Monday, April 27, 2009

life goes on, now what?

I badly need someone whom I can talk to, who'll symphasis, understand, and make a lame joke to make me smile. :) Sadly, out of my one billion friends - I'm friends with everyone you know - there isn't a single one who is everything above. Not that, I don't have great friends!

Maybe, I just haven't found him/her yet. =)

Well, I'm learning to live life by its moments, and here's some of those moments - just to make me love the life I'm living, even if I live second by second. :D

Bee Ang - you awesome bugger, I miss sitting beside you. Ever since we had to change places and are separated by a big amount of space, I've slacked in my work, and so has she. (or, maybe its cause French started in April and has made me stressed ever since.) So depressing I tell you. Oh well, at least we still talk, right hun? :P
Tetsuo Tarkahara - for getting me to eat lunch when I was stressed over French, accompanying me through lunch, talking about all sorts of random stuff, animals, monkeys, display pictures, shoes, and people's characters. :) Entertaining me when I'm alone - and stressed - and taking my mind of terrible, oh very, terrible work.
Ryan Tan - your very spastic 'HI!'s, and being hyper and in a wacky mood with me just now. I know you well, by 68%. :D For the baking disaster stories and all.
Fer-fer James - just for being a friend. :) With all the random moments, talks, and discussions we've had. It's amazing how short I've known you for, and it feels like your a good old friend for years. Keep your pants up (yes, I know you'll read this!) cause your underwear colors have been the talk of the girls - not me. ( I have better things to talk about. I kid, Charmaine and Nat.) They just share their thoughts with me. ;P hahah.

You guys are awesome man. :) I'm glad that more and more people step into my life and different points, just to keep me happy that I'm still alive. Cause, lots of my close friends are stepping out of my chapter and going to write their own chapter, while some are walking into my book. I'm content, happy....

... and glad that He's in control.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

loving and compassionate.

 PSALM 145

I will exalt you, my God the King;
   I will praise your name for ever and ever.
Every day I will praise you
    and extol your name for ever and ever.
Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
    his greatness no one can fathom.

One generation will commend your works to another;
     they will tell of your mighty acts.
They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty,
      and I will meditate on your wonderful works.
They will tell of the power of your awesome works,
      and I will proclaim your great deeds.
They will celebrate your abundant goodness
      and joyfully sing of your righteousness.

The LORD is gracious and compassionate,
     slow to anger and rich in love.
The LORD is good to all;
     he has compassion on all he has made.

All you have made will praise you, O LORD;
    your saints will extol you.
They will tell of the glory of your kingdom
    and speak of your might,

so that all men may know of your mighty acts
    and the glorious splendor of your kingdom.

Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,
      and your dominion endures through all generations.

The LORD is faithful to all his promises
    and loving toward all he has made.
The LORD upholds all those who fall
    and lifts up all who are bowed down.

The eyes of all look to you,
     and you give them their food at the proper time.

You open your hand
    and satisfy the desires of every living thing.

The LORD is righteous in all his ways
     and loving toward all he has made.
The LORD is near to all who call on him,
    to all who call on him in truth.
He fulfills the desires of those who fear him;
    he hears their cry and saves them.
The LORD watches over all who love him,
     but all the wicked he will destroy.

My mouth will speak in praise of the LORD.
     Let every creature praise his holy name
             for ever and ever.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

its hard to be superman

I can't stand to fly.

When life gives me the lemons, I'll make lemonade. :) But sometimes, its hard to see where the sugar is. I'm realizing how desperately I need the Spirit of God to be evident in my life. I know its in my life, but when I get pissed and stressed and screams fill me, I don't feel it dwelling in there.

Well, yesterday was a very special day.

Eppy Birthday Kelvin Wong! :D

Forever be that great guy who's always ready to cheer others up with some idiotic lame joke. But you rock!

I'm getting so stressed these days, my eyes look like bug eyes by the time its 8pm and ulcers are forming in my mouth. Hopefully, white hair won't form. Pray for me!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back to Basics

The week's been blasting at top speed, and I can't believe its over. It hasn't actually been terrible, but it was trying, and I learned a lot more out of a week than you would of expected. Well, all in all, I survived? :P

Tuesday, the 14th.
 Elijah came over, we baked pizza and pototao wedges, played lincoln logs, ate dinner, and headed off to the playground. Awesome fun, except I was trying to study for a Science test that night and it was hard. Oh well, I passed that test with a high grade so yea.

Spot the Science book if you can. ;)

I mananged to catch him after a long time of him chasing me cause he was utterly convinced that I was subjected to chasing? hahaha.

Wednesday, the 15th.
I spend the whole day stressing, making birthday cards, letting out the stress on Jon, and helping Isaac in LA critical essays. Was darn tired and really wish I could just sleep all the way till the next day or totally devastate, but sadly, I had French. I honestly dreaded it, and to make things more unfair, my sister's class got canceled so she enjoyed herself at home baking and watching a movie, while I, got my head messed up with French conjugations. Not a nice day.

Friday, the 17th.
Hardly did any work in the morning cause Bee was in no mood to work, and when she isn't in the mood, I can't get anything done either so we talked about girl stuff and it was real interesting, hahaha. :D Had prayer meeting at 12, Jon starts convicting us all again - he really should become a preacher, ahemm. :P  Ate lunch with Tetsuo, Keiffer and gang which is unusual, but I like being unique. :) We were arguing about whether my chicken rice was green or yellow. Heheh.

Grooming class was terrible. I mean, she keeps on emphasizing on our posture but she herself isn't standing the way she asked us too. And the way proper ladies are suppose to stand really kills. Its like, you support your whole weight on right leg, ouchh.

Chapel, and the boys got hold of my camera. ;)

They were obsessed with taking pictures of their shoes. :)

Then, Raquel and I got hold of the cam, and thus!


Well, that was my Friday. Went to French - this time my sister had classes too - and learned my numbers and months and seasons. :) It was, for once, easy.

Saturday, the 18th.
Talked to Bee in French on MSN. It was hilarious. :P

And watched this. I'll rate it 8/10. It was extremely real, the scenes of the slum and stuff were, according to Mom, really vivid. She's been to India before so yea. Jalim has such a likable character. :)

Sunday, the 19th.
Not feeling that wonderful. Have a headache, sore throat, and running nose. Well, went to church and then to Kenny Rogers Roasters for lunch. (: Scrumptious pasta and salad and chicken. I brought my camera but didn't even capture anything. :P

Well, thats about it. Hopefully next week I'll live by the moment and enjoy life. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Voice of Truth.

#1, before I go rambling. :P
Happy Birthday, Isaac!

He is awesome, and that's about it. The word awesome describes enough. :D

#2, life is so KAH-boong. And I get super stressed really easy. Like yesterday, I went crazy stressed. I'm serious. Ask Sarah, hahahaa.

#3, ever feel like you really badly want a change? Cause, currently I do, but also.. I don't. Like I said to Sarah yesterday, "What a day!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the innocent little minds.

Sat with Hepsicine today. However you spell her name. :P Whatever, she's Aaron's little sister lah. In simpler terms. x)

She Me
How come your sister always sits with guys wan?
Err, ooh, uhh. I dunno.
You also wan.
Me alsooo?! =.=
Yea, you too.
Oh okayy. How come cannot sit with guys?
Cause blue is for guys and red is for girls. *Points to the red table*
Oooh, I see. Cannot blend ah?
No cannot.
Cause my brother said... every time I come near him he says cannot, must stay 6 inches away.

HAHAHA, so hilarious. :D

Well, I have reports to do and then I should be a good girl and play with Mr. Supervisor, Elijah. Appearantly, he's supposedly the person Bee thought was 16 and coming to my house so I can date him. Wth, you wish lah Bee. Trust me, he's quite inocent and cute, and yea. A wondeful boy. Are you jealous? :P

And I still have a Science test to study for, dinner to cook, and someone requested a specially created card. ;) Ohlala, so darn busy.

A demain.
P.S. Bee is obsessed with learning French. Its annoying. xD

Sunday, April 12, 2009

repeat steps 1. 2. 3.

Salut! I'm to think in French, according to my teacher. And currently I'm scratching my head doing my French homework. Thus, think French! :D

Well, its Resurrection Sunday today, and it may seem like a regular routine for those of you have celebrated Easter ever since your first April - like me - but amazingly, I learned something more today. Ready?

When the Roman soldier slashed Jesus in his side just to make sure he was dead, a combination of blood and water flowed out. Only years later did they realize the significance of that. Apparently, after death, blood congeals and urine flow out of its own accord, because the muscles no long contract to hold it in. In Jesus' case, the blood and urine were still in their living state - Jesus was not yet clinically dead.

That means, basically, that Jesus' heart exploded. To the point, he died of a broken heart. Not because of the physical pain, but because of the spiritual pain. For the first time, Father, Son, and Spirit was separated.
"Father, why have you forsaken me?"

 Every time I think Jesus dying for me, I get convicted. And I really don't want this to become a routine for me, a taken for granted favor. I've grown up my whole life knowing this awesome God, but he never fails to teach me more and make me breathless. (:

And even God never does anymore for me, don't you think he has done enough? But, he still loves me moree than that, and he's still done a million other things that I should be thankful for.

So today, I encourage you to take a moment to remember everything He's done for you. And never fail to be grateful. You don't deserve any of it.

The good thing is, Jesus didn't stay in the grave forever! It just makes the story more amazing. Of course God loved his Son so much, he didn't make him suffer that long. So,
Happy Resurrection Sunday (:
Cause He is alive! ~

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friendships are so trying.

Heck, I hate updating every day cause its ugly fugly, no kid. Yes, what happen to me, I have no idea.:P (Ohemgee, it just started pouring cats and dogs outside and then stopped raining completely 3 minutes later. My gosh, that is freaky.) Yes, I am so straying.

Well, we have today off cause its Good Friday, and Zoe gets today, a week after that, and next next Monday, soo jealous I tell you. Hahaha. Listen to this:

zoë says:
zoë says:
its ANZAC holiday too, although ANZAC day is on Sunday.
hazelchazel™ says:
ANZAC? interesting. what's that?
zoë says:
when aussies and NZ people mourn for the people died in war
hazelchazel™ says:
OOOOOOOOOH. so are you forced to mourn?
zoë says:
you dont have to mourn la
zoë says:
its a holiday for you to mourn
zoë says:
like if you want to

Haha, I'm currently in a real weird mood asking stupid questions. Zoe rock lah. I mean, big time compared to how stupid guys can become. Yes, I've come to that conclusion, and well. To a lot of conclusions also. :P

Well, yesterday I went into the testing room at 10.45 to take the 1005 Math test. Only came out at 12. Like, WOW. That was a real long time. =X It was real hard. Oh, and I had to deal with Arshant (however you spell it) and Haresh. Haresh was like, "He has no life" indicating Arshant. And I went, "Yea, I can see." My gosh, some people just don't have piorities set straight. Oh btw, I got 94%, so awesome. :D A big HAH in your face Naomi, kids. ;)

Well, honestly. I need to stop worry about others, cause I'm set for 8 months of pure hard work. D: And and, FINALLY in November, I get a break. Yes, the stress, but I'm lovin' it. Why?

#o1. I'm almost finished Home Economics and after that, gonna do Art! I know, so amazing and wonderful. Jumping up with excitement. Its so interesting cause I can't stop skimming through the books. Awesome stuff, but there aren't any questions inside, only activities, activities, activities. Will definitely keep me busy.

#o2. I start French class tonight. And the following Wednesday, Friday nights after that. :) My first course is from April to June, I take an internal test, then my second course is from July to September. My "Delf" test is only in November, so that means I have to review and make sure I don't forget anything for 2 months. My my, discipline I must have. =X Oh well, I want the credits and I love French.

Enough about my extremely busy schedule. :D hahaa, anyhows, today's Good Friday and according to my sister and her weird theories, on Good Friday its always cloudy but never rains. Its kinda true, its always cloudy... but, alas! It's raining now. :P But, it isn't it awesome that 2009 years ago, my God died for me. I always get awestruck. :)

Well well, wish me luck with my attempt to learn a second language tonight.

Monday, April 6, 2009

If I wrote how I feel about you in a letter, would you keep it or throw it away?

Bothers, school is so freaking regular, I'm dying for a change. D:

Bee got hysterical today, kept on grapping on to my arm and singing, "I can see it in your eyes, you feel the same about us as I." but totally off key. :) It was hilariously annoying.

And it only made me start thinking. Ever wonder whether the other person feels exactly the same way as you do towards her/him?

That was a short one. I'm surviving, and smiling. :D

Friday, April 3, 2009

meant to live for so much more.

Yesterday, my sister and I were supermen. :) We baked two cakes, and 12 lemon tarts in 3 and half hours. Omg, amazing eh? That includes cleaning up time, and dinner. We didn't have much time, so we shoved our food down while mixing sugar and butter. :P

It was quite a hilarious time for me cause I was moody, with a stomach ache and back ache... and yea. #1 cake had a finger print in it cause er, I was trying to FLIP it. loool. While checking whether the lemon tarts were done, I burned my finger by touching the top burner. I know, I am a genius. My sister calls me that when I really am smart, or when I'm stupid. So, it gets confusing. And #2 cake, you don't even want to know what happen. :P

Okay, I'll 'fess. Was taking it off the cooling rack to wrap it in the foil, but it was kinda hot, so I could feel the cooling rack slipping off the counter, and before I knew it... the entire cooling rack, cake, and I went falling. Haha, I went falling with it cause my precious cake lahh. :P Saved it just in time! My sister describes it as, "She tossed it up into the air, and caught it." I know, I rock bottoms. :)

Anyway, before I get carried off with my awesomeness, or carry you off. Today's someone's special day. She's been with me throught thick and thin, when I took my first breath, said my first word, or took my first step. :D

A merry one, my lovable. :D (She's turning 05. muahah.)

Oh, and to our wonderful principle, Mr. Fan(: May blessing and poppyseeds pour down on you two. wakaka. (:

Well, today was pretty stressing. At 11, had prayer meeting and what Jon said was totally convicting. After that, worship prac, a rushed lunch, and a grooming session. Haha, Sapphira and I had a nice chitchat session there. :P Hey, we paid attention. Err, bend your back till it hurts? looool. Practically, I didn't do much, or actually no work at all.

Oh and, the Koreans came for chapel. The guys are like 16.. and omg, so matured. My gosh, if only the guys in our school could be so matured. That would save a lot of my frustration. xD

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Straight into his arms, where tenderness overflows.

I know so adorable, head over heels. :)
  • Bee and I played Battleship today. HAHA, I won that bloody war. :P
  • I'm becoming too much like Bee, due to sitting beside her. I said some lame joke today, just like hers and we started laughing when it wasn't even funny. xD And, according to Sarah, I'm like Bee's PDA.
  • We have an awesomeee slow high five. :D
  • I am utterly convinced that Malaysians are missing out on so much. Most of them don't know how to play baseball, or know what Battleship is. WHAT? oh, and how to play dodge ball.
  • I hurt my knee in PE. Well, I'm not sure whether I did, but it hurts when I stand and bend my legs, etc. :\
  • Yea, we played dogde ball today which would of been awesome if it was "Dodge ball with a twist." when bowling comes in. I miss that, and baseball! =X
  •  I'm feeling accomplished, yet too fast. I did 10 LifePacs in March and all together 25 in the entire quarter (if my records are correct). ;D And, I'm not rushing, except for Science!
Oh, and read the following carefully. I love it. =)

My child, the troubles and temptations of your life are beginning, and may be many; but you can overcome and outlive them all if you learn to feel the strength and tenderness of your Heavenly Father as you do that of your earthly one. The more you love and trust him, the nearer you will feel to him, and the less you will depend on human power and wisdom. His love and care never tire or change, can never be taken from you, but may become the source of lifelong peace, happiness, and strength. Believe this heartily, and go to God with all your little cares, and hopes, and sins, and sorrows, as freely and confidingly as you come to your mother.*

*Little Woman, chapter 8 "Jo Meets Apollyon" (emphasis mine)