Friday, October 21, 2011


'Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You’re near
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise

#o1. I thank God that I am surviving busy college life. I haven't missed a single class, haven't been late to class yet, or haven't turned up my homework late. My hardest class of the semester has suddenly become my favorite because I recently got 99% on my last project and my overall grade is 98%.

#o2. I thank God for the new relationships I've made in the last few months. I love both my ex-roomie and currently roommate and am grateful that living with them was/is pleasant. I'm glad I know a godly bunch of Christians that I go to church with and can talk about my faith. I'm forever in debt to my wonderful host family. I'm thankful for a group of people I can call friends. :)

#o3. I thank God for the fall break that I recently had. Even if it meant sitting in a car for five hours, finding my way to a neighboring town that was one hour away, not being to sleep in, spending my entire Sunday traveling, having the car smoke up.. overall I was glad for the break from my regular and usually stressful routine.

#o4. I thank God that I've been overall pretty healthy. I haven't gotten seriously sick such as fevers, throwing up, etc. Other than some occasional gastric, some minor cramps, a cold, and a scare that my TB test might just be positive (it isn't btw - I just came back from Health Services and it's negative!), I've been completely healthy. I just had a general health checkup on Tuesday as a requirement for my job and I was deemed completely healthy with no health or physical issues.

#o5. I thank God for opening the doors for me to get a job at the ASU Child Development Center. Although I'm just a substitute teacher with no permanent hours, I will be starting work on the 4th of November and actually earning an income. There were some bumps along the way - aka getting a SSN, very complicated process - but everything's falling into place and for that I'm extremely grateful.

#o6. I thank God for my family. For my parents who are still an emotional and financial support behind me. For my sister who's a free call away if I need to get her opinion on something or some help with a complex concept I learn in class. Or a free text away so I can tell her about my latest grade - which she calls "worse than an F". And I'm definitely grateful that she has a bigger bank account than me so she can book flights for me. Hee.

#o7. I thank God for those short sweet moments that can make an entire day special. Yesterday my roommate and I received a Halloween care package from her mother. I was so excited, omg like an eight year old girl on Easter... yes, I'm using Easter as an example because you actually don't get that much on Easter... ask my roommate, I was SO EXCITED. So we were expecting a package but we though there were only going to be two blank white T-shirts inside. I was still excited even though all I was expecting was a T-shirt. Sharon let's me open the package and inside there's like candy, this cool flickering pumpkin and a little craft kit thingymajigg. I was so exuberant, you have no idea.

#o8. I thank God for little things to look forward to. Like the tie-dye event this afternoon. Or the trip around Boone running errands and EATING OFF CAMPUS. I'm starting to walk in Central and not wanting to eat anymore because I'm sooo tired of the food there. Malaysians, don't take for granted the amazing food you have there. I miss it so much.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sunday Road Trip

I can officially say that I've been on the soil of three more states. :)