Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hanging by the moment;

Lifehouse Hanging by a moment
I'm like, "Gong, this song is nice.
Few minutes later he's like, "lol this song, i can't hear a word. lol!"
And I start laughing uncontrollably and sayin' so cute etc..
He goes, "What's wrong?!"
After I repeat, he goes, "OOH, scare me i thought something happen at ur house! hahahahah!"

We got trashed in futsal, but i scored a goal against the unbreakable team, Klang. No one else got a goal across that goal keeper except me, so that made the day, and it was crazy fun. :)

And I was like, why are you so obsessed with me?

Monday, June 29, 2009

It seems very necessary that I blog often these days.

My Zozo is growing up! :D But, then again, my condolence. To the fullest. Welcome to teenager's torture. :P And I so don't believe you're as tall as Bee, but we shall see. :) SOON!

Well, I got to talk to her on the phone yesterday. Its been ages since I've heard her voice, like at least 3 months, maybe less, cause she used to call me. I couldn't even recognize her voice cause I wasn't sure whether it was her cousins or her. :P And no, for the thousandth time, she does not have an accent. (P/s. Everyone's been asking me that, Zoe.)

I passed that horrid French test by the lowest grade ever, but at least I passed. My teacher kept insisting that everyone had gotten 'tres bien' grades, and then I look at my results and I'm like, "Yea riiightt." It was 63% and passing mark is 50%. But, I'm glad I passed!

Tomorrow, there a futsal tornament that will occupy my whole day and make me get into a bad mood by the end of the day! But, thankfully, I escaped from playing and will be doing first aid. Tres tres bien. At least I don't have to waste my whole day chasing after a ball which I'll never get, and can seat myself in the corner, entertain myself with the camera, do some school work, and and get entertained by girl's screaming at the ball and guys showing off. What to do, we are humans. :P But I much rather prefer girls acting girls then guys showing off. :P

On the other hand, I have the most idiotic bet with Isaac, its too stupid for words. :P But what to do when guys are just plain smart. :)

I have a billion and one assignments to do, its so terribly hard to work while sitting beside Bee, but I get her to do tons and tons of work. :P She finished a Math book in one week. :) So proud of my honey bee. But, pretty soon if I don't get myself disciplined, I'm gonna start burning midnight oil. =\

I can't wait to graduate. It seems such great fun to plan your future, what college you want to go to, what to study, getting enough credits, etc. I've counted, and once I finally get out of school, I'll have 20 credits from my plain 5 subjects, 3 credits from Home Ex, Art, and Health/Health Quest, plus 2 credits from French. Thus, 25 credits. For what do I need so much?

P/s. Jon's probably on the plane at this moment. Or, back already. :) You have no idea how much I miss him. I have no idea what I shall do when he goes to college. *shakes head* ;)

WHAT'S UP? CAMP? Here I comeee. :) 4 more days.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I felt like blogging again. :) Its probably been a long time since I blogged two days in a row. :P But, I'm in a pretty good mood. happy-go-lucky.

I have one more French class tonight, but I'm not worried other than the fact that I get my results today! D: After that, it should be quite relaxing. I hope.

I got to see Isaac Thong Mun Ho today after weeks. :D

The debate team is debating at this very moment about how Facebook is a danger to society. Plus, they have to support that, not fight against it. xD Well, good luck winning when you guys don't even believe facebook is dangerous.

I feel bad that I've been so ignorant. It sucks, and I'm sorry.

Malachi smashed his head in the pillar outside and started bleeding like no one's business today. D: Our adorable, cutie pie Malachi. :( His shirt was drenched with blood. =X He went to the clinic and came back for a while, shirt-less, hanging on his mother, and sucking a lolipop. He was still as adorable. :)

Camp is NEXT week. After the futsal tornament, which I will probably HAVE to go, but I'll find a way to escape from playing so it doesn't matter. :P But, then again, I suddenly have this urge to go in and play. :) Anyway, CAMP. Can you people make some noise? :P

Thursday, June 25, 2009

je suis heureux, beaucoup.

Translated: I am soo beaucoup happy. :P

#o1. French is for when you're lying down trying to sleep at night, and you start thinking French. And when you want to describe something soo badly.. you use beaucoup. ;) But other than that, French is just another definition of stress.

THUS, I am soo absolutely thankful that my first French test is over, and I don't have to suffer French classes for one week! That's pretty sad, cause its like ONE week, and then I'm back to classes every Wednesday and Friday night all the way till November. And I still have 3 more french test to go.

But, be happy with what I got now. Which is 1 week off. :D

#o2. I took 3 LifePAC test on Monday, and got awesome grades. SO HAPPY. I realized that if I really try my best, I can achieve, :D Math 1007 (the one about locus and only has 10 problems in the test) 100%! =D I mean, if I get even just one wrong, I already get a 90% so I'm really ultra glad. Language Arts 1003 (the one about sentence graphing, etc.. its really easy) 95%! But, then again, that test was really easy, soo. And my H&G 907 which is really easy too.. 91%. Its pretty low considering that the test is pretty easy, but I'm glad I got 90 and above. Chun eh? Even my sis was like, "WOW." and I bet she could do better than that.

#o3. Zoe comes back in like less than 2 days. :) What else to say, I lovee her to an ultra amount and so can't wait to meet up with her.

#o4. Camp! CAMP! Did t-shirts today. :) And I already got mine. I'm the one and only cause we're only suppose to get one when we get there. But, oh weell. :P I was wearing one today, and didn't have time to take it off so I just left it on. Muahaha.

#o5. I rearranged my room yesterday and I'm very pleased with it. If you don't me, I pratically change my room arrangement twice a year, at least.  :) Plus, I get a desk soon, and I then I can dilligently put my hard effort in work and make it look like I'm doing hard work! My parents never think I'm working at all. They always say my sister's doing tons and tons and think I do none at all. Its so frustrating. xD

#o6. I so have to go to Tze Yun's house one of these days during school break to paint my nails. She has the stamp thingy, who knows how to describe it, but its awesome. I want to paint my nails white with black edges and a black flower. Omg, soo nice. :)

I am in such an awesome mood. Bee and I were in the most agreeable terms today. We just couldn't stop laughing over the weirdest things. :D

Monday, June 22, 2009


Friends are like diamonds. Precious and rare.
The more you refine it, the brighter they shine.

I feel like I've learned so much in just one day. Its been a busy day, but somehow, I have enjoyed every sngle second. Thank you Bee, Kiwi, Tara.. Sarah, everyone who makes my day special. :)

I've discovered..
- If you put your heart in something, you can do it! I set my mind on taking three LPT (check!), finish off camp stuff (check!), get Bee to do work (CHECK!), and a hundred other things.
- Friends come, and they go. I love all my friends so very dearly, but accepting the fact that sometimes they're gone is hard. They change. So do it.
- Never give an excuse to someone who just needs to talk, or needs to be listened too, or just needs a hug. :) Be generous with your life, your time.
- "Anything you have to manipulate to get is rarely yours to keep." I learned it the hard way, sadly.
- I absolutely adore the way William Moseley is so sweet to Georgie! And indeed, I have to be so thankful for my wonderful korkor whom God put in my life, because he rocks absolute bottoms, and I actually feel like my wish of having a bigger brother has come true. :) I miss him billions!
- Zoe comes back in 5 days. :D
- I really need to start studying for my French test! =X

Friday, June 19, 2009

Girl power, we need you!

This week has been busy busy, I've been pulling through trying to finish my work, but trust me, did not succeed. I planned to take 4 test this week, but in the end, didn't even get to do 1! I tell you, I have terribly guilty, and plan to do tons of work during the weekend.

What's Up Camp 2009 has basically occupied my entire week. We started off with as little 13 people on Monday, and now, the number of campers (excluding committee and supervisors) has reached 54! Including the supervisors and committee we reach a total of 72 people. A big improvement. :) I'm getting pretty excited.

The only thing is...  48 of the 72 are guys. Only 24 of the 72 are girls! I tell you, that is a big big problem. We girls are the people who make camp fun, guys are just so boring and really don't know how to entertain! =X That's like 66.7% is boys and only a pitiful 33.3% is girls. Absolutely, the girl power is missing. XD

Well, I have a whole list of assignments, test, etc. to accomplish next week. I'm coming on Monday just to take 3 test and collect the last of camp forms... and then, on Wednesday, I have to dreaded French test to overcome. But, oh my gosh, I so can't wait for it to be over and done with, cause then ZOE comes back, and JON too, and SCHOOL CAMP comes! :D My life is basically focused on those four events, and after it all settles down and is over, its back to hard hard work and french classes until November.

I terribly dislike French because I might have to take my final exam, DELF A1, the day after my birthday. I tell you, that is soo pure torture, the definition of torture. And my oral exam too, etc. D: Agh. I dread. The only thing I look forward to is that French classes end in September, I have the whole of October to study for the major exam. :D

Well, here's definitely the joke of the day.
Weeyen waaloo, they all got an issue lah!
Kelvin then we give them tissue lah!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

take a bow.

I've never been in a weirder mood. Pretty content, with a pounding headache, a very confused mind about my feelings, and still, I could jump and laugh with happiness.

I'm dying to talk to someone, as in, just informal chit-chat not serious "I need to tell you something.." sort of talk, but it's like no one's online (all at Camporama) and my sister is just in such a mood, I'll go like, "Chech.." and she'll go, "Haz, I'm trying to DO something here!" Ish. I feel like Sarah when she can't talk to anyone for the whole day, at the end, you feel like you're going to explode!

*exhales a deep sigh of relief*

I finally relieved my deep wanting to TALK by talking to Naomi. :D
 That was so ultra random, but what to do? Raquel has so totally influenced me. But I love her man. :) If, she would go for school camp, cause now she and Zoe abandoned me and I have to face the torture of school camp without them now. D: They'll be happily sleeping over at Quel's. =X Eek, so jealous.

But, I will survive the torture of school camp. Plus, it isn't even torturous, so yes, I will stop exaggerating. I'll actually be very happy when school camp is here, cause that means (1) French test is OVER! (2) Zoe is here! and (3) Jon's back from California. :D

Don't ask what's wrong with me, I'm just in such an odd state of mind currently. ;)

Well, yesterday, we went to school. 'We' as in a pitiful group consisting of Lyds, Tetsuo, Robs, Fer, and I. Saw Raquel and Ryan just before they headed off to Camporama, Raquel was in such a hyper state. She spots us, starts jumping around with her pillow and luguage saying nothing but HI! So cute!

Well, I can't wait for school to start, yet I can wait. :) I need to score ulberly badly and get more test done, can't wait for the priviledges of talking, but can wait for some particular other reasons. haha. Its gonna be busy busy till June 24th. I'm looking forward for June 25th, but not 24th. Go figure.

I have to tchiao. :D Till then.

Monday, June 8, 2009

old times, I miss thee.

Every promise made that will never come true.
Every 'I will' that never happened..
Every "I love you" that no longer feels from the heart.

It all adds up to the beautiful fact that God is my bestfriend. He, I can trust; He, forever keeps his words, and His love for me will never be doubted. I love Him so much. ♥ - Haz: April 2, 09.
Currently, I've been missing old times.

Gracie! What else can I say, I miss youu.

Shabi! Darl, I miss our talking times.

Josh & Eunice; I miss playing Uno and Skip-Bo. haha.
Gilbert & Tommy; Can you believe it? I miss your annoyingness. xD

Bee! I really need to sit beside you again. D:

Zoe! Can't believe I'll see you soon, again. :)
Matthew! Your individuality. I'm sorry for overlooking you.

Melissa! I miss seeing that smile
that always gives me another reason to smile. :)

Many of us will go to heaven and say, "Why couldn't I give more?" But to me Father, I feel like if I give anymore, I'm just about giving what's left of me to You. And, I'm ready to, even if there's hardly nothing left. Cause I will never forget that I'm the richest girl in the entire world cause my father owns a thousand cattle on a thousand hills. And that's not a lie or exaggeration. :D You deserve my all. ♥ - Haz: March 16, 09.

And if I have to give up a thousand more friends, I will. - Haz: June 8, 09.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I finally feel like me again.

I am sooo happy, I could burst! I finally get to see my adorable, awesome, amazing, beautiful, mei mei after 8 months! :D :D

My darling Zoe is coming back!

No one can ever compare to her. She is just soo rad and when she's around, I feel like the real me is finally back. Cause lately, after she's left, I've felt so.. incomplete. And now, I'll get to see her for 2 weeks. Hopefully, pretty often. :) Yes, Zoe meime?

Well, I found out about during French class yesterday, and at that time, I was just about to collapse with tiredness, frustration, stress, etc. She so totally made my day. :)

Anyway, one week of the awesome holidays is over, and now, I really want to get back to school. Hahah, pretty much because my French teacher has this impression that now, since most of us have vacation, we have to write an essay about it. Wth, I'm gonna die with stress. Well, my vacation has included...

  • Lots of work. I feel like such a procrastinator if I don't do work, so I took 2 LifePAC test when I went to school on thursday. :D
  • Yea, went to school on Thursday. hahaa.
  • Sleepover with Sarah and Quel. It was totally awesome, we talked for 7 hours straight.
  • My lips are about to burst with dryness. Its about the worst it has ever gotten, I feel so deprived of beautiful, moist lips probably cause I've never had them ever. I am so going to the doctors today cause at the state they are at, I wouldn't want to go out anywhere, everyone will just stare at my lips. Agh ugh, I've tried every sort of lip balm, and it just gets worse.
  • Moviess! :D I love Fireproof. Sarah practically screamed at the most scary part and cried, like I did, but I cried more when I watched it the first time.
  • I'm dreading my French test at the end of June, cause it means I won't be able to really be able to enjoy all my time with Zoe. Oh, go devastate French!
  • I feel like reading Narnia all over again, but Jon has my book. D: But, at the rate he's reading it, I'm sure I'll get it back soon.
  • OH! Jon's going to LA, California soon. I'm gonna miss him.
 But but but, my life is totally focused on Zoe's return man. Je t'aime.