Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Romeo. (:

Forgive the random title. :D hahah.

Well, anyways, here's some pictures from the totally fabulous and awesome SLUMBER! I so want another one! :P

Still waiting for Zoe's! :)

The wet pals. :)

Naomi was sad, so we made her happy. :P

Goodbye friend #1. :(
I got with #2, duh! Plenty, but not with me.

Me likey. =)

I like this group picture cause we all look so unprepared!
Except for Sarah who's smile froze, lol!

That's all. :D Got way more additions of group photos, but all the same boring old positions. wakaka. (:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hello beautiful.

Read a forward. This is for all the girls aka woman in the world, even if you think your ugly. Geez, you should never believe that, everyone is beautiful.
The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure she carries or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
The place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole;
But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring that she lovingly gives,
The passion that she shows.
The beauty of a woman,
With time, only grows.

Maybe it's time for us girls, me included, to stop caring so much about our looks, our hair, and everything. Who cares about how we look on the outside, cause if boys can't accept who we really are in the inside, then get lost boy. hahah, seriously. xP

My foot is so almost healed. I can't wait till the horrid scalb falls off and I can dance, go for PE, and lastly but definitely not least swim and SWING again! :D That is if I dare to again. (:
Anyhow, time to rant and rave now so kindly forward, I will not sue you for only coming to my blog and reading the cbox, lol.

Let's keep it short and simple. I should be content with what I got, what I have, cause it all totally rocks and it's what I'm suppose to have, and no one else has exactly what I have, and I'm unique in every way..

...but I'm not content. Sighs.

Zoe, save me! 8 boys.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

of being me. (:

I missed LOUD or Fai's open house or something excitingly fun on Sunday night. Geez, and it's partly my fault cause I didn't have the mood of going anywhere last week (except for the slumber) and thus, didn't. In the middle of all the happening fun around me, I felt like going out. Sighs. But, obviously, too late then.

Oh well, I had a good time SMSing at home. *winks*

Anyhow, I have so much to blog about cause I haven't done a proper post lately abut all the ups and downs of life. Firstly, slumber, and then, the seminar today.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mom picked me up after school and announced that she was sick and that I would have to find my own way there. That's better than saying I can't go, okay. haha. The panic! lol. Well, manage to arrange transport from Sarah so I had to rush home, pack in less than 20 minutes, and head off the school again. I arrived in time, Kelvin and Matt hadn't even come back from Atrita. Guess what? They were doing grocery shopping, hilarious okay. Like, they bought a towel and a toothbrush as well.

Arrived at Sarah's after a long journey with Celine on my lap. Of all laps, mine. Cause she didn't want to sit on Mattew's and Kelvin's. And Celine's heavy okay. :P hahah. Played Cluedo while the boys slept? Kinda. Everyone slowly arrived and they went swimming.

Us gals - Melissa, Chanelle, Naomi, and Sarah - entertained ourselves inside while they swam. hahah. When they all finished, my gosh! Those three crazy girls - aka. Grace, Zoe, and Raquel - took more than 2 hours just showering! Sorry, I'm a girl and I should understand girl things, but that I did not understand. lol. For one thing, I take a very short time to shower.

Ate dinner, and they went swimming again! It was like midnight then. Well, I entertained Naomi for a while and read ESIO TROT (that's TORTOISE backwards). It's a really funny book. Has this poem in ESIO TROT language, as Naomi puts it, and I had to spell it all out for Naomi so she could MSN it to her friend. ;P Anyways, back to midnight swim. Yea, I sat at the pool chair and watched the guys show off AHEM and do backflips in the pool and splashing me and yea, landing on their stomachs. I feel their pain. Oh, but Matthew was super chun though, he was so scared to do it the first time, but he always lands on his feet, never whacks his stomach. Chun, okayy. (:

Midnight feast. A game of hide-and-seek in the dark. The swimming pool beams went off cause Gilbert and Matthew were hiding there, it was so scary. lol. And then, we all tip-toed down to the boys room and told scary stories. They were really scary, but this is the cool part about a Christian group of friends. We had a group prayer after that, and started comforting each other by saying, speak in tongues! Matthew asked what that was, and yea, we had a little evangelism. We should 'anoint' him with the language!

4 alarms were set. hahah, at Sarah's alarm, we all finally woke up. Yes, at 5 in the morning, thankyou. We couldn't wake up Chanelle and Melissa, just couldn't. We shoke them, slapped them, haha. Impossible. :P Zoe, Raquel, Grace, Sarah and I tiptoed down into the study first to discuss our plan, then into the boys room we went. The light was on, and so Sarah flipped it on. Then, Raquel stepped on Matthew's laptop and Grace wanted to take a picture so we turned on the lights again. hahah. Tommy stirred, then Gilbert, Kelvin, and lastly, Matthew who was high asleep and woke up. Sarah went, "Dang it!" and we all rushed out. haha. In the end, only Kelvin and Matthew woke up, so we got them on our side and went back in to prank Gil and Tommy.

Quite a success, okay. Sarah managed to put toothpaste on Gilbert and he just brushed it off, and didn't wake up. In the morning he was like, I didn't kena. LOL!! And then, she put some on Tommy and yea, he woke up, started swearing, and rushed to the toilet. hahah! While he was in the toilet, we all rushed out of the room into the study. Funny thing is that he didn't even see any of us girls! lol. He said in the morning, he bet it was zoe, raquel, and I who had put toothpaste on him. :P

I'll skip the rest, I'm getting really to long- winded, eh? There was another swim after breakfast, and I gotta watch Matthew's and Tommy's phone while they did more flips, haha. Which is cool, cause I get to ransack their phone. Muahaha. x) oh, and Gilbert was about to do a flip from the pool bench, and he said, "Get ready for the last of me" and I immediately said, "bye!!". It was hilarious, Matthew was laughing his head off. :D

Pictures will come later, partly cause Miss Zoe still hasn't gotten them!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So there was this seminar. I forgot what it's called, but it was really good. Not a seminar that I had expected, you know, the ones which they talk and talk and it's really hard to remember everything they have said cause they leave you way to comfortable in your seat! :) lol. This one was exciting, and you move around a lot, which is really good. I can't sit still for too long, ya'know.

One thing first. Ya'all Malaysians, get this straight. It's SEMIN- AREE not SEMIN-ERR. I really still haven't figured you guys out yet. ;]

So they talked about lies, and relationships. The lies part was really cool, cause yea. We had a chance to write down three lies we believe in, which kinda didn't make sense, but oh wells. And then, we were given a number. So, I whispered to Zoe, "I want #14" and guess what I got? Woohoo. I was a lucky girl today, lol?

Oh, yea. And they showed movie clips and when William came up from Narnia, but Zoe and I sat up in our seats and went, "ohmygosh, so hawt." *melts!*

Then, there was this thing about relationships, and we had to share hearts with people. hahah. I am extremely picky, lol! I didn't ask girls for their heart, it feels weird okay, so yea, I shared my heart with boys. They said it didn't matter, it's just an illustration, but still! lol. ;P

There wasn't just the activities, but I learned a lot. Really. About waiting for the right time, and not trying to write my own love story. Give God the pen, let him write it for you. He has a plan for your life, and sometimes, we get impatient, yea. But let's wait, okay?

Anyways, Zoe and I took down notes, we are such good girls! :D hahah.
  • The most complicated human structure is the girl's mind, according to some boy who's in Group 4 and Josh also.
Yes, one of our notes. hahah, to be able to see what boy's think of us girls was really interesting? I mean, since when is a girl's mind complicated? 'ello, that's just how it is! xD

Monday, October 27, 2008


I love you ten thousand Munchkins. (:
And I'm gonna miss you as much as I miss these.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


best buddies. (:

Basically it was all about the pool and toothpaste. Went to sleep at 3am and woke at 5 to prank the boys! :D It didn't work out, more details later. And yea, they swam all the time and it was sooo tempting, in the end, I ALMOST went in. Till I composed myself and became a good girl. muahah.

More about it when I get all the pictures. :D

there was the sad parts also. and the scary parts. and I emo-ed. For someone. As in, I was sad cause someone was sad. D:

oh and current update: I finally dared cut my half gone toe-nail off, and cleaned up all the dried blood and skin with the dried blood inside of it and now my toe looks as good as new. It's just my left foot now, and I think I'll be able to dance and swim and swing once again. How I look forward to that again.

I'm not going for LOUD, so don't try looking for me. Have fun though!
#o8. I feel for you. Really, do. Sighs. But don't emo too much yea, cause we'll get through it all together, and life always consist of such things. It's okay, we're all humans. Don't forget I love you. (:
other flaws. ):

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Current update; my feet are still painful but I think they're healing. The left side one (not the one with the broken toe nail) is hurting more cause its a wound on the skin of my toe bones, so I can't stretch my toes else it's really STIFF and painful. You do get me right? Anyways, it another excuse to sit on a chair while everyone sits on the floor - honestly, it does hurt when I sit on the floor - and I have power to get the boys to do favors for me. Well, honestly I get boys to do favors for me all the time, not necessarily all the time they say yes, but with hurting feet, they've all said yes. :P As Sarah said - girl power man!

Another thing, farewell party's tomorrow! :D And we're gonna go swimming and I get another excuss! haha. Not that I hate swimming, it's a hobby.. but I've definitely have enough for a while and plus, I hate getting pushed into the pool so thereof, I get another excuss cause swimming pool water is bad for my wound and therefore, I get to push people in, they can't push me in. muahah! :)

My nose! Hahah. No more Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, at least according to my son. :P Yea, it was peeling yesterday so I was like peeling off my skin. It was disgusting. Still is a bit burnt.

Another interetsing fact, I passed my 910 Math test! :) 95%. I am so happy cause it was really hard and in the end, I only got 1 wrong. Thus, 10th grade, I welcome you!

&& my phone expired ages ago and we just got this SMS from Hotlink saying that it is activated. Wippees for Maxis. You all Digi people are a sad case. :P After all, us Hotlink users can testify that sometimes our messages don't get sent to Digi users. hah.

btw, I miss you. a lot. I miss the talks, arguments, and teasing we had. I miss chatting with you online. You seem so far away when I see you every single day. I miss the hugs. I miss the way you comfort me. Honestly, I'm wondering what happen. :\
Oh I see.. Well, anywayyys.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

you don't know what you have...

... until you lose it.

What truth in that little saying. I shall explain it in the end. hahah.

Anyways, we are back from a totally exciting, fun, exhilarating, and exhausting vacation. I do not miss you all, don't even ask that. wahaha. :P Well, I better start the long discribtion and let pictures do the talking. I have exciting news and sad news. :\

So, we arrived in Swiss Garden at 2ish, after lunch in A&W. Immediately, we headed of to the pool. This is a definite must for the Chang family. muahah. :) It was 5 ft deep, which is exactly how tall I am, so I had to cut water the entire time or hang on to the wall. Thank goodness I'm a brilliant swimmer, and I'm not boasting. I've beaten my sis, dad (well, I beat them always) and Weeyen in a swimming race. hahah. Pics of the pool, acoming.

The lobby is like totally filled with water.
Thus, the reflection of the roof. :)

&this was surronding the paino. It's rice, and it's NOT glued on.

The rooms are really cool. We got a connecting room with our parents, and beach view instead of garden view as well. It was really nice. I really adore the toilet cause the walls are practically made out of mirrors. :D Woosh, camwhores appear. And, not only me. :P

And, of course. The beach. On Monday, Daddy, my sis, and I went jet skying. It was cool. Not scary at all, and I was so scared at first, till I saw the machine. wahaha. It's really heavy and yea, so safe, nothing can happen to you. You don't even get wet! haha. The dude that works there took his baby girl out on it as well. :D I got pictures, but it was so far away, how to see?

Told you it was heavy. It took all 4 men to get it in.

I got bored. Can't blame me. ;D

Really cool designs in the sand. I did not create it.

We rented bikes on Sunday. Biked to a 7-11 nearby and bought slushies, etc. Yums! Yea, I certainly had fun! :D

Lunch on Monday! Like, YUM. We ate at the hotel and they had the most beautiful arrangement of desserts, I couldn't resist taking pictures. :)

There's more, but I'll stop before you guys get too hungry. Just post enough to make you jealous. LOL. hahah. And, there was an ice cream bar and my sister made a fabulous ice cream.

Chun, eh?

Talking about bars, the buffet breakfast in the mornings are scrumptious! I love to salad bar. Like for once, olives and pickles and cheese and my stomach grumbles!! :P

And, I swam in the pool every single day for at least 4 hours, except for today, and you'll find out why later. ;D I'm really DARK and my nose got sunburned, it's terribly painful and scalping, etc. (:

That's about it for the vacation. Well, the good news. Are you ready for the bad news? hahah. Okay, so on Sunday, my glasses broke. As in, the gripper thingy for the nose part, you-know-what-I-mean. Yea, so I put in my contacts and we went to town and fixed my glasses. On Monday, we went jet skying so I put in my contacts just in case I fall out and need to see, right? Everything went well till after we were finished and I went swimming in the pool. I know, bad me. Came out of the pool, and one eye was blur. When I tried taking out my contact, nothing was there. Thus, one side of my contacts is missing. Like, argghhh.

Next bad news. Get prepared okay.

From this.

To this.

Let me explain. So, on Monday night, we went to dinner, that is, the whole World Vision family. And then, they wanted to go eat jelly ice so my family tagged along as well. There was these swings there, and Mom and Aunty Sharon were sitting there talking about a competion on the swings when I decided I wanted to swing. So I sat on this swing with everyone crowded around and I was building up my speed and going really fast and high... whennnn...

You guessed it wrongly. I did not fly out or do a flip up into the sky or something stupid like that. The swing broke on me. As in, the sitting part broke. And thank God, I was at the bottom when it happen so my drop was pretty low. Guess what? The swing was tied with string. Like, hello!! Sue the Kuantan government, seriously! If the swing is broken, don't even bother fixing it with string! Yea, so I landed on my feet and I thought I was okay. Got up, acted normal and answered every concerned "Are you okay?" with a "yes" for awhile till I realized that my slipper was covered with blood. My toe nail was ripped off, well at least half of it and I killed some of the nerves in my skin around that. I think my whole toe is dead at this point. And the other wound on my left foot, it was really minor yetserday night, and now it hurts like a billion bees keep stinging me. Honestly, I can hardly walk. oh, the pain. :\

That brings us back to title. So many times, we take our healthy body and our blessings for granted. And even during a great vacation like I had, I had to learn a lesson. Indeed, we don't realize how much we are blessed with... till we lose it.

On a lighter note, that means no PE for me tmr. And that is good news, excuss me. I've had enough of sun for at least a week. ooh, my nose! :P

Don't forget Sarah's nick which says - I'm blessed.

Friday, October 17, 2008

touch the clouds.

Don't missy me too much. :D

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I want to care.

Isaac said it's good to share what's on your mind and I said sometimes it's wise to keep some of it on your mind. D:

But, for once I'll follow his advice. I have to much in my mind to keep it there. Can't even fit anymore in. Sighs.

I'm frustrated. Frustrated with myself. I thought I was kind, loving, treated everyone kindly, with respect.. but i guess I don't. I couldn't even believe my own self that was talking to you. I'm sorry. Sure, you were disturbing, if I must say, annoying, but you're a human like I am, and I shouldn't talked to you like that.

I'm uncertain. Wondering why the past is coming back into the present. I'm glad, in a sense, but scared in another sense. I love you, and I'm glad we're friends.. but, I just don't want to mess up again.

I'm angry. Angry at you for treating us that way. We aren't what you think we are, and maybe it's partly our fault cause we're not being friendly. But, 'ello. Give us a chance, and stop talking bad about us. I wish I could tell you a piece of my mind, but I guess I actually have some sense to keep it inside my mind! Maybe you should learn the same too.

I love you even as annoying as you get sometimes. Sometimes, I'm not sure what to expect of you. Aww, but that's you. The same old you. :)

I respect you.

I am surprised at you. My, first impressions are so wrong. You're everything I didn't expect. Well, it's time I get to know you.. more. :D

I miss you. A lot. It feels exactly like how a sister should feel when her big brother is gone. School's different. No one's there to defend me when I need it. No hug. Don't worry too much, I'm surviving. xP

*exhales*. Well, it sure feels relieving now that it's off. Thanks Isaac!

&omg, I seriously can't wait for vacation!! (:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, little darhling cutie-pie Celine just taught me something. :D

I'm the author of my life.

There's times when you think you aren't. You behaviour is like that because of peer pressure, demands on how you are meant to act. But, you know what, no one's forcing you. You are the author of your own life, you have the freedom to act the way you are. Make your life the way you want it to be.

Its really hard for me just to be myself, not matter what others think. I dunno about you, but yea. I want that popularity title, I want that respect. Yesterday, I had a hard evening. God finally intervened and told me that it didn't matter what others thought, or to them you aren't important.. because he looks at the heart. And only the heart.

Well, I had a time trying to set my heart into the right attitude. But, I realized the importance of doing so, cause I'm going for heart examination... soon. (: And, it'll affect the others as well. So.. *closes eyes, and takes a deep breathe* I'm ready. I really am.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i miss you.

Breeze Jr. #5 is my heaven. Sighs. :( So so sad.

Hazel Did you have a funeral?
Chanelle Yea, did you burry it, did you have a funeral?
Melissa No, we threw it in the trash can

Chanelle practically screamed louder than the lunch bell, which went off at that time. Omg, the poor puppy! D: hahah. Melissa was like, my maid did it, not me! :\

Back to the point, the real reason for this extremely short post is birthdays! :D Wahaha, I have no idea why I'm posting this cause it's for a long lost friend who's half away across the world and is 7 years younger than me. Last time I saw him, he was 2? Omg, he's turning 7 now! That is freakeyy.


I still remember that big, chubby, and cute boy I babysitted. Can't imagine you right now! All I know is that you are definitely one of the cutest boys on planet earth, and probably still are. Muahah. I miss you! :D

On another note, I just realized that in exactly 1 months time it'll be my birthday. hahah, I am not reminding you (wait, I am). :P Sadly, I don't think I should be happy, or as a matter of fact, I'm not happy. =\

That's all for today. I really really need to take this Language Arts test tomorrow, but with the last Self Test incomplete, and thousands more of reports.. well, we shall see.

459. (: Ciao!

Monday, October 13, 2008


My eyes pain. D: I sucessfully wore my contacts for the entire school day, but my eyes started hurting at the end and I got a killing headache. Geez, contacts are.... contacts. Hmphh.

&I'm listening to the most wonderful music eva. It's called the chatter of birds! I have never known birds to be so noisy, especially at 5 pm! wakaka!

'Nways, I have never been so excited for the week to just END. Like hello, what is better than a whole room to yourself in a beach resort - scratch to myself - the beach, the pool, the food, the company! :) I get to see Marcus and Nicolas, which are like the only other two kids there. wahaha. Don't worry, they're entertaining, muahah. :P

Yea, I'm totally looking forward to it. For once, I can relax.

... kayy, so I was tagged by Melissa and Shab. (btw Melissa, your puppies are SO adorable, haha. And your tag is really funny, haha. But I don't feel like doing it, lol? :P ) So, I shall do Shab's. :D

What is his/her name?
Shabeta Kumar

How old is he/she?
Hmm, I think she's 22. Waitt, wrong calculation. Muahah. 16.

What relationship are you having with him/her?
oh yes, and a very very serious one. ;D

Did he/she ever betray you?
ever is past-tense, so that means no. :)

Do you love him/her?
Good question. Do I? haha, of course I do!

Is he/she your soulmate?

What do you think of him/her?
Well, I think she's cool. hahah. Doesn't that sound like some answer a boy would give? Trust me, I don't think boys can ever be descriptive. lol? Let's see, Shab is terribly understanding, my big teddybear, and well, she's cool. hahah!

Would you get him/her a pressie?
Well, that depends. I wouldn't randomly get her one for some random ordinary day, but if it's December 30, then yes. Muahah.

Is he/she a liar?
Well, everyone is, considering that everyone lies.

Would you marry him/her?
Let me think... no, I don't think so.

If you become more popular than him/her, would you dump him/her?
Popularity hardly matters, so obviously not.

Tag 10 people that you really care and they must answer these question about YOU:

10 people is a lot of people. Wahaha. I'm not even sure if I really care for 10 people. Well, let's see how far I can go. hehe.

#o1. Zoe Tai
#o2. Jonathan Roberts
#o3. Raquel Ho
#o4. Melissa Yeap
#o5. Sarah Ti
#o6. Melinda Lien

Well, I'm off. My eyes are so tired and I've tons more of work and hatred Home Economics is killing me with it's 2 pages long of explaination on How to put on a zipper. *rollseyes* You know what, I'ld rather send my garment to the tailor and get the zipper sewed on for me then learn how to do it in the book. mwahaha. xP


I love Facebook! Guess what I found while I was looking through Pieces of Flair? wakaka; nanoo!

Look at the middle one. hahaha! Didn't I tell you I love it?
Girls, #14. Muahahah! :d

Friday, October 10, 2008

the whisper inside that voice.

Sowie, the week has gone way awfully too fast. It's extremely sad, I feel so restless inside, cause it isn't a very accomplished week, in fact, not at all an accomplished week. Sighs. Being able to get anywhere in work with so many activities is really difficult. I'm trying, but its hard!

Anyway, a very blessed one for Miss Naomi Foong.

No Picture Available.

muahaha. By the way Naomi, where are you working again? Oh, and you are getting married next year, isn't that so? To whom again? hahah. Make sure you don't laugh when he proposes to you, and don't laugh when he ask you where to put the ring. HAHAHA! (inside joke, inside joke.)

Grace was so cute okay. She was like, "Yea. Before your boyfriend gives you a ring and ask you where to put it and you go, 'thereeee of couurseeee!' " *points to the ring finger* Muahahaha. I bet you all don't get it, inside joke. *wink Grace, Zoe*

OH! And I can hardly wait till 2010. I'll be 16 then, omg. hahah.


Ohmygosh, LOVE. Pity William isn't in. I am so going to cry or something. Not hot dudes except Skandar, and he really isn't thatt hot either. Eustace aka Will Poulter is one sulky brat, and looks like that too. But c'mon, brats can be handsome too! muahah.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ride of your life.

Wishing on a shooting star
But dreams alone won't get you far
Cant deny your feelings anymore
The world is waiting right outside your door
What are you waiting for?

Come on here's your chance
Don't let it slip right through your hands
Are you ready for the ride of your life?
Your dreams arrive on the wind
Just reach out and pull them in
Get ready for the ride of your life.

In your heart you know what you must do
You only got yourself to answer to
Don't let fear of falling hold you down
Your spirits flying high above the clouds
You go right there.

Come on here's your chance
Don't let it slip right through your hands
Are you ready for the ride of your life?
Your dreams arrive on the wind
Just reach out and pull them in
Get ready for the ride of your life.

Your on your way no looking back
And there's no future living in the past
You're free at last.

Your dreams arrive on the wind,
Just reach out and pull them in.
Get ready for the ride of your life.
For the ride of life.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the world has too many secrets.

... still yet to be discovered.

Woo? I'm discovering tons and tons of them! :D

Anyways, I got contacts!  Like, weee! hahah. I've been always wanting them, so yesterday we went to the Optical shop after school and got a pair for myself and my sis. Wore it for half the day today, cause I'm so not used to it, but it's really cool okay. Like, you eyes feel so light.. AND I CAN SEE! hahahas! The amazing thing called inventions that involve science, and I hate science. :P Not including the things science invents, computers, internet, contacts! woohoo!

Okay, here's my list of movies I've been watching and the ratings.

What A Girl Wants;
Oliver James is hot, high five Bee! :P I love this movie. Watched it about 4 times in 2 weeks. Yea, I know. Nothing better to do, wahahah? It's so totally British accent-ish. Love it. " I love you a thousand Sweetish fish" is my favorite line. (Thee misses Sweetish fish!!) 8/10

Parent Trap;
This movie is totally all laughs. It's rather old, but really, it's nice! :D About twins who were seperated when young, met in camp, and managed to bring their parents back together doing the most naughty things! A must watch. It's totally entertaining, you just laugh all the way through. 9/10

A Walk To Remember;
Old to you, I know, I know. Muahahah. Yea, I've watched it before, but I watched it again, for the fun of it. Such a sweet movie okay. Mommy cried. :) I love the way Shane West is so sweet and changed totally around. 9/10

Lastly, the drama. I love Miss Emel, totally. I AM SO GLAD AQUILA ISN'T IN THE SCRIPT. wahahaha. Cause, already, when he's in the lines they all go "her husbanndd" and then the narrators go AHEM and it's so freaking annoying cause my husband is really no body. Thank goodness its nobody and teasing is survivable. lol? Pluss, they didn't set me up... hahaha.

Muahah. I'm off.

Monday, October 6, 2008

that windy road.


Geez, that is exactly what I feel like doing. :) I wanna fast forward my life and see all that's ahead. Cause currently, I'm getting a bit impatient. Pretty soon though, I'll be wanting to press the :Space: button and pause the way too fast speedy life of mine. ahahah.

 'Nways, time to be honest. I survived today. hehas. I knew I would, but I didn't want to, and I really really didn't try to. :P But, I did. And best of all, I've finally taken one step closer in discovering who I really am. No, not who I am when my friends are there, not who I am when my family is around, not who I am when the authorities above me are present. Nahh, who I really really am. No matter who I'm with, no matter if there's strangers around me, or if my long lost friend is right beside me, if the hottest guy in the whole entire world is right in front of me, who cares! x) I'm being who I am.

With the 'who I really am' in mind, I discovered a liitle bit of it today. :D

You know what I really want? I want to be that person whom people respect, look up to, ask help from, and lastly - but certainly not least - the Hazel who acts herself. It's so hard for me to be the real me; it's like I'm always acting. Sighs. Yes, I want to be that person that when people talk about me, they'll say, "I like the way she's always herself, no matter what people think about her." Peer pressure is so strong. I don't want it to affect me, at all.

On a lighter note, today was quite a day. Managed to do most my work in the midst of helping Grace and tutoring Joshua. 'Tutoring' by the way, is really funny. He just couldn't understand and I have no idea how he got this: 3 x 4 = 23. Like, hahaha! I was so good at getting him to do his work, he started calling me mom. Like, whateverr okay. xP Then, Miss Cath sent me Emily, and I was trying to help Josh when Em's like, "Hazel, hazel, hazel, hazellll!"

Josh: See, now everyone wants Hazel. You need help too, right Tommy?
Emily: Hazel, hazel, hazel!!
Hazel: WAIT, one at a time!
Josh: Let's all call Hazel..
Em, Josh, and Tommy: Hazel, hazel, hazel!!!

Riighhto. I was so occupied.

&& I must 'rant and rave' now - as my sis puts it. I did 25 books last quarter! :D I know, it sounds like I'm boasting, but I'm proud of my accomplishment. I mean, last quarter been busy, and I've been having fun, haven't I? I'm not sure myself how I managed to take all those 25 test, but I have. Honestly I didn't work hard - and Sarah and Zoe goes, "Yeaa righttt. Didn't work hard, eh?!" hahaha.

That was the ranting. Now for the raving.


What else can I say? I just miss him. School's so incomplete without him, and I'm serious. Sarah was like, "No one's going to poke me anymore." Sighs. I heard "Aiyo, Jon's not here anymore lahh." continuiously through the day. We all miss this or that part of what you were when you were still here. I'm never gonna forget you, korkor. Larryboy. :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

mixed up.


Thankyou, goodbye, seeya! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

don't mess with her.

I wanna scream shout jump around... cause she is hyper.
And the next moment, I'll be depressed. :\

Really, I don't understand my own self.

Anyways, vacation is that regular old boring time that I have no idea how I survive it, but I do and it'll be over soon and I should be glad and etc. etc. I'm sitting here using the comp when I'm suppose to be doing a Math Self Test, and I'm in the middle a problem.. and yes, being a very bad girl. muahaha. The problem is hard okay, I am having the most difficult time figuring it out. Woo - and I just solved it. Wasn't functioning then, obviously. Guess what, I'm on 910. Oh the gleee, I'm going into 10th grade!!

One grade closer to graduating. :D Can't wait to get out of 'high school'. I can't actually believe I'm in high school because I'm still suppose to be in Middle school and only move on to high school next NEXT year, but being ahead, I've been in high school for 1 year already. Man, I feel so old or something. Getting back to the part that I can't wait to get out, it's not that I hate GRC or something, just eager to move on? I dunno, my moods alter extremely fast... you must bear with me.

Okayyah, I really outta um, finish the self test and then go do something productive. :) hahah. Have a great weekend yea. Wait, it isn't even weekend yet. Woops.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

memories forever.

Cause I'm only who I am now,
because you love me. (:

Mm, and I'll miss you. D: