Tuesday, September 30, 2008

one thing never changes.

oh, the disbelief yet belief in me. My feelings aren't sorted out at all.

Anyways, lots of birthday wishes, so I better start wishing. :D

Melinda Lien :)

Aghh? I look so young and different there. Definitely not a recent pic. Must take one! :( hahaha. Well, this girlfriend of mine is one quiet soul, totally. I remember she came one month after me and she and her sister would just sit, do work, get up and eat, sit and do work again. I once wondered whether they would ever fit in, but they did huh? lol. They're both still quiet and reserved, but we all love them dearly. I'm always in the Youth Hall getting help from Melinda or helping her, ahaha. Anyway, have a great year ahead of you, yea? Luvs!

Lim Weeyen! (:

I don't really have a pic of just me and him, cause we're not really that close, but we're friends. (: More like friends because of my sis, yea? *winkwink* Never mind, I shall be a good girl today and not say anything bad cause it's him birthday and he's going to be my brother............ (WOOPS!) hahaha! Okay, sorry. :P Anyway, he's a cool guy. Really considerate, gentlemanly, no actually he's more like a brother to every girl, he treats all girls very kindly. Yea, so rock on and keep being yourself and shining for God. Smilez!

So September is over and October is here. And then NOVEMBER! Smiles or sad face, I have no idea how I'm suppose to act about it. Geez. things don't have to change so often. :\

Lots of birthdays in September, what a month! :D Shoutouts to people I didn't wish... Happy birthday Isaak John and Gong Di Cheng. God bless!

And lastly, so how was the hetic-ish month of September. I'll have to say, it's been a real busy month. D.O.E, drama introduced, lots of new people, helping out Uncle Kevin and all the other odd jobs of life, I've hardly even been able to do work. Stress! Managed to do 7 books this month, and it would of been 6 if I hadn't so barely passed my Home Ex test today. I got 77 okay. Yesterday was a frantic day of finishing up all the sewing activities in the book that I didn't even get to study. And today, uncle kevin said he'll lower the passing grade since the test was so hard. To rub it in, my sis said she got a 90+. Like, hello genius. hahah.

And I learned that God's timing is perfect. Amazing how he teaches me all these things, in ways I can't even explain it to you. I'll probably write it in my personal diary so I can refer to it when I retrack. hehehes. oh, speaking of he..he..'s. Was at drama practice and Weeyen (aka Saul) had this line.. "He...he...told me..." And weeyen literally went hehe because he thought he was suppose to laugh, not stammer. It was funny.

Okay, last joke then I'll stop. Yesterday was sitting in the corner at Melissa's place with Jason annoying us again (He told Uncle Kevin he was trying to annoy us even more since we were already annoyed) and Calvin asking Melissa with help. So Melissa was reading her Bible and it's a precious moments so it has all these pictures of the adorable boys and girls, lol? Then... Calvin saw this picture of a boy and a sheep.

Calvin eh, what happen to his face? (indicating the boy's face)
Melissa absently. I dunno.
Hazel ermm, that's his hair you know..
Calvin looks again. OOHHH, I SEEEE.

It was so hilarious okay. We were all laughing for ages a bit too loudly. Calvin later on went, "his hair is too round lah."

And today, I got cake on my face. It all started with Weeyen putting it on my sister. And what more, we weren't even sitting at the same table as themm, and it caught and the cake-on-face business came over to our table. First, Raquel put it on Zoe. And then Zoe and Miss Cath were trying to put it on me, but I was stopping them, quite well okay. Till Raquel ran over and smeared it all over my cheek. We literally RAN to the toilet with Raquel chasing us with cake. In the toilet, Zoe and I, "Arghhh, I'm going to get pimples!!" lolz.

Kay, I shall flee and do my precious Math. xP

Saturday, September 27, 2008

ponytails! (:

Some D.O.E pictures of me! :)

Our duet. :D

the chorale! :P

Oh, and if you guys didn't know, I've been having a cough and thank gosh on D.O.E it wasn't that bad and I could sing. Now, it's like getting really bad, and yea. My life is depressing. xP

oh, and I'm out for Melinda's bday party and loads of fun. Iff, my sister was a bit more corperative. :\

scream shout.

Blessed birthday Paullyn. (:
Miss the MSN chats and giggles we used to have.
Pfftt, whatever. I don't care.

Friday, September 26, 2008

look deep.

I have made an interesting observation. I'm serious, it's melting me.


Want to know what I look at when I'm defining hot guys from the okay average ones? the eyes. I'm TOTALLY serious. Was telling my sis that Zac Efron isn't that hot cause his eyes are sunk in, and it's his eyes that effect his face. And then, some boys are handsome just because of their eyes. Boy's eyes can be so deep and brown, and omg, melt a girls heart. ahaha. William Moseley ~ (:

Not only boys. Ever seen a puppy look up at you with the biggest brown eyes that totally melt you, and you have to let it lick you, and you have to pick it up? Yeap, I'm so capable of falling for them. :)

Fine, eyes don't only make me melt. They tell so much about the owner of those eyes. You can tell whether the person is being truthful if you look straight into the eyes. Looking into the eyes is like looking into the heart. You can see the character inside, the feelings, the mood. Anger, sadness, happiness, excitedness... it all can be seen inside the eye.

When I was young, I couldn't draw a person properly enough to satisfy me, because I could never get the eyes correct. They were either too small, slanted, crooked, not looking like an eye. And the eyes always affect the entire face. That's why, I decided to stick with stick figures and smiley faces. :P

Sure, all the parts of the body are amazingly created and all have different purposes and all. God is an amazing creater. But to me, I like the eyes, they tell so much about the owner of them. :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

meet the brothers,

Day of Excellence is finally over. It was like centuries! :P

Yesterday, I was assistant to the judges for the entire day. Sat there, chitchatted with Shab, and kept on getting up to give Judges Forms to the honorable judges. It was a really simple job, but it kept me occupied. It ended before lunch, so after lunch I did some work and then went with Zo to Melissa's. I will repeat again, her house is like a hotel okayy. Luxuryy. :)

Come to think of it, I don't understand why everyone always thinks I'm always with my sister. Like, on that Wednesday, I wasn't with my sis in 1U and Gilbert goes, "eh, where's your sis?" Geez, I don't have to be with her all the time you know. Yea, so I'll state it out loud, I had freedom without her at Melissa's cause she went to Kamdar with Jon, Wee, and Isaak John after school.

So, by the time I came back home, it was like 5.30pm and my sister wanted help with costumes. So I had to dress myself up for a trillion times in my skirt and cut cloth for her, etc. We did that till dinner, and after dinner we had to go grocery shopping with the parents. Literally, my day was really occupied.

And today was, scary. I've been having the cough lately, and I was so sure that I was going to cough during my duet with Raquel. The nervosity was killing. Raquel got a fever right before lunch, and we had to perform right after lunch. Guess what? I didn't cough, but I could hear my voice shake.

As for the chorale we practiced for like crazy, it went quite okay, I think. I think it would of been better if we each had a mic, but there wasn't enough, so it probably was hard to hear the harmony, echo, and the boys. But, I'm really glad it's over with, cause I've had enough practices for a long time. :)

I didn't take any pics, but anyways..

Today's also a very special day. Someone just turned 14. Woo! Must I repeat, I love that number. :D

A very blessed birthday, Matthew didi.

Yeahp, this my super duper wonderful younger brother of mine. ahaha. I know, he really is older than me, but I wanted a younger brother, not a older one (cause I already got a super duper great one) so therefore, we reversed it, and I'm older. hahah. After all, I'm sure you'll all say I act older than him, yea? :P

Well, let's see. When I first became his sister, he wasn't so daring. ahaha. As in, we talked, hung out, but it was so formally, it was kinda freaky? hahah. I mean, you wouldn't reconize the same Matthew now. He is such a younger brother. Just like a real one. And what more, he isn't scared to annoy me. Like he's constantly annoying me by contridicting what I say, repeating words. Guess what's the latest? He tapped me with a yardstick, and I turned the wrong way to look and he was laughing. And he gets people to poke me for him.

I could go on, but it would all come up to this. He's just the Matthew that we all love. Thanks for being the person who you are, yea? (:

Luvs! =)

oh, and yes. My big brother rocks. :D
When you graduate I don't even know how I'm going to survive. I bet I'll cry like crazy, maybe not in front of you, and I'll hug you a billion times. Who's going to be there for me when I'm pissed, and to defend me from my sis? Who's going to be there to constantly ask whether I'm okay when I'm sick or sad? Who's going to be there when I need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to hug. Jon, no one can ever replace you. Love you.

Yep, both my brothers rock. (:


Happy birthday Natalie Zoe! (:
I miss the cute you. You're growing up too fast. :P

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

once upon a time.

So here's the catch. I don't stay emo for a long time. I mean, how could a Hazel stay emo for a long time. It's totally impossible. :D I bet all the Hazels in this world are happy people. They MUST be. Hazel means 'one who turns to God' so once you have God, you're happy right? RIGHT?

ahahaha. Raquel's randomness is contagious. ahhhhblugg, and I'm not even talking to her, and I'm catching it. For your information, ahhblugg is called nonsense. Yes, exactlyy! Can you feel the randomness? :P

Mm, I am in a weird mood. D:

Anyways, the week has been going purfecttlyy fine, except I got emo yesterday. :( ahaha. Other than that, I am happeyyy. Usually. I am now. That counts, yea? :) Guess what? I've been managing to finish all my goals really fast, then I'll score people's LifePAC test for Uncle Kevin, and go home and joy!

P.S.S! Guess what!? I got 100% on my 909 Math test. Like, WOOO! It's been ages since I've gotton a 100 on a math test, since 9th grade math is really quite hard. And then, Zoe said I cheated cause I graded my own test - Uncle Kevin let's me - but I did not cheat. You don't have to believe me, but you will believe me when you grade the test yourself. ahahah! There is nothing contriversal in it. Straight, 100%. Comm'on man, the test was easy. For once, I didn't get stuck on a single problem. I was so happy, I had to glee. Like, I litterally screamed across the room to boast to Jon. :P He had gotten 80 something. HAH!

Okay, I shall stop. :P

So the end of the year is here. Guess what (this is P.S.S.S) ?! That means I'm going to be up the walls, busy like nuts! =\ Day of Excellence is tomorrow and on Thursday. Tomorrow, almost all of us are doing nothing, cause it's all the pulpit stuff. So, I planned to grap thou Math book and sit at the corner. But guessie what (P.S.S.S.S), I have to do the Judges Form thingymajig for the entire day till it ends, so bye bye Math. Oh well, I should discipline myself and stop doing work sometime, yea? hahah. Then on Thursday, I'm gonna be busy singing. (And I got a sore throat, zomg) I'll be glad when it's over. No more practices! :D

After Day of Excellence, I plan to enjoy myself for the whole of October since there's Hari Raya vacation, Field trip, && KUANTAN! =) Beach, here I come. I'm gonna stay in Swiss Garden, and my sis and I get a room of our own. As in, we have to share one. But, like we don't have to share it with the parents like usual. So, the freedom to jump on beds, and dance everywhere. :) Can't wait!

That's practically this year. Award's Night. Birthdays! Migration of the beloved Melissa and Zoe. D: Graduation of the pretty Jaclyn. An unknown year ahead of me.

Yet, a certain year ahead. 'Member, it'll always turn out okay. =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

long time coming.

Can't you see?
You have such a split personality, and I just can't stand it anymore. It's like you treat others like honey, and I'm the bee or something.
Look, forget it. You can have the guys, the popularity, the smartness, WHATEVER. I can be that ant in your eyes when you look at me, and you can think whatever you want to think of me..
but for once, treat me like a human.
because that's what I am.
I'm glad I'm not like you.
I just don't want to care anymore. I don't want to care about a thing. Don't want to love someone. I want to forget that I even care, but forgetting is not going to change anything. I can't run away from you. I can't erase what has already happened.

oh, I need a hug.

maybe, I need to see the daylight
to leave behind this half-life
don't you see I'm breaking down

Lately, something here don't feel right
this is just a half-life
is there really no escape?
no escape from time of any kind 

Friday, September 19, 2008

now or never.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10am - Arrived at Melissa's, only Raquel and Zoe were there. Practiced the duet, and then toured the house. Omg, her house is so nice, the bomb! =) Love Brian's room! It's blue, and it has three floors. Just in his room. :P So adorable. Was touring, when Jia Yu arrived. At least she's puntual, yea!

Now, let me tell you the most amazing thing we witnessed, and the rest that hadn't arrived yet DIDN'T! Melissa's dog is so disgusting! Okay, I'll take that back. What she did was disgusting. ahaha. So we were watching her - the dog that is - when she suddenly went chasing the most skinniest squirrel ever. Poor squirrel. Thank gosh, it climbed up the wall and kept itself safe. So we thought, we went back to the paino and was playing a few notes when suddenly MEGAN SCREAMED!! Imagine the hastle. We all ran like frantic to the window. What did we see...?

The dog was eating the squirrel.

Aghhh! Appearantly, it dropped, and of coursee the dog jumped on it. But really, it was such a disgusting sight! Later on, Megan told us that early that morning, the dog had fished. As in, it ate of the head of the gold fish in the pond. Okay, maybe dogs can fish, but why aim at the HEAD? I saw the poor fish. It looked perfectly fine except it had no head. ahahah!

10.30am - Sat ourselves down on the couch and switched on the tv. Not our fault, they all were so late. We had a nice time watching this spelling bee. ahahah! There was this dude, he was twirling his hair and asking, "May I know the origin of the word? Are there any alternate pronounciations?" at the same time, TWIRLING!! :P While watching that, we called all the chorale members and practically all of the phone calls went like this...

*puts phone to loudspeaker*
Zoe: ehh, where are you?!
person on other side: err, coming!
Zoe: NO, where are YOU!!?
person: just left the house.
all of us: HAIYOOOOOOO!!!

they finally arrived at 11. Hmmpphhh.

Okay, enough long winded-ness. We started practicing, ate lunch, and had a nice relaxing session after lunch. I was trying to solve this complex pattern on the rubik's cube, the boys were playing some game with brian, and grace practiced her violin, while the rest had trio practice. Yeahp. Headed off the 1U at 1.30pm. Practically walked, talked, ate ice-creamm, shop, and dragged the booys along. Actually, the boys went there own seperate way, but then Zoe and Raquel got PARANOID so we called them back, and forced them to protect us? hahaha.

Let's let the pictures tell the story! :) - None of 1U though.

Woo! Lunch! So, who's praying? xP

Group photo excluding Jia Yu and Jac. (:
Forgive the blur, the boys couldn't stop bouncing on the sofa, and this was the most unblurrest. hahaha.

Melissaa! :D

Another one to the countless collection. <3


Matthew! :)

Girls: pose!! :P

At the staircase. ahaha! ZOE!! :D

And my all time favorite!
How did we all fit? Woo, my gosh. Cozy! At home!

Did I tell you? I had a blast! xD

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

all in a day.

Currently; feeling totally satisfied. :D

Hooray for holidays! I had a blast today. :P
Hanged out at Melissa's to practice for DOE, then off to a day of shopping in 1U with 4 other girlfriends and 3 laging boys. More to come.. later. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a little think again.

So, my mind is in a whirl currently. Had sun stroke today! Like, omg. Frisbee is forever exhausting, and I really got too much sun. =\ I was like, about to faint the entire day? It was exhausting.

And then, my world finally cleared in front of me. It's like, who knows what's my future, but I know what I'm studying to become. :D

Anyway, I'm only blogging today because it's my best friends birthday.

So, dearest Becka Boo. I miss you like a thousand sweedish fish of gummy bears, anything. Life.. is just different without you. I miss the jet tubs, swimming in the rain, fake nails, everything a young girl's heart has always desired to do.  I miss just being myself, which I guess is the disadvantage as you grow older (?) Amazing that 4 years have already gone by, and we still haven't forgetten each other, and I'm so super glad. Cause memories of me and you shall always reign in my heart, forever. I love you so much, dear. Have a blessed year ahead of you. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

it always works out fine.

So here's one of those inspirational post for once. :)

Who knows why, but I'm always in this stage of regrets. Regrets that this and that happens. Feelings that, well if so and so thing or so and so person did not come into my life, everything would be perfect. If nothing changed, I would just be loving life. So, with this thesis in mind, let's check out the circumsatances I've had in life.

Imagine if I could pause all the changes in my life when I was living in Maine. Sure, if that happen, I wouldn't have to experience the sharp sword that went piercing through my heart, and I've never felt the same again. But, I got to see my relatives after a long time, yea?

Imagine if I could pause my life when I was back here and was homeschooling at home. That way, I wouldn't have to attend GRC, and I could just continue my social life with just my sis. Me and my sis. My sis and I, and no one else. No GRC, no fitting in having to be done. BUT, it worked out after all. I meet, all of you guys.

Imagine if I could pause last year before this year came. You know, that period of time at the beginning of this year when there was cliques, when the peaceful and happy world of GRC was bombarded with new people. Man, I hated it. I didn't want anything to change. I wanted last year, I wanted it to be the same - never changing. But, imagine. No Matthew, Calvin, Brandon, Gong. GRC wouldn't be complete.

I never really understand my own self. I've gone through so many changes in my entire life, much more than a typical person would go through. But no matter what the number of changes I've been through, I'm always wishing that time could pause and we could go on living without all the changes. But, when I look back, they all benefited me, and it's all made me a better person. It's always worked out fine.

Sure, there's the pain that remains inside of me, the pain of all the changes I've been through. So many times, I ask God to remove it, but he doesn't. I finally understood why. If he were to remove that sharp sword of pain that's pierced into my heart, I would forget that MY GOD has been faithful. Are you getting me? If he were to take away that pain, I would forget that he always takes me through my difficult times. I would forget, and next time.. I wouldn't be so sure of his faithfulness.

Let me end off this. Yesterday, we were going to church, and I was thinking about my future. I was wondering what was ahead of me. What the end of this year would bring, what next year would bring, what the days, weeks, months, and years ahead of me would bring. Changes always happen, and I hate to except them. Then suddenly, such confidence flooded me, and I thought..

"You know what, no matter what's ahead, what's installed for my life.. I know my God's in charge... and it has always worked out fine."

Yes, it's always worked out fine.

So Zoe, I know you are thinking that you will hate Australia, and you don't want to go. I really understand you, because I've been through that too. But one day, I guarantee, you will love it. It'll always work out fine.

After all, wasn't I the girl who thought I would hate Malaysia, I would never EVER fit in, I would dread it, and I would live all the rest of my days in this dreaded place being miserable?

Well, check out the living contradiction. :D

Sunday, September 14, 2008

quiet girl in a crazy world.

So, I am absolutely speechless. 'ello, I should update this blog, but I have nothing at all to say, type, write. Almost like my mind is blank? Even if this were to be a private post, I still wouldn't know what to say. Okay, wait. Maybe I would, say it was private. hahah. :P

Anyway, for the sake of a very persistent Bee Ang..

I updated it, gals. :)

Weell, it's half complete, cause I know this Bee for sure would object and everything. ahaha. So I just changed a bit, if you guys know the password, go ahead and see it.

ooh! && I am currently in love with like these two songs...

This one is a World Vision song for the 30 hour famine.

An old Christian song we used to sing often in Maine.

Mm, and a little shoutout to Janielle Beh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Must flee! I'm suppose to be doing a report and err, I really need to change my blog template, yes? It's like sooo outdated. ahahaha. x)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Bums, MSN. I just can't sign in! =\
Meebo, ebuddy, and everything isn't working either. Screw Microsoft.

...wooo! And I'm in!!

Anyways, I really got to update you on all the happenings. Life is just so interesting! =) Really, truly, and I feel so young and childish again. ahahaha. Let's get this up.

So the year is coming to an end, and so is all the heticness that comes with it, yes? Day of Excellence. I'm really doing a minor play this year, just joining a chorale and singing a duet, and I'm out! The rest of the time, I shall sit myself down in some quiet corner WITH MY MATH BOOK and watch the performances. Mhmm, I am content. :P

What else is the new fad? Hm, the new boys. ahahaha. I'm serious. Well, actually, I'll be pacific, one of the new boys. ahahaha. *winks!* omg, he is SO hot.

&& Award's Night is coming up, so the drama practices are going to begin. This piece of paper was passed around and anyone who wanted to act/participate put their names there. Well, so I didn't, obviously knowing that if they needed me, they'll put me in. ahahaa. And guess what happen?


Notice the like. As usual, the exaggeration. Okay, bear with me here. The whole drama is about Paul the Zealot - which is Weeyen btw - and it's really long. It has a limited number of actors, I'm serious. Hmm, 16 actors only. Honestly. And of all the people in that piece of paper - and mine was not even there - I got one of those 16 roles. x) Well, let's get to that acting. I actually quite enjoy acting, so I don't mind.

And now, you guys are dying to know who I'm acting as.

First, Jon is Barnabas. ahahaha. Jon to me: Aiyooo! I don't want to be Barnabas lahhh! Hazel: Err, it isn't MY fault.

&&! I am Priscilla. Yes, you know the Priscilla in the Bible whose married to Aquilla. Yes? (It was so funny, Sarah didn't know who Priscilla was. Err, she needs to study her Bible.) Well, yea. And now you guys are dying to know who my Aquilla is, right? :P ahahaha. Bad news. My Aqilla is travelling during the drama, so all I have to say is, "Aquilla and I are so and so" while Aquilla is overseas. xP lol?

Other than that, Bee came to my house today after school and she was talking to my teddybear. Teddybear love UNITE. Except, I don't talk to my teddy in public. Then she found my moshi fellow dude and my puppy, and made a story about my teddybear and moshi dude being together and getting a puppy. ahahaha. It was soo random and funny.

Then, we switched to google it - hot dudes. Like, err.. Oliver James, Shane West, Zac Efron, WILLIAM MOSELEY, and then Skandar Keynes. We searched Skandar and all went, "See, HE IS SO NOT HOT." hahaha!

We finally got to the knitting part of the visit, which is the purpose bee came to visit, actually. hahaa. And we watched What a Girl Wants at the same time. That movie is like, woo! Cool man! :) Okay, fine bee. I agree with you, Oliver James is hot. =X

Alrighto. I think that's quite enough talking. Ciao!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

it's grace.

So, it's someone's very special day! =)

Yes, no other than Miss Adorable Grace Kam. Before I roll the pictures, let me tell you about this girlfriend of mine, shall I? She's just wonderful. I met her last year, but hardly even remember knowing her, cause she was away all the time, arrived to school late, and was dancing as a fairy for Peter Pan. :) Then, beginning of this year, we just clicked? I mean, we knew each other, we just didn't talk. So yea, beginning of this year we talked a lot, I moved to sit beside her, and we had endless conversations. Then, she moved to the Youth Hall, and has been continuously on the move with no permanent place to sit, so she keeps her stuff at my place, and our precious SOAP! hahaha. We are extremely close, we go to the bathroom together, and wash our hands, talk about hair, baking, Home Ex., boys.. anything that interests us! (: She calls me, once she called me 3 times in one day, and we just talk. ahahaha. About? That is for you to find out. hahaha. We've been together in cheerleading, hiphop, ultimate frisbee, going to the toilet, you name it. :P

That and this is my Gracie.

We've been through sweats. :)
Sports fiesta! Cheerleading!
Then we went to change, and drink milo, and hang out. Then, to A&W!

Sitting together at school. We were known for our loud conversations. Oops? hahaha. My sis was like, "You two talk so loud, everyone can hear you!" :P

Circumstances in all sorts of sizes, shapes!

..and numbers!

What else? When I reflect the times we've had...

...she's a best friend one should never ever lose.

Happy Birthday, Gracie!

Monday, September 8, 2008

those laughs.

So the days are filled with laughs. Was sitting at my desk today in the morning, and heard laughing all around me, when I realized the gift of laughter. Man, it fills up your soul, and makes you so happeyy. :)

Anyways, here's an interesting conversation to keep you occupied. hahah!

Click to enlarge.

Go Raquel! You rawk.

Friday, September 5, 2008

when tomorrow comes.

As you all know (if you don't know, I'm here to tell you) my faithful desktop died ages ago, so going online is scarce, and it's really hard to finish everything I want to accomplish on the computer. Well, it's up again, finally, even I'm not using it this moment, but my sis is downloading everything back into it. =)

Say hello again to constant changes in blog templates, more photo editing and etc. Woo! Mm, this blog skin is really getting old. D:

Oh, and oh! Been reading Google books for the limited preview of Chicken Soup! :D Just found a little part of the Chicken Soup for Nurse's Soul. Woo!

Let's have some pictures for now. :)

Visits to school during the holidays;

Birthday girl on her birthday. (: 

We were just sitting there, hanging out?

On Friday with only Jon and Wee.
We were really bored, kay! Jon took this pic while we were waiting for Wee. 

30 hour Famine;

I totally agree, the green sucks. Such a shade!
Free tee-shirts! I like get 3 of them. One green, white, and yellow. :) 

Mm, remember I went to dinner with the World Vision family on Monday? Oh, it was great! Saw like a celebrite. hahah. Felt awkward cause my sis and I were the only 'kids', everyone was in there 20s or older! Oh, but the food was delicious! LAMB! Yums!

We got the extra fans for free! hahah.
They were selling at for RM3 at the famine. :P

; living to the fullest . (:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I was talking to him, FIRST.

So, the days have been great. Well, almost perfectly great, but. The three days holiday was good for me, I think? Hm, just hung out, did hardly any work, and thus, am feeling guilty now. =\


I've been the so tired these days. So tired, it's like I've gotta get afternoon naps to survive. Like, eye bags peoples! Nights are practically diasters, cause I can't fall asleep, and when I finally do, it's one restless night. Mm, it's terrible cause I'm always this very sound sleeper, and I can't survive without at least 8 hours of a purely sound sleep.

Other than that, surviving.. as I said. =)

Who knows how many times I repeat this, but let's say it again. I find my days so occupied of laughing, talking, and just having a plain fun time with all my buddies. Raquel was eating Zoe's wan tan mee at lunch today, and was twirling it like spaghetti. ahahaa. Memories! Break up with your boyfriend! ;D

What else? Kelvin and Matthew are totally entertaining. Sarah and home economics! Umm, oh yea! And the school is like invaded with BOYS. Mm, Melissa and I are most likely gonna be separated by a new dude in between us, cause darhling Jac moved to the Youth Hall. :( There's practically like 6 new boys and 1 new girl? Talk about it, even without the new addition, the school was overflowing with boys, and we girls are complaining. Why does the population go to the boys! At least there'll be more bachelors than old maids when we all grow up. hahaha! :P

Okay, that's about it. Ciao for now, yea? =)

Monday, September 1, 2008

So tell me, what is the current fad?

Check the title out. I decided to prove that titles do mean something. ahaha. Cause I asked that question to my family, then read the definition of fad to them.

A fad is a temporary, passing fashion; has great appeal to many people for a short period of time.

So actually, my question has awful lots of grammatical errors. How would anyone know what the current fad is, cause that means it hasn't passed away. hahaha. Are you getting me? :P

Mm, what pathetic Home Economics. I have no idea what the latest fad, style, and fashion is. I mean, to me they're all the same thing, but according to the book, they're different. What more, I must draw them. Hmphh.

Oh, and note to Sarah! You learn about dresses. =)

Anyhows, I was tagged by both Melissa and Shab, and I forgot who else or whatsoever, no one informed me. And although I'm very updated with everyone's blogs, I tend to forget. ehehe.

The last person to tag you is?
Melissa and Shabeta.

What's your relationship with him/her?
Err, they're my wonderful awesome friends, duhh! I mean, I wouldn't do a tag if my enemy tagged me right, would you? hahaha.

Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
Well, I find she is always happy, with some bright side to everything. Love her attitude! :D Mm, nice sense of taste, her blog skins are interesting and colorful. haha. And I love her handwriting.
She's really considerate when it comes to people who are going through problems. Mhm! Great to hug. She'll let you cry out all your tears before you talk, unlike some people! You're like crying, and they're like, "What happen? What's the matter! TELL ME!!" hahaha.

The most memorable thing that he/she had done for you.
Oh, she's a great helper when it comes to Math. Like the algebra! Mm, was it 904 and 905, she helped me in? I went through those books so fast, cause she managed to make me understand it brilliantly! =)
oh, she's always been there for me. That's grand enough. :)

The most memorable thing he/she said to you.
Err, I really can't remember. Actions shine through better than words. (:

If he/she becomes your lover, you will...
Mm, that will never happen. 100%

If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...
Well, if that ever happens, I'm sure I'll make sure we become friends again.

If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on...
hahaha. Ask their lovers lahh. I'm not!

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is...
Err, some pathetic reason probably. ; )

The overall impression of him/her is...
They're both fantastic!

How do you think the people around you feel about you?
Mm, ask the people around me. Tell me what they say, yea? I wanna know too. hahaha. :P

The character for yourself is?

On the contrary, the thing that you hate about yourself is?
I am sometimes, although not very often, totally useless and lazy. It's really frustrating.

The most ideal person you want to be is...
Who God designed me to be. (:

For the person that cares and likes you, say something about them.
(eh, why all you people so weird wan. It asks you to say something about them not to them.)  I dunno know who likes me either. :P But it's very kind of them to care for me, so they rock? hahah.

Ten people to tag :
#o1. Paullyn
#o2. Isaac
#o3. Raquel
#o4. Melinda
#o5. Zoe
#o6. Kelvin
#o7. Jon
#o8. Grace
#o9. Matthew
#o10. Esther

Who is No. 2 (Isaac) having a relationship with?
Hmm, guess lahh. :P

Is No.3 (Raquel) a male or female?
Err, it's quite obvious. A she, thankyou.

If No.7 (Jon) and No.10 (Esther) were together, would it be a good thing?
hahaha! I didn't do this on purpose, kayy Jon. Mm, who knows. xP

How about No.5 (Zoe) and No.8 (Grace)?
Nope, cannot!

What is No.1 (Paullyn) studying for?
Err, she's just studying the same old 5 subjects like we all do.

When was the last time you had a chat with them?
Err, I talk to them often. Like last Friday?

Is No.4 (Melinda) a single?
Yeahp! And available. She's very pretty..

Tell something about No.2 (Isaac).
Well, his name is Isaac Thong. Enough?

Mm, well that was one abrupt ending.

Well, that's that. Hm, just a quick wish. Happy Merdeka! Honestly, what does Merdeka mean? =\ oh, and yea. Have that great day away from school work. =)
I bet you're all working like good boys and girls. :P

That's about it. I'm out for dinner this evening with the World Vision family. :D

EDIT - okayyah, I know no one will see this unless they read achives, but let's get it done while I remember. It is currently September 18, ahaha. I am so outdated. :P

How was my august like?

August was like a typical month. Had my ups, had my downs. But, that wasn't it. I wasn't JUST happy or JUST sad. It was like this satisfactory month, I was happy because of what I went through. They were plently of laughs, and everything. :D Lots of bonding done. Weeyen! Roberts! Grace! :)