Tuesday, March 31, 2009

to the ends of the earth

Roberts Is it possible to die of laughter?
Hazel Let's try.
If there was anyway to die, I'd like to die laughing. :) At least, my ending was a happy one. Agree not?
Well, I discovered something worth telling. Everyone's leaving! Firstly, I did. From my great bunch of friends in Maine. Secondly, I come 'ere. (omg, totally rad!) hahaha, and then Robs goes homeschooling, and Zoe and the Yeaps migrate to Australia. And friends go, and they come.

I go, and I come too.

But, honestly. I'm accepting it. I've had to live my life with so many changes, but its all just part of a thick book called My Life. And you know, I think its good that we have changes. That some friends leave. Cause if you always had the same kindergarden friends till your death, don't you think it'll be a bit boring. You'll rub against each other too much.

I'm being to realize what God's telling me. I just need to move on with my life. Make new friends, and step out of some. And even if it means to the ends of the earth I'll follow you, Father.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

ohemgee, busy week!

Earth day? My sis and I were home alone, and totally forgot about it. So thus, I am such a bad environmental person, sorry sorry. :P

Well, my weekend was totally blasting. Baked these scrumptious lemon tarts. :D


Oh, and our first attempt of the topping was a disaster. It turned out like how it did in Kelvin's house. :P My sister said it was some chemical reaction. Agh, I hate science.x)

It looks like, I don't even know what. D:

Mm, currently. My stomach is very satisfied. =)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


'Ello, adorables. :)
  • My sister braided my hair on Sunday in 7 french braids all the way down, totally rad. It only took her 1 and a half hours, that is short btw.
  • Now, its currently very messy. hahah. I'll take out tomorrow morning and have curly hair. Wonderful much. I love curly hair. :D
  • I officially left my History book at home today. That makes #1 record for forgetting a book. I have never done that! x)
  • I was searching meanings for names and searched 'Hazel' and 'Hazelle' came up. Sounds cool. :)
  • The name 'Jonathan' and 'Matthew' have the same meaning. Freaky eh?
  • I am not searching for name meanings for fun! Its called a research aka. assignment and it has something to do with Language Arts.
  • Speaking of LA, 1001 is totally pathetic. I'm going SO slow.
  • I keep procrastinating my observation of children. =X
  • I came to the conclusion that Malaysian are missing out of a lot. #1, baseball. #2, girls never do anything interesting with their hair. It just goes up, or down. D:
  • I would really like it if someone could honestly tell me what s/he thinks of me. But then again, I wouldn't tell anyone either.
And I have been currently very random, with very random moods. :P

Saturday, March 21, 2009

my cutie pie.





I miss my cutie pie ~
Happy Birthday, Sila Pumpkin. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

super high powers!

We baked...

.. a superbly big chocolate chip cookie. Hmm, yummy!

Had an extremely long lunch mainly consisting of talking, talking, talking... about? You know what. LOOOL. Example: my fist kiss is stolen, and I'm not kidding. :P

Basically, I told her my secret and she told the whole world. =X

Started acting macho, protecting the house from the inside out. Raquel got freaked out cause she though someone banged on our door really hard, but actually it was just a door slamming. :P

Made our own dinner, breakfast, and lunch. It was totally rad. :) Baked chicken and potatoes with sour cream and chives and bacon, pancakes from scratch, and pizza. Delicious! :D

Watched What a Girl Wants :) We were all sitting on the couch, Raquel beside me, and I was holding a cup of water. When the scene happen when they both fell into the water, I put my cup down so hard into my lap laughing, that water splashed all over me and Raquel. Terribly realistic.

Next day, they wanted to go swimming, so I went down and snapped pictures for them but they had other ideas. I had to be in the pic too. :P loool. Thus, see how composed I am compared to them. xD

More of their picture ideas. Practically, by the time they were done, my shorts were wet. =)

.. moved on the playground. :)

What more? We have super HIGH powers! :D

But honestly,
they're insane..

.. and I'm awesome. As simple as that. ;P

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

crazy hyperactive :)

Raquel & Sarah are coming crashing into my house tomorrow.
~ yesh, I can't wait. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

of Red Soxs, soccer, what'theck.

Yes, I watched the match between Man United and Liverpool. Sorry, wonderful ManU fans out there, but I'll support anything but Man United. Chelsea and Liverpool are my favorite. Hahah, ask me why personally. :P

And yea, it was totally rocking. Liverpool won! 4-1, no use updating you about it because most of you already know. Ohemgee, but every single time my mind strayed, the next thing I know, people are screaming and I missed a goal. Good thing for replays. =X I'm a bad soccer watcher. HEH. Random note: Liverpool's name sucks big time. ;)

Oh, and I can never get why the observers of the game in front of the big screen start screaming or shouting advice to the players. Hate to let you guys know, but, they can't hear youu! You're countries away! (:

Well, we were talking about sports, and we came to Baseball. Like, woo my gosh man, wouldn't it be billions more fun if we played Baseball instead of Captain's ball for PE. I was asking my dad, "How come Malaysians don't play Baseball?" His answer was to say it wasn't their culture, and they didn't know how to play the game. Then he was like, to me and my sis, "You guys don't know the game also."

Dad If you're shorthand, and there's a guy at 2nd base, what would you do after the guy at Home base strikes?
Lydia Get the ball.
Dad Noo... See, you don't know the game.
Hazel Errr, run to 3rd basee! DUH.
Dad Yea, exactly. But people here would go chase after the person.
Hazel Wait! You're the one who doesn't know the game. Shorthand gets the ball and throws it to the 3rd base. There's already a guy at 3rd base!
Dad oh, yea actually. Opps.

Swtness. Like, baseball makes so much sense, and is so much funner. Plus, we could play kickball or something if we don't have a bat. :D

More about baseball: I once was forced to write to the Red Sox in 3rd grade. And, I'm not a fan or anything. My whole class, except me, were all crazy excited. And, would you guess it? I was the only one who got a reply with fan pictures, signatures, etc. Eish, I got rid of them by giving them to the boys. x)

Anyway, the first day of vacation is almost over. Hmm, it was fun. Didn't get bored, did lots of school work, cleaned my room, and ate a lot. I'll get fat by the time the week is over. :P Oh, we watched Prince Caspian again, gosh, I love that moviee! :)

Well, ciao cause I have a billion and one reports to write. =.=

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What about you?

No one gets me like youu. (:

Its been a fast speeding week indeed! Loads of work not done due to a great rush to finish off most of my books before the one week vacation. Yea, and not looking forward to the one long break, cause being at home just makes me die of boredom, and all I do is do more work, agh.

P.E. yesterday just made me all sore today. x) Was forced to play soccer aka football, what the heck, I KNOW. It isn't my worse sport cause my dad was a coach before so obviously I have some skills. :P But, definitely not my favorite! Like Paullyn said, biking and swimming are the totally best sports. :) Yea, we had to do 10 girl pushups and stick our butts into the air. No kidding.

Highlight: Zoe called. :D

Well, life's not pausing even I wish it would. And I so don't want to go with the flow. I so don't want to fit in anymore. And all I really want to do is put my head on your shoulder and have a great cry. Yea, hopefully you get me. There's no shoulder available anyways. And I'm not blaming you. Thanks for caring so much.

Oh, and acting is the worse thing ever.

No, I still don't know I feel about you now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We went all the way to Lake Gardens just to climb a tree. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just so you know.

Well, I baked yesterday. :) Due to my stupid PSM, I was really random/crazy, etc. Had a back ache and stomach ache, going crazy. Result = heart shaped cookies.



They didn't turn out all that well except one because my sister didn't destroy it. In the middle of it baking, she suddenly goes, "they're too flat!" and sets off to make it look less flat. All she did was make my poor hearts look like they were holes inside. D:

Anyway, the weeks been okay. Bee is hilarious to talk to. Number 1, her dog got run over and they only discovered the dog after a few days. Omg, and it's blind and was in their driveway. =X What'the. She felt bad after we were screaming at her. Hahaha. Number 2, Roanne is so adorable.

Omg, love! I want. :P

Number 3, due to my PMS (I tell you, it sucks!), bee and I were like screaming at each other today, broke Esther's blanko tape thingy and spent the next 30mins in deep silence trying to fix it. It didn't work. HEH. But, anyway. After a while, I get angry again, start screaming, and then in the middle of our arguement, we break out laughing. 3 minutes later, I'm sad. Aghhh, I tell you. It drives me crazy!

Conclusion of the week: Guys are so fortunate.

Well, random things about this week: At PE, went to play Basketball, backed out of the 20 push ups (who knows how, we girls rock!) and washed the guys do them. ;P After that, did 2 "suiciders" - yes, only two! Thank gosh. Haven't done them for ages but in the Master's House, we used to do 5 at least. But, we should do them every week, it'll be so good for us. x)

And today, there was this sulfuric acid experiment thingy that I was forced to go and watch. I have to say, Science is never interesting. At all. Aghh. =X

Well, I'm friggin' trying to multitask here so taataa for now. Got some passwords to figure out and blogs to update. You go, "what?" hahah. :P

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

treasure the moments.

From posing at Melissa's house when supposedly practicing..

... to being goody two shoes in school. (:

Making faces in the mirror.

And finally, natural all the time. :)

Zomg, you "guys" are the awesomest girls ever. And I mean it. :D