Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 9: Unstoppable

Shout it from the rooftop

Write it on the skyline

#o1. Numbers are essentially important these days. For one thing, I am counting down a lot lately. 6 more days till my Facebook fast is over. 11 more days till the dreaded test date. 13 days till I start school again. 19 days till the birthday. :) 30 days till Thanksgiving/Award's Night/release of SAT scores. 1 month+ till Zoe and Mel's return and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader comes out. And well, if you really want to count further, a little more than half a year and I'm off to my beloved America.

#02. Just finished writing an essay about "The Pursuit of Happiness" which I think is my best written essay so far. :) We shall see what the English teacher aka Daddy says when he reads it later on. But it seems cogent, coherent, and all those nice describing words.

#o3. Next Degree's birthday bash went okay. Got to see Justine, Tommy, and Matthew so that makes it a big thumbs up. Worship was pretty good, found a group of God-fearing, wonderful girls with whom I prayed with. :) The lipstick thing was ingenious, it was so awesome-sauce to see bee's red nose and lips. With the whiskers. HAHA. Oh, did I mention I totally lovee Yunnie's naturally curly hair. It's like a doll's hair, shoo pwettyyy.

#o4. I'm still on my crazy soccer spree. USWNT play Haiti coming October 28th for the World Cup qualifications. After that they meet Guatemala and Costa Rica. USMNT will travel to South Africa for the game on November 17th. MLS season just finished, with LA the Western Champions. :) They will play against Seattle in the playoffs. Carlos Bocanegra got injured, but not to worry, St. Etienne are still doing wonderful. As for Borussia Monchengladbach - Michael Bradley, show 'em whatcha got.

#o5. Just found out I need to submit in my ASU application as soon as possible so I can access information concerning scholarships, letters of recommendations, and personal essay. Waiting for the Dad to come home and give me the green light, as well as the magic card. :P

#o6. Today marks Practice Test #16. Finished my sister's old book. Got the highest score ever. :) I'm feeling quite prepared. Science is figuratively killing me, and I should go tackle that right now. So till later, goodbye lovelies.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 8: Time to Party

I'm feeling pretty swell right now. Number 1, studying for SAT has been doing good, considering I've gotten 2000+ for the last couple of practice tests. :D (It's not been doing good considering that I didn't progress very hard in my vocab words.) Number 2, today's Next Degree's birthday bash and I'm SO excited. :) Number 3, I have this absolutely fabulous (but extremely short) new hairstyle that makes me feel light and young. HAHA. And number 4, no practice test for today, yippee. =)

So since I don't have to take a practice test today, I did some sample questions on College Board which made me feel pretty good about myself as well. ;)

Ohyeahh, beat that. >:)

I gotta run. Going to school noww. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 7: 2100 =)

Be the fire in my heart

Be the wind in these sails

Be the reason that I live

Jesus, be the center.

I am happy to tell you that I finally reached the target of 2000, exceeding it by 100. Now I'm finally feeling smart. Looks like all that studying actually did help. :D I still have a million vocab words and haven't reached "G" yet. :P Decided to stop going by alphabets, so starting today, I shall be studying an assorted lettered bunch of words.

College Board, my faithful companion in this whole crazy process of college preparation, has reminded me of something I didn't want to know.

18 days, are you kidding me?

Like Sarah said, when you were younger in a lower grade, you had lots of time to use the computer and chat with your friends. And then, as you grow older, you still want that same amount of time for chatting, but evidently, reality doesn't allow such exceptions. I think it's utterly unfair because not only do I have limited socializing nowadays, but I also have to cut down a lot of my time in front of the computer. (It's easier to do so when you're on a fb fast. ;] )

However, it's especially difficult when you're in the middle of a totally interesting conversation with a friend you haven't talked to in ages. (Like I am now.) I mean, there's so much to catch up on. And then he goes, "brb". =.= SO LIKE MATTHEW.

Essay to be written, and remembering the dreaded number of 18, I'd better get going.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 6: TGIFriday & Fifteen

Word cannot describe how glad I am that it's finally Friday. My brain is burned to the core at this point. Today marked my 10th practice test, and although I don't exactly see a drastic amount of improvement, I'm working on it. Scraping the skyscrapers of 2000 but I'll reach it - see if I don't. ;) 22 more days, and College Board is my constant reminder.

(Fair warning: this post is gonna be jumbled, extremely arbitrary, and not at the least cogent. Keep in mind the condition of my brain.)

#o1. Yesterday I stumbled upon a piece of irony which made me think and as a result, make a promise. How often do we say something that perhaps is cliche or polite, but not really meaning what we say. For example, we go, "I'll pray for you." but when prayer time comes you completely forget about praying for that person. No bad intension involved, just mere forgetfulness. We end our wishes with a "God bless you" but do we really sincerely want God to bless that person? One may even misuse the words "I love you". Who knows. "I love you" are easy words to say when you're expected to love that person, or its a close girlfriend of yours (for the girls out there).

I made a promise to myself at that very moment to always mean what I say. And especially remember to pray for people I have said, "I'll pray for you." Because that can be the hardest promise to keep - think about it. They'll never know if you kept that promise or not. Its simply up to your own conscience.

#o2. Talked to the big brother yesterday. Haven't done that in a while. :) Made me miss him even more than ever. Because I will never stop missing him, but sometimes its more than usual. Before I went to sleep, I remembered that little insignificant saying he'll tell me. Its not profound in any sense, but I always remember it. He'll say, after one of my constant emotional breakdowns at the age of 13, "You'll understand when you're 15." And I'll think, what is there to understand when I'm 15 that I can't understand now?

Well after a few years of anxious waiting (and perhaps forgetting his infamous saying), I think I've finally hit the well. I do remember that when I turned 15 last November, I thought, "Well here's to number 15 and whatever I'll understand this year." And as my 15th year of this life draws to an end, I think I finally understand what he meant. So here's to the profound moment of revelation.

When I was 13, my sister was the constant problem in my life. I'll always be upset about the way she was so mean to me (biggest bully ever, I know), how I felt so much expectations upon myself because I was the sister of the great, genius Lydia Chang. Much more than that, but that pretty much sums it up. That's when Jon told me, I'll understand at 15.

It's rather vague what he meant, but I now understand what he understood. I don't think any words could describe it. But if you're the youngest in the family, I'll tell you this - you too will understand at 15. At 15, stuff like that no longer bothers you. Maybe its the carefree attitude that comes with puberty, who knows. But you also discover a new type of self confidence that leaves with the assurance that you are different and unique. Not even your blood related sister could share that uniqueness with you.

I guess its only coincidence that my sister left for college when I'm 15. Because that plays a huge role in understanding what Jon meant. I think the best way of describing it is this : Learning to let go. Letting go of the little grudges you hold against others, letting go of the friends whom you cared about (and who possibly didn't return the same feelings), letting go of the people who slip out of your life as quickly as they slipped in, letting go of the hurts, simply letting go. Because life's a journey, changes happen, and clinging on to the past isn't gonna help anything. And when we learn to let go, we realize how much we have now, instead of counting our losts.

The best part of letting go - the future ahead looks so aesthetic. Bright, colorful, and promising. And you don't have to look back.

So to bring that profound moment to an end, the song "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift comes to mind. Just because of the name, the lyrics are rather irrelevant in this situation. But anyway, it made me feel good that I finally understand what Jon meant. And like I said, don't try asking me what he meant. Because well, it's not exactly capable of being described with words but I did try. Maybe it's only something blood related, yea catch the pun, siblings can understand.

#03. Doesn't it bring shivers down your spine when you think of the amazing job the Chileans and Americans did in rescuing those 33 miners? It gives me shivers. It makes me proud of the effort people put in for other people. Lives are precious, indeed.

#o4. I'm getting pumped for the coming Friday. Staying at home is mentally exhausting because I work more than 6 hours a day. Worse than school, truly. So I can't wait for the break. :)

Oh, and on another note, who's willing to skip school to go out with me on the 5th of November? Hah, I kid. Be good children and go to school. But seriously, day before SAT has been proclaimed as a holiday by me for me. So I'm all up to an outing or something of that sort. As long as I don't study at all. I know, unheard of. :P

And andd, suggestions for my 16th celebration? Ideas are welcome. (My mommy was like, do you want a 6-foot ice cream too? =.=) And don't say, "YES! Let's do a 6-foot ice cream!" because that would be just mean. I am not crazy over ice cream.

#o5. My blog stats have been diminishing. I've been getting only like 10 visitors a day compared to around 30 per day. So c'mon peoples, clicky click, I know you love me. :) Toodles for now.

P/s. Its crazy ironic how coherent my title is with my blog post. Number 1, I'm really glad its Friday. And Number 2, I talked about being Fifteen and well, it's the 15th of October too. &lastly, number 3, Day 6 is for the letter F. So there you go. :) I'm ingenious, you don't have to tell me, I know. :P

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 5: Ex's and Oh's

Click here to read the sweetest story. :)

#o1. Today, I found evidence that all the writing and extensive vocabulary words actually have benefited me. I feel smart. :D Did really well in my Critical Reading section.

#02. Finished the Firstborn series by Karen Kingsbury. I like fictional novels but sometimes its so unrealistic. Honestly, someone like Dayne does not exist ever. You can never find a Hollywood star who's America's heartthrob that's totally in love in a typical girl - and to tip it off, is crazy after God's heart. I mean, seriously. Description of my dream guy that doesn't exist.

#o3. USMNT tied with Poland 2-2 on Sunday. Which was pretty okay because they played well. Big Man Altidore scored, and so did even taller man Oguchi Onyewu. (And I love his name because I don't know how to pronounce it - making it lovable.) And there was Carlos Bocanegra then, even if Landon was MIA.  &just so you know: Bocanegra, Donovan, and Bradley are my favs.

#o4. Followed the US against Colombia (with the "O") game this morning. Tied 0-0, can you believe it?! Apparently the 4-3-3 formation ruffled them up and Bradley and Jones were stepping on each others toes. =.= (I blame it all on the fact that Landon and Carlos were MIA, and there was only Bradley there. HAHA.) Michael got a goal in, but Josy was offside. Don't you just hate it when a goal is scored but called offside. I mean, that 3rd goal USA scored against Slovenia in the World Cup seriously should have counted.

#o5. Anyway, since you all are suckers for US soccer and only bother following the Premier League or something, I'll leave you trying to analyze what I just said and go study Science. How's that for an ending? Adieu mes amis. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 4: D is for a "Dearth" Society

I have two drafts entitled Day 4 and have never actually gotten around to publishing it, so let's get Day 4 done and over with. I still haven't mastered my dreadful C's, but I'm working on it - while moving on to D's. I'm kinda panicking because I've only done like 3/26 of my entire stack of vocab cards and its to 11th already? Shoot me already, my memory is failing quickly.

Anyway, tomorrow marks the day when I do a brand new practice test without Chech's erased marks over the right answer. (Which makes it painstaking easy for me, muahaha.) That shall be the real test of how genius I really am. I am hating critical reading increasingly everyday. Really, you can't expect my vocabulary to be that extensive.

Science, on the other hand, is going pretty good. Had a short visit to the school today, where Mr Nicholas imparted all his knowledge on the subject of chemistry to me - thank goodness. :) Spent some good bonding time with 'em buddies, which was a huge relief after been cooped up at home for the longest time imaginable. Laughter is definitely the best medicine. Visited the second home too. ;)

College applications are underway. I have yet to pick out people to write my letters of recommendation and begin that dreadfully long list of personal essays. Need to write my resume too. It's gonna be a busy busy 3 to 4 months ahead of me, I foresee it.

Dinner is ready and my stomach begs mercy so I shall close. It doesn't look like the blog will be very alive, after all my life pretty much consists of SAT, Science, college, food, sleep, work, did I mention SAT? Toodles.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Like Dandelion Dust

This is called unfair. It probably isn't even in Malaysia. D:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 3: a "Capacious" Life

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances,
but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.
~Hugh Downs

Is a person's happiness based on circumstances or attitudes? Plan your response, and then write an essay to explain your views on this issue. Be sure to support your position with specific points and examples from personal examples or examples from your reading, observations, or, knowledge of subjects such as history, literature, science.


Above is an example of a topic I would receive to write an essay about. I have 25 minutes in total to write my essay. By the time I read the above plus actually think of examples to support my view, there's 15 minutes left to write it. Yea, well I go through this every day fyi. Welcome to the tortures of SAT.

For the record, practice test are a killer. I'm taking one every single day, so that translated into very simple English means: "I die everyday." Not even kidding. A practice test has 9 sections which takes up a total of 3 hours, no break in between. I don't know how I'm gonna survive on the real day. At home its much more comfortable because the desk chair is large - and don't forget it's twirly! - plus you have plenty of elbow space.

Besides space and comfortability, my worse crisis is definitely time. Seriously, I can never finish the math questions in the time they give me. &Math being my strongest point, that is bad because I'm getting them wrong simply because I haven't even done them yet!

And then there's these long reading passages that I could fall asleep reading. Yesterday I encountered one that was actually interesting. It was a portion of a story which was written with the same style of Jane Austen in a historical setting. Of course there was a tinge of romance, and just as I'm starting to enjoy it - it ends abruptly. I was like, thanks a lot, ETS. =.= (Yea, but I really wanna finish the story so I'mma search it up, HAHA.)

Staying off fb the last couple of days hasn't been much of a challenge basically because (1) I'm hardly on the computer and (2) ussoccer.com, mls season, and soccer in general is a totally good alternative. :P Galaxy remain #1 while USWNT beat China 2-1. :) Ohyeaa.

Well basically, I'm sick and tired of SAT and dying to get out of the house. I'm so psyched for the weekend because it means no practice test to take up half my day and leave me exhausted for the other half. Hopefully I can go out, do some shopping maybe, or something on that line. :)

P/s. I do not miss school. HAHA.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 2: B is for "Beatific" Feelings

Hey peeps. :)

My weekend was packed with activities until I woke up Sunday morning with a cramped stomach and a very sore back. I was practically the definition of despondent, so my plans for a filled day went out the window. I planned on attending a university fair @ Hilton and seeing the representative of SCAD, but alas! I was in too much pain.

And how could I overlook Saturday and Sport's Day. (I'm counting my last's nowadays.) Picked up Charmaine and arrived at the very wet and muddy field @0715 hours. Ran 'errands' for Christina and Mr Nicholas, emceed, and proceeded with the telematches. The hip-hop performance was pretty good too. :) Oh and did I mention that my team is absolutely awesome? Cause it is, and we won. :D

Okay and then, I was innocently standing around when Bee comes and goes like, "Hi Hazel!". (I should have suspected something then, but I didn't put the adjective "innocent" for no reason.) Next thing I know someone (I don't even know who!) picks me up and Bee takes my feet and I'm carried and dropped into a puddle of mud and water. Of course, you can't forget the screaming but it didn't really help. And then I get up and Jill and Jamie cover me with more mud. (Like I'm not muddy enough already.) And then, of all things they want a GROUP PICTURE when I look horrendous and everything. =.= It was apparently my goodbye present, I mean how kind and appreciative they are of me. And now my back is really sore. You all should feel bad. Now I'm like an old woman with back pain.

It's okay I forgive you. :)

Well I arrive home in the worse state imagined, and stayed in the bathroom for 2 hours straight - not even exaggerating. I washed my shoes, my clothes, my hair, and myself. :P It took ages and ages to get all the mud off my clothes and stuff. I mean, I formed arm muscles just because I scrubbed so hard. Which is good. (Y)

Today marks my second day of preping for SAT, I've mastered 70 vocabulary words so far. (I need to make that 100 by tonight.) 33 days till doom's day - College Board never fails to remind me. Did a practice test and died a million times. Its so longgg and I'm always running out of time for my Math Sections. Seriously, how to finish 20 questions in 25 minutes? Please ETS, be reasonable.

Well the good news is I got around 1700 - 1800, so I'm pretty satisfied. (I mean, give me a break, I was sick with a painful stomach and a sore back while taking the test.) Plus, the evil test gave me a fever so I have every right to hate it.

Rested the rest of the day because well, I'm feeling pretty sick. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow, because I have another practice test to tackle, as well as my Science book, and more vocab. Pray for me, please.

P/s. Parentheses are the chill. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 1: A is for "Abstruse" Words

Abstruse words, indeed. I abominate my increasing large stack of vocabulary cards. I am aghast. It is utterly convincing that ETS wants to abash, abase, and abate my very well being. It has left me feeling inadequately adroit, neither has it given me an accolade for my knowledge, but only serves to adumbrate me of the tortures ahead. I wish I was agile in my ability to memorize words, but that is not the case. I accentuate and advocate you to start your memorizing at a early stage.

Talk about learning new words. I've learned at least 30 new words in a matter of 1 hour. And well, if you can actually understand the paragraph above - I'll say you have a huge vocabulary. :P (especially if you're Malaysian)

1st day of staying at home and prep-ing for the dreaded SAT. It was peaceful and relaxing, greatly contrasting a regular day in school. Only thing  is my mom is also staying at home with me, for the entire month of Oct - there goes my dream of freedom at home. Greeaattt, just great. :)

Also, today's the 1st day of my Facebook fast. I have to say, I decided to commit to such a fast at a moment's impulse. I'm not suffering - its only one day, and I've gone many a day's without Facebook before. It does get addictive in a way though, so I'm really glad I'm having this fast.

Off to making more vocab cards, deciphering my sister's messy handwriting, and reading more about the Math Section. Tomorrow's sports day at such an unheard of hour in the day. See y'all then - and my team is awesomee. :D