Monday, July 25, 2011

July Update #2

Less than 3 days now before I board the plane and fly to America, where the next chapter of my life begins. The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting, running around shopping for stuff, meeting the friends for the last time, and of course, you can never cross out soccer. So speaking of all the above, here is my second update of this month:

Sunday, July 17th, 2011 - Women's World Cup Final

2am, like a loyal alone fan. :)
with bloodshot eyes, a running nose, and looking like a sight.

I wish I could say with full conviction "It was worth it", but honestly, I'm not sure if it was. I made a drama at the mamak shop because every other customer wanted to watch the Brazil vs Paraguay game (screw Copa America) and here am I, hardcore US fan. (with my face painted and ribbons in my hair) Thankfully, they were kind enough to allow me to watch the game with no further interruptions, and then it was no longer Astro's fault, the customers'/mamak store's fault, but simply...

JAPAN'S FAULT. Hahaha, okayy, so it was a good game. I think a lot of people enjoyed it, if they were attached neither side, or if they were a hardcore Japan fan. But I did not enjoy it. To think that my team was this darn close to winning THE World Cup, and just let it slip through their fingers. I hate penalty kicks. I still love Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan.. the whole US Women's team.

But truly, kudos to the Japanese team, who have never failed to surprise the whole world in this tourney. :)

Friday, July 22nd, 2011 - Girly Time

Okay, so people are always asking, "What do girls do at sleepovers?" In answer to that question, we hung out watching YouTube videos of sweet love stories including Bee's brother's wedding video etc. Then like domestic girls, we walked to Jaya Grocer and went grocery shopping for our scrumptious steak dinner. (And took a picture in the middle of the road *points above) Basically, all the regular stuff girls do, cook, eat, talk, laugh, watch movies, fall asleep while we're midway watching The Proposal. Speaking of that movie, I have no idea what's up with me always watching it when it's way past my-eyes-are-still-open time.

(Sorry about the bad quality pictures, with five girls around, there wasn't a single digital camera. And then we went for my farewell dinner, and out of twenty people, still no camera. -.-)

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 - Mamak, Shopping, and Dinner

So Saphie arrived before the two sleepyheads (guess who?) were even up. Went for brunch at the mamak store downstairs. Hung out at the pool for a bit. Came back and painted our nails. Headed to One Utama. Walked through the park to get there, and well, Sarah got distracted and forced all of us to wear these flowers in our hair and take a picture. Shopping took a while, we came back and started the hectic process of getting ready. Bee was obviously the first ready. Put on these facial masks - the picture shall not be posted here for the sake of our sanity. Curled Saph's hair. Got into our pretty dressesss. <3 Headed to Rosemary Bites... yes we were late.

Thank you so much to my girls and everyone else who made this dinner possible. Big thanks to Saph for putting together that sweet video that I didn't get to finish watching, but sweet nevertheless. Thank you everyone for coming and making it enjoyable. Thank you to the ones in the video who said such kind things about me. I love all of you so very much and I'm gonna miss you all bunches.

Sunday, July 24th, 2011 - Lunch and Dinner with the Relatives

So I had lunch with my grandmother at this Japanese restaurant somewhere in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, I actually don't know where we were. It was pretty good. She loved it so much she even asked for the business card, so I guess that's a good thing. My parents are really bad translators, btw. I mean, waitresses were talking to me in Chinese and I'm like "Mom, mom, mommyyyy....." That happened multiple times at dinner too and I was expected to reply?

Dinner was ohhmyyygoosshh, so yummy. I think I ate the most out of the entire group. Met up with my father's side and had steamboat. Did I mention it was so good? Overall, good get together with my aunts and uncles and cousins. :)

Well that's about it. Gonna finalize my packing, let's hope it doesn't exceed 50lbs each, because it would be really hard to decide what not to bring. :\ I mean, I already had to part with my teddybears, and am really tempted to bring one of them... by holding it in my arms as I circle the world. HAHAHAHA.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Too Good to be True

Yesterday's Women World Cup Quarterfinal match between USA and Brazil proved to be the most interesting, passionate, emotional, exciting, dramatic, breathtaking (the list could go on) match I have ever witnessed. And I've watched a million soccer matches. As Hope Solo put it, "Up and down, up and down. Emotional. I didn’t know if we were going to pull it out at the end." It had everything a soccer match could have, to say the least. Here's a list of what this match contained.. and my reactions:

(First things first, we're talking about Number One Ranked Team USA playing Number Three Ranked Team Brazil who also has five consecutive times FIFA Player of the Year Marta on their side.)

Early Goal - 2nd Minute
It is every team's dream to start off a match with an early goal. USA did precisely that - in the 2nd minute. It was so early that I even missed it, only arriving at my "mamak" store during the 4th minute of action.

Own Goal - 2nd Minute
Same goal, just a little twist to it: Brazilian defender Daiane scored the first goal for the USA after a brilliant cross by Shannon Boxx and a scramble in the box with her foot just pushing the ball over the line.


Red Card - 66th Minute
Yellow cards are a different story. But a straight red card, now that's a turn of events. Marta with her skill and speed is brought down in the box by center defender Rachel Beuhler. Penalty given.

Penalty Saved - 67th Minute
Brizillian player Cristiane steps up to take the penalty, but it's saved by Solo!!

My reaction: Okay so yes, I am boiling here because of the red card that was issued, but SOLO JUST SAVED THE PENALTY KICK. USA are still leading 1-0!

Penalty Retaken - 68th Minute
Apparently Hope Solo was off her line, and the referee signals for a retake. Solo argues (I would too, if I were her!) and is issued a yellow card. Penalty is retaken by Marta, who converts it. USA 1 - Brazil 1.

My reaction: By now I'm just going crazy. I mean, what is up with the referee?! I order a hot drink to calm myself down.

Extra Time
The game goes into extra time with the score tied at 1-1.

Controversial Goal - 94th Minute
In the second minute of extra time, Marta took a pass from Maurine, who was apparently offside, to convert a beautiful left-footed flick that bounced on the turf and off the right post before settling behind Solo to give Brazil a 2-1 advantage.

Time Wasted - 117th Minute
Brazilian player Erika falls after a corner kick and apparently cramps up. Stretcher is brought on and she is taken off the field. She suddenly gets off the stretcher like nothing is wrong and runs back onto the field. Referee shows her a yellow card for clearly wasting time.

My reaction: Okay so there's a big difference being clearly injured and wasting time, and she's clearly crossed the line. I mean seriously, play fair. By now, with only 3 minutes + of extra time remaining, I'm like hyperventilating. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe ouuutttt.

You cannot write a script like this. Extra time has gone into injury time of three minutes. With only a minute remaining, Abby scores the latest goal in Women's World Cup history!! To put it in Ian Darke's commentary, "Rapinoe gets the cross in... it's towards Wambach... OOOOOHH CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! Abby Wamback has saved the USA's life in this tournament!"

My reaction: I should have recorded this. I was just making a fool out of myself. The whole mamak store were probably staring at me, for all I cared. I said to my dad, "I knew they were going to score! I just knew it inside of me, but I was too scared to believe it. This is just too good to be true."

Penalty Shoot Out
You can imagine how happy the US are at this stage. Who cares if it's penalties and we haven't secured a W yet, at least we have a chance now! Brazil are probably still in shock that they let in that late goal.

... and Hope Solo is the USA's solo hope.

Shannon Boxx (USA) - GOAL
Cristiane (Brazil) - GOAL

Carli Lloyd (USA) - GOAL
Marta (Brazil) - GOAL

Abby Wambach (USA) - GOAL

Daiane (Brazil) - SAVED!

My reaction: YESSSSS! I love youu, Hope.

Megan Rapinoe (USA) - GOAL
Francielle (Brazil) - GOAL

My reaction: *pushes chair back and gets ready to jump up*

Ali Krieger (USA) - GOOAAALLLLLL!!


@mPinoe - I don't think the #wwc could have asked for a more exciting, edge of your seat, piss in your pants kind of football (than) these QF's! #beautifulgame

U.S. vs Brazil: This one should have left you cheering - Let's say you're one of those who wouldn't jump on soccer's bandwagon with a bazooka to your head. This one still should have moved you. Read More

And that, is the end of an amazing match. You can guess my reaction - I jumped up, screamed, and then after standing up for a while like a sore thumb in the middle of a mamak store (that obviously didn't share my enthusiasm, being 2:30am in the morning by then.), I sat back down and watched the players celebrate. :)

Credit to USA for fighting till the end and for playing brilliantly for an hour plus with only 10 women. Loved the team spirit and unity, the persistence, and the faith. Abby Wambach and Hope Solo are definitely the women of the match. Now, for the semifinals against France. This is your cup, USA. Go get 'em!

P/s. I am convinced that whoever criticizes the women's game of soccer should have watched this game, for it would have adjusted your mindset completely. Even my dad admitted it beat many a man's game in terms of excitement, passion, and drama. And he is one critic of women soccer hard to please.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Update #1

Hello to my readers! It's been a while since I've actually written what's been going on in my life so you're much due for a proper update. First things first, the new blogger in draft is really... odd? I'm staring at this strange screen that looks completely different. But it has a pretty nice, with a sort of simple, orderly, sophisticated look.

Speaking of looks, my website will be going through a major change sometime at the end of the month or early next month. Once I get my MacBook, arrive in Maine, and have my sister around to help. I'll be using Joomla CMS instead, so lookout for something involving lots of pictures and colors.

Anyhow, it's a little less than three weeks before I fly to Maine. I recently purchased my suitcases, and have been packing ever since, or more like, my mother has been packing ever since.

So I've been meeting up with some people, spending some quality time before I leave. :) Had lunch with Naomi and went handbag shopping, which was pretty amusing because I can't speak Malay and Naomi isn't the type that goes shopping for bags. (Btw, all the best in Brunei!) Also went out for lunch with Ms. Cath and Roberts as well as suitcase shopping. Dropped by at ALC to visit Uncle Kevin and all the rest. Had dinner at Ry's house last night. :)

Lastly, tomorrow is a very special day for a lot of people. Shoutout to two of my very amazing friends who all are celebrating their birthday tomorrow: Pom and Bee!

Pom, you are the sweetest girl alive. I will never forget your endless stories, matchmaking skills, random hyper moments, planning the Christmas party, moving school moments I've had with you. Thank you for accompanying me at awkward moments, for listening, and making me laugh. 

And to my Bee, I'm so sorry I couldn't celebrate your birthday with you, but I trust you had a good time. Thank you for never failing to be a pain in the butt, for being that someone I could torture when I... needed to torture someone, for trying hard, for putting up with me, and for just being you. I will never forget the time when we had a major argument concerning your stupid computer charger and how Chanelle had to put a boundary of highlights to separate us. Gosh, I'm gonna miss youuu. 

Till later. Hopefully I get a chance to meet up with y'all Malaysian before I leave.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Hail the Juggler

This is just beyond, cool. I am in total awe of Tobin Heath, current USWNT player, UNC alumni, winner of NCAA championship and Olympics 2008, Christian, and only 23 years old. Definitely one of the coolest people existing. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Avillion Admiral Cove

My family and I headed to PD for our annual family vacation. We stayed at a serene hotel/resort known as Avillion Admiral Cove. It was breathtakingly beautiful, but the only downfall was there was no sand. No sand, when you're literally on the ocean. No wonder it's called a cove, but I do love sand.

Basically, all I did was sleep, eat, swim, watch TV, and all that over again. Just a side note: never stay up to 2am because you want to watch The Proposal when you can barely keep your eyes open, have a pounding headache, and have bloodshot eyes. Seriously, I looked that bad.

Moving on, it's back to business with less than a month to go before the big transition in my life. I've thrown or given away so much of my stuff, but it actually gives you a strange sense of accomplishment that you aren't attached to your material stuff. July is going to be one heck of a month, but I'm so excited for every moment. Whether it be spending a few more precious moments with my beloveds over here in Malaysia or packing and flying to land of the free and brave, I intend to enjoy every second. :)