Friday, January 30, 2009

You're looking for a child, just like me.

Audiolovin' Your Eyes - Hillsong Kids
WOW. January is over already, and the second month of the year is already here. Just a brief post about things I've learned.. just steps closer to that child God wants me to be.

Judging people. Mother Theresa said, "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." How true that is! Everyone has their mistakes, weak points, and if we can't overlook those bumps and rough edges, we'll never be able to see the good side in them.

I've fallen for that trap before. I always quickly put a finger on the bad part of a person. And I fail to see the good in them. Fail to love them for who they are.

What would Jesus do. Imagine if Jesus judged us. Imagine if he only saw the negative side, and coudn't see through all the dirt and rust where the gold still remains. If he hadn't looked pass all that filth, he wouldn't of loved us, and we would be dead in our transgressions right now.

 Humbling myself. 1 Peter 5:6 was definitely the verse of the month for me. God gave me some clear directions about something he told me to do, and when I obeyed and humbled myself, he honored me. And in due time, he raised me up.. in ways I couldn't even imagine. :)

Obeying Him. Nothing counts more when you listen to that whisper.

Looking into those eyes... The years started off with lots of things I'm active in. Its really gonna be a full speed busy year ahead! God taught me that when I focus on Him, keep Him in the center of my life, He'll give me strength for everything I have to do. And when I do so, He starts this fire inside of me FOR HIM, that is indistinguishable. :D

...for a child, just like me! Best of all, I'll never forget that I was made in His image, to do His will, to be His very own child. Nothing's better knowing that someone wants you, that you are chosen! =)
Your eyes search the world over kings and queens
Looking for a child just like me.
Here I am, I'm Your child, open arms I will serve You;
Here I am, I'm Your child, all my days I will love You.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dreams that come true.

Every girl wants a guy that she can go to in her sweats, hair a mess, makeup running down her face, eyes red from crying, and the first thing he says to her is, "Baby, you're beautiful" ...and means it.
I have a lot of dreams, that's for sure. :)
  • School was practically empty today.
  • I pity Ryan! :P
  • PE was boring, no offense. I miss Gym in Maine. (and Zoe was going on and on about how wonderful her Sports are in Aus.)
  • I scored like 6 goals while playing Caption's Ball. :)
  • Zoe started school!
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is making me go friggin' SLOW in my LA work. x)
  • Dreams do come true.
..and, I have every 4W-1H reason to post an inspirational post on something wonderful. But, you know me too well. I procastinate, become lazy, and have no idea how to write it all down properly and in a interesting way. (In order that you don't fall asleep reading it!) So, you're gonna have to wait, that is, if I ever get down to it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

obedience always counts more.

Well, to start off, Happy Chinese New Year! =)

Honestly, I'm not really good at celebrating Chinese New Year cause with my seven years in US, it's just weird to get red packets and goodies. Christmas was the big thing there, and here it's this.

But, I still celebrate. My parents come from very Chinese families, I meant. I guess every Chinese comes from a very "Chinese" family. I know, I made no sense at all. Anyway, went to my dad's side for the Eve, and today for lunch. Vegeterian thingy-ma-jigs.

Sunday, New Years Eve

My cousin and dad were, err. Going crazy. :P

Joel, my cousin. :)

1st Day of Chinese New Year

Woke up, and believe it or not, felt like having a swim.. so I did. All by myself cause no one wanted to accompany me, so thus. Did laps for the whole morning, showered and off to Koo-koo's house again. :)

Thus, began to soccer training of Joel. :)

He can kick really well, and only with his left foot.

Then Daddy was teaching him to do headers. After a few, Dad said, "Kay, now pinch your nose cause it got flat." HAHAH.

Well, that was my Chinese New Year. =)
Oh, and I came across something more than a coincidence.

"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand,
that he may lift you up in due time."

Thank you so much, Father. :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cause the unreality is not gonna take over.

The latest; I dislike someone. Not only is this person weird, but the attitude inside sucks terribly and it seems like values don't even exist. I've got the right to dislike. Just don't ask.
Have you ever seen anything more adorable?

HEH. Anyway, school's in it normal routine of lots of work and lots of stress. It actually a relief for me this year compared to my sis, but next year will be the start of my terrible busy life. :P Scratch the terrible.

Other than that, my wonderful blog-everyday-life is destroyed and I stated to my sister the other day that she might be even blogging more than I do. I'm changing definitely, different priorities, different enjoyments, and other ways to spend my time. Currently, I'm into reading Nancy Drew PDF files on the comp. muahahs. That's why I the conversations I have on MSN are always delayed, wakaka. Sorry. :P

... yea, and I'm suppose to be reading THIS for my LA 909.

I know, its a terrible book. Can't even read more than a chapter a day!

But anyway, WTH. If there's nothing to blog about, why blog?

&&oohh. The little juniors in our school are so cute. Especially Amanda (who's like mini Sabrina) but she wouldn't let me take a picture with her. =X

  Thuliana and Esther :)

Di Fan :)

Well, till then. Keep smilin' okayy. I love youu.

Monday, January 19, 2009

'Em January babies.

Practice random kindness,
..and senseless acts of beauty.

Never hesitate to show some kindness if it'll make someone's day. :)

Anyway, January babies to behold.

On the 6th;

Ryan turned 14. :D

No picture available.
And Calvin Ng turned 15.

On the 18th;
No picture available.
Brandon Cher turned 18(?) :)

On the 19th;

Melissa Yeap turns 14! =)

On the 27th;

Grace Goh turns 18. (:

On the 28th;

No picture available.
A very happy birthday to Mrs. Fleurent.
Since I don't know how old you're turning. ;P

Hope you guys all had a blast of a birthday. Keep shinin' for Him.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'd do anything to get youu back.

I wanna be that history maker. (:

So, the first 2 weeks of school are already over and it seems like everything's almost settled in and the routine of life is set again. But, I still can't wait for the ups and downs and exciting turns I'll be taking this year.

But, to cover up for the first two weeks of school...

a lot of work done. Feeling accomplished, 5 test already. 3 more to go. Take note, Miss Catherine. ;P

..tons of reports. I'm a very organized person, have this long list of reports and activities I have to do, and the date for when I should finish them by. So far, so good. :)

a new Bible study, new experiences. :)

Rubik's cube, lovee.

a new shape. Seal. :P

Home Economics, interior decorating and symbols!

Biking. =)

Charms, necklaces, Z's, memories.

We rock your socks off with our hygiene. :P

Chimes, my darls.

&, lastly but not least. Friends. :)
Old friends, new ones, and strengthened ones.

Its been a rad start of a blast of a year. :P Keep tuned.

PS; true Narnia fans know exactly what I mean when I refer to the DLF. :) Let's see how great a Narnia fan you are. ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

  • Esther was hyper along with Sarah, and I was seated right between them. Tortureee. x)
  • My cough, sickness, etc. got worse. D:
  • Rubik's cubes are currently the addiction. I want 4 x 4!
  • I'm in lovee. (:



Yes, sorry. I'm in LOVE. :) Like zomg, puppies and horses are SO adorable and bautiful, royal, cute, cuddly. I really wish a could own one of each of my own. D:

EDIT; thankyouverimuchi. :P

Sunday, January 11, 2009

You, me, my friends.

Yea, I know I'm weird. x) Just made my blog public again. Well, now that it has been private for a while, I won't be having so many random visits anymore. Which, is a good thing.

Err, well. Yesterday, we went to Taman Pertanian. A last minute thing, cause I was dead bored, and therefore, forced my dad to entertain me. HEH. We went there for like 1 hour. xD It was fun thoughh. The swimming pool was renovated so it was much nicer. ooh, but the bike I choose. It was so irritating. Eeekk. And we had gone a little way already so I was lazy to go back and get another one. And all our butts are sore, probabaly from the lack of biking.

I'm definitely missing staying in the country with a bike of my own and horses I can see everyday. Old times. =X I miss Jonah, and M&M, andd err. whoever else. And seeing moose. Just having a nice, big lawn of grass where my sis and I can bike all over, and eat sweet grass, climb trees, etc. I'm an outdoor person, and I hate cities. Must say more, I miss my Maine.

But anyhow, I think I'm learning to love Malaysia too. Definitely lovee shopping now, which was like torture to me before. HEH. And air conditioning is a MUST here. But, then again, you never needed that, or wanted it, in ice-cold Maine. :P

Well, 2nd week of school starts tmr.. and I'm not looking forward to it. Currently, sick with a stuffed and running nose, a sore throat, and cough. :\ Naadaa. Not nice. But anyways.

P.S. I went to Toy-R-Us today to buy my original 3 X 3 Rubik's and the price was raised to RM27. It was RM20, ishhuu. =\ I want sales! Can come fast? :]

Friday, January 9, 2009

don't say goodbye cause today will soon be gone.

Hellooooooo. :D

So, today was first chapel of the year. And the first week of school is already over. xD Super duper fast. It was altogether an average week, but it's good to be bad and working hard again. :) Today... had it's downs.

Daily Devotions today. Had to draw the tabernacle again, so decided to draw to 3-D instead of 2-D this time. :P

At lunch.. we started stalking people. Well... Raquel did. We all were just laughing our heads off. x) Cause Uncle Kevin was super scared we took a picture of him, and we did. :P This was the best. Check out all the expressions.

Then.. for chapel, we were going to play the gossip game but then we did action guessing game instead. It was soo hilarious. :P

LOL! Tommy was at the end, so he had to decide what that was.

2nd team. :)

Dawn was first. And she (right) is soo cutee. :D

And Isaac was last. HAHAH. He had to err, act like a chicken in front of everyone. Cause the object was chicken rice, but the rice part got cut off by the time it came to him. :P

Well, Melissa is in Australia, safe, sound, and happeyyy. :P Webcamed with her.

And her cousins are so cute, I couldn't resist. =X

&currently; lurve Pieces of Flair. (:

Click to enlargen.

Well, hopefully next week will be more hardworking, fun, and better. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

go ahead and try.

..see whether I care.
You guys always always come up with really friggin' dum-dum conclusions. Like I care. Think whatever, cause I know what's true. Only that matters.
Anyhows, the dreaded second farewell post. Sighs sighs. =\
Dear darhling Melissa,
I'll miss that smile the most. The positive side of anything and everything. You're encouraging words when anyone is down. I'll miss camwhoring, and chatting on MSN, doing Math with you on the floor in the corner, wakaka. (: You rock, definitely, totally, them smellin' socks off. :P I'll miss you billions and millions more. Always be thyself, can? Loves! Muax.

Dear Megan,
Can't believe that's the only pic I have with you. D: Anyway, I'll miss your hi's in the morning and on MSN. You never fail to pop up with a conversation when I'm online. Well, I'll still get those when you're in Australia, heh. :P Kepp rockin'. Love youu. :)

Oh, and Brian. All I know is that you are an adorable junior, and very well behaved. I'm sure you've got your greatness as well. Oh, and super high potential for Mr. Handsome when you grow up. Muahah. :P

Hope you guys have a great and safe trip over to wonderland and hateland at the same time. ;) I love Australia cause it's closest to America, other than England. Hate it cause it stole my Zoe. D: Sorry I can't send you off, it's a bit too late, and I'll probably fall asleep.
hazelchazel™ says:
haiyooo, I miss youu so much zoeee. D:
hazelchazel™ says:
school is SO not school without you
zoƫ says:
i miss you toooo.

You won't get me. No one will. Cause without Zoe, it's almost like half of myself is missing. Cause now, when I got theory or something, must explainto my peers. Zoe and I... would just get it without explaining. :) We'll just read each other's mind. And with a bit of no-sense numbers.

;and no one will ever replace you. and youuu, Jon. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

nothing will ever change that.

So, first day of school, etc. Hetic, exciting, sad, all mixed up in one. I didn't get to take test, Miss Catherine didn't allow, I knowww, so sad. Can't believe I get stopped when I have good intentions, wakaka. ;D Graduate soon, get out into the world! Not that I hate GRC, but the idea of studying there for a long time, no thankyou. :)

Nopee, I did NOT forget you, Zoeee. D: School is just so different without youu. I miss you so much. Oh well, I have my necklace and charm. :) Love youuu. Really wish you were here, so we can gossip. :D Muahah.

&maybe Mel will stop by tomorrow. Our last session where we can talk serious stuff and sew costumes. ;P Though, we won't be doing the later.

Nway, won't be updating often cause I'll be working very hard. :P HEH. Teachers or parents cannot stop me. :) Must get back to my making a floor plan of my room. Interior decoration, Home Economics. lurvee.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Now you know.

So the story goes
You already know
So don’t go and be a fool
And go spoil the ending

Firstly, I finally had a haircut after like 5 months (?) Great relief, cause your hair feels utterly EVERYWHERE when you don't cut it after a few months.

Not much different, just shorter and neater. I'm content. :)

  I never wanna be with out you
Oh no, hear I go, now you know
What I feel about you
There’s no runnin'
I must have been wrong to doubt you
Oh no, there I go, no control
And I’m fallin'
So now you know