Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yet another day.

Ohemmgeee, but seriously, I've been having serious PMS, it just totally sucks. Thank goodness there was no school this week, else Bee would get the worse. That why, boys who are reading this, you should be glad that well, ... you're a guy. I am so jealous. D:<

So, the short week has zoomed by and school starts next Tuesday. Who knows what I'll do on Monday, I might go to the futsal tournament if I feel like going, but then again, I don't. :P Like, I really don't need another tan, and that's probably all I'll get from going. :) None of my girlfriends are going anyway, and you know how guys are.

Weeeelll, so on Thursday I headed out to school and met up with Quel, Saph, Fer, and Kelv. A rather small group, but the smaller, the merrier. :D Plus, all we mainly did was talk, talk, and eat. Then, off to my house with the gals and the fun begins. :)

We baked, talked, cooked dinner, ate, talked, laughed till Saph cried (as usual!) and made up shortcuts for everything. Tty obviously means talk to yourself, but its a known phrase among Saph, Sarah, and I. :P Then, we added Lty and Cty to it. Laugh to yourself and Cry to yourself - only for Saph of course. (She was telling us about a H1N1 song and started laughing/crying to herself and we were like, "ooookayy.")

Other than the sad news Saph experienced, overall, it was awesomee. :D I mean, we camwhored like craze, laughed till you couldn't hear anything, pranked, talked and talked. Just acted like girls basically.

Oh, but here's the latest. There's this movie coming out and its called 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'. HAHA, like wth, lamest name ever. Yet to find out what it'll be about. :P

&&Voyage of the Dawn Treader is filming and I just found out what the Dawn Treader will look like. Its awesomely nice. Really looks like how its described in the book. And they found a girl to play Ramandu’s Daughter, but Ramandu’s daughter is just too pretty beyond words in the book. And the girl they choose is not pretty beyond words. hahaa. :P

I can just see the movie coming together. :)

Can't wait for December 2010, but that's awfully far away eh? But still. I would just die if I could be Lucy. No studying, you get to film, and have an awesome brother like William Mooseley. :) Georgie is one lucky girl, no doubt.

Well, till I feel the urge to blog again.
Taylor Swift You're Not Sorry

Monday, August 24, 2009

right back atcha. =)

Thus starts the 1 week holiday that everyone will say is absolutely boringg, but no doubt, will help us all. We'll all come back to school next week so eager to do work. xD Plus, at home, I can get way more work done.

So, I started cutting, measuring, drawing, sketching, etc etc etc. And finally finished ONE activity for Art. Like, only one after 2 hours of my time. Art is really killing me. There are exactly 24 activities in the entire book, no questions, and no Self Tests. All you do is, read a pharagraph, do a activity. Or, read a pharagraph, and then 10 activities follow. D: And the activities aren't the easiest ones either. Its like, I had to cut out 9 6x6 inches squares and then decorate them all. Wth? I totally lowered the measurements to 3x3 inches. :P

Oh, and I need to get started on French h/w. Agh. I have to write about where my house is located (in Française, of coursee.) so it'll go like, "I live in an apartment block which is beside other apartment blocks. Beside the apartments there's a school, a huge bunch of empty shoplots, and another huge bunch of empty shoplots on the other side. Across the road, there is.. errm, parking lots." The location of my house 'est ne intéressant pas.' Oh, gosh.

On top of my terribly uninteresting life, I am peeling like a lizzard, and I am not exaggerating. My shoulders are so dry, there's huge patches of skin gone, and I can practically peel off a huge sample for you, if you want one. xP It's disgusting, I guarantee you. Thankgoodness that the sleeves of school uniform are looongg. :)

And good luck to the tchoukball team in Melaka. :) Not that I really think you guys will beat everyone flat, but still, have funn. :D

Thursday: Quel and Saph, why are thou never online? :P
Taylor Swift Fifteen

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the best day.

So, yesterday, it was one of those days when you're not sure whether its good or bad. If it was a movie, I'd rate it 5/10. Speaking of movies, it reminded me of A Walk To Remember.

But totally, today was just rockin'. Laughter is definitely the best medicine. Just totally couldn't stop laughing today. Hahah.

So this is how it goes: I was doing this Science activity where I have to draw out the planets with an accurate scale and all. So, my dad and I were like sprawled all over the floor working on it, and we got the scale wrong. So with the scale we were using (which was wrong), Pluto would be 40 feet away from the sun. Imagine pieces of paper joined together till it reaches 40 ft and then there's this little dot for Pluto. We seriously couldn't stop laughing. :D heh.

Then in the middle of it, my dad went, "Why are you using you're brain?". Wth right. HAHA. He obviously meant, "Why are you using the calculator, use you're brain." :P

Oh, and my sis just finished baking carrot and apple cuppies! :) It was really hilarious cause I was trying out my skills with decorative frosting and it turned out pretty weird. Mostly cause the color was weird and it melted real fast. And my mom was trying to show me how to pump icing, and she did a worse job than me. HAHA. :) But it was funny, cause my sis made poop piles. :P && they taste scrumptious, so who cares.

Plus, its school holidays for one whole week. :D I'm so ready for fun. :) Again. I mean, you can never have too much fun. So, outings, slumbers, and partying, here I come. That is, if my parents wouldn't be so scared of H1N1. I mean, they stopped me from going to church camp cause its a public gathering. But like, we've been going to school and church and all lately. What craziness.

But, I own this awesome bottle of spray instant desinfectant that has a nice big sign that says..


Its total awesomeness. So, hopefully, if I remind my mom about the so called effective spray - that appearantly, according to her, is used in Taiwan and controls the amount of deaths there - she would allow me to go out, etc. :) (Or, she might read this. ;] )

On the other hand, I miss my Bee. D: I have her cute bottle filled with Cherating sand too. And, our fishing trip. =) Can't wait till she's back, which is tomorrow. :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Due to my total ignorance of sun, I have had an overdose of vitamin D. I am in a state of utter pain, cause my nose will surely peel, and my shoulders -- well, it feels like the skin is gonna just fall off.

But really, the beach isn't that bad. Plus, I loveee Legend's pool. Its so nice, and there's deep water so I can do diving and all. ;) Swam practically the whole day, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, biking, etc. :D Awesomee stuff. I got whacked in the face with the soccer ball when my dad kicked it way to hard, and my lip started bleeding. But other than the dramatics of sunburning and lips bleeding, it was a great vacation.

Plus, I missed all the drama in school which is.. kinda good. :P And, I missed two very important people's birthday, THAT IS BAD. ;)

Happy Birthday Yunnie! :D

&&... Happy Birthday, Quel! :D

You've been there for me always...

During slumbers and whispered secrets,

Like kindergarden friends. (P.S. pranking!)

Always there to snap a picture with. ;P


At 6 o'clock in the morning when we had to go through sorrow together and part with our beloved Zoe.

D.O.E. and all

I mean, it goes on till like, our trip to Cameron Highlands together.

More about my trip will come.. soon. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Image Hosted by
Indescribe, uncontainable. :)

I couldn't help but just be so glad that today's Thursday! :D Usually, I enjoy Wednesdays or Fridays, but seriously? Thursday? But its a great relief, because I dunno, my night is just free and easy for once. I tell you, French classes are just draining. My energy, my time, my patience.. and I'm dead by the time class ends.

I can't believe its August already. I mean, I'm dying for September to be over cause French classes end then, but even more dying for November to come. Because my major French examine is then, like right on the week of my birthday, has anything been better timing? D:

Well, since half the year has gone by, let's look back. Hmm, how has life been? Its been busy, but when I look back, its been great fun. I've gotten to know people I barely spoke to last year, or people I didn't even know last year, and they're my good good friends now. :) Saph, Yunnie, Fer, Tet, Joel, Ryan, Isaak, etc. Plus, strengthened bonds between old friends, like way out there in America, Ellie, and the list of founded friends on Facebook. ;) And friends over here, my Bee, Sarah, Quel. :) I've learned huge amounts of lessons, disciplined myself to do work as busy as I am, and have responsibility. I've learned to adapt to changes, accept where life's taking me, and be happy with who I am. I've learned that parting with friends is hard, but I mean, its not the end of the world. Friends come too. I'm still making new ones, Vickie & Katherine. :) So overall, the first half of '09 has been amazing.

Well anyway, get used to not seeing me for like 2 weeks after tomorrow. I'm so off to busy-ness, but in the best possible way ever. :) I'll be going for vacation to Cherating, BEACH HERE I COME. & after that, I'll be going for my church camp to help out with the children.

Then, there's school vacation, and Bee wants to go fishing. :D There's nothing better than the beach, biking around in the small town, plus fishing. Plus, I'm gonna be sun-blacked. :P

So fun, fun, fun.. here I come. Till you hear of me next. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sports Fiesta!

So, it ended up pretty fun, and like I expected. All you do is listen to the trumpets, panic and dance to the music, and then buy drinks, more drinks, and cheer your lungs out. :P

Of course, there was the added parts that we did not happen last year. Such as the friendly soccer game GRC vs. BFC. Honestly, but the GRC jersey sucks. HEH. And as expected, BFC won. But it was a good effort as that was GRC's first game.

&& team A got 3rd placee. Give me a wooohooo. :) We are awesomee.I mean like seriously, Eagle's Wings rocks bottoms. What more, our banner was the best. :P

Its so awesome right? Love the olive branches that Melinda and I added, plus the Scripture, words, the beautiful gold eagle too. :)

Plus, I gotta see the dearly beloveds. Okay, scratch the 's' cause like, there's only Gracie. :) Haha, but yes, I got to see Tommy and Gilbert after a long time.
Gracie and three of us cheer gals. :)

My pretty Pom whom I love to tease. :)

Esther! :)

But, then at the end, it was distasterous. D: Was in the midst of having telly matches when Fer and I decided to go to A&W. Went to get my money in my bag and found out that my handbag was stolen! OMG, panic! No, like seriously, I went like mental. What more, my hangbag was in a big duffel bag hidden by my clothes, and the genius took out only the handbag and left me my clothes and all. What more, he was so smart to steal my bag of all bags, it only have RM50 inside, no watch, no camera, no phone. And all around my bag was other cheerleader's things such as cameras and phones. =( Well, nothing much was gone that means too much except I had some precious memories stored up in my wallet, and my Forever Z&M necklace is goneee! (that's the saddest part, I just can't get over the fact that its gone.) And my lip medicine is gone also, plus my contacts, but not like the stealer can make any use of them right? Seriously.

Went to Bee's house after that. Her family is pretty hilarious. Her brother, Robin, was like to us girls (Bee, Sarah, Lyd, and I), "Waa, you guys all same color." HAHA. And then, her cousins or sisters-in-law's to be kept saying to Bee, "You're black already." We heard that about 10 times just during lunch. ;) And of course, seeing Roan (aka. Roanne).

The rally at church was okay, and different. Identity = Christ. :) Daniel Ross taught us to carry our own identity with Christ, and just to be ourselves. Life's too short to be someone else, anyway. (Bee said Daniel Ross looks like Channing Tatum, what a Bee thing to say). Anyway, I met him in PD last December. And he's really hilarious. :P

Okay, here's the cheerleading video that is pretty terrible, I am not exaggerating, it really is. It was SO messy, and the timing awfully wrong, but I mean, its pretty good if you keep in mind that we only had 2 weeks to learn all of it, plus, problems to overcome, and lastly, juniors. D: Keep that in mind while you watch. ;)

And a BIG thanks to Melinda. You are awesome girl, and thanks for giving up so much of your time to teach us all the moves, plus choreograph it all, helping us to make pom poms, doing our makeup for us, coming with us to wherever us cheerleaders had to go, designing the uniform, and last but definitely not least, having patience. :)

P/s. I am so glad there's no school tomorrow. :]

Friday, August 7, 2009

just the way it is.

I think we're ready. So thus,


Tomorrow's the big day when we rock the field. :)
So don't be discouraged, we are the girls.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

living by the minute, hanging by the moment.

Caterpillar in the tree
How you wonder who you'll be
Can't go far but you can always dream

I am so dead exhausted today. It was nonstop activities after one another. First, frisbee, then, lunch in 20 minutes, before we go and pick up the cheer outfit. Plus, I only got back home at 4.45. D: Yes, my life is very difficult, stressful, and exhausting.

However, I was reminded to live by the moment, as Jon puts it. Indeed, there is no need to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. (Matthew 6:34) I am 100% sure that my God is watching over me and leading me through this. :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

make every moment count.

& I don't why but with you I'll dance,
In the storm with my best dress, fearless.

I feel pretty deprived of free time, time I can enjoy myself to the fullest without the urging conscience that I should be doing something more productive, and finish off my huge load of things-to-do. However, the list in my To Do List never seems to diminish. Sadly.

Volley Ball training in school is available, and its just for girls, partly because they were so 'sexist' (as Bee puts it) to have football training and that's just for guys. So thus, we girl now have our sexist get back. Unfortunately, for me, I can't make it for the training which is every Friday, 4pm to 5pm, so sadly, I can't join. D: Talk about not having enough free time, seriously. I would only be able to join till like next year, when, by then, the tortures of French will be over! :P

I have a lunch to attend soon, and I haven't even done what I should of done such as catch up on my work! I'm really slacking, due to all the activities.

Well, quick random question..

QUESTION: If you saw ME in a police car what would you think I got arrested for?
ANSWER: (I dare you to put your opinion in my cbox) ;P

 Rascal Flatts God Bless the Broken Road