Friday, February 26, 2010

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If you don't like something, change it!

If you can't change it,change the way

you think about it.

Today, I logged on to my Gmail email account, and whoa! Tons of SAT questions awaited for me. So, I did about 23 questions and... although my writing and reading skills are pretty low, my math it extremely high. It remained 100% till I got one question wrong.

I think I'll be pretty good by the time I take it. No worries. I guessed on pretty much all the vocab questions, so once I really do study, I'll do fine. :)

I aim for 2000. Pretty high, I know. :\
Well well, what a pleasant day today. Nothing to do! Haha. I need to do some Math though because well.. I've been TOTALLY procastinating. Its like simplifying algebraic fractions - not exactly hard just long processes. So my brain stops functioning. And then when I ask someone for help, they'll be like, "hmm.." and while they're thinkin, I get the solution. =__= Its so stupid.

Let me give you an example:

See what I mean? Just by looking at it, it looks so hard, my brain refuses to function, and thus. I can't solve it. Although, it really isn't that hard. :P

Haha. I am lifeless, I know. Cause you obviously aren't interested in my Math question, I knoww. :)

I'm off to Sarah's in about 3 hours. :D :D Can't wait. Her house is like... my third house. Cause my second house is definitely Bee's. LOOL. :) But parties at her house are always REALLY fun. Can't wait.

Just hang on for pictures. They will be coming. (:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


You know what I discovered?

- I should stop forming bad impressions of people. Just because they don't want to serve in a certain area does not mean their bad or backsliding or something drastic like that. It could just be a simple reason like, they're not ready to, or don't want to get committed into something they can't handle. Nothing wrong with that.

- I shouldn't take things for granted. In one second, it all could be gone. Everything. Whatever I have now, I should be thankful for.

- I should stop self-pitying myself. Inside, I might think that 'oh, I've gone through so much more hardships than others' or 'man, they have a lot more stuff than I do', but seriously. I'm extremely fortunate, and I should be thankful of what I have.

- I should be content with who I am. I'm always complaining that girls are less fortunate, but hey! I wouldn't want to be a guy either right?

So many should's and shouldn't's, its crazy. So many things to do, places to go. So many things to think about, things to achieve.

But currently, I'm focused on..

#o1. Newsletter
#o2. Sarah's party
#o3. Art LPT tomorrow
#o4. Reading Boy Meets Girl
#o5. Lyd coming back with all my GOODIES

Life is awesome, no denying that. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

like a melody

Singapore was fantastic. :) You wanna know what makes it so very awesome and memorable time?

1) Swimming with the most adorable pink dolphins! I high 10-ed them, shook hands with them, hung on to the dorsal fin and got a ride, got them to sing through their blowhole, watched them dance and jump, got a kiss from them, fed them, tickled them under the belly, waved at them.. the list continues. It was definitely a great experience. :)

2) Plus, I met the lovebugs, Splash and Young. Since they have no arms to touch each other with, they touch each other with their mouths. Due to the touching, they have scratches on their body. Interesting huh?

3) Shopping. There was this gigantic art store in Takashimaya. HUGE. Called Art Friend. (I just realized through the shopping bag that there's a branch in Midvalley, the Garden) It was amazing. There was everything. Seriously. It was like, AC Moore. Almost. Close. Although nothing can beat AC Moore so far. I spent a ton just buying materials. :)

4) I finished my Impulse City Collection. They had the New York one and the Paris one in the big Watson and it was cheap so I indulged myself. :) Now I have all three - London, New York, and Paris.

5) EVERTON BEAT MANCHESTER UNITED, YEA BABEY. :D I am soo happy. I am absolute enemies of MU, so sorry all you die-hard MU fans. I have to admit, MU players are really good, its smooth and really nice to watch.. but yes. I still don't support you. P/s. MU fans, don't hate me. ;)

6) Watching football games makes me crack up. HAHA. You have to see the UN-tense side of it. I forgot what game it was, but the guy was SO funny. The ball goes flying up and he starts turning around in circles. LOL.

7) The Olympic winter games Curving is so oddly boring and confusing. It just doesn't make sense at all. And the Skeleton game is really scary. Its like, some guy DIED doing it. :-O

8) I get to skip school tmr. Pure lazyness is the reason. ;)

9) The coming few days has a lot installed. Prayer meeting on Thursday, Sarah's party on Friday to Saturday, Love Story dinner on Saturday (although I'll probably decline that..), and Lyds coming back on Monday.  :)

10) I'll most probably skip school next Tuesday too. So I can stay at home and munch on candy for the whole day long. Hoho.

And the disadvantages...

1) My stomach and head have been acting up since Thursday. D: Its really suckish when you have a headache or smtg and you take SO MUCH PENADOL. Okay, I didn't take that much.

2) Ulcers on the tip of my tongue and top on my upper lip. It really hurts! I can hardly speak, it hurts so much. D:

3) I'M BEHIND IN H&G. Really behind.

4) School on Tuesday. Sadly, school cannot be avoided forever. However, school has its fun moments, so not too many regrets.

Pictures will be coming soon. :D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

bon anniversaire à vous

Right now, I am in Singapore. Well, not right now, but by the time you read this, yess. I'll be busy swimming with the dolphins and shopping till I drop.

It's definitely nice to have a break. After working so very hard in January and February, a break certainly feels great. :) Plus, I've been getting awesome LPT scores and all. So happy! :) 95%, 99%, 100%. :D

YES. I GOT 100% on my LA 1010. :)

Anyhow, as there are SO many birthdays on Feb 20th, I decided to schedule a post so that all my awesome friends would feel.. wished. :P


I've known you since we were 13, that means 3 years ago. Woah. I've been to all your birthday parties, been to your house a million times, and you've been to mine a million times too! :) We've done everything involving school stuff together from making communication envelopes to worship leading. We have plenty of memories and "OH! You remember when.." moments. We've gone from discussing about shallow stuff such as boys to things like spiritual warfare and whatever. We've seen each other grown from immaturity to maturity, definitely. HAHA. :P

So, happy birthday my awesome darling. :)


Hmm, so I've been to Cameron Highlands and Gopeng (sp?) with ya. Basketball, skipbo, and odd various games. PAUL MAE. :)

Have a great one.


You in 3rd grade and I in 4th. That seems like centuries ago. I miss youuu. Although we haven't talked since forever, still remember the various memories of going to your house and playing truth or dare and hide-and-seek in your backyard. Heh. :) I will try to visit you SOON, when I finally graduate and head back to Maine for a visit.

Also, happy birthday to Wendy Ling and Mercedes Russel.

Random fact: Is May 20th a special day? ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


#o1. I desperately need a new display pic for my Twitter, facebook, this website, wherever. :-O But due to lack of DIGITAL CAMERA...

#o2. more camwhoring. D:

#o3. I cannot wait for this week to get by. Cause off to S'pore I go. :D To go shopping, and swim with the dolphins. :)

#o4. That was meant to be a surprise. :D I am soo excited. Dolphins are just.. awesomee. :) and friendly. And protective, I think?

#o5. AHAHA. Weeyen's fun fact in 'the letter' was Dolphins sleep with one eye open and one eye closed because one side of their brain can't stop functioning so that leaves one eye open. Sarah, Kat, and I were sure we could win the Fly fm fun fact competition with this one. =.-

#o6. That reminds me, Weeyen is so lame. He ends his letters with "Rescue is coming". OMG. REALLY? I AM SO GLAD. (I hope you sense the sarcasm)

#o7. The hot Malaysian weather is really affecting me. I got sick on Sunday, nice day to fall sick, huh? And I keep getting headaches, dried throats, etc. Ugh.

#o8. Oh, did you know that I'm born exactly 9 months from Valentine's Day? If you don't get that, I don't know what to say. ;) No wonder there's so many birthdays in November. HAHA.

#o9. I am going to make orange juice with my never ending supply of oranges. I am serious, I have like at least 50 oranges and 20 jars of CNY cookies and biscuits. That's a lot. Plus, I have no sister around to become FAT with moi. d:

#o10. If I could take all Lyd's angpaos for myself, I'd be double rich. :D Sadly, I'm such a good girl to save them all. Oh no, actually. I STOLE 'EM. :)

#o11. I can't wait for my sister to come home cause she has a huge bag of BEEF JERKY and CANDIES. And I can go crazy high. :D

#o12. You get what I mean, the weather affecting me? :P

Friday, February 12, 2010

chinese v's and w's

To start of my oh-so-brilliant post about how hectic and classical this week has gone.. here's a really nice saying from my friend's status in fb.
A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man needs to seek Him in order to find her.

I think that contains such brilliant truth. I definitely want my heart hidden in God. And it's certainly a MUST that my man seeks God first.

Well, my week has been crazy. My sister left for US last Saturday, my mom was in the Philippines, so that leaves my dad and I. Things I've discovered?

  • I am a violent dishwasher. Spuds just go, everywhere.

  • Its hard to estimate how much two people will eat. I either cook way too much or too little. =.-

  • Know that pasta expands, a lot. Dinner yesterday was classic. I cooked enough pasta for 6 big guys. :O

  • As a result, we had pasta for breakfast and lunch as well.

  • Math tests are really easy. I've been getting 99% on my Math tests, twice. Go 1103 and 1104! :)

Anyhow, the greatest news of all is that I have a Mommy again. :D Thank gosh. No more attempts of cooking dinner, not as much housework.. now I can just focus on work and rest.

Okay, off to do more LA, Bible, History - whatever. I'm really glad I have a 4 day weekend. Since last week, all I've been doing is housework, eat, study and sleep. I NEED FREE TIME. Movies, here I come.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wistful thinking.

To know what would have happened?

No. Nobody is ever to know that.

said Aslan from the book Prince Caspian

Monday, February 8, 2010

try me.

I can accept failure,

everyone fails at something.

But I can't accept not trying.

said Michael Jordan

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hey y'all. :D Just to keep you updated, Lyd has safely arrived in LONDON. :) She says its freezing. djsdhaks. Makes you hate Malaysian weather all the more eh? We've been SMSing each other, only RM0.20 each. :P She will be taking off from there @1240 hours, our time. Then, she should be arriving in Boston, MA around early tomorrow morning, our time yet again.

Anyhow, trips to the airport are absolutely boring. I plugged in my MP3 and slept practically the whole way there. Checking in baggage took a really short time, surprisingly. We ate @Mary Brown, don't ever eat there. Its not that bad, but not good either.

Just for your information, I didn't get sentimental. hahaha.
j(o.o)el says:
DID IT GET ALL EMOTIONAL WHEN YOU SENT OFF YOUR SISTER? cos i've seen that before. everyone cries and says goodbye even though it's only for a while. :P
ahh, pfftt. Jo is so understanding. ;)

After sending her off, we headed to 1U. The place was crowded. Stuffed. Red everywhere. Cats as deco, which, I observed, didn't have EYES. I'm serious. There were only eyebrows. Oh, super intimidating, I tell you. And their paws moved up and down realllyyy slowly. I honestly didn't understand why people wanted to take pictures with them. =.=

Well, my dad and I had a successful shopping trip. Although shopping with guys in general can seriously be hard. They don't give you an opinion. And if they do, you don't know whether its a GOOD one. Cause, basically, they aren't girls.

Anyway, I bought clothes from FOS and M&S, shoes from Summit, ate @Kenny Rogers and bought myself one beautiful smelling tea egg. Yum yum. <3

Arrived home, and watched this:

For the second time. :) Its a really good movie. Apparently, its created by 40 homeschoolers! Hmm. Although some parts of the acting is rather fake, the plot and everything is good. Overall, I'll give it an 8/10. Trust me, once you watch it, you'll be motivated to be like Rachel. To keep your heart pure and fresh. And to find a guy as patient as Caleb!

Indeed, what you believe determines what you will do.

So now the house is oh-so-very quiet without Mommy and Chech. Although, generally I make all the noise. Haha. I have a lot of housework to do, and work to catch up on. Why? Cause I totally procrastinated on Friday. D: Okay, not totally.

Oh, do you wanna know something which is good and bad at the same time? I weigh only 38 kgs. Aka 83 lbs. Gosh, yes. You can.. scream, or however you show surprise. I'm SO underweight! D: The difference between my sister's and my weight is 9 kg. :O Haha! Jo gave me 5 tips on how to become fat. He could only think up of 2 though. xD

hazelchazel™ says: HAHAH
j(o.o)el says: DON'T EXERCISE!
hazelchazel™ says: FIRST. how tall are you?
j(o.o)el says: ermm..
j(o.o)el says: i don't know.
j(o.o)el says: :P
hazelchazel™ says: DON'T EXERCISE?!
hazelchazel™ says: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH.
j(o.o)el says: HAHAHAHA
j(o.o)el says: I'M FLABBY AND HAPPY!
j(o.o)el says: :D
hazelchazel™ says: WTH.

I definitely need ways on how to gain weight but not grow in WIDTH at the same time. AHAHAH.

I think that was a long enough post. For now, tchao. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My week has been rather dead, but hectic at the same time.
#o1. My mommy is in Philippines. Thus, I have to wash the clothes, do the cooking, maintain the house.
#o2. Jie leaves for wonderland this Saturday.
#o3. School is dull. Seriously the word to describe it.
#o4. Jo and I haven't been talking lately. So I'm catching up on him currently. I miss his awesomeness. (See, yet another moment.)
#o5. Auditions for the worship team are happening. I sat in for the first guitar audition. They were so nervous. :-O
#o6. I got an MP3. Like, finally.
#o7. Singapore, I seriously can't wait for a break. :)