Saturday, September 26, 2009

walking through the rain.

I have a little kid's song stuck in my head. No idea WHAT song though. :) And don't you just love the hokey pokey. Turn it all around, that's what its all about. ;)

'Nways, time for some birthday wishes and memories rewind.

Happy Birthday Matthew Tan Eng Kit.

Hm, let's see. Well, he came to our school last year and sat beside Bee (HAHA, so remember that.). And followed Jon and Wee around and I still remember him swearing and my sister's automatic response was don't swear! cause she thought it was Wee or Jon who had sworn. :P Of coursee, he doesn't swear now because we are such good influence. And sports day, becoming pet siblings, hiphop classes, Friendster, Hello Hi, etc after ever. :) I love him like he's an annoying little brother, and that's what he is.

Happy Birthday Joel *inserts Chinese name* Tan

I don't remember when I first started talking to him either (highfive Ry!). Okay, wait I do. I think he added me to MSN.. and then we started talking about school camp, and then.. I dunno? We suddenly started having long chats, and by the second chat conversation, I had him telling me truthful answers to my evil penetrating questions. I am awesomee. :P Then there was that whole cycle of trying to convince him that he's HOT. Which is still going on, because he won't accept that fact. I mean, comm'on, he's like as tall as Jon, he's only 13! And he has the nicest attitude any guy could get, he's funny, amusing, and when he makes that certain face, omgg Justine, you totally get me! :D

Happy Birthday Goh Paul Lyn.

Well, I've known her for 3 years already. :D I still remember the first year, when hmm, I was close to Bee Bee and her, and they were having their major fight. And well, our long conversations on MSN. And even if I'm not that close to her now, memories can't be erased eh? :) She's pretty neat.

I'll update about the other birthdays on.. the last day of the month. What a month full of them. ;)
So, my sister's looking through a billion and one websites for the fourth college she can pick, and she keeps on sending me this website, or giving that bulletin about this and that. I am definitely going into Arts, except I don't know what type of arts. :O I have to be glad that my time isn't soon. Still... one and a half more years.

Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus Before the Storm

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

J(O.o)el says: did you know. that kitkat does NOT give you a break?? it makes you more hyper and then you tend to do MORE STUFF!! LIKE OMGGG!!! :D :D :D
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
-sorry, I went to check my chicken
J(O.o)el says:
-haha. you sound like a.. farmer.
J(O.o)el says:
-say hello to your chicken for me! :D
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
to chicken: Joel says helloo. :)

Did I mention that hot Joel is so amazing, blur, high, weird, and hilariously.. AWESOME? But, I am awesomer, cause I'm amazing, blur, high, weird, and hilariously AWESOME too! Oh, and hot too. ;)

OK, I am going crazy high. =D Not my fault, cause Joel went high with kitkats and passed the highness to me, and although his high spasm is over, mine is not!

Oh, and it just came to my head that Joel spilled his popcorn over the stairs in bright LIGHT. It would of been more...understandable if he spilled it in the theatre itself, where it was so dark and we couldn't see where the steps were. :P

School tomorrow. Its been days since I've gone to school. I have so much to score, so many test to take, so much to do. :( Better get going. Have to study for the LPTs. ;)
Oh, and er, Happy Birthday Isaak. :D Hope you had an awesome all-guys party, and I pray in the future you'll know that girls are actually very.. nice people. Muahah. Like he'll ever see this. Hm, well. I'm not that mean of a person ya'know. Deep inside, I know you rock. :) God bless ya. xx.
Drew Seeley New Classic (Acoustic Version)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

like, yeaah.

EDIT; I keep adding more and more stuff as I remember. :)
After lunch at Carls Juniors
Vickie Did you take the tickets, Ry?
Ry No, I didn't, did you?
Vickie No, did you Haz?
Hazel No..
vickie walks down excavator! and I start retracing steps back to Carls Junior since I hadn't taken the excavator yet. Ryan stays on the excavator and only after Vickie achieves walking down an excavator that's going up, and only after I've taken 10 steps, he waves the tickets at us.

  • S&J, F.O.S Kids and Teens, Glad Sounds, and Inqbox
  • Joel and his, "I'm in 1U." Well, duuhhh. Where specifically, please?
  • He hung up on me! LOL. I was like, "what are you eating?" ..."bye bye".
  • Buying charms! :D I bought two for the price of one. 50% discount. One *insert superman sign* Girl, and another Princess one. :) 
  • Walking into a massage electronic shop!
  • Lunch at Carls Junior. We sat down, sat, and eventually I went, "Are we gonna order?" HAHA, and there was no person at the counter. =.=
  • Tim and Joel rock.
  • Calling Quel. :)
  • Ryan eating snail slow. He was having a Small burger while Timothy got a Large burger and he still took like double the time Timothy took to eat. x)
  • Getting lost in the middle of the old wing. HAHA. 
  • Asking the Information Lady, she goes, "goooo strraiiiighhhtttttt."
  • I finally find the way back.
  • Having a total laughing spasm in the lift with Vickie.
  • Joel dropping his popcorn all over the stairs. :D (by that time, Vickie and I were already pretty high, so we were laughing at everything.) 
  • Movie! G-Force. I'll rate it 7/10.
  • Watching Ry and Joel dance!
About getting lost, it was so hilarious! Joel and Tim ditches us and runs off in the quickest speed imaginable. Ry tricks us about the tickets, and we're scolding him while walking around aimlessly, when I suddenly go, "Eh, where are we going?" After going up, down, up, down, asking the Information lady (who gave us wrong directions), I finally find the way. In the meantime, Vickie had called Joel and told him, "We're lost in the centercourt of the old wing". Joel and Timothy, who are at the cinema already, runn all the way back to the old wing. Once there, they call us. We go, "oh, we're at the cinema already." HAHAHA. And they run all the way back again. They ran cause, well.. movie was starting in 10 min. :P

Pictures coming soon;

It was awesome, and I relaxed a whole ton. The genius Timothy was doing Math the whole while, about this and that, and I'm like getting blur about the time. Ry smsed me, "I've been here since 9.30" and I look at my watch, "Isn't it 9.30 now?!" Ry, "Is my clock fast, or yours slow?" I came to the realization that it was 10.30, not 9.30. HEH.

P/s. My right arm is sore from playing badminton with Bee. And getting trashed too.
I played a match against my sis: victory! 15-13. Lydia's match against Bee: failure! 0-15. My match against Bee: failure too. 2-15. Agh.
Miley Cyrus Party in the USA

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I dream so big, I'm not sure which part I want to happen. If all my dreams came true.. That would be one huge mess. - Hazel Chang

Yesterday, I had sashimi, miso soup, and yumm. :) Omg, nothing better than raw salmon with wasabi and soysauce. It just melts in the mouth.

Then, I went to watch the Manchester United vs. Manchester City game. Boo to Man U, cause I am so not a Man U fan. I'd support any other club except MU. Soo.. it was a pretty close game, though I have to admit, MU was playing way better than Man City. And then Owen saves the day, making victory for MU, must I continue? All you die hard fans already know. :P

Well, after 6 days of sleeping-in, the fun only begins today. For 5 days, I've been studying hard, cramping in French, and doing Art activities that are killer hard.

This one took my a century to draw, no exaggeration. Okay, fine, exaggeration. But it seriously took me like 6 hours at least. Nice eh? Its called Celtic Technique.

Now, for the fun! :) Bee's coming in like 20 minutes to play her infamous badminton. And trash me and my sis. She has something with Mondays and badminton.

And tomorrow, we shall see. I suddenly do have the mood to go. Even with all my "HI TIMOTHY!" excuses, winks to Ryan and Joel. ;) Plus, I don't want Joel to feel awkward and Saph will be all, laughing to herself if I don't come. Hahah. Fingers cross that Daddy says yes.
Stacie Orrico There's Gotta be More to Life

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hazel Chang is awesome. Cause I just geuss that's how you should be even if stuff happen. You should still just try to be as awsome as you can be no matter what happens. Just try to think will help you..

Haha, I'm a copycat. But like, omg. I love that status above. It really is class clown of 2005's status. :D I miss old timess. :)

Edit; SO.. SOO! I PASSED! :D :D I mean, I knew I would right? :P Passing mark is 50, like how to not pass. :) But I'm a teeny bit SUPER disappointed cause I only got 66%. D: On the bright side, I got 21 out of 25 for my oral skills, so muahaha. :P

I am so ready to relax. :D As much as I dread November, I really really just wanna get all active in school activities, and do tons of school work, and enjoy free evenings. :)

I SO CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED YESTERDAY'S NEXT DEGREE. Shoot me. Everyone's ranting about how awesome it went and all. Aghh.

Okay, so I'll let pictures do the story telling. Its been ages since I've had pictures on this blog! :D

The preparation! Like omg right? :D SO MESSY!

And after. :D The joy. Its over!

Oh the joy! :) Its like, undoing your business and I don't ever have to go for another French class EVER AGAIN! :D I feel so free. Who wants to go out? Eh eh? I'm dying to go out. =)

Plus, I still have 3 more days without school. :) And Bee's coming over on Monday for her badminton, she's absolutely crazy about badminton on Mondays. ;) I need to scream, jump, GO HYPER.


Well, till next time. Need to overcome to tortures of Math 1009 Self Tests. They aren't hard at all, its just so freaking mafan. There's like a 100 questions and each question takes a hundred steps to complete. Yes, I exaggerate much.

Christina Milian Us Against the World
PS. Someone talk to me on MSN. =)
PPS. I'm thinking of you, Sarah. And what a torturous day you are facing right now.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

you don't have to know.

How's school without me? Haha. I ♥ skipping school. :)

So its been two relaxing days for me. I do tons of work at home, way more than I could ever get done in school. ;) Plus, I don't have Bee to put up with, scolding her practically every 15 minutes, telling her to DO HER WORK! :D (I bet she hasn't been doing her work the last two days.) When she found out I'm not coming, she went, "What?! I'll be so distracted".. and when I'm there, she'll go, "Why are you always making my life so difficult?" What a girl eh? :P

I'm all pumped up for my French exam tomorrow, in the negative way. Can't wait for it to be done and over with, cause no more French classes after that, babyy! :) But, I dread it cause I'll probably screw my own head off with the lowest grade eva. What to do? Je n'aime pas le Française!

I'm pretty bumped that I can't go to school tomorrow cause it means I miss the ISCF second meeting. That sucks big time, as Nick in Trill Ride puts it. ;) But, I wouldn't miss my last day to cramp as much French as I can into my head right? :P

Well, till then. I can't wait for SATURDAY! :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Click this - If you care enough. :)
Since I've been rambling enough there, I shall now talk the randoms just to keep my mind off the mood swing. :D

I woke up, went to put something away in the utensil drawer in the kitchen (cleaning my room and found all this random junk, etc.) and screamed. Thus started the day.

A lizard jumped out of the drawer, down onto the floor, and into my room. You have no idea how scared I am of lizards. They are the worse, possible reptiles. D: I can stand insects, but not lizards. Okay, I can't stand insects either. Last week I screamed another ear-piercing scream when I saw a HUGE grasshopper on the wall in front of my desk. Detestable!

Then the door to the outside kitchen got stuck so now you can't open it! Like, omg right? I felt like baking lemon cuppies today (for the first time in a LONG time, I feel like baking!) but now its way to mafan to climb in and out of the window to access the oven. HEH! :)

Now, I'm chatting with a billion people, and it's actually relieving. I should go do some work, so ciao!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

look positive.

I'm still me. Definitely the side to polish. :)

&&, Happy Birthday Gracie! :D I still remember all the whispered secrets, sleepovers, serious talks, laughing moments, and that smile of yours! I MISS YOU! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've always believed in you.

Dearest you, when will you realize that it was meant to be?
When will that light shine through you, shine ever so brightly. 
Est-ce que tu sais je t'aime. :)

Boys II Men On Bended Knees

Monday, September 7, 2009

If only.

So dreams seem a mile away, I can feel stress building up on me, like I'm a very solid foundation. D: If I were to make my 'If Only' or 'I wish' list right now, it would definitely reach the sky.

I am definitely wishing that Science wouldn't be so complicated, and I could understand it perfectly well, that I wouldn't even have to study for the test.
I am hoping that September 18th will quickly come and I'll be finally free from French classes. But if it quickly comes, I will hardly have time to study.
Could you, oh plain, brown, soil-filled earth, just swallow me up?

Mygawd, what an unproductive day today is.

My mind is whirling. French, ISCF thingy, how next week I need  to free myself from all unnecessary activities, get together slumber with Sarah (when?!), November, birthday ruined, Award's Night - only to have a French exam right after party day!, him, them, that, this, Jon's already planning a Christmas party!

I told him its only  September. :P

Time's running, and I can't stop it. Using every last breath in me to keep up with it. D: Have to get back to work. No worries. I still can smile. :)

P/s. I watched Facing the Giants yesterday and didn't cry. In your face Sapphiraa! :P I mean, I teared a bit, but didn't cry buckets like when I watched Fireproof.

Friday, September 4, 2009

catch that dream before it flies.

French class calls, I still haven't started studying for the major exam, and History + Art have been prolonged since like, forever. Its unbelievable that the first week of September just soared by.

Well, today I actually managed to get quite a reasonable amount of work done! :) Math took ages, and I got so frustrated cause I was thinking so hard and everyone was yapping like crazy loud around me. Gosh, got so pissed, I just stood up, marched out of the room and sat down by the computers for 15 minutes till I could go back in. It so happened that Melinda was by the computers and needed my help. :P

And when I walked back in, the peace and quiet was restored. :)

Plus, lunch was a commical affair with guys and "What about me, Sarah?" JOELLL! :D Haha, at the end of chapel, Uncle Kevin was like, "Guys who think they're hot, stand up." And we girls were like, "JOEEL! Stand up!" loools. Not that Joel thinks he's hot (he's not perasan kay), but we do. ;P He's awesomee. Like, some guys actually did stand up cause guys are vain and perasan.

And next week there's no school on Monday (again!) so that means Vickie and I can skip lunch duty again! :D So totally rad eh? :P

I gotta go munch on my yummy chocolate chip cookies and get read for French class. :) Pray I sustain the evils of a different language called Française. Whatever you do, don't learn French. Whatever you do.

Ashley Tisdale Its Alright, Its Okay

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

of pains, books, and etc ever after.

You have no idea how I complain. But seriously, you have to pity me. I get over my PMS and stomach cramps, etc. only to get gastric problems for 3 days straight. And I never had gastric problems till last year the day before Award's Night when I went to the doctor's at 4am.

Trust me, I do not starve myself. Yea yea, I know. I look absolutely skinny and whatever more, but honestly. Believe me, I eat a ton. For my size, at least. I mean, I eat more than my sister does.

I totally don't deserve this.

I am totally freaking out. Today has been the most productive day ever, not. I still have tons of school work to do, catch up with the due dates and all. I mean, I need to live up to my own standards, at least. And, I dread, cause it looks like I might stay home tomorrow, and I still have French notes to write....

and Test #2 for French is AT THE END OF SEPTEMBER.

Someone, please save me.

Not to mention Test #3, the most final one, is in the middle of November. D: Really, I am in such a devastating mood currently. It must be my hormones. Producing enzymes (or whatever they produce) that are making me depressed, stressed, and pained - in the stomach of course.

But anyway, big thanks to Bee and Kelv, the cousins. :D hahaha. They kept me entertained while I felt terrible, and Kelvin and I wrote the most entertaining nonsense story. Wanna read? I know you want to. :)
One day, we landed in this faraway island. We met a routs. We also met a routss. Routs and routss are siblings. They come from Kokking Island. So, we went to Kokking Island. Then, we met routssss. Routssss is routs and routss' father and also routsss' husband. We decided to look for routsss. While looking for routsss, we met routssssss which is routsss' grandchild. We decided that routsss is still alive. Finally, we found routsss. Apparently, she had divorced routssss and had a new husband named mouts. And the cycle goes on with the mouts. The End.
Only, it was way better written, but I can't remember it all to very clearly. But it was terribly hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing. Especially the divorce part and all. :P But trust me, it was his Language Arts assignment. We were to pretend we didn't know names of anything and name them anything we wanted. Plus, it was about Dr. Seuss, what to expect. :)

But, I adore Dr. Suess. Green eggs and ham. :P

Oh, and I've been into Anne of Green Gables books. As in, the series, ya'know. :D On the 4th one now, Anne of Windy Poplars. But the favorite is definitely Anne of the Island. I adore Gilbert, he's so nice. But you know me right, I totally fall for the heros in the books. If I could pick from my classic heros - say.. Gilbert (from Anne of Green Gables), Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice), or Laurie (from Little Woman) - I would definitely pick Gilbert. Darcy does seem a little too proud, and Laurie doesn't even marry the heroine in the end. (Although Laurie and Amy suit each other perfectly, it just isn't an ending I would want). And Gilbert is just all to nice to be true, he loves her no matter what. And although Anne is altogether very ignorant to the fact that she and Gilbert were meant to be, I still like Anne. :)

Oh, and the movie (Anne of Green Gables) is nice but I can't stand the fact that Gilbert does not look at all like how I would imagine him to be. And they do change the nicest part of the book. For example, Gilbert never was engaged to another girl in the book, but in the movie he was and he broke up with her to get back with Anne. Although its ultra romantic and all, it totally spoils the book. I mean, he not being engaged to another girl and only loving Anne and Anne only is the best part. Movies do spoil books.

I know, I'm a hopeless romantic. But, what to do? :P