Thursday, July 30, 2009

My girls are awesomee. :D
+ Melinda + Pom + Kimberly + Cindy

I mean, we all have our differences, but coming together to do something like this with each other has so totally brought us all closer. :) I've hardly talked to Cindy, Esther Chin, and Kimberly before this, and now I have to admit, its awesome fun! Sarah and I laughed our bellies out today during cheer prac. We were appearantly sharing this extremely hilarious secret, and going a bit high. Okay, scratch the 'a bit'.

A BIG thanks you Melinda for teaching us all the moves and having buckets of patience. :) You rock big time, and are a great dancer.

Plus, extra plus, we mastered the end pyramid today. Like, the timing and all! :D Girl POWER! (HAHA, winks to Sarah, the song in the car.. LOL)

Omg, I have to admit, it was just crazey fun!
I mean, common girls, give me a GO RED TEAM! :D

Bee with the pink bib, you are a STAR.
And you demonstrated great unity when you helped out in Team D.
We love you for that darling! :)

It was just the bomb. Girls play way more awesome than guys other than the part that we are always making mistakes and offences, but at least we talk to each other when we play. HAHA.

*Sarah trying to shoot, but keeps on missing.
*Saph goes, "SARAH, over here. Pass it to me. Dei, pass it to me. Dei!"
*Brando can't stop laughing.
*Sarah, "Eh, Brando, stop laughing lahh!"

But, after a while, we get real aggressive. But in the end, we get emotional breakdowns. I mean, two people today got emotional breakdowns okay, but you can't be surprised, we're girls! Yunnie was classic. She felt so bad cause when she asked Esther whether she was okay after she fell, Esther went "Don't touch me". At the end of the game, she comes over to us, and starts crying and all, she feels so bad. After we comfort her and all, she's all like, sniff and laugh. :P

But that was definitely an awesome match! :)

 And now, for the I-am-so-exhausted-and-stressed part. My hips down are dead already. By tomorrow, they'll be decaying. No kid. Hip pains cause I fell on it when Emily whacked me and I went sliding. HAHA. I have to say, I have never seen anyone play in the basketball court more hilariously then Emily, Kimberly, and Meera. Man, Meera is classic. She is so cute! ;)

I have a poem to anaylize, and poem to write myself, and a test to study for tomorrow. Plus, tomorrow, we might have to spend the whole day making pom poms, or going to the tailor and getting the cheer uniform down and settled with. Means I can't skip school, which I'm practically dying to do. Common, I'm like so jealous of my sis who gets to stay at home every single day and not face the exhausion I face nowadays.

Plus, I really miss Fer. Like, please get well soon! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

roller coaster ride.

I'm in a state of utter despair because i had to dye my mom's hair for her, and as you all know, I'm allergic to hair dye! D: And somehow, the glove had a hole in it, so I have like two blackish brownish fingers, plus terribly ugly nails that even nail polish can't cover. I tried, and after putting about 10 layers of polish it got covered, but how weird is that? Two fingers out of the blue that are purple? HAHA. :P

I'm just so certain that in 48 hours my fingers will be all swollen and rashes will have appeared. And everyone will just stare at my fingers. My only brilliant solution is that I wear band-aids, how retarded right? xP

I am currently writing like Meg Cabot.

Hey, but common, her books are like ze bomb. :) Okay, you will only like them if you're a girl, cause boys and grown ups, 100% sure will dislike them. Unless you're a sissy or something. I just finished All American Girl which is, pretty good. Not better than Pants on Fire, of course. :)

Oh, and my French? Its just torturous. Before Wednesday, I have to write this report in Français, mind you, about cultural activities in Malaysia, the one most of the population in Malaysia enjoy, the one I like best, and why. I am so gonna die this week, with 2 books I'm scratching through so that the amount of LPTs I do this month reach 4. I KNOW, FOUR! =S Its like, the best I can do, if I can even finish up my Math and LA just to make the number 4! I've only done 2 so far. Agh.

I definitely need to work harder. (Which is what I should be doing now, but I get distracted you know.) Next two weeks there's only like 3 real school days per week since there's sport events every Tuesday & Thursday, all of which I will be attending. Plus, every Thursday we'll be having extensive cheer practice just so we don't embarrass ourselves on Sports Day, seriously. D:

Alrighto, off to work and the horrors of LA poems, rhythm, and meter feet, etc. Plus, I have to write a poem, what?! That's like my greatest weakness. :P Oh, and if I have time, tackle that French report too.
Ever feel like you're on this speeding roller coaster, and you just found out your brake doesn't work? Every thing just seems to be coming apart, going too fast, but you're loving it, somehow.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

ugh, eyebags.

I have never ever had such obvious eyebags than today. D: I literally felt like fainting this morning, and surprisingly, managed to do a lot more work than usual for the last couple of weeks. Then we had a science experiement, and when Mr. Nicholas asked, "Any questions?" I seriously felt like saying, "Can I exit please?" It is a question. (No offence to Mr. Nicholas if you ever read this, but honestly, science does not fascinate me and I was dead tired.)

Then, for lunch I had to eat the school food again because Blue Roof wasn't open. I didn't get a fork, and without a fork, I can't eat rice. (Because I use my fork in my right hand.) And in the middle of eating, I had extreme stomach cramps and gastic pains. Terrible, I tell you. So I had to drink Fer's 100 Plus and stuff, and went down and ate this disgusting gastric pill, but it helped.

Of course, like the whole week and last week, we had cheer practice, but this time from 2 - 4. Finally, I feel like we accomplished something, because the last two days we didn't learn any new step! Today, we learned all the steps for the entire dance, but now we just have to improve, practice, and practice. By the time Sports Day comes, I'll be pro at carrying Esther on my thigh, and lifting Cindy up into the air. :D

&& next week, we get to go to the profession dance studio, and dance our hearts out for 3 hours. :)

Bad news, we have to spend another long day making more pom poms.

Then, for the next two weeks, my Tuesday's and Thursday's will be terribly occupied going for all sorts of sport tornaments and doing First Aid plus playing, then rushing back to the centre at 2 for cheer. I tell you, its extreme stress, cause I'm like, scratching through barely, keeping up with my work. D:

Not to mention, Wednesday's and Friday's I have French and in between, French homework to finish.

Okay, I shall stop rambling and take a cat nap now. Cause in like less than an hour, I'm off for dinner with my cousins from Canada, etc. Its called socializing and I need to be a good girl and do it, even if I feel like sleeping for 24 hours straight.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy belated Birthday to my CUTIE.
I love you bunches and buckets. :)
Ipoh gave me exactly what I needed. A huge break from all the pressure and business, and that huge pile of work waiting to be done. Sadly, tomorrow.. back to work. Oh, mygawd. D:
Tommy Sullivan. <3

Friday, July 17, 2009

As if, I wish.

I need a vacation.
and that's what I'm getting. :D
Cause I can totally see how can it get better than this! I've had so much pressure on me this week, and today I totally reached my limit. Crying for 15 minutes helped a lot.
Ipoh + good food + hotel rooms + swimming pools + staying up till 12 watching TV + stress-free! + no more school work + no more remember this and that + pure luxury = a 2 day vacation! HERE I COME.

That's if I survive the tortures of French. I totally feel like convincing my dad to allow me to stay home tonight! D: I need prayer people, please!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bee's party was the bomb. :)
Basically, all we did was talk & talk.

Which made me realize,
I missed you more than I realized.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

one and the same.

;there's a mountain between us,
But there's one thing that I'm sure of,
That I know how I feel about you.
нazel says: I have to get a guy who loves swimming and can play baseball.
нazel says: else die already. D:
:жЖ[S]aRaW[r] - Breathing - I'm blessed-Жж: says: HAHAHAHA.
:жЖ[S]aRaW[r] - Breathing - I'm blessed-Жж:. says: baseball!
Weekends are so overrated! I spent practically the whole morning doing nothing. Okay, so I finished Princess Diaries 3, and then did my weekly manicure and pedicure. :) Then, practically killed by doing my horrid Language Arts - poems! Made pizza for lunch, yums! And then, came online and started talking about hotsprings, horses, sheep, baseball, bungee jumping, and scuba diving with Quel and Sarah! :D

Visited a hotspring (CHECK!)
Ridden a horse (CHECK CHECK!)
Pet a sheep (CHECK!)
Played baseball (CHECK!!)
Bungee jumping (.... I don't even want to!)
Scuaba diving (....)

I miss old times, really. I just can't seem to understand people here, because they've never seen a rasberry, blueberry, or blackberry, OR EVEN A CHERRY! When Quel saw it a few days ago in Cold Storage, she started jumping up and down. O_o, okayyy! And they've never seen snow? Or touched a horse, let alone ride one without the guy pulling you around the ring! I am definitely blessed. :) Sometimes, I don't even know whether I want to fit in, or not.

My wishlist: (as on the left column)
-Live out my dream.
-Witness a miracle.
-Own the whole original Rubik's collection.
-Have a huge collection of thick towels and bedsheets, all marked with 'hazelchazel'.
-A big brother.
-Own a puppy.
-Own mascara & eyeliner.
-Play baseball as a profession.
-Graduate ahead of my age.
-Win a swimming competition.
-Go into performing arts.
-Bring someone to Christ.
-Befriend someone I don't like.
-Design a tee.
-Have children of my own.
-Live in a farm for at least a year, with horses, cows, pigs.
-Become famous.
-Go scuba diving.
-Meet an actor.
-Fall in love.
-Marry a hottie.
-Impact the world.
You're the only reason I'm still living.   
Taylor Swift Fearless   

Friday, July 10, 2009

the way I loved you

Cause I don't know how it gets better than this. :)

July babies. :)
- Ang Bee Bee (10th)
- Paul Mae (10th)
- James Tee (10th)
- Jirene Beh (11th)
- Dawn Pang (12th)
- Sarah See (15th)
- Celine Ti (17th)
- Elizabeth Brevick (18th)
- Ai Theeng (19th)
- Jaclyn Tan (22nd)
- Rachel Wong (29th)
- Maryanne LaFollette (30th)
- Oliva Desjardin (31st)
May God bless you all greatly and continue to grow in Him. :) Monkeys like banannas. (I know that was totally random)
So, I have this busy, not-looking-forward weekend to pull through. I'm so behind in work, Art activities are driving me crazy, and I have to attend this birthday party, that will lead me to a state of minor depression. I'll have no one to talk to except Keiffer, but thank gosh for him right? :)

Gotta run, French, here I comee! D:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I definitely miss everything about then.
But if I had to say bye to now, that would still take guts.
Even if I get the past again.

You know what?
I just realized I love you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Here I am, send me.

First we buy a 7-up, then we shake it till it pops up, then we giddy up, and move up, then look up, we see it and JUMP UP!

Firstly, people who missed camp, I seriously pity youu. Because you missed out on a total bomb. It was just plain awesomeeee!

Who know even how to start describing such an awesome camp like this. If I had to rate it, it would definitely be a 10/10! :)

Number 1, I'm so glad I got to be in the main committee this year, and it was definitely a great experience. I really want to thank all my wonderful partners as we planned this, meetings, setting up, discussing... it definitely brought us all closer together. Thank you Weeyen & Lydia Chech for really just getting things moving smoothly and without you two, things would definitely be hetic. Thanks Sarah (I LOVE YOU!), Kelvin, Bryant, and Ian. :)

the awesomest. :) candid.

Number 2, I really got soo touched last night. Not only because of how God touched me myself, but the way he touched the rest seriously just brought tears to me eyes. Let me tell you my testimony.

We were singing "Here I am" and the words, "I will go, send me." filled me with so much unbelief that i just couldn't sing it. I was judging the rest who were singing, wondering who would honestly GO if God sent them. I'm not boasting, but I've gone throught what it really means to follow Jesus, and honestly, its really really hard. Uncle Kevin, soon after, made his altar call, and honestly, I didn't want to go up. Pretty soon, people were just crying their eyeballs out, I was passing out tissues, etc. My gosh, did it make me cry when I saw people just crying, and God just convicted me not to judge people. I felt bad, me of little faith, not believing that God had great plans for those people. You know what really touched me was when Isaak stepped up for prayer. It just didn't seem something I would expect him to do. Somehow, I had this impression that Isaak was this guy who acted macho and cool, and seeing him step made me respect him a whole ton. Ever since I've known Isaak, I always talk about not respecting him. Also, Josh and Weeyen were praying for each other up on the stage, and after Isaak was prayed for, he walked over and joined Weeyen and Josh as they prayed for each other, and that just brought tears. It made me look at Isaak in a whole different perspective. By the end, the presence of God was so strong, I knew I had to go up and get prayer. If I didn't, it would be missing a terribly treasurable moment. So, I walked up to Uncle Kevin and asked him to pray for me, he started praying and had only said one sentence when God already spoke. By then, the tears were flowing. God really touched me with what He said, and he said two things to me, one before the prayer and after. You know, it wasn't something I expected, far from it, far from what Uncle Kevin expected too. But, I have this immense feeling full of reassurance that God is in control. He has a plan for me.

Later on, Tze Yun said, "It was like, I knew I should go up, but I didn't. You get what I mean?" And I totally do! There is nothing to be ashamed of than running into God's presence! I would kill myself if I missed that opportunity!

Jon Teh, I really loved your testimony, and I believe that God definitely has a huge plan for you. I could tell that you were so heavy with the calling you had yesterday night, and I know you are going through problems. You really made me know that God can use anyone, because I would never expect you. :)

Keiffer, I have this feeling you were touched. And I know God is in control. Trust me, he never makes a mistake. Keep following him, and I love you and really respect you. :)

Tetsuo, really glad you could come for camp, and I know for a fact God touched you dramatically. (and I mean, really dramatic!) You rock, Tara. :)

Number 3, I'm really thankful everything went well. All activities were fun, especially the water fight!! The weather was awesome. Nathanuel, Saph, Tet, thanks for helping! Filling water balloons is tiring, indeed! A big round of applaus to all 6 teams! I got to know many new people from other centers, and it was great! Minor cuts and scrapes, Mr Nicholas and his toe, Reva and her eye! But, all in all, I'm sure everyone had fun, except Jason, who called it boring. ;)

Lastly, to Jump Up! Neilson especially. I really respect you and your patience with all the little juniors in your group, you didn't complain, loved them and watched over them, played all the games with a positive attitude even if you lost pratically all, and your team definitely deserves 1st place!

And now, for the best part, a few pictures to hold you in suspense till later. :P

Kelvin & Brandon with the flower girls. (?) HAHA!

My cutie, Sapphira! :D

I adore the beach. =)

Number 4, hugs are the best. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

being, basically, ... ME!

I'm happy, convicted, but somehow, I just can't be bothered to care. Its so unlike me, yet so like me, and I love it, yet hate it. You'll never guess this, but! I haven't done school work since tuesday. So, the last I did work was Monday, and that was hardly anything. =X I'm super behind my planning, but I can't be bothered, seriously. Camp has kept me busy, busy, and I can't wait for tomorrow! :D

I got to see my kor, and he looks black. No offence, but like, he definitely had a major tan. :) And I got an awesome Muskiteer, and a Snickers. :P I know, I'm awesome.

Raquel and Zoe are probably in a huge bundle of fun at this very moment. Probably talking about you-know-what, hot guys, movies, girl talk! D: So jealous. But then, I got Raquel jealous today that she isn't going for camp, so hah! xD

I need to finish packing, finish reading The Princess Diaries #1, get ready! I dislike packing for anything, cause I have to plan in advance what to wear, and i like to do that at the split-second.  Plus, all the ironing, folding, squishing and squashing. Not pleasant. Agh.

Well, quick review on the latest book, Tommy Sulivan is a Freak or also called Pants on Fire. (Bee pointed out to me that Shane West in A Walk to Remember acted as Tommy Sulivan in the school play when Mandy Moore sang Only Hope. She has the greatest memory!) Anyway, getting back to the book, its absolutely wonderful. I'll rate it 9/10. I'm in love with Tom Suilivan, he's soo nice. Like Charmaine said, he loves her but he lets go, because if you love someone, you'll let go! :) Its crazy sweet.

Currently reading; Princess Diaries. Its okay, nothing great.