Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Servant Girl

I found this as a draft that I had written a few months ago. Just a little insight and thought on this verse I had read back then.

"And as Peter knocked at the door of the gate, a girl named Rhoda came to answer. When she recognized Peter’s voice, because of her gladness she did not open the gate, but ran in and announced that Peter stood before the gate." Act 12:13-14

This was my Bible reading for the day. Of all verses to stand out, this less-than-significant verse popped out of the text. I thought it would be a good verse to break down and learn a few lessons from this servant girl, Rhoda.

#o1. First off, isn't it so funny that this servant girl was important enough to be included into these two verses, and even on a first-name basis! Just that simple acknowledgement of her existence tells me that God really does care about what would seem like an insignificant person in the world's eyes.

#o2. What faith! It says, "she recognized Peter's voice." No mention of her doubt, of any hesitation to question if it was really Peter (who should have been in prison) at the door. Just simple faith that is was possible that Peter was standing at the door.

#o3. It made me laugh to think that people in the Bible were also so filled with gladness and excitement that they do stupid things. Because I do that all the time. She was so excited she forgot to let Peter in!!

Imagine if we could learn this much from every single verse in the Bible!? And we can. I know that I've got a whole lot more learning to do! Have a blessed holiday season and strive to learn more about the Savior this special time of the year!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Humility, Hope, Joy

I am so encouraged every time I go to church. By the message, the open discussions, the fellowship, and the maturity of every believer in that fellowship, young or old. How much I can learn from each individual and the different perspectives from each one that has been molded by different, individual experiences. It almost brings me to tears every week when I realize how blessed I am with such a giving and honest body of believers.

On an entirely different note, I'm so glad that I've gained full energy since the semester has been over! I guess I just never realized the difference in my behavior because of my lack of rest! I was just so full of energy and talkativeness today at church and kinda surprised myself in the difference I saw in my own self. You have no idea what rest and sleep does for your confidence. Plus a cute white sweater dress. ;)

Another one of those Sundays when I come back from a great time at church and it dawns on me that tomorrow's Monday and life yet continues. Next week is going to be yet another crazy week for me. It consists of working, possibly spending some time with a sweet friend, and moving into yet another home. And then, as crazy as it seems, it'll be Christmas already. I guess all this moving around and staying busy has made me lose track of how fast Christmas is coming!

Excuse me for the very incoherent post this is. I guess I just wanted to write down my thoughts and what's happening to clear my head. Again, I'm just so grateful for all the learning that takes place every Sunday that challenges me to keep growing throughout the week. So my little message for you today is to learn to be humble, to learn how to be truly joyful even in the midst of trials and grief, and never lose hope of the eternal plan! Have a great week ahead of you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Break Plans

It's finally over! My third semester of college, the first half of my sophomore year, is finally complete. Way too excited for this break! I'm going to have so much fun, get so much stuff done, and spend the next seven days or so packing, cleaning, moving around to different living stations, and spending some quality time with my one-year-olds. Yippee for work and the paychecks you get in the end. Because after that, it's really party time for me.

So, you'll be glad to hear (I hope), that I am NOT planning on being a couch potato. In fact, my brain is simply bursting with all the stuff I want to accomplish... and do... and experience... that I decided it deserved a blog post of its own. Here's to my Christmas break:

#o1. Get some domestic projects done!

So I've been working on this Infiniti scarf since technically last winter. Really got it started a few months ago and worked a ton on it during Thanksgiving break. So I think if I just spend a few more days knitting intensely, I'll get that done.

A month or so ago, the pompom on my adorable black winter boots fell off and got on the sidewalk where a sea of walking people probably trampled upon it. Knowing me, it aggregated me to the extreme extent and I couldn't even look down at my boots without freaking out because honestly IT LOOKS SO RIDICULOUSLY UNBALANCED. Well anyway, I purchased some pompoms for my ever faithful Michael's, so I need to sew them on pronto.

Pinterest DIY projects! So in love with them. I have a ton of T-shirts that I've totally outgrown - finally, may I add? I take forever to outgrow things - and I've found so many sewing projects that I can do with the extra fabric. Going to transform my wardrobe into something else.
#o2. Catch up on some reading!

As you can see, I've got a nice stack of some really good reading! Just absolutely love John Eldredge's books - Wild at Heart being my favorite to the point that I had to buy myself a copy so I could read it again! Plus it was on sale so I couldn't help myself.

I also have a huge pile of design magazines that I collected while at High Point last October. Just never got around to looking at them so they're coming along for the break.
#o3. Get further down the road regarding my driver's license. (Get it, further down the road, hah hah.)

I know, you don't have to tell me. I'm like behind in all this. Really behind. I mean, all my 16 year old friends have theirs already and are driving around like it ain't a big deal. Like Savy puts it, I'm ahead in everything else except this. And it stinks. So I'm going to work towards it, now that I'm finally legal and don't have to jump any more hoops because, "well miss, you need your parent's signature. I just can't let you do it without your parent's signature."

#o4. Improve my football skills.

Okay so I've discovered over this pretty intense semester that the highlight of my weeks has always been those amazing 1 hour + of football playing time I get every Sunday with all my church buddies. I mean, you really can't beat that. Its just an awesome time of playing and shocking everyone that a small Asian girl can actually pull her full 94 pounds around on the field. Its so much fun that I actually want to improve... like jump a little bit more, run a little faster, and make interceptions. Because, let's be honest, this is the only time of my life I'm actually going to be able to play American football. (1) Because it is a common established fact that grown up women and mothers don't go running around playing backyard football and (2) its not like there's women football teams.

The sad truth about how unestablished women sports are. Possibly my most passionate subject of talk. I mean, get me started on women soccer and you probably won't have breathing space. I have personal experience that makes me so.... passionate. We'll stick to that word.

#o5. and lastly, the boring stuff like writing a scholarship essay, looking into my summer plans and finding possible internship opportunities, establishing my portfolio....

Speaking of portfolio, I went to my final Studio class today to pick up my final project. Turns out mine was one out of six that had the "wow factor" and a good grade, so my professor requested to keep it there to show for accreditation when they come in the Spring of 2015, yes my senior year. Which I am totally fine with because that's a complement. Except I only just finished this project and I never had time to admire it before turning it in. So I was like, can I take it home for the break? I'll bring it back next semester, I promise!

... and now, I can admire it all throughout my break.

#o6 on my list.