Monday, September 26, 2011


My biggest apologies for not updating in the longest time ever. It's been crazy hectic, classes never fail to provide you with something to do, and I never have a dull moment. (I'm actually looking forward to fall break so I can get off campus and be a couch potato.) I haven't had time to write in my all-time private diary since.. I don't even want to know when. All I've been doing consistently everyday is writing in my English journal, simply because it's required for my English class.

So what's college life like, you ask. The first few weeks I was still adjusting and trying to memorize my schedule and getting some form of routine, but by now, my schedule is packed down hard in my body clock system. Here's what I've been discovering:

#o1. After making your bed, cleaning up your room, vacuuming, washing the dishes, doing your laundry, and folding all your clothes, the feeling is indescribable. You actually feel like you've accomplished something and been productive. After writing a paper, reading the required chapters of a textbook, designing a shoe on Illustrator... now that's another story. You still feel like you haven't done enough because there's still more homework to do.

#o2. Alone time is a very important factor in college life. Independence is an admirable trait. Without those two, I'm not sure how you would survive. You would either accomplish nothing or want to kick someone in the face.

#o3. Pandora is a life-saver.

#o4. I never knew triangles could be so versatile until I did this:
#o5. Did you know that the plastic 24-oz covers for soft-drinks/juice/etc. have these little pop-in thingys on the top of them where you can indicate if it's COKE, DIET, RB, or OTHER. I was so fascinated when I saw it in the lift coming back to the dorm and told my roomie about it like I had just discovered another world. Heee. :3

It's going to be a crazy week and I need to get back to that big pile of homework that is just pinning away from me to give it some attention. Till later. :)