Friday, August 31, 2007

Like Mashed Potatoes

I'm gonna put everything I wanna say today in one BIG post... hope your eyes don't get tired reading it....

First of all... appreciation week is still on! And today is...

**People #16**
Fai and Yen
again I repeat.. i put them together for a purpose, not because they're less special...

well, you guys rocked! I enjoyed working with you on the tabernacle report...


My 99 Facts: (except I deleted some!)

1. Real name?
2. Like it?
yepzz! hazel chazel!!!
5. Male or female?
6. Elementary?
The Master's House
7. Middle?
8. High school?
not yet that old!!!
9. Eye color?
10. Hair color?
11. Long or short?
long, not that long now, it used to be!
12. Favorite color?
Baby Blue
13. Favorite animal?
15. Are you a health freak?
Not really, kinda... I still like McDonalds
16. Height?
almost 5 feet
17. Do you have a crush on someone?
haha... not gonna answer that cause I'm not sure myself!!!
18. Do you like yourself?
yep, just the way G
19. Piercings?
ya, ear
20. Tattoos?
21. Righty or lefty?
right, except when eating
22. First surgery?
25. First award?
forgetful me!!
26. First sport?
27. First pet?
28. First vacation?
30. First crush?
34. Hair?
huh? medium length
35. Thinking about?
this tag, duh!
36. Eating?
my tongue, I'm thinking that HARD! hehe...
50. Drinking?
52. I'm about to?
go swimming!
53. Listening to?
my sis singing
55. Waiting for?
someone to chat with me....
57. Wearing?
58. Want kids?
59. Want to get married?
60. Career?
Nurse or maybe something else
68. Lips or eyes?
69. Hugs or kisses?
hugs! celine come back I need your hug!
70. Shorter or taller?
73. Dark or light hair?
74. Athletic or normal?
same as paul lyn, athletic but NO muscles! hehe...
79. Drank bubbles?
Ya..they taste ugg!
80. Broke someone's heart?
hope not!
85. Been arrested?
86. Turned someone down?
87. Cried when someone died?
yea, my fish!
89. Yourself?
yea, sometimes
90. Miracles?
92. Santa Claus?
96. Angels:
97. Is there one person you want to be with right now?
yea, GOD!!!
I haven't deleted my blog, yet. Just be thankful for one more post... (only paul lyn convinced me, not enough to stop me though!)
Life is so complicated these days! Seriously, I am so stressed. One thing I'm looking forward to...
Sarah's coming back today! WEE HOO!!! The whole world is rejoicing, Sarah!! I have so much to tell you!
I don't want to hurt **you**, but only now I understand how *you* felt.. And now I don't blame *you* for acting the way *you* did. But I'm still sad... and I don't want to treat **you** the way *that person* treated me...


wei, public holidays are super boring man! totally...

yea, I'm totally dead bored.

can you imagine? for a whole year before I came to GRC I was at home, with NO Internet OR computer and NO friends, other than the oversea ones.

man, I must of been superman then or something!

well, now I am not superman... I seriously can't survive

someone SAVE me


oh yea, and check out the new link over there -->


I've decided that I'm totally useless. No one trust me to do anything so therefore I have no task to do. And, to end it all, this blog has no reason for being here! I don't even no why I got it! I seriously think I should delete it....

Yea, so I will...

unless you guys convince me to keep it still...

if your a super duper good at convincing...

meh, whateva...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Youth Rally T-shirts!

WeehoOOO!!! The t-shirts arrived today after school! And I got mine already! haha to everyone who haven't yet! too bad for you... =p

So cool right?

We ROCK man!

Blurrest of Blur!

(if you want to see more, visit my picasa web album and download them)

Remember to buy a t-shirt! Seriously! They rock man! If you're my size, the shirt is going to drown you! It is like totally SO huge on me! And don't forget to come to the Rally!

oh yea... and Happy Birthday Soph!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

all jumbled up together...

First of all, in the most random post I've ever writing, I'm gonna upload a picture!

Wee whoo! The flyers are out!

Anyway, this is so cool! I can hardly wait! You are ALL invited! It's gonna be great fun... exter-eeemm-ly fun! I can hardly wait! I'm selling t-shirts!

Second of all, appreciation week is still going on. So...

**Person #15**
Naomi Foong
This girl totally rocks! She was one of the first to come up to me when I came to this school and became we good friends. I remember her asking me to guess her name and I guessed it right the first time! hehe...the smartness of a hazel... (learned that from Sarah!) yea, thanks for being my friend, Naomi... love ya!

Shabeta and Kelvin are terrible! hehe...
well, here we go...

Name 20 people you can think of, and do this survey.
  1. Sarah
  2. Shabeta
  3. Kelvin
  4. Lydia
  5. Bee bee
  6. Wee yen
  7. Roberts
  8. Paul Lyn
  9. Fai fai
  10. Zoe the zozo
  11. Grace Goh
  12. Raquel
  13. Chanelle
  14. Isaac
  15. Dawn
  16. Paul Mae
  17. Tommy
  18. Emily
  19. Jia Yu
  20. Grace Kam
Questions :
1. How did you meet #14 (Isaac)?
In school...

2. What would you do if you hadn't met #1 (Sarah)?
OMG! I would die probably! I already am and she's been away for only a few days!

3. What would you do if #20 (Grace Kam) and #9 (Fai fai) dated?
hehe... that would be the day!

4. Would #6 (Wee yen) and #17 (Tommy) make a good couple?
weird tag...

5. Describe #3 (Kelvin)
Really friendly and treats everyone, old or young the same

6. Do you think #8 (Paul Lyn) is attractive?
Yea! Extremely...

7. Tell me something about #7 (Roberts)
A really great friend...

8. Do you know anything about #12 (Raquel)?
Yep! She is a person you always want to be around!

9. What is #1 (Sarah) favorite food?

10. What will you do if #11 (Grace Goh) confesses that he/she likes you?
I'll say I like you back!

11. What language does #15 (Dawn) speak?
English and sometimes I dunno what sort of language!

12. Who is #9 (Fai fai) going out with?
no one I hope...

13. How old is #16 (Paul Mae)?
10 but extremely mature

14. When was the last time you talked to #13 (Chanelle)?
just one hour ago

15. Who's #2's (Shabeta) favorite singer?
I dunno...

16. Would you date #4 (Lydia)?
ahem! that is my sister...

17. Would you date #7 (Roberts)?
Um, not gonna answer...

18. Is #15 (Dawn) single?

19. What is #10 (Zoe the zozo) last name?
Chang! hehe...she's my "sista" also! Tai

20. Would you consider being in a relationship with #19 (Jia Yu)?
weirdest tag ever!

21. What school does #16 (Paul Mae) go to?

22. Where does #6 (Wee yen) live?
Somewhere in the world...

23. What is your favorite thing about #5 (Bee bee)?
Always have lame jokes to tell...

24. What do you think about #13 (Chanelle)?
Really nice to be around!

25. What do #4 (Lydia) and #18 (Emily) have in common?
both girls...

26. What special qualities does #5 (Beeps) have?
Can keep a secret!

Who do I tag? Jia Yu, Hannah, and no one!

Oh boy! Forgot something important...

Happy Birthday Tallie!!!
Love ya and miss ya girl! I'll tell Becka or Jackie to wish you happy birthday for me...

WOW! Long post indeed! And I haven't even written about my day! Ahem, I don't think anyone wants to know what happened... byezz

Monday, August 27, 2007



....lalalala..... i'm guest bloggin 4 dearest Hazel!!!'s actually fun 2 du tis.. well..she is the 1st person i'm guest bloggin 4..[ lucky Hazel]......

well...lemme c... tis chick ah... very very AWESOME.... she is so sweet... always smiling.... very very smart... n most of all.... she luvs her frenz.. juz like she luvs herself*i luv ya gurl*

...she is also very pretty.. n cute... tis gurl is a ball of fun.. whn u get 2 knw her!!....

i found a saying dat reli matches tis gurl...

" dun judge a book by it's cover"

... when i first saw her... i thought she was so quiet.. n i was wonderin.. how am i gonna talk 2 her... i thought we were total opposites.... BUT.. i'm so wrong!

.... she is so loud nowdays... she luvs talkin... she is not afraid 2 show herself 2 her frenz.. she is always laughin.. n comin up 2 me" shabi,shabi...wanna knw somethng... hahaha"... b4 she even says it.. she laugh.. n it makes me laugh!...we r so alike!!

i reli admire tis awesome fren of mine!!!!

she looks so cute n sweet(she still is the same)
none other than HAzel ChAng....

Hazel n Celine....
dun't they look so cute!!!
Hazel is young n small... but she has a heart bigger than anythng
i luv the way she treats all the young 1's.. its the same way she treats all her frenz

well..wat else can i say.... tis gurlfren of mine..


i luv her 4 all dat she is.... n i will neva stop loving her hyperness.. cuteness n smiles

....... keep shining 4 u always du!...

.... with lots of luv.. n huggies..

Shab...!!.. *awesomeness rulez*

Sunday, August 26, 2007

**Person #14*** (Melinda)

**Person #14**
(*press to enlarge*)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Slide, Fall, and CRASH

Would you like it if the people your with in the mall walked so fast you couldn't catch up, and plus, you're wearing high heels. And then you fall...

Well, that's what happened to me. I was in Centrepoint (I know, Americans, it's spelled wrongly, but that's the way they spell it here) and there's this slope which you walk down to get into the parking lot. Well, my sis and dad were walking extremely fast. And so, here I am, with my pathetic high heels, trying to catch up. (P.S. Half my fault, shouldn't of worn high heels!) And so, I went swoooosh! Totally! My feet went forward and my neck jerked back. I put out my hands to stop myself and twisted them both. Well, I ended up on my bottom. No, I didn't hit my head. Thank goodness! Anyway, there were two old Chinese woman behind me and they were all like, "Aiyo!!! blah blah blah" I don't know what they said, it was all in Chinese. And then my sis and Dad turned around and all they did was say, "Are you okay?" then they started walking again. Anyway, I got up and started walking too. By the time I reached the car I was totally in pain... like crying because of the pain. Since my neck had jerked back it like cracked and was seriously painful. And my hands had twisted when I stopped myself so that was painful also. And right now, I can't twist my neck, but my hands are fine. And, to end it all, my ankle is painful and so is my back.

Getting to the point... my whole body is in pain. Even my inside... my feelings. SARAH! Come back please! Who's gonna understand what really happen? No one! Do you really hate me?

Friday, August 24, 2007

God's Promise

As we were driving to CG last night, I caught a rainbow arched into the blue sky. His promise to never flood the earth again. And when God makes promises, they last forever...

I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.

God's promises will forever last. He will never break it. And that's so wonderful. He'll always be with me..

Hillsong United - Through It All Lyrics

You are forever in my life

You see me through the seasons

Cover me with Your hand

And lead me in Your righteousness

And I look to You

And I wait on You

I'll sing to You Lord

A hymn of Love

For Your faithfulness to me

I'm carried in everlasting arms

You'll never let me go

Through it all

You are forever in my life

You see me through the seasons

Cover me with Your hand

And lead me in Your righteousness

And I look to You

And I wait on You

I'll sing to You Lord

A hymn of Love

For Your faithfulness to me

I'm carried in everlasting arms

You'll never let me go

I'll sing to You Lord

A hymn of Love

For Your faithfulness to me

I'm carried in everlasting arms

You'll never let me go

Through it all

Everlasting Father, I love You

Ever living Savior, I love You

Everlasting Father, I love You

Ever living Savior, I love You

I'll sing to You Lord

A hymn of Love

For Your faithfulness to me

I'm carried in everlasting arms

You'll never let me go

Through it all

More Hillsong United Lyrics...

**Person #13*** (Jon Roberts)

(Note to everyone...patience...your post is coming soon)

**Person #13**
Jon Roberts
I was reminded this morning of a wonderful quote. 'Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.' So Roberts, you're a lucky guy, cause I'm mad at you and I'm still appreciating you. Cause you first appreciated me...

Well, this guy is a great friend, and only a friend. If there was such a sport called the most friendly person, he would surely win a gold medal. Truly! He is such a friendly person and really cares for people. Extremely friendly and caring. You should get a medal...

Anyway, thanks for being my friend, and caring when I was sad. Continue to be as friendly as you are. God bless ya! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Days fly by, and go away...

Vacation is almost swiftly it has gone. What a week! Let's see. The first two days were boring ones, prisoner in my own house. On Wed the day was quite fun yet challenging and I got a bit emo. We went to school around 12:30 and I couldn't even go down to the center! Shabeta asked me if I wanted to go and eat and I said sure but changed my mind after I found out that Sarah was downstairs. Changing my mind didn't really help! Shabi forced me to go, weather I liked it or not! We got a ride from Brenda's mom and the three smaller ones had to sit in the boot! Happens to be that I'm one of the three smaller ones! How horrid! It was extremely squishy and hot! Anyway, I was glad to get out...

Back in the center, I had more fun. I guess you could call it fun. I got emo. Though no one noticed. Or, if they noticed, they didn't do anything about it. I was dead bored and mad at people and Sarah was gonna leave soon and all... yea... saddening... anyway, Sarah did leave soon and I helped Celine pack up her bag and carried it up for her. Then I hugged Sarah again and Celine again. Sarah! I'm gonna miss you like crazy! Who am I gonna talk to when I'm emo at school? And who is gonna hug me like you do, Celine? **sob** i miss you guys already...

the emoness of a Hazel... no one will ever understand poem...

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue.

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own;
A place to find serenity,
A place to be alone.

If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea,
But all these things I'm finding
Are impossible for me.

I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair,
But let me be what I know best,
A friend who's always there.

(and I'll do it for you if only you'll care again...)

Mile can't keep us apart, because you'll alway be in my heart.

**People #12*** (Grace Kam and Jia Yu)

**People #12**
Grace Kam Jia Yu Hong
again I repeat, just because they're post is together doesn't mean they're less special...

(*press to enlarge*)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

**Person #11*** (Paul Mae)

**Person #11**
Paul Mae
(*press to enlarge*)

**Person #10*** (Tommy)

**Person #10**
Tommy Bommy
Most cheerful guy alive! I wonder if he ever gets emo or stressed. He really fun to be around, loves to irritate people, and really kind hearted also. He's smart also... and is catching up with his Math and Bible to my level! I'd better work faster! hehe... I have two competitors now! Isaac and Tommy...

Tommy, continue to be that alway happy guy you are. Shine for Christ all the days of your life. You Rock! And work faster than Isaac but not faster than me... ahaha!

randomness of a Hazel

Got this of someone's blog...

maybe the truth is...
we hide because we want to be found..
we walk away to see who will follow..
we cry to see who will wipe our tears away..
and we let our hearts get broken..
to see who cares enough to fix them..'s so true...

we act sad or angry because we want to know who cares
we want to see if anyone actually notices
and when they notice, will they do anything about

does anyone care?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

**Person #9 (Zozo)

Hehe, I guestblogged on Zoe's blog. So just click the link at the right column. But the picture is so small on her blog so I'll post it here. Remember to check out her blog though...

(*press to enlarge*)

**People #8** [Gracie, Chanelle, and Soph]

**People #8**
Gracie Goh
I combined these three beautiful girls' post together for a reason. Doesn't mean they're less special... they all are really cool girls and are very pretty! hehe...

(*press to enlarge*)


Monday, August 20, 2007

**Person #*7* (Celine)

I haven't forget you...
  • Zozo
  • Grace Kam and Jia Yu
  • Grace Goh, Soph, Chanelle
  • Melinda
  • Dawn
  • Naomi
  • Paul Mae
  • Fai and Yen
  • Roberts
  • Tommy
  • Nyvish, Jeremy
It depends on my mood of who I wanna write about. Like some people in the list above, I'm kinda mad at them so I can't really write about them and be sincerely thankful. (Just an example, doesn't mean I'm really mad, but it doesn't mean I am not) Get it?

**Person #7**
Celine Ti
Cute, wonderful, and always and forever happy! A hug from her makes anyone and everyone's day! I love your hugs, Celine! They are so delightful! Your cute little 'hi hazel' lights up my day and I bet it lights up a ton other of people. Your so cute the seniors can't resist you and you get to sit with them everyday at lunch time! hehe...I don't! Continue to be that wonderful girl you are and don't forget the power of a hug! I want one from you when I see again! Gonna miss you and your sis when you guys go the China! Remember to miss me too! hehe...


**Person #6** (Shab)

**Person #6**

(*press to enlarge*)

**Person #5** (Isaac)

**Person #5**
Isaac Thong

This boy is extremely smart and is still trying to beat me in his work. Slow down, you're still extremely ahead in your work! Plus, your science is higher than mine... He's also an extremely great friend and is really fun to be around. He's only twelve and looks 15 as well as acts 15...

Continue to be so smart and keep on trying to beat me in my work. Plus, you are smarter. Hehe...

God bless =P

**Person #4** (Beeps)

**Person #4**
Ang Bee Bee
(*press to enlarge*)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

**Person #3** (Raquel the Ho ho ho)

(don't get mad, Raquel! it is your birthday!)

**Person #3**
Raquel Ho
Today is her birthday! Just the day to post about her! Perfect!

hehe, anyway, this girl is a total joy in my life. Her ever joyful smile is constantly cheering up all those around her. She's fun to be around, talks non stop for probably 24 hours straight! Truly! We've had a lot of fun going to Cameron Highlands together and all, right? A picture of her and I all dressed up warmly...

**I look terrible**she looks beautiful!**

hehe, yea! We had fun... remember April and Sparky? I miss them! I wonder where those rascals are now....back to the subject...

Raquel, have a wonderful 11th birthday! Love ya and continue to shine for Christ...

Friday, August 17, 2007

**Person #2** (Paul Lyn)

**Person #2**
Paul Lyn
part of our conversation...

Ħäzê¦ cHåZèl says:
who should I write about now in my blog?
. : PaUl LyN~ * : . says:
'why am i (hazel) so hyper, normally i'm (hazel) so quiet and pl (paul lyn) is the noisier one'
. : PaUl LyN~ * : . says:
Ħäzê¦ cHåZèl says:
Ħäzê¦ cHåZèl says:

So I'm gonna write about this extremely 'noisy' girl! She's such a joyful girl! She has cheered me up extremely when I'm down. I'll never forget that night...anyay...I love you Paul Lyn! <3>

**Person #1** (Kelvin Wong)

haha! I am creating another appreciation week! This time I'm gonna write about one person each post. (All my regular readers please tell the person I wrote about to read my blog...k?) Arighto! This might take a few weeks to write about every single one of my will depend on my mood! Anyway, here's a list of my friends so you guys will know I've not forgotten you! (Sarah is not included cause I already wrote about her...)
  • Paul Lyn (Girls first!)
  • Zozo
  • Shabeta
  • Raquel (I'll write about her on her birthday)
  • Grace Kam and Jia Yu
  • Grace Goh, Soph, Chanelle
  • Melinda
  • Beeps
  • Dawn
  • Naomi
  • Paul Mae
  • Celine
  • Kelvin
  • Isaac
  • Fai and Yen
  • Roberts
  • Tommy
  • Nyvish, Jeremy
Okay! Long list! 17 people in totally! WOW! You guys all have to make sure the people I'm writing about read my blog...Paul Lyn will be extremely good at that! haha! I'm trusting you Paul Lyn!

**Person #1**
Kelvin Wong
This guy is so fun to be around! He accepts people just as they are. Even if his english is not exactly wonderful, his character remains forever the same. He doesn't treat people younger than him differently, he treats old and young the same! I need to learn this from him: treat all those who are younger than you the way you treat your best friend. I really admire him for this. Kelvin, continue to be just the way you are. You rock...

God Bless Ya!!!

tHe hYpErNeSs oF A hAzEl

Yahoo! I just showed you all how HYPER I can be!! Yea, today I went totally hyper active! No doubt about that! Those of you who weren't sitting at my table at lunch, you missed a lot! Or maybe you were saved a lot from my hyperness! Seriously! I was dancing in my seat, saying hi the everybody I meet, laughing like crazy!! I went twirling everywhere! I love that song! You have turned *twirling* my mourning into dancing! You have turned my sorrow into JOY!!! I'm so happy and I have no idea why! I love the actions! Especially the dancing part! **dancing** ouch my ankle! I twirled too much! hehe...

Love You Lord! You're so wonderful...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Here is my Life

Here is my life
Lord Jesus Christ
All I have I give to you
You're God and my Savior
You make all things true

My life is on the altar
My reason living is You

You are my God and my salvation
Nothing compares to you
Each breathe I take
I give to you my God
Holy Spirit pour down like water
I'm hungry for your touch
Each breathe I take
I give to you my God

When things go wrong, all I can do is turn to my Father. He's the only one whom I can tell all my secrets. I love you Father!

what a day...I feel like screaming...i wish this never ever happen. I'm not mad at you. Really and truly, you're not a very good face reader...I dunno even if you read my blog...


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm neat person overall, my desk at school is clean, myself is, hehe, but my home isn't! Take a look at my room for's quite neat overall but some things are lying about the floor. But wait till you see my wardrobe! It's a mess! Totally! Everything's all mashed up together. But it doesn't show right? It doesn't matter...

But it does! Even if it doesn't show, it helps if it's organized. And plus when you open it up you can see the wonderful mess! It's hard to find what your looking for.

Is your life clean? The outside might look shiny, but what about the inside? When God opens the door of your heart, what is he going to see? Man might think you're orderly cause we can only see the outside. But God looks into the heart. And what will he see? None of us can look into people's heart and determine the real "us". ONLY God can...

Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7b

Monday, August 13, 2007

Missin' Ya

All my wonderful friends out there! I have not forgotten you. Especially not those in America! That's why this post is here. It's just for you! JUST ADDED MORE PEOPLE!!!

Becka Boo

The best friend you could ever get in this whole entire universe! I'm so glad I found her! The world is small! She's such a joyful girl with a constant smile and delightful manner...I just love my wonderful adjectives! Her beautiful blue eyes makes everyone smile. I miss seeing blue eyes and blond hair! She's fun to talk too, great to be with. Miss you girl!


Really friendly girl, and really smart! Her spelling rocks! My doesn't...haha... my constant email writer! I love getting emails from her. Jackie, get a blog! You'll do like really well in writing! Not like Becka! Hehe, anyway, continue shining for Christ! You rock! Thanks for continuously reading my blog! Love ya!


Super duper hyper girl! A really cheerful girl with a constant smile! She's so cute! Very loving and caring. And pretty too! hehe, love ya girl, and wish we could email each other, I trust Jackie to pass to this to you...keep on being that wonderful girl you ya and miss ya...


I forgot your real name! Such a long yet beautiful one it was. I miss your brown hair... I hope you somehow get hold of my blog and read this. The same as all the rest of my old crazy class! Just the word to describe them, but just the wrong word to describe you! You're like the most peaceful girl in the class. Miss seeing you everyday...


A wonderful girl, with terrific manners. I totally have to learn that from her!!! When I first came to The Master's House in 2nd grade she accepted me as I was, smaller and shier than ever, and we became silent friends. During break and lunch we would walk around outside saying nothing at all. On the 3rd day of being in that school, I got stung by a bee and she brought me to Mrs. Gerry. Slowly, as time passed we became really good friends, not just silent ones, and even if she didn't come to the Master's House the next two years, we still visited each other house, and we still keep in contact. Miss ya Amanda! Rock for Christ!

Stephen, Luke, Josh

The craziest boys I've ever met in my life. Full of energy and life, always laughing and giggling. Almost always...I can't imagine you guys now! Are you crazier or more mature? hehe... life without crazy people is boring. Miss you all a lot! Thank goodness other crazy people have replaced you...continue to shine for Christ!

Mrs. Fleurent

Best teacher in the world! All you teacher are great also! I've had this wonderful lady teaching me for two years when I was in 3rd and 4th grade. I sure did learn a lot! That's why I'm in such a high grade now! Thanks so MUCH! Love ya! Even if you're no longer teaching in a school, continue to teach everyone, old or young, 'bout Christ!

Mrs. Desjardin, Mrs. Shuman

Great, wonderful, terrific assistant teachers! You guys totally ROCK! Truly! Love ya and as you guys continue on with you jobs don't forget that you've done a great job and have impacted my life. Continue to be as wonderful as before...


Oh, and yea! Can't forget these two! I meet them in Massachusetts and we still keep in touch. I was in Mass like 7 years ago! That's how strong our friendship is! May it last forever!


Such a cheerful girl, smart, thoughtful, pretty! And very Jewish! Last picture I saw of her she looked like a typical Jewish girl. That's a good thing. You are Jewish! Haha...hope we can meeet up soon. Love ya...


Cheerful, and very weird. When we were all cold she was hot and when we were all hot she was cold! In between the four of us, Hana, Elisa, Lydia, and me, if we couldn't open something it would first go to Hana. If she couldn't open it, it would go to my sis. If she still couldn't open it, it would go to me. I was like the strongest of both Hana and Lydia. If I still couldn't open it, it would go to Elisa. If she couldn't open, no one could. Really, the strongest of the four. The most tom-boyish. No kidding, I was kinda like a tom boy when I was young. [I know, you guys are like all thinking, "Hazel? A tom boy? NEVER!"] But she was the most tom-boyish. Such a wonderful girl to be with. Miss ya Elisa...continue to be that wonderful girl.

Missing my friends...I surely am...

Friday, August 10, 2007


It isn't appreciation week but it sure seems like it since everyone is blogging about it...haha... anyway I want to appreciate someone who's really SUPER DUPER special to as well as all of you great and wonderful "humans" as Beeps puts it... just because your name might not be mentioned doesn't mean I hate you, k?

Well, first of all, my wonderful "senior" friends. I really am touched by the kindness of Shab, Dawn, and Roberts. I can share my secrets with Shab and they all encourage me and strengthen me spiritually. Not to forget other people like Chanelle, Grace, and Soph. And, of course, my wonderful sister who helps me in my work...I really wanna follow their footsteps

My so very wonderful "middler" friends like Paul Lyn, Zozo, and Beeps. Paul Lyn is such a character and she sometimes totally astonishes me. I won't forget the night when she helped me... zozo is like my sister, we look like sisters! She's such a joyful girl and really cheers me up... Beeps doesn't look like she can keep a secret but she sure can! She's like a tape recorder, I can tell her all my secrets, fears, whatever, and she won't tell a soul. And Isaac and Tommy who ask me for help and are just boys. Sometimes I even ask Isaac for help! Even if I'm not very close to Melinda she is an extremely trustworthy girl and I already share my secrets with her.

And the juniors, some of them are so cute and adorable! Little Jeremy and Nivysh make me smile even when I'm down and Celine is the most unique girl I've ever meet! She's always happy and joyful so brave and courageous! One day she'll become a middler and then a senior. Can you believe it? Little Celine a senior! Don't grow up so fast...

But there's one girl who really has touched me. She's always there for me when I need her and there's a hug ready whenever I need one. Even if she's down she still tries to cheer me up. She doesn't care what people think about her and acts just the way she is. I totally need to learn that! Don't care what people think about you! This girl is a role model and I can share my secrets with her and she will listen. She's brave like her sister and her laughter is contagious... I feel safe to share my secrets with her and I'm not afraid to tell her what is on my heart.

And, unless you're really blur, you obviously know who she is. I didn't mention her above. And you all obviously know I wouldn't forget her, right? other but...


I love you girl! You totally rock! Never forget you're special and that God cares! Continue to SHINE for Christ! Follow Him all the days of your life....**hugzz**

Crazy and TOTALLY Pathetic!

I updated! Finally! I've been going up the walls for like hours man! Crazy comp wouldn't boot up and still won't but thank goodness for laptops else I'll die! Really and truly! I feel like dying already. Just because I haven't used the comp for ONE day I already have so much to do on it...

Anyway, I was gonna tell you about the cocroach I chased all across the house yesterday. I am not exaggerating, and I'm not scared of them. I just wanted to get a picture of it and went as close as 4 inches away... but then it went into this really dark corner so I gave up and blew it under an old suitcase...and left it there

Hehe, and I have a picture but it's kinda dark...

Well, yea, accually I intended to write about something else but since I'm using my dad's laptop I don't have the picture I wanted. I hope I don't like lose all my pictures and stuff. OMG! So depressing. I shouldn't like think about it...

I really hope the comp is fixed soon...else I'll be bored stiff and you guys better call me often...hehe

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Want one? Go to

I am so glad that I have so many wonderful friends and a wonderful family, and sister, even if she's annoying sometimes...You guys all rock man! I am totally blessed to have you...

Just remember that God cares for you and that He's always there beside you. He will never ever forsake you. He loves you and I do too...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

To You:

Here is a typical letter which I write to my friends in Maine. (Now you Malaysians can see what I say about you!)

Hey guys!

I'm doing fine. School is fun and exciting. I hate to study for test...they are so difficult. Usually after school I go home and chat. Chatting is like my favorite hobby now. And blogging...

Anyway, the weather here is still as hot as can be but I'm getting used to it. I accually wore a jacket! hehe! But I was in an air-conditioned room so it doesn't count. I'm really grateful that the school has air-conditioning else I'll die. Truly man...

zozo come back!!!

Zoe! When are you coming back??? I have like tons to tell much has happen in just two days! Hasn't a lot happen? For me at least...

Yea, so my day...hmm...complicated. Really and truly was quite a day... hard to explain...

I still don't know whether you care, but I know that God does.

Secrets...hehe...I so wanna find out so many things.

I'm no longer mad... and ... I'm gonna be happy me again! Yippee! What a week. Tomorrow is gonna be a good day... whatever happens ... a good day is coming up ...

What should I do for day of excellence? I can't decide! Please leave a comment, all you "smart" people out there...hehe

Monday, August 6, 2007

Just a Dream

I wish it was all a dream. Why did it happen in the first place. whatever, whatever, whatever...
just friends k?
Anyway, today was okay. I feel like adding la at the end. I am sure turning into a Malaysian! I can't believe it! Hehe! Tomorrow is gonna be a better day, please...!!! It better be before I DIE! DIE of sadness and curiosity! Okay, fine, just kidding. I am still alive! Yahoo. That's a relief!

Why does school have to be so.... anyway, someone help me! I need your help Father!
why do you have to act like that...?
Tomorrow's gonna be a good day...I mean it! Doesn't matter what happens! It's gonna be a good day...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just as I am...

Guess what? I am blessed! Cause I am perfect in God's image! And life is truly amazing cause God is with me! And even if sometimes, life is hard, I'm still going along fine and I'll survive cause God is on MY side, and no one can harm me.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

flying by

Doesn't the hours fly by quick? And the days, and weeks? Today has gone by fast! I woke up at 7, well, I was suppose too, but it took a while. Had to rush to get ready to go and clean the new DUMC church, the Dream Centre. Man, it feels weird spelling it that way! That's the British way... anyway, we got there on time but it took like an our before we even started! We finished extremely early and went to McDonald's for a snack! Yum, french fries! Yea I know that the french fries in McDonald's are bad but I don't really care...

By the way, what's the word with this definition? in an extreme degree; exceedingly
and, if you wanted to send a e-card what site would you go to? Please leave a comment.

Thanks, nope, I've not lost my mind. Just need some info.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Keep on Trying

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

Just now, as I was cleaning my room, I was crawling under the bed to get something. I kept on trying to get on my knees so I wouldn't be flat on my stomach but the bottom of the bed prevented me. I kept bumping my head.

Did you know that getting into the kingdom God is just like crawling under a bed? You're focused on your goal and sometimes it's hard to continue going through the narrow path and you stretch out trying to widen your boundaries. But God's always there to push you back into track. He doesn't force us though, if we want to get out, he'll let us.

Yep, we're all wiggling through the narrow path of life. We bump our head sometimes and are discouraged and want to back out. But our goal is in front and we are almost there. We need to push on and keep on trying. Focus our eyes on the price.

Keep on pushing on. Don't give up. The price is in front and the path is growing shorter and shorter. Focus your eyes and continue to press forward.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Do wishes always come through? I wish they did. I wish that I had someone whom I could talk real private stuff to, who understands, who's older, and the youngest in the family. Someone who can help me with my work without being angry at me. Someone who's close to me and I feel comfortable with...the youngest in the family is a very necessary thing. People who are the oldest in the family only think that younger siblings are a pain in the neck and don't see how much we all suffer...

Anyway, my day was okay. I mean, work was fine and hard. I hate asking my sis for help cause she's always mad at me, or at least the tone of her voice sounds mad so I survived asking a few other people who didn't know! LOL! Anyway, I'll ask my mom or my dad.

Why do some things have to happen? I wish some things never happened...

I need a hug...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

American or Malaysian

Do you want to go back to America? This is the question that I always have to answer. Usually, I reply "yea" without even thinking. But then, the last time I was asked this question I hesitated and then replied, "yea". But do I really want to go back? Or do I wanna stay here in Malaysia. Am I more Malaysian or more American?

Malaysian: I don't know their language and their culture. I love the food and can take the chili. I'm just different in the way I act and more outspoken like Americans. I can't adjust to the weather and might never say 'la' or 'ma'.

American: I know their culture and act like one of them. I have their accent, even if it's wearing off. I love the weather.

I realized that I don't belong in either. I only belong to God. I will never fit in to the Malaysian family or the American, but I will fit in to the family of God. And I'm so glad I belong to a family. And that family is you all, brothers and sisters in Christ. I love you all and as long as I am with my huge family I'll be happy. I just wanna be with you. The only problem is will you allow me in. As neither an Malaysian or American, but just as I am. A child of God. Will you except me for who I am. Will you? Will you?

And the head of my family replies, "Yes, my child, I accept you. Come." He will accept you, any culture, any person. Come into his family. The gates are wide open. It doesn't matter what other people think of you. Whether you're popular, pretty, anything.

He is saying, "Come" but will you come?

"Come, my child, come..."