Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get it into your head

Hillsong - Undignified :)

Fold. Cut. Tie. Trim. Fold. Cut. Tie. Trim. Foldcuttietrim. Green and white. Green and white. Green and white. Greenandwhite. I mean, we got that routine really suck into our head. So much.. it got jumbled up?

Yep. Us cheer squad got enough of making poms. It practically took us all day to make them. Dong! Who would of guessed that they're so hard to make. One pom took at least 1 hour to make. I mean, excluding Sarah, she was cutting up everything first and lying them all over the floor like she was drying seaweed. heh. =P It took extra longer.

So after all, when we finally finished.. we got like 1 hour to work. Like actually sit down and work. What a relief. I mean, you should of seen my hands. The green paper like makes your fingers green as well. It took like another 15 min of our precious 1 hour just to wash it off. Well, even after much scrubbing, it still hadn't come off. Grace and I were actually grateful to sit ourself down on a proper seat. hahaa!

*School bell rings* And we go practice again. Man, tiring.

Don't talk. Just get ready for a blast! =D

ooh, and random fact. Qi Sheun keeps confusing me and Zoe. He was like, "you two look alike." I mean, we stopped looking alike a long time ago. =\

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

thou eggie-sitter

tsk. I had to watch over 4 eggs today. I mean, it's just pure torture. Firstly, Miss Cath gave me two eggs (Chanelle and Esther) and my sister gave me her egg (Kelvin Wong) to watch over while she's playing futsal. Well, then at devotions Miss Cath told Weeyen to give me Jon's egg (Sophira) to eggsit while he also is playing futsal. I mean, it's such hard work. I had to carefully hold all 4 of my eggs in Jon's jacket and like tie my shoelace and all just to go to the toilet. 4 eggs you know. That is just pure torture. There was this nice picturesque line of eggs on my desk. hehe. =P

aww. but common. I'm a really good eggsitter. Those 4 eggs actually lasted till after lunch when Esther (poor girl) dropped and um.. got smashed? I was so sad. =( eh, but the eggs that weren't mine, I protected them very well. And I still have Chanelle to take care of. I'm begging Miss Cath to resurrect Esther. pleeaaseee..

It was so hilariously commotion today. I mean, who would of thought Mr. Fransis is an egg stealer. heh! He threw an egg at Grace and I. We were so freaked out till we realized it was fake. HAHAHA. Grace and I could hardly contain ourselves when Mr. Fransis gave Grace a whole basket full of stolen eggs. LOL. Grace lost control, she slam shut to senior's door and locked it. HAHA. Poor James at the other side was locked out. hehe!

So yea, it seriously was one cool and happy day. Gosh, who doesn't enjoy a day without annoying boys around. LOL. All except Sarah lah. She was like, "I wish Jon and Weeyen were here. There's always some fighting beside us." HAHAHA. =)

Oh, and for all the crazy, annoying yet totally lovable boys in the God's Roti Bum or whatever-you-call-it team, you guys did a totally fantastic job. Isn't so cool, you guys won the finals!! YEA! I'm totally proud of you all. I mean, totally.. all of you. ooh, and I'm sorry..

Somehow, I always ruin my own day. Shucks lah.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just because..

..because of You

Am I living to please others? Am I living for them?

ooh, I wish I could see the light..

Can't I just act myself and forget about what people think about me? It doesn't matter, Hazel. oh, but it does. =\

Saturday, April 26, 2008

we were moving mountains

Can you do it? "So, are you smarter than a fifth grader?"

This is a 5th grade math problem. This is not a trick question. This is a real math problem so don't say that a bus has no legs.

There are 7 girls in a bus.

Each girl has 7 backpacks.

In each backpack, there are 7 big cats.

For every big cat there are 7 little cats.

Question: How many legs are there in the bus?

Well, have fun. I'm not joking, this is hard. And plus, my Math is reasonably good, k, and I couldn't solve it. Or maybe I was just not trying hard enough. =P haha. I got my sis to solve it. She actually took a while. =) Don't write the answer in the cbox, but tell it to me personally. xD

Friday, April 25, 2008

ahem. yea riighhttt

So this is how it goes, Gilbert started talking to me on MSN. He's ultra annoying. Seriously. teehee. Anyway, I somehow stirred the topic to who he likes.

gilbert.. says:
y everybody say i LIKE her
gilbert.. says:
hazelchazel says:
hazelchazel says:
cause we think you do
gilbert.. says:
hazelchazel says:
gilbert.. says:
i got someone better in my mind
gilbert.. says:
i know her very well
gilbert.. says:
more than tommy no me
hazelchazel says:
oh really ahh
hazelchazel says:
gilbert.. says:
hazelchazel says:
hazelchazel says:
gilbert.. just sent you a nudge.
hazelchazel says:
I should post that on my blog
gilbert.. says:
better do
hazelchazel says:
okay I will
hazelchazel says:
then you go see
gilbert.. says:
make sure
hazelchazel says:
i'll proof lah
hazelchazel says:
you go see after I'm done dong!
gilbert.. says:

So yea, here's your proof Gilbert Tan. tsk.
Anyway, today was one rush of a day. Come to think of it, I hardly did any work. So yea, right after break we were rushed into the reception to get our cheerleading costume whatever you call it thingy. heh. It's green and white, but at least it's cheap. Well, cheaper than 140 lah. I mean, it's okay. There was this rush of changing, and finding the right size. Paul Mae is wearing a big size skirt then me. I know, how embarrassing. =\

Well, after practice there was worship practice. So I was pretty much rushing here and there. =) oh well, it feels good to be 'doing' something, ya know. =P

Thursday, April 24, 2008

a perfect ending?

Just a quick post to keep my blog from dying.
As if it will. teehee.

Well, one big high five to the whole cheerleading squad! You guys did awesome today. Seriously. And well, that day will come and I want you all (including me) to feel confident and proud once we've succeeded.

We just proved that practice makes perfect and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Half of us have never ever tried cheerleading before. See what we can achieve when we work hard for it?

Keep it up girls! =)
Grace, Esther, Paul Mae, Natasha Zoe, Melinda, Jia Yu, Joyce, me, and never forgetting Sarah.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

pffttt lah.

eh. Another day. =\
I mean, life can get so annoying. No, not only the people involved in my life, but just life itself.

If I had wings I would fly.
Now, I do wish I had wings.

..then I can escape and touch the clouds..
ooh, and remembering Cassia.
It just cheers me up. :P

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mr. Birthday boy

Well well. Another birthday.
Happy Birthday Kelvin Wong!

There's no other way to describe this boy then AWESOME!!
Somehow, everyone just loves the way he acts. Just as himself. He's never afraid of what people think of him. And we all love him bunches cause of who he is. =)

Yes, I stole it. teehee. But it's wonderfully edited. And duh, isn't is so obviously that Kelvin rocks. ;D

Birthday alert! Gilbert, Fai, and Lydia!
May =) Cheerleading! Red and White. *bigsmiles*

Monday, April 21, 2008

just a bit of inspiration, pleasseee!

Someone tell me.. what happen to us?
I feel so dis-united once again.

I wish we could talk again like we used to, Sarah.
I wish Beeps would tell me her problems again like before.

oh Zoe.. I'm gonna miss you. =\

Sunday, April 20, 2008

the impossible just takes a little longer

..and well, I don't act like myself anymore.
Sure, I'm still Hazel. My name hasn't changed. Neither have my looks are whatsoever. I didn't cut my hair, I didn't change anything about me.

It's just... unlike me these days. =\
It's like I'm so busy these days doing nothing.
Serious speakin'. I feel like a totally different girl from the one I was two days ago. Yes, the girl who laughed and played with Silas and Cassia, who enjoyed the intake of fresh cold mountain air. pfftt.

Friday. Man, to tell you the truth, it was terrible. I felt like it was a Monday. And then, I couldn't relate to anyone since I didn't know what happen the whole entire week. When I mentioned to Grace that there was "badminton after school," it was obvious I was out. teehee. =) I remember having a pounding headache at the end of the day, and well.. I've been sick the last two days. =( It's depressing, it really is.

Deep down inside, I keep wondering, what am I living for? Am I living because I want to please someone? Am I just living because I can't really kill myself. Sorry for the direct language. I mean, why am I studying? Why am I pushing towards to goal of graduating when, well.. I don't know what I plan to do after I graduate. It's always been my ambition to be a nurse, but as I grow older I doubt that is what I really want to do.

What I want to do. That's it.
Isn't it suppose to be what God wants me to do? Then, why am I seeking to know my ambition, seeking to know what I'm living for.

I should be seeking for God's will in my life.
What He wants me to do.

You know I was thinking about this and well.. it came to me that there are three people in me. It sounds confusing, but it's actually very simple. There is Hazel, myself, and 'my child, Hazel'. The first one is how others, the world, sees me as. The second is what I think of myself. And the third is no other than my Heavenly father looking down from above and seeing his child as being perfect.

You know something, it doesn't matter how imperfect the world sees you as. How disappointed you are with yourself. What you think of yourself. Cause I've got news for you.. God, our Heavenly Father, is looking down at you..

..and all he sees is that his creation down there is wonderfully and perfectly made. Big smilez for that!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the sound of music

[talking about pink lemonade]
The Baroness: Not too sweet, not too sour.
Max: Just too, uh . . pink.

LOL. I finally watched Sound of Music again. It's been ages since I have. Last time, I was so young I didn't understand it. Max is just so classic.

Max: I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I'm making.
Captain von Trapp: You have no choice.
Max: I know... That's why I'm making it.

LOL. I was carried away.

Okay, so before the pics come, just a little summary. Poor Cassia got a cold on Monday, so she was ever sniffy and sick the whole time. =( Poor girl. On Tuesday I got a freaking headache aka fever after lunch and took medicine and hit the sack. When I woke up, sweat was EVERYWHERE. teehee. Fever; gone!


OMF Bungalow


Adultish chit chatter

The eye catching beauty God has created :)


The dog with the unknown name. I miss April!

And lastly, one our ride back, the two monkeys couldn't help acting like dogs. It was so cute, both heads stuck out of the window, one going, "woooooo" and the other, "ooooh" hahaa!

Well, I just heard from Sarah that there was landslide in Camerons. Gosh! And I didn't know it went all the way into the news. teehee. Well, I knew there was a landslide cause when we were travelling down to the 'BOH' tea plantation, we were stopped and a big sign said in Malay that there was a landslide ahead. I didn't know it was that serious. hahaa. But, you guys needn't worry, we are perfectly fine. =)

And finally, school! I missed you all. =D
From reading blogs, I've gathered there was a diagnostic test for BM on Tuesday. Let's just be glad I wasn't there. I would of surely 100% gotten a negative number for my score. ;D

8 6182 5273 236 4585 25846 27845 39 458 2659 48452.
Don't ask. It's just my secret code with God.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

keep going

Well, I'm off.

Don't miss me too much k? xD

'Nways, on Saturday, which was yesterday, I didn't get to go to PlanetShakers which was so bummers. Cause I really wanted to go. But oh wells.

Instead, I went to Sunway Lagoon and had fun with Silas and Cassia.
My sister finally agreed to braiding my hair. It's been ages since she has.

He was having fun!

After getting drenched. =\

And Cassia sweetheart.
I know, I look terrible but at least you can see how cute she is!

Today, I went to the Goh's church and saw Grace Goh. =)
A quick post for a birthday I'm missing.
So comes this bright blue and sunny Tuesday..
..and no Hazel in school to say happy birthday to you. teehee.
I know you're gonna miss me. ;D
Riighhttt. So yea, Happy Early Birthday Mr. Isaac Thong.

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"

Always look for the blessing in life no matter how many depressing things happen around you or to you. Get ready to enter into your teenager years. What a bunch of teenagers we're gonna have this year. ;D A gosh, don't work too hard Isaac! You're way ahead. Even more ahead than me. Not considering Math and Language Arts. tsk tsk. Yes, I have to beat you.

Well, I've gotta do a whole bunch of packing for my uncooperative family. As my mom isn't coming, I'll have to be the "mom" again. Yes, I repeat again. My sister doesn't know how to take care of herself. *wink*


I was tagged by Shab!

Type the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you hear these things. You can't think and go back and change your answers.

1. Beer: ughhh =\
2. McDonalds: french fries =)
3. Relationships: love
4. Purple: my sister's fav color.
5. Power Rangers: hmm..
6. Weed: the Vegitales movie about gossip. You know that big weed that grows. hehee.
7. Steroids: hmm.. let's check the dictionary
8. Cartoons: Mickey Mouse!
9. The President: Abraham Lincoln, partly cause I'm studying about him.
10. People to do this quiz: Paullyn, Sarah, Beeps, and um.. everyone else :D

Friday, April 11, 2008

one 'dong' of a week

For three days I haven't updated. I'm surprised no one said
anything about updating in the cbox. hehee. =)

Out of ideas? You guys know me too well.. it's like, I can't run out of them.
No Internet connection? heh. Yeaa riightt. I was like online. Duh.
You'll never guess the reason. Or maybe you will. I was so stressed over things. Like seriously, no kidding. Work is SO stressful!! =( So this is how my week unfolded.

On Tuesday, I went online planning to finish the last of my crazy long list of reports. It took a rather loooong time. In the night, I was just sitting on my bed and well, thinking. I happen to come across the subject of graduating. And started counting. Like all the way till I graduate in 2011. It sound centuries away but I'll only be 17 then and finishing 12th grade. And guess what? I only have 197 book left. teehee. I'm getting way too complicated. Yea, but it requires very hard work. =\ I started planning what I had to do in order to accomplish this month's goals. It meant two test by this Friday, and I wasn't even finish the books. =( So it just meant more then ever hard studying.

Other than studying really hard, and successfully taking two test this week, the week has been filled with ever exciting cheerleading practices. On Wednesday, we had a really long 2 and a half hour practice which made us 8 girls extremely exhausted. There's a wave now that's ultra chun so watch out you all who criticized me. Hey Hazel, show us some of your cheeerleadinggg. So eeviil lah. Don't worry, I forgive you. teehee.

Lastly, oh but not least or last.. the Colombara's are back! Silas is ever cute and Cassia has grown tons and is extremely active. Isn't it so cool, I've watched that rascal grow up ever since he was a baby till now at the age of 4. Cassia was born in Malaysia. =) I can't wait to have some fun.

So yea.. don't miss me too much when I go to Cameron Highlands on Monday. =)
I'll be back eventually! hehee!

a touch from God (:

Apple Bottom Jeans
Boots with the fur
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8..

POSE! Yea! Esther =D

Monday, April 7, 2008

the redemptive power of love

Parents play a very big part in your life.
But literally, they love you so much you get your way.
That's why I actually appeared in school today. teehee. ;D

Anyways..interesting conversation with my dad and sis yesterday. We were talking about the Japanese food. Yum.

DAD: You guys ate all my shrimp!
SISTER: I only ate one!
DAD: There was only 3.
SISTER: No, I thought there was 5?
DAD: 3
SISTER: No! 5!
ME: Let me check the pic. *goes to the camera*
SISTER: *giggles*
few minutes later
ME: I think there's four.
SISTER: *burst out with ever flowing laughter*

LOL? Always the peacemaker. tsk tsk. :D
oh and cheerleading is finally proceeding on.
It took ages to get the video. Just got it. =)
And on Wed, we're having this long practice all the way up till 6:30pm.
And the audience goes.. WHAT? heheehahaa! I'm not kidding here.
And Melinda is joining us since Sarah can't make it.
Believe it or not, she was cheerleading in her old school. *gasp*

Other than that, the day was literally very boring.
At least I went to school right? =D

Don't ask me about the title of this post.
It's just ultimately random.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ume Tei Delight!

Yesterday, my family and I headed off to a mysterious restaurant after church. Well, it was mysterious to my mother, not to the rest of us of coursee. We had a delicious birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant!

Pictures will tell the story..

While waiting for the food..
I got bored so I set up all my utensils and tea
for a most artistic picture in my eyes. LOL.

a Nigeri Sushi set which I ordered. =D

my sister's food. Sashimi Set!
Doesn't those big fat cubes of raw salmon make you so hungry?


This was part of my mom's interesting set.
Those round balls of stuff has mashed potatoes inside. Yum!

She also got a few pieces of sashimi. =)

That's pretty much all the pictures. I wish I had taken more pictures and the expressions on our faces when we were eating. OMG! Food delight! I was too busy eating to take anymore. But I guarantee, it was scrumptious!
And right now? The only word I can describe about how I'm feeling now is EXHAUSTED. Litterally, let's just say I'm tired of blowing my nose. I'm tired of being sick. And my gosh, I got sore yesterday cause of cheerleading on Friday. I know, I'm totally not fit. I'm much better today concerning sore-ness cause I put some sorta Ammi Votara cream which is totally unpredictable. I just proved that it works. Well, a bit lah. =\ It makes my hands so sticky.

I seriously think I can put the amount of tissues I use in the World Record book thingy. It's like type two words, and blow. =( *sniff* And worst of all, my parents aren't allowing us to go to school tomorrow. They insist that we rest. And if you don't know the Chang sisters, we'll probably do more work than ever in all our boredom. So yea, don't miss me too much and pray I get better k? And that I'll be able to bear my sis well. Or something like that. Stop her from working. lol?

Make sure you guys give me a full update of what happens tomorrow.
I'm depending on you all. =)

always girls


best friends | FOREVER |

Check out the Girlies's blog!

Friday, April 4, 2008

eh eh. no thankyou!

1, 2, 3 and 4 and..

I got the crazy cheerleading song into my head. Kidding.
It's not crazy at all, it rocks! xD
OMG you guys. Get ready for a shock on Sports Day. =D
Other than that, the day was totally normal.
Oh and yea, we have to practice our cheerleading 3 times next week. =\
Sarah was like emo and Jon said, "The world is full of shit."
Few minutes later, he told me something.
Later on, Sarah asked me what Jon said and I replied, "He said, 'You see right, the world population is very big so there's a lot of toilets.'"
Sarah burst out into laughter. =DD

And Chanelle's very lame joke. Hawkwardsss!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

and everything is right again?

Yea riightt.
You think you can solve my problems. But gosh, don't even try.
Thanks for caring though. =)
It'll never be the same again. It's just unexplainable.
And impossible.

The point is, I've given up. So yea! You won.
My week so far.
Guardians angels. =) oh yea, it's back.
Pity though, I haven't received a thing from my guardian angel. =(
and about cheerleading.. bummers! Sarah can't make it to the Sports Day.
My gosh, we have to cheer lead without her. =\

We had a major switch of seatings today. All the juniors went to Room 3! Oh, peace and quiet. hahaa. And for Room 2, where I am, Haresh and Shaun left. =) And I finally begged Mr Fransis to let me switch with Isaac. =D It wasn't hard to convince Isaac. So yea, Grace Kam! Don't worry Chanelle, I'll miss you.

Just before Celine left to go to Room 3, she came to hug me and Chanelle. While she was hugging me, Mr Fransis came in. And he was like, "aww. Farewell is it? Hug me." And Celine actually hugged him. And Mr Fransis said, "Don't miss us to much. Don't cry okay?" LOL. I couldn't stop laughing!

And the seniors room almost flooded. =( Bryant and Calvin were cleaning it, and my goodness, I was so frustrated cause they don't know how to clean! haha. I was about to take off my socks and help then but then they promised they'll clean properly. tsk tsk.

Other than that, the day was pretty normal.
ooh, and thank gosh, Chorch is back. I was about to die. kidding. =D
oh and yes. Birthday woman and man. No, sorry, not couples. haha.
So yea..

Happy Belated Birthday Mr Fan!
Thanks for being such a great principle. Somehow, no matter how high your position is in the school, I seem so close to you. I've never talked to my prnciple so much in my whole entire life. hahaa! Hope you enjoyed the lunch!


Happy Birthday Mommy darhling!
Thanks for being such a great mom. The only one I'll ever have! And the best that I could ever have. Thanks for guiding me, scolding me (I mean, I learn from mistakes riight?) and for cooking and washing for me. =D

"Mom cares so much that sometimes, she forgets to say "I love you."
She shows it all the time, but I'm too much of an idiot to see it."

God Bless You! <3

Cassia and Sila are coming in one week. oh yea!
Other than that, my sis is sick and can't come to school tomorrow. =(

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

chasing lizards =)

Yesterday I got the craziest scare in my life.
Yep, you guessed it, a lizard in my house. That is just not allowed.
ugghh. They are so terrible. =\ I was like screaming my head off. The funnest part was when my dad and I started hitting it with bullets. But we never could actually hit it. It was in a too awkward position behind the curtains. =P Every time he send a "bullet" flying I would scream. It's just so freaky.

I finally left it alone and retreated into my room with a whole bunch of paper bullets and rubber bands say it decided to venture in. =) I know, I'm ultimately weird.

And for today, the only word is cheerleading!!
Man, the video was so cool. The whole time we were watching it, we were all so amazed and excited. First lessons tomorrow! =DD

Other than that, nothing much. =\
I changed my template again. :D