Hazel this isn't Daddy. It's so and so." I got freaked out and probably ran out of the room. Even if he did wake me up I was still sleep waking. And went to my real dad and kept on looking for a dictionary.
Yea, how weird was I. It's funny now, but then I was dead embarrassed.

July 2007- Broga camp. The prank on boys. Boys code.
Sept 2007- Youth Rally.

Now?? Award's Night and lots more.

And what I've learned? A lot. I mean, somethings I just can't write about them on my blog. But most of you know. And yea, it was a hard lesson yet I survived. And thank goodness I did. And I'm glad I went through it. I think it made me a better and stronger person. And I feel like I can refer to other people's problems now.

And lastly, I love ya all. Maybe sometimes I don't express it and I'm rather mean. But thanks for helping and loving me all through this year. You guys rock.

Oh yea, I won't kill you if you don't get me a present. ahahaha

I have successfully finished my last goal for being a twelve-year-old. That is, writing a colorful post. lalala

Monday, November 12, 2007

Shout Out

what an important day it is today! Today is the day I've been looking forward to for 3 months. Yea, three months ago I couldn't wait to write a post on my blog for this day. Cause today someone special has just turned a year older. One more year older. oh lalala

So here's a little shout out for my special girl...

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Now time for some information about this special girl. She's my pet sister. Everyone knows that she and are closer than sisters. Before she and I cut-ted our hair, we looked super alike. Now we don't. what a bummer. oh well, we're still superbly close. And I love her dearly. Everyone else also loves her...

When we first meet in the testing room I thought she was extremely young and shy, quiet, etc. But I soon grew to knew her and found out the real her. Appearantly, many people in GRC haven't found out that part. It's saddening. And it's upsetting me now. But no more terrible thoughts today. It's her birthday!! So back to the topic...

Just thinking about her and how some people treat her makes me want to cry. I love you that much zoe. And when she migrates to Australia I'm gonna miss her tons. Unlike some people who gets into my nerves all the time.

So forget about what others think and remember what I think about you, Zoe. And what God thinks of you. Cause God's looking at you and thinking, "There's my Zoe. She's always ready for me." And that's the part that counts. And you really rock, Zoe! And with all my heart I wanna tell you this: I love you. And God loves you too. So rock on for him, k?

Zoe and I at Broga camp. Twin sistas!

After the haircuts. ahahaha. We still rock don't we? (forget that guy)

And this is the end of my wonderful post dedicated to Zozo. lalala
oh man, other than being happy for zozo, I feel down myself. Life seriously is tiring these days. And keeping my temper down is even harder. oh help me Father...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I <3 my pencil case....?

oh lalala

I live! How wonder-filled is that...? *big smiles*

I know everyone missed me. LOL
Anyway, back t0 talk. How was Fraser's Hill?

one word... FUN!! At least it wasn't as boring as Camerons. I had so much fun playing that there's no more poser-ish pictures! And hardly any pictures either. To much playing with the younger ones! Yea, so I shall first introduce you to my "playmates" before I continue...

Firstly, Christy. She's 11. Interesting and fun.
Next, Caitlyn who's 10. Super duper matured. Doesn't want to always play like the others.
Claudia. She's 9 or 10?
Joseph who's 8. Extremely noisy, fun, and always has an interesting idea in hand. Without him around, his best friend, Caleb, doesn't act himself. Or more like without Joseph around, Caleb acts himself. ahaha
Caleb who's 8 and Joseph's best friend. Full of mischief also...
Anna who's 7. She's extremely attached to my sister.
Joshua. He's 4. Noisy. ahahaha
Cara who's 3. She's super cute and brave. Rather tom boyish. Not afraid to do anything.
Justin who's also 3. He talks super well. And know his numbers. Like if I put a 3 beside a 4 he knows it's 34...

So anyway.... Camerons was really fun. My playmates seriously rocks. They found this super interesting hole down to the so called attic. It's was more like filled with rocks and a super low ceiling. I finally agreed to go in. By the way, the hole entrance is super small. It's square 1 and half feet by 1 foot. Small k? I almost got stuck going in. It was fun inside though. But I kept on hitting my head. lalalala

During the afternoons, "Uncle John" (who's my well loved dad) would chase the children around the yard playing catch or hide and seek. Half the time I would be warning them that "Uncle John's" coming. Or keeping Cara, Joshua, and Justin out of the way so they wouldn't get hit over by a fast speeding Joseph or Caleb. All the while my sis would be into a book or entertaining Anna. as I said, Anna is super attached to my sis.

One morning we went to the small little town and playground. Since it was drizzling we didn't stay long. The children and men started a football match. All the while I had to babysit Cara again. We swung on the swings and jumped into puddles etc. I stopped by at the town to by a souvenir. la de da!!

The next morning was full of fun. Firstly we went to ride horses. I so wanted to go on another round cause the first one I took was dead boring. My dad wouldn't let me control the horse. So I had to be lead. Unfair! I know how to control a horse. It isn't my first time riding a horse, k? If I could control the horse I would have so much fun. ahahaha. Anyway, next was archery. I never ever hit anything. Super pain trying to shoot. oh bummers. What I really enjoyed came after archery. Paddle boats! Anna, my sis, and I went on one. Joseph, Caleb and beloved "Uncle John" went into another. They're seriously dangerous together. Bumping into everyone. Man, good thing we escaped. Christy and Caitlyn were stuck in the middle cause of all the bumping. They were towed back when time ran out. Poor them.

Anyway, enough detail. I just had rocking fun. Mostly playing with the crazy hyper active boys or babysitting Cara. And about me loving my pencil case? You shall have to come and see it tomorrow. Cause my souvenir seriously made the whole thing rock. ahahaha...

Anyway, in all my fun I didn't forget my wonderful playmates here also. I missed you all too. See ya on Mon! Yea!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Somewhere out there...

somewhere out there
beneath the pale moonlight
someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight

Just a little reminder: I'm going to Fraser's Hill tomorrow till Sunday. And so I shall miss chapel again. But I know it's gonna rock. Cause Shabeta's worship leading! waooh. You can do it. And Grace is handling the preaching and activities all by herself. And with God, of course. It's a pity I'm gonna miss it.. Oh wells, I know you'll do a great job.

And if you guys miss me too much, just remember, I'm thinking about you and loving you all...

And a few little wishes too: It's Jia Yu's birthday today! So I wanna wish her a very happy year ahead of her. one more year before entering teenager life. ahaha

And... farewell to our pro-footballers-to-be. Isaac and Wee yen are going to Brazil tomorrow. They're coming back on December 5th. Thank goodness it's only a month. I'm sure tons of people are gonna miss them. Especially ahem and ahem... Both of you, have a good time. Without motherly or sisterly care. ahaha...

I'm gonna miss you all... Especially our pro footballers who are going to Brazil and abandoning us all! And Jia Yu, as well as all those I'll miss, I'm thinking about, and loving you all...

random drawing my sis drew while she was suppose to study yesterday...

Yea, how random can she get? Sun and rain? LOL

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Half the time, we take our friends for granted. Only when troubles come do we realize how much they mean to us. They never forsake you even when you've forsaken them. And they cheer you up when your down. That's why I love you guys so much.

And today, many things troubled me. I got myself in a big mess too. And something that's been happening for months, I finally got it to stop. That was a big weight lifted off my chest. And by stopping it, I relieved two other people. We shouldn't be forced to do something we just don't want to do. Or get into something when we didn't even do anything.

So I just wanna say thank you. Thanks Shabeta and Sarah for just listening. And thanks my big brother, even if you're bald, for cheering me up and making lame jokes. And thanks Emily and Paul Mae for forgiving me. And Tommy for just acting yourself. (And helping me in LA) Yea, it's embarrassing, he's 12 and ahead of me in like 4 subjects! Oh well, you shall never beat my math!

So overall, today was quite an interesting day. I learned a lot. And I also solved many problems. Yea!! I feel great! *Hugs*

Monday, November 5, 2007

Of FSC3, hair cuts, today, and spam mail

FCS3 was super duper fun. I enjoyed myself totally. Not to the extend of my glowing shirt. My glow stick cracked and all the filling splattered all over my shirt. When I went into the dark, my shirt was glowing. Everyone said it was cool, I did not agree.

I got an email from sarah ong. It was so funny! (for everyone's info: sarah ong was from GRC about 5 years ago. She knows Paul lyn, Beeps, and Roberts) Her P.S. in the email was so funny!

P.S: i also saw jonathan roberts!!!
he's bald!!!!!

LOL! I replied: "Yea I got freaked out on that night too!" Yea, seriously wei. I got super freaked out even if I was warned. When I saw him yesterday I went, "Oh my gosh" and nothing else. lalala
Speaking of people, I really enjoyed myself at school today. Finally got to see my wonderful buddies again. Well, the ones I didn't see yesterday. Except I didn't get to see Sarah. *sob* I miss you Sarah! Yea it was wonderful seeing everyone again. I got homesick in Camerons...

And we got this talking about how important it is to practice for Award's Night. To think that there's only one more week of practice. Yea, I so totally agree with Soph. high five It's so hard to concentrate when everyone's laughing away. oh bummers...
About concentrating... It takes up so much time deleting all this spam mail in my email account. I don't even know how some nonsense person by the name of "Lula M. Fink" How annoying are these stupid emails. I get super annoyed...
Note of Encouragement: You guys can do it! (award's night) Practice makes perfect!
And one more thing: You can never lose friends. They're always in your heart...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Becoming a Seamstress

ahhhh! It feels good to be able to post again, listen to music, chat and connect to the Internet all at the same time! I missed that in Camerons. Yup, it's good to be back! to think, I'm disappearing again at the end of this week!

But guess what? I'm not only listening to music, blogging, chatting, browsing the net at the same time. I'm also sewing. Yep, your wonderful hazel has become a seamstress! So not only am I typing, I'm also sewing. Well, taking turns. I can't exactly sew with one hand and the other hand type. ahahah. Indeed, after vacation we get back straight to work. what a bummer.

Oh well, it's fun sewing costumes for Award's Night. I'm sewing the one for our adorable Israelite, Cayla. (aka Melinda's daughter) And her costume is gonna be super cool cause I'm sewing it! Waooh! Of course it's gonna be cool, I'm sewing it! LOL.

And yea, I so can't wait to see you all tonight or tomorrow. FCS3! Woohoo! So can't wait. See you there...

Me Back: Safe and Sound

To find out what crazy sistas are up to...

Read on!!

ladeda! Fun. Fun. Let's summarize the long journey and fun time I had with only a few words and tons of pictures! Sounds fun ah?

The trip up was extremely eventful. Our car had an overheating problem so we had to stop serveral times to let it cool down. My sis got food poisoning on the way up. And in the end, we spent 8 and a half hours in the car.

Yea, out of boredom!

We stopped by at the tea shop on the way up and took tons of pictures. This is just one. Isn't it cool? I got the sun rays!

Where we stayed?
We stayed in Chefoo, which is an old, run-down boarding school that was first started in China by Hudson Tailor, then moved here. It was a mission school. Super run down. I kept on trying to tell myself it was clean, but it really wasn't. The attached bathroom sink was leaking. And if you went to the other sink, black water came out. How wonderful?

The beds.

and block A

Well yea, so practically the whole day was spent in the car, or at the super cool playground. The next day....

I was super cold! But still could pose!


And then, after lunch we went out. Took tons of pictures of flowers.

When we came back, it was raining. So we just hanged out in the room. Doing random stuff!

And posing. As usual.

Then we went out again. This time to eat!


And posing again! In front of this super cool bill board!

And tada! More pictures of the place. And the super cool playground. We explored to grounds a bit. I fell down plenty of grassy slopes in the process. And got all muddy. Oh well, at least I had fun!

And, to end it off. I had great fun! Chefoo does rock!

More details of what I did. Most of the time was spent in the playground. Swinging on the swing, till I almost did a flip! And this morning, before we left seriously made my vacation worth it. Cause me and my sis played basketball. Sounds weird right? ahahah. And best, I shoot tons of goals! Woohoo!

But that isn't it. What I really enjoyed was meeting so many people. Like the cute little girl, and Daphne. And Nickolas and Marcus. Marcus is so cool you know! He is super good at basketball and guitar. I found that out! Super talented. It was super fun to play basketball with him. It was sisters against brothers. And best of all, me and my sis WON!! YEA MAN!! Basketball you know. That is so cool. Yea, I'm going hyper.

Yea, anyway Marcus is so cool. And everyone else too. And we'll meet again. Like in church since some are from DUMC. And for now, we shall just smile and wait for our next basketball game!

More pictures? Go to my picasa web album

I missed you all too. I really really did..