Friday, August 29, 2008

titles don't tell nothing.

omg. I've just reached my like.. 402 post today. =\
Woo! I'm writing awfully way too much, considering that I started blogging April 28th, 2007. Go blogs! =)

Mm, supercalifragilisticexpielidocious. I watched Mary Poppins again. hahah. I know, it's so classic and old, but it's nice! Like, I love all the old fashion movies and everything. It feels like you're living in two centuries, ya know. :D

Mary Poppins - Perfect in every way.

Anyway, here I was, thinking like freaking hard at like 8 in the morning, when I just woke up! About? Well, school work. I feel so satisfied with my speed, then I suddenly go, "GOSH! I'm so slow." hahaa. Well, yea. Rescheduled my whole freaking school work schedule, cause I'm determined to graduate when I'm 17 from 12th grade, and I'm not gonna go any slower, or graduate when I'm 16. For gosh sakes, that is just too young.. for me. D:

 Then, came the conclusion. Time is too fast. I can't believe it's so precious, and everything. Gosh, after my sister graduates next year, I'll only have two more years in GRC, till I'm out. That means, that year after my sis graduates, is like my last year before the last. oh geez, I wanna stay in GRC for a long time.

 'Nways, btw.

Happy Birthday Sophie! (:

Can you see?
What I see?

all the blahs and etc.

ohs my goshhh! So I haven't been posting for ages, like a week, and now I have loads of stuff to post about! I really have to figure out how to get all of it across in a very un-tiring way to the faithful readers. :D Never mind, it shall be so funny, you'll be laughing half the time, trust me. *winks Sarah, Raquel, Zoe* They have been the faithful laughing pals, eh?

Now, should I do the serious parts, or the goofy ones first? :P

#o1. Jon talks exactly like his dad! Speaks, acts, prays, everything. I know, cause I just heard his dad preach just now. Mm, like a chip off the old block, eh?

#o2. At chapel practice, we were praying, and when Jon's turn came, he gave a little sermon. Not criticizing you, it was good. It made me think, hard. Jon, I respect you, seriously. :)

#o3. These last few days I've been thinking a lot, meditating, and asking for a lot of help from my Abba. It made me realize that Abba can really help me, and all the thinking is really beneficial.

#o4. oh, and I passed my 908 Math test! =) Like, it was killing, but I managed to get almost all my graphs correct. I mixed up the abisscas (sp?) and the ordinate which made me loss tons of points, but overall, an 80! It's done and over with, I sat in the testing room for 1 and a half hours!

Now! Laughs. hahaha.

Lunch; Who knows why, but the lunches these days have been really really funny. Except today lahh, I was stuffing so much food into my mouth, and choking myself. Maybe cause I was trying to break up with some irritating dude. HAHAHA. (inside joke)

Sowie, Wednesday. Raquel was eating some spaghetti, and it splattered over her face. Sarah randomly commented, "It's okay, at least you're not on a date." Which got us - Raquel, Sarah, Zoe, and I - thinking.

Hazel Yea, when you go on a date don't order spaghetti.
Zoe No, you can just eat it neatly! *demonstrates*
Sarah hahaha, unless you want to break up with the guy lahh!
Raquel Yea! Eat really messy, and get it all splattered everywhere!

Then started the great subject of How to Break up With Your Boyfriend. heh, aren't we gals evviiiill. xP
Raquel basically was making up all the ideas, and we were all laughing our guts out. Go read her version for more details, it's hilarious! :D

#o1. Twirl your spaghetti in front of his face so that it splatters on his face. d:
#o2. Then go "oops! Sorry" and proceed to wipe his face with your dirty napkin.
#o3. Eat really fast and comment that the food is really good or you're really famished. hahahaha!

then the most of most classic one. I really couldn't stop laughing. ; )


 Twirl your spaghetti with your fork, hold it up at his face as if you're pointing your finger at him, and say, "Did you know...etc." && shake your fork at him at every word, therefore splashing sauce into his face! hahah, at that time, Zoe and I were laughing like crazy while Sarah went, "omg. LAME!" =P

Then, down at the center after composing ourselves, Raquel, in a totally seriously and straight face, taps me on the shoulder and goes, "What else? Any more ideas?" HAHAHA. Man, are you that desperate to break up with your boyfriend. By the fourth idea, he sure already break up with you. =X

Boys out there, we're kidding. I don't think we would dare do such a thing. hahah. But you never know, don't take girls for granted. (:

Ohkayy, this post is getting extremely long, but I still have so much to say. :\

Lunch on Thursday. The chicken was uncooked! =X It was terrible! Chanelle started by giving us - Sarah, Zoe, Raquel, Melissa, and I - a speech about this bacteria in uncooked chicken, that appearantly, can kill you. We all went, "Chanelle! It won't kill you! You'll just get stomach ache!" Then, after her long speech, only then did she show us her uncooked chicken on her plate, and we all went, "EWWW". It was really a sight, trust me. =/

So she went to get a bowl, and filled it with hot water, then came back and we had a little cooking session at our table. Sarah decided to cook her chicken also, and she was laughing so hard cause she couldn't believe she was doing it. hahah! It got really hilarious when the other table started looking at us when Sarah pulled out a piece of chicken from the bowl. hahaha! Imagine all the people who ate the uncooked chicken. ugghhh!

Okay, enough about lunches. heh. Mommy just found out that her old good friend of hers is the C.E.O of the the whole Sunway group. That means Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Summit, everything. *gasp* And if we want to bring our missionary friends to Sunway Lagoon or anything, we can go in for free as long as there's a good reason. Woo! :)

Other than that, in October, I'm following the One Life Exhibition to Kuantan. Not really following the exhibition, but taking the opportunity like in Penang, to have a vacation. :P I'm not going to see the One Life Exhibit again, I didn't in Penang, just after the tear down, the whole World Vision staff are off to retreat. Woots! Beach, I come! :) We get to go to Swiss Garden, and possibly my sis and I get a room of our own, since we're officially adults in hotel terms. Yips! (:

Now, I do think I'm talking awfully too much, eh? hahah.

Wells, ciao!

Monday, August 25, 2008

reach the sky.

Sunday was.. busy, busy, busy! Saw Micheal Wong, and Deborah - who was Miss. Malaysia - and other celebrities. Um, didn't meet them face to face lahh, just saw them on the stage. ;D

Err, I was surrounded by people who were speaking who knows what dialect of Chinese. It was so confussing, I kept on going, "Um, English pleasee." hahah. And Micheal Wong sang in Chinese. He has a killer voice, serious. It's SO nice. Other than that, I can't understand a thing he's singing, but it sounds nice. Like, not rock and not too Chinese.. just nice! =)

Oh! and I was busy doing something for Mommy, and I missed the cheerleading! Like, OMG! Whatcha bummer! I really wanted to see it, cause I had seen GUYS doing somersaults before hand and I wanted to see GUYS cheerleading. Cause GUYS in GRC should join! hahaha. :P

Hmm, yea. I got this headache in the morning yesterday, like at 8 and I already got a headache. Ate Penadol, it wasn't working, and went to the First Aid room to rest for a while. Being so early in the morning, they were still setting up, but most of them were very sympathetic, cause I know all the staff mahh. xP So yea, the ambulance people were arriving, and they were staring at me. It was freakeyy, o_O.

Other than that, school started. Really, I wasn't forced to go today, after having such a busy day, but I wanted to, so managed to pull myself outta bed and go. School is just pure fun. (: Laugh with Pom, go to toilets with Grace, just be myself with Raquel and Zoe. Love you guys! :D

And we switched tables. I'm beside Sarah See and Jac. =) Melissa is not far away. And Zoe and Raquel are across from me, so we can stand up, and talk. ahahah. The bad thing is, in that very quiet corner, there is hardly any ventilation, and you can smell sweat from the boys that used to sit there. =\

I was in the toilet...
Chanelle ...cause the world is against me!!
Melissa they are, it is?

It was so funny how Melissa suddenly switched her plural form. ; ) Listening to Chanelle's and Melissa's conversation is so absolutely amusing. =)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


*the phone starts beeping, SMS just came in*
Both the sisters make a wild plunge for it.

..and guess what! My sister literally fell out of the chair trying to get it, and the chair kinda followed her and went tumbling down after her. And it's like the tall Ikea chair with the padded cushion, you get me. It's living room furniture! o_O

Hazel: Chech! For goodness sakes, behave yourself and don't go all out for an SMS! It's just a phone you know! *continues lecturing*

Really, it was hilarious. The SMS was from Hotlink. :P
Other than that, we headed off to the National Hockey Stadium to set up for the 30-hour famine countdown that's happening tomorrow. It's a World Vision event. Spent the entire day there, helping Mommy pack food for tomorrow and organize the volunteers. Really, I must look like my mom, cause all the volunteers - who are adults - kept on asking me what they were suppose to do. =\ hahah. On the other hand, Daddy said I looked professional cause I had a arm made out of rolls of masking tape, and a hand with marker pens and blades. =)

It was a tiring day, and I was sweating furiously. Hmm, will update later about it. For now, I shall hit the sack cause tomorrow I'm waking up at 5.30 for another full day in the stadidum.


Friday, August 22, 2008

all in a day.

Geez. Woke up a perfectly good time for vacation @7.30 to find that I had 5 missed calls and 1 SMS. I was sleeping really soundly at 11 last night. Hmmphh. It was Jon, saying that today's outing to school was not canceled, and to come to school. Gosh, I sleepily walked into my sister's room and then had a nice session with the parents. Then, what a rush, getting ready in 30 minutes. =X

Well, yea. Arrived at school at 9. Honestly, I had no expectations of having a fun time. Really, I planned a day just diving onto the couch, reading to my heart's content, washing the bathroom, being spastic! Hmphh, and then this sister of mine, along with Jon and Wee, go plan to go to school again. So here I was in school, sitting there reading Island Stallion Fury while listening to my sister going, "Where's Weeyen! I'm so bored" and Jon memorizing Bible king's name and at the same time, SMSing Weeyen, "Where are you?!" about 20 times. Yes, and wasting OUR credit. It was really a fun day.

To end it off, Weeyen finally arrived. We hung out for a while longer, and I finished my book in about 2 hours. Ordered Mackers again - this time we got it delivered - and waited about another hour. The delivery man takes ages! Mm, the other three went up the ramp about 3 times to collect food that wasn't there yet. Well, it finally came. Hmm, spent our time testing out each other's coke - we all literally drank from everyone's cup - to see who's was the strongest. Mine was the weakest, it literally was fizzy water that was brown. We were laughing like spastic, cause jon was planning a secret scheme that shall be kept between us four, and was talking about black paper, and Weeyen went, "What! Wrap ourselves in it?" HAHAHAH. :P It was actually for the window, but Jon suddenly went, "Can also, just bring a bit more extra."

Okay, enough talk on what happen and how, and what etc. In the end, I had a much 'funner' day than I had expected. To end off my What I Did Today, I watched Jon after lunch playing this soccer game. They scream, shout, and JUMP when they score a goal. Pfftt.

Really, I just had a great day in overall. I'm just amazed at how close we all just get along together. Who would of imagined last year when the Changsters first joined GRC that they'll fit in so well? We were so out then. I definitely felt out, then. Man, I'm just so grateful for you all. Maybe you all won't get it, but I've just lost so many friends, this year, last year, years before that, that somehow I don't trust anyone, anymore. Honestly, my heart pins for a real friend. Maybe, I still don't have one, but I got lots of buddies that I can laugh at, whisper with, and just have fun with. Really truly, I love you. (:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I can only imagine.

Dearest Zoe, you never ever have to worry.
I will never ever forget you.

And I'm not counting the days till my birthday. :(

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So this is how it goes. Raquel arrives at school and we all scream Happy Birthday!! ...while Zoe tells her something extremely random instead of wishing her. hahah. :P

Mm, I totally set a record and was the very first one to wish her on her real birthday not like one day in advance. I set a reminder, went to sleep, and at 12 exactly.. SMSed her. I already wrote the SMS so I just had to send it. hahah. Funny thing, I don't even remember sending it! I had proof in the morning cause she replied. x)

Yeahpp, so after who knows how many times we wished her.. she was writing the date and she suddenly went, "ehh, what's the date ahh?" And not like perasan way or anything. It was classic. She suddenly went, "omg, how blur can I get!" Now that is Raquel! (:

Who knows, she was just so hyper today. It was absolutely entertaining watching Grace, Zoe, and Raquel jumping up and down the center taking pictures. I was acting a bit mature and made the boys bring me Mackers back to the center to eat. While they were walking, the hyper girls went to the park and I stayed down talking with Isaac. Then when the girls chilled down we sat talking and starving to death as the boys took ages getting lunch.

On the phone with Weeyen:
Grace Can you stop talking cool! People are starving back here!
Hazel Tell him..
Grace ooh, and Hazel says hurry up, she's getting gastric.
hahahahah. xP

'Nways, I'm really straying off the subject. Raquel just turned 12! =) Woo! Whatcha great number. Although 14 is a better number lahh. hahaha. Hmm, I just have to state, she is the greatest friend one could ever wish for. Thanks for being there when I was alone, emo, or just there to be hyper with! She's always the one to come up with Zoe when I'm not going for lunch with a "Hurry up Hazel, you need to eat lunch!" Or when I'm sitting alone for no particular reason - it is okay to be alone ya know - she'll come and join me. She just excepted me so fast into GRC when I first joined and after 3 months only, we headed off the Camerons together and already started talking about boys. hahah. Girls click man!

Just wanna say, YOU ROCK GIRL. Love you bunches and bunches.
And more than that. =D

   Awesome four! Love you guys! (:

Monday, August 18, 2008

jump for joy.

Uhhh, school vacation currently is okay. (:
'Nways, was tagged my darhling Zoe.

Who reminds you of the names...

Guys ;

1. Andrew - Andrew McGinn
2. Austin - hmm, it reminds me of a city. hahah.
3. Benjamin - some random dude in my CG. xP
4. Brandon - Brandon Tan
6. Christopher - Christopher Columbus!
7. Daniel - my classmate in 4th grade...
8. Derek - Derek Russel
9. Edward - =\
10. Ethan - Ethan the Professor.
11. Gabriel - the angel?
12. Hunter - ...
13. Ian - Ian Fan
14. Isaac - Isaac Thon
15. Jacob - Jacob, Bee's 'bunny' :P
16. Joseph -the name I would have I were a boy. SERIOUSLY.
17. Kevin - Uncle Kevin :)
18. Logan -
19. Matthew - Matthew didi. (:
20. Michael -
21. Nicholas - err, Matthew's bro?
22. Noah - Noah Steiner! hahah.
23. Phillip - Phillip Teh.
24. Ryan - Ryan Tan.
25. Samuel - mom's colleague
26. Shawn - what's his name? Haresh's very good friend. haha.
27. Thomas - the one from USJ, or was from
28. Tyler -
29. William - WILLIAM MOSELEY! <3
30. Zachary -

Girls ;

1. Alice -
2. Amanda - Amanda Bourque.
3. Beth - Beth Moore
4. Becky - Rebecca Shuman ; bff!
5. Catherine - Ms. Catherine.
6. Crystal - person from Klang
7. Danielle -
8. Elizabeth - Mrs. Herbert's daughter
9. Esther - Esther Chow and Esther Lee
10. Fiona -
11. Gianna -
12. Grace - Grace Kam and Grace Goh.
13. Hannah - Hannah Bonville and her brother!!
14. Hillary - Hillary Duff
15. Jennifer - the doll. haha, we had a doll names Jennifer.
17. Lauren - Lauren McCallum.
18. Lydia - Lydia Chech
19. Melissa - Melissa Cambell, Yeap, Lien! (:
20. Mia -
21. Natalie - Natalie what's her last name?
22. Rachel - Rachel Wong
23. Rebecca - Rebecca Shuman!
24. Sarah - Sarah Ti; Sarah Ong
25. Stephanie - Stephanie Ong
26. Tiara - Chetarra.
27. Tiffany -
28. Vanessa -
29. Wendy - Wendy Ling.
30. Zoe - Zoe Meime! :D

I tag; Roberts, Tommy, Shab, and Sarah
Woo! And what do you think of the name Hazel? harhahah.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mhm, this is life.

Sowie, Penang was great. Like absolutely wonderland. :D
Hmm, gonna let the pictures do the talking, yea?

First Day; August 14th

So, on the ride there I was enjoying life with the entire back seat all to myself with chips and Science! hahah. Okay fine, doing Science is so not enjoying life. x)

There was the police in front of us with a number plate WHY
&& air pollution! TSK! 

Penang bridge. Hmm, it was boring.

Stayed at YMCA for a night after picking up Mommy from the One Life Exhibition. It was super cool kay, they arrived back at the hotel at 12pm after tearing down the exhibition, with Mackers! Mm, midnight feast.

Second Day; August 15th

Went to a Botanic Garden. Took pictures of flowers!

Err, I moved. So therefore, a really COOL pic.

Went to check out hotels. The rug was really cool.

The beach! It was so deserted, like hello!

Mm, the swimming pool. It was raining, and we were swimming.

Third Day; August 16th

After breakfast, we had a walk along the beach for the last time.

Then, off we went to home! :D

Hmm, the last joke. So on the way there..
Dad Omg, there's a sign encouraging divorce.
Hazel What, where?

Next day..
Dad Eh Mommy, we saw a divorce sign on our way here.
Mom Really! That's terrible!!
Lydia and Hazel *burst into laughter*
Mom What?

This was the divorce sign.

Hahahah! That is like Lame Joke #3. My dad was like hilarious. For example, at lunch in Ipoh, he ordered beef noodles without the noodles. We were like, 'ello! =X

Hmm, interestingly, on the way back I didn't have that sober thought, "Vacation is over." Because guess what? VACATION IS HERE! bbhbedh, school is OUT. Woo! hahah. Well, it'll be one busy busy week. Have to go for dance class cause I'm dancing for the 30-hour famine thing for World Vision as well as setting up the stadium on Saturday and selling merchandise on Sunday at the famine.

Mm, ciao. =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

blah etc.

Mm, I had a blast!!
Will update about it later, yea.

And I missed you. (:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

one step at a time.

Hmm, it's been quite a week. Demands keep me busy. =\

However, I never miss having fun. :D

I got to watch Official Opening for the Olympics Beijing 2008. Amazing, cause I don't own a TV. Never have, never will. =) hahah. Maybe when I'm doing housekeeping. Hmm, but TV usually sucks unless you're watching this rocking Opening Ceremony. It was seriously cool. Amazing! Man, all the lighted up men. hahah. Then in the midst of lighted up men, some guys lights gave way. I couldn't help laughing when I thought how panicky he probably was. =P oh, and Caitlyn noticed that the fireworks were in the shape of a smiley face. Omg, chun wei! Well, I stopped watching once all the countries came marching out. And then, staring at those cheerleaders pitied me. They just jumped and jumped.. and jumped.. You get the point.

And a big thumbs up to the Worship Team for the 8.8.08 thingy. haha, I guess that includes me. :P Hmm, I dunno about you, I really had fun worshiping. After going up on the stage for 6 times singing, reading, etc. the stage felt quite comfortable. Of course, you still have that freaky nervous feeling that creeps up. 'Nways, we went to Dominos after for lunch and it was cool. Bee was laughing at everything and anything in the most funny way and annoying way. Hmmphh. =)

Yesterday, we had the continuation of the Basketball tournament. It was okay, kinda boring when I could be at school and doing my Science test! D: After all, I was just a sub so literally just screaming at the side. However, you guys all did well. :)

That's not all. I manage to have fun in every single way. Which is great, cause I can't really get through a day without a laugh or two. Just sitting in at Miss Cath's BM class listening to my two classic brothers making the oddest comments or talking between myself. They both try to act so smart. :P

What else? DOE is coming up. x) Really don't want to do anything, while all the rest are like, "Let's do a duet, trio, etc etc. I WANT MORE MEDALS!" hahah, okayyyahhh. Not me.

Mm, been quite a week. And finally, Wednesday is here! Woohoo! This means that tomorrow I get to wake up anytime I want, and sleep in the car. I get to camwhore with my blood related sister, as Jon puts it, and trick everyone that we're twins cause we're gonna wear matching all the time. I get run my toes through the sand, and get my hair filled with salty ocean water. Man, I just can't wait! =D she's off to PENANG
Get ready for loads of pics and enjoy your school break in two days.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I am totally unpredictable.

We could be a beautiful miracle; unbelievable.
Nah, I can't believe how much I love you. (:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Forever and ever.

Hmm, it isn't often you see a Scripture, and just Scripture in my blog. =P Well, I really want to post this cause this Psalm means a lot to me, so maybe this is more for me than you.

Well, I got this Psalm when I was leaving US and was given this bracelet with my name on it. On the other side there was reference, and it was Psalm 145. Umm, I looked it up when I got home that night, but right then, it didn't seem much to me.Just now, I looked it up again and read it aloud, and well, it would be just perfect for my situation for then. Please read it carefully.

I will exalt you, my God the King;
       I will praise your name for ever and ever.
Every day I will praise you
       and extol your name for ever and ever.
Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
       his greatness no one can fathom.
One generation will commend your works to another;
       they will tell of your mighty acts.
They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty,
       and I will meditate on your wonderful works.
They will tell of the power of your awesome works,
       and I will proclaim your great deeds.
They will celebrate your abundant goodness
       and joyfully sing of your righteousness.
The LORD is gracious and compassionate,
       slow to anger and rich in love.
The LORD is good to all;
       he has compassion on all he has made.

All you have made will praise you, O LORD;
       your saints will extol you.
They will tell of the glory of your kingdom
       and speak of your might,
so that all men may know of your mighty acts
       and the glorious splendor of your kingdom.
Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,
       and your dominion endures through all generations.
       The LORD is faithful to all his promises
       and loving toward all he has made.
The LORD upholds all those who fall
       and lifts up all who are bowed down.

The eyes of all look to you,
       and you give them their food at the proper time.
You open your hand
       and satisfy the desires of every living thing.
The LORD is righteous in all his ways
       and loving toward all he has made.

The LORD is near to all who call on him,
       to all who call on him in truth.

He fulfills the desires of those who fear him;
       he hears their cry and saves them.

The LORD watches over all who love him,
       but all the wicked he will destroy.
My mouth will speak in praise of the LORD.
       Let every creature praise his holy name
       for ever and ever.

Man, my God is great. I want you, Lord! I want to meet you tomorrow. I WANT YOU TO TOUCH ME. I've had such a busy, hectic week, and I'm just dying for your encouragement. Meet me, and anoint me as serve others.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

time to set those priorities.

Mm, how many calaries do Fruit Loops contain? Man, I care so much.

  •  tons of Home Economic assignments to do. There's this long list of food that I need to find about their nutritive value, a whole week daily meal plan, and lots of copying down of recipes. Cake, bread, pie, who knows what. Mhm, busy busy. Man, I would rather eat than cook. hahah.
  • Been suddenly put in to backup sing for the 8.8.08 thing due to the lack of singers. Grace and I were just informed today about it. And Saturday is two days away. What a short notice. In accordance with singing, both me and her will have to go up on the stage for quite a number of times to make declarations, read Scripture, and pray. Uhh, it's gonna be a busy Saturday.
  • My family vacation in Penang is coming up, and therefore I'm trying to take as many LifePAC test as possible before then. That's about three or four next week in three days, now narrowed to two. The postponed basketball tournament is next Tuesday. Talk about it, busy!
  • What else? Day of Excellence aka Excellent Day - hahah Matthew ;D - is coming up and I have no idea what to do. When I do decide what, it's just gonna make me more busy.
I don't really have to emphasis it anymore. I am busy.
For the first time in a long time, I've felt stress again. heh. So far, I've been pulling through life in total luxury, work was easy, and the demands were quite a few, but I had the time. Now, my work is driving me up the walls, science, math, language arts... EVERY SUBJECT literally. Really, I used to find it easy to do Math, Bible, LA, Home Ex. till I reached the hard and high grades. =X Preasure, for sure.

Continuing, I've learned a few things about business.

#o1. As Grace Goh said on her blog, never ever compromise your time with God. It's just the beginning of total disaster, really. Satan sees that weak point, and comes in the attack you in ways you wouldn't even imagine. I've had my part of that attacking, and I'm learning as well.
#o2. Set the priorities straight. If you need to do something more than another something, than do the one that is more important first. Trust me, I seriously don't want to do something when I could be doing something else that would be more enjoyable. However, I thought about which one was more important, and stuck to that one. It's hard, really.
#o3. Business includes don't go online! haha. I suck at that. So..


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Dear God, help us to realize how fortunate we are. Help us to see the possitive side of things. Cause right now, I think we're having some problems realizing that we're blessed. =\ Thankyou Father. =)

oh! &&..
Happy Birthday Joshua!
Thankyou for being pathetic. hahah. =X

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

shack your little booty, and turn all about.

Cause that's what it's all about!
Becka: and he is so (with a billion more oo's) hot!!
Hazel: WHAT! Did you just break someone's heart into two?!

hahaha! Becka, you are so classic. :P I can't believe you got another boyfriend. How many are you gonna go? hah, I kid.
Well, yesterday the camera didn't turn on and jiejie and I were ultra glad cause we finally get a new one! =) Our joy didn't last long, cause it turned on today. Mehh, sad. Hopefully we still can get a new one. I want a good quality camera for when we go to Penang! hahah.


teddy bear has gone all One Life-ish. hahah.

This is how it goes. I'm - now currently Jiejie is - helping out Mummy and World Vision by making more One Life bracelets for the coming exhibition in Penang. Some strings were cut too short by who knows who, and therefore cannot fit a human hand. =X So, therefore, I made a bracelet for teddybear since it is a waste of strings, and one extra bead won't be noticed. hahah. Therefore, teddybear is proudly showing off her new bracelet. *pointsup* harhars. :P

Really, I'm currently in a hyper mood. x)

Speaking of One Life, it really interesting actually. There's so many bracelets everywhere in the house. One in the toilet, on my dresser, on jie's dresser, 50 or so on the coffee table, 100+ in my room. Counting the beads, well yea. They're practically everywhere. I spilled them all over my room a few days ago; it was a disaster. =P

 Daddy: Why, the red carpet just produced a red egg!

hahah. LAMEO.

Okayy, enough of this nonsense. :d
Paullyn and I were randomly talking about hair couple of days ago. Currently, we usually talk about hair. haha. Umm, yea. And then yesterday.. I changed my hairstyle. =) Nah, I didn't cut it, not even one strand. I bet in the process a strand or two fell out, but I didn't cut it. hahah! Just decided not to have side bangs and put them in the front. Actually, that's how the lady cut it last time I had a haircut, except I kept on shoving them to the side. Now, it's super chun.

It looks better in real life, trust me. As I said.. my camera is really bad quality. hars. Mm, yea. After all, if I don't like it, or you don't, I can always change it. As I said, I didn't cut it. hahah. =)

Mhm, that's about it. I've moved to cbox so I can do HTML in my chatterbox. xD Hm, it's good to have a change once in a while. :D

Monday, August 4, 2008

odd numbers are.. odd!

Cause I wanna soar like an eagle. (:
Only if you're going to fly with me.
School is finally starting this Wednesday! =)
Note to all: Please make sure you show up. :P

Ignore the title. Odd numbers are just ODD, and so am I.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

you can't be that one.

With no passion in life today, I can scarcely blog. Man, practically dead boring and useless. Computer was formatted, and I've lost everything and we had a time of a life just trying to download MSN Messenger. Firstly, the 8.0 Version then 8.5 Version (which took such a LONG time) and then Plus. We are finally done. hahah. Now, for Gimp, Photoscape, Picasa, PhotoImpression whatsoever.

..and Daddy just said the problem is a hardware issue and we're changing the hardware. Geez, all that reformating and downloading for nothing. Pffttt.

Anyways, let do this taggie.

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday:

2. A place you'd like to travel to:

3. Your favorite place:
Dear Maine, how I miss you...

4. Your favorite food:

5. Your favorite pet:

6. Your favorite color combination:
...more like pastel blue and green. Heavenly.

7. Your favorite piece of clothing:

hmms, but mine is nicer. =P 

8. Your all-time favorite song:

this doesn't tell much, eh? hehass. The song Lion is luv.

9. Your favorite TV show:
err, what if I don't watch T.V.?

10. First name of your significant other/crush:

 I'm sorry, that is for you to find out. x)

11. The town you live in:
Perfect! I'm right beside Merchant Square. 

12. Your first job:

Precisely, I'm a graphic designer. This isn't my first job, it currently is my job. I've have it since the beginning of this year, I believe? And I use Gimp. =) Well, yea. It's the best job any 14 year old could wish for. I'm doing this for my dad's company, he designs/creates websites, so I help him in the graphic side. It's really cool kay. Whenever I get a task, I get RM15 per hour. =P

That's not all. I've just discovered news that I was going to tell you, and yea..this tag made it perfect timing. I've got a second job. This time, even cooler. So currently, I have two jobs. I have to study this flash program and learn how to edit flash. And just for learning this program, I get RM10 per hour. Chun ehh? Like, all I have to do is learn it. It isn't often you go to college and get paid for learning your career. hahah. Here's the sad news, I only have 10 hours to learn it. =X After that, if I ever have to edit flash, it'll be my first job.
Okayaa, other than this.. my weekend sucks. I mean, I've got this crazy headache. =\

...and I'm longing for love.

Boyaa! Tootles - I'm off.

Friday, August 1, 2008

learning to fly.

 Dearest Becka Boo,
I miss you. I really do. Just wanna tell you, I'm not forgetting. I'll always remember. Do remember this necklace? I'm wearing it everyday to as a memory of you. I love you!

and July had just slipped through my fingers. My gosh, today I was checking my scores, results, and averages for my works (I am really detailed in that!) and I suddenly was like, "omg! It's August!" Yea, started rounded up my grades for July. My estimate total average is 93.33. To think, I'm only like 0.2% away from getting my grade rounded up to an A! =\ Sad, sad.

Let's summarize. Half of the year is over. Geez, must I repeat. Time is just *whooshh!* hahah. Man, I haven't said whoosh for a long time. ; ) Jon used to make fun. =P 'Nways, July. Hazel, think positive. x) Sorrey, I'm in a really weird mood right now. =X heh.

July. It's been a cool month. Trust me, really cool. It's not often when you suddenly make a really good friend in such a short time of acquaintance. Like hug someone whom you've only 'known' for 2 weeks. I've discovered so much about myself, and the courage that is actually inside of me when I have to put it into effect. And to just act like who I am, and no one else. No more hiding who I wanna be. (: Missing home is something I face every month, so it isn't new. Yea, but i missed it like much more than usual last month. I have no idea, but I'm really trying to except that I'm in Malaysia for this time being. And I'm happy. :D

Preaching was a challenge, but I quite enjoyed it. Basketball is terrible. Seriously. hahah. Trust me, I'm best at swimming and Capture the Flag. =P

..and lastly, hugs are d' best! Check this out: here!