Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March

It's been a crazy last two weeks. I feel like so much has happened in just a matter of 14 days, the excitement could have lasted two months, at least.

- First of all, I got my acceptance notifications from both Abilene Christian University and Savannah College of Art and Design. I've also gotten scholarships for both. :) I was accepted into Appalachian State University about a month ago. All the colleges I've applied to have accepted me, so now it's up to me to choose.

- Last Thursday at PE, I had the time of my life playing soccer with the middler guys. :) Scored two goals. Made Leonard fall. :O Dragged Raquel into playing with me. (thankyouu darling <3) Loved every minute.

- Just yesterday, I headed to my "second home" to use Bee's laptop (mine was at the repair shop) and attend some SCAD virtual online fair. Listened to the presentation while my host and dog slept. -.- The former on the couch, the latter on my lap.

- Speaking of Bee, she's back from Australia! :) It's so nice having her back. Plus, she's totally spoiling my teeth giving me all sorts of candy. Just this afternoon I consumed half a bag of Chachos, a Twizzler, Jolly Ranchers, and a piece of cheese. Talk about trying to eat healthy. Did I mention I have really HIGH metabolism? You can't make me fat even if you tried.

- 30th March marks the sad, tragic death of a rat I just met. It was love at first sight. <3 She was so adorable, with a little fat white stomach. Thankfully, I got to play with her before she was killed and all her insides were opened up and examined. However, "playing" with her didn't go very well because she was so nervous all she did was poop and pee all over the table. In the end, I had to pick up the pooping and peeing rat and put her back into the cage. Watching her fight for her life was saddest thing ever, even worse then seeing her being dissected.

- On a happy note, Jason felt so bad for the rat, he went to the pet shop and bought another rat - supposedly her daughter - to keep as his pet. Isn't that nice of him? He might bring the rat to school and I can shower all the affection I want on it without the painful thought that it's gonna die soon.

- Today was last LifePac day. Didn't manage to take one test, so as of right now, I have 11 tests to go. Accomplished 29 books in this quarter. :) If I keep up my speed and stick with my schedule, I'll be officially out of high school by May.

- Got myself a part-time job! Will be starting next week.

- Really thankful to God that His plan for me is slowly unfolding and everything's coming together. Looking forward to the huge transition ahead of me. It's kinda bittersweet, but usually one focuses on the sweet part, and not the bitter. I have so much to do in the span of 5 months before I finally start college. Pray for me!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making someone's day

Ever felt like your day took a sharp turn and the next thing you see is a beautiful scene spread before your eyes, a rainbow in the sky, and nothing looks dull any more? And it's just because someone took the time to give you a compliment, a smile, a hug.. or made your day by a small deed.

For some strange reason, it makes my day seeing someone making another person's day. Like watching a guard buy ice-cream from McDonalds for his fellow guards, and even if it's just the RM1 type, he walks out like he's carrying the biggest trophy in the world. Like seeing dog and man spend a minute in their busy lives, rephrase that - in the man's busy life, to ponder in each other's silence. Like observing a bigger boy play with a younger one. Like seeing one person cry simply because her friend is crying. Like observing two people exchange a hug. Like watching someone's eyes light up with a smile because someone else just made his day.

But right now, I too could use one of those day-making experiences.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

quick update

It's been a good few days, with these little things to highlight:
#o1. I got 87% on my Math 1209 LPT. Not good enough for me, so I got Mr Nicholas to fail me. Took my alternate and got 100%. :)
#o2. I was accepted to ACU - that stands for Abilene Christian University.
#o3. I got a partial scholarship there! :D I'm pretty happy and surprised. I almost got the Presidential Scholarship, which is the most prestigious scholarship, just missed it by a little. I'm pretty content with the partial though.
#o4. My sister's in the news. "Lydia Chang of Biddeford" HAHA, cracks me up. Read it: here. She says she might get into the Biddeford newspaper as well...
#o5. The mother is baking bagels right now and I am about to go consume one, very soon. :) Nothing beats bagels and cream cheese.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stuart Holden

Nigel De Jong breaks Holden's leg three months before the World Cup. He works hard and recovers in time to play for the WC. His dad dies from a rare tumor and Stu starts an organization named "Holden Heroes". Now, his knee gets gashed up by Jonny Evans, with the probability that he could miss the USMNT friendly against Argentina and the semifinals against Stoke in the FA Cup. Stuart Holden, I salute you. You're the reason I support Bolton. :)

DailyMail | Soccernet | Official Site

26 stitches on the knee, scheduled surgery in London on March 21st, and off the pitch for six months - missing the friendlies, semi-finals, EPL, Gold Cup... Taking it like a man. All the more, the reason I support you.

@stuholden says: "Just had a sincere phone call from Jonny Evans wishing me the best in my recovery, def wasn't intentional, just unfortunate part of the game."
@stuholden says: "I can promise you all I will come back stronger and better than before. Have had bad luck in the past and will continue to beat it. #bwfc"
@ileksua says: "Stuart Holden, 26 stitches 6 months out, took it like a man. Nani, 5 stitches 3 days out, cried like a bitch."
@euanholden says: "Off to London to take care of the big man @stuholden . Road to recovery starts today. Nothing can phase this guy. #incredible"
@hazelchazel says: Salutes to you, Stuart Holden. You've been through a lot in a matter of one year and taken it well. I respect you.

Bolton manager Owen Coyle says Holden "has such desire, strength of character and a winning mentality, and he will draw on all those attributes in his rehabilitation."

Okay so he seems to be taking it well, Jonny Evans even apologized, but seriously? I'm still pretty upset and angry about that tackle. 26 stitches and 6 months recovery is a lot to deal with. I've got tons to learn from you, Holden.

BBC News | ESPN | The Guardian | Soccernet

Friday, March 18, 2011

home alone

So I have to admit, I'm pretty glad it's Friday and school reopens coming Monday. Yea, I sound insane, but honestly, how nice can it get spending an entire week, aka 5 days, stranded at home with your computer, itouch, and books to keep you company? I'm practically suffering from lack of talking.

- Anyway, I've been keeping myself entertained in the kitchen. :) Seriously, I feel so domestic, it makes me proud. I think I make a good housewife. Yea, picture me laboring in the kitchen all day with an apron tied on, sweat pouring from my forehead, creating delicacies. No, I can't possibly imagine myself doing that for a living. That would be a sad life. I want a really interesting life, not one in the kitchen or at a desk, for another matter.

Back to the subject, I really was creating really yummy lunches.

Okay so I'm not good with names, but whatever it's called,
it's basically Vermicelli with garlic olive oil, tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese.
It was good. :)

And then I made my chicken pot pie.
This is what it looked like before it was put into the oven.

The result made me feel like a very accomplished and experienced cook. HAHA.

Next up: FOCACCIA BREAD. ♥ My mommy's gonna teach me how to make it... soon. Because it's so good, I can't possibly imagine having to part with it when I part with.. my mommy? ;) But seriously, I think everyone should eat it at least once in their lifetime. I don't anyone could possibly not like it?

- Other than laboring in the kitchen, I've been doing the regulars - school work, being lazy, curling up on the couch doing the synonym of nothing, did I mention being lazy - plus indulging in movies...

Omg, I'd rate this a 8.5/10. It is SO funny and sweet all in one.
Seriously, I love love love the dry humor. :P

Anna You'll have to kill me before you get a dime.
Declan Now that's an idea.

Pretty typical Christmas, nanny sort of movie. 6/10 perhaps.
Of course, the guy's handsome and the girl's pretty...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Although I don't celebrate it. I know I'm a bit late, but theoretically speaking, I think it's still March 17th somewhere in the world at this moment. Don't ask me which part of the world though. Anyway, some people go all out for this event. As in, you dress in green, you eat greens, you go look for your four-leaf clover, you dye your spaghetti green. I'm not even exaggerating. So I saw this tweet by Christine Rampone - she's the USWNT soccer captain just in case you didn't know, and I'm pretty sure you didn't - and she dressed her daughter up for the event:

Isn't that cute or what?! Her name's Reece and she gets to travel with the USWNT when they go play in China, Portugal, wherever. That is so cool. I am totally jealous.

- On a more serious note, keep praying for Japan and Libya, in fact the whole world. I know quite a lot of people in Japan and I'm really grateful that none of them have been affected. However, think of the families who have been affected, and imagine what they're going through. It dawns on me on how blessed I am, and here I am complaining and being discontent over the smallest things.

- I gotta go study and take my horrid Math test which makes no sense whatsoever. Then there's that honors essay that I've been stalling on for at least a month already. Oh, and lunch. Always, the foooood. :) I've been eating so much if it weren't for my high metabolism and exercising, I would be fat. Mind the WOULD BE.

Till later! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains." Matthew 24:6-8

It makes you wonder, huh? A few years ago, when I was so naive and frightened about all these disasters, I remember opening my Bible to this verse. Ever since then, there's peace in my heart and the assurance that God's in control of this world. :) Just a little thought for you as you go about your daily life. Bless!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

we're ladies, and we cook the food

So there's Bee, Raquel, Sarah, and I. Bee's infamous statement of the night:
"I'm nice to everyone except Sarah and Hazel."
Wow, Bee. -.- You could have said you're only nice to Raquel.
Anyhow, I had a blast of a time at Bee's house yesterday: cooking dinner with the girls, watching YouTube videos, laughing hysterically for no reason, playing with poor Romeo, pampering Roan, sleeping at 4am in the morning, and playing the Wii. Dinner was delicious, we had a feast - literally. There was spaghetti with either pesto or prego sauce, a big bowl of salad, soup, focaccia bread, and mashed potatoes. Only downside, we had no men to feed. AHAHAHA.

Today was unproductive, cranky, rainy, and moody with no work done simply because my Math and Science are looking like a foreign language more and more these days and also because of the lack of sleep I got. So, yes it's kinda like my fault so I'm not blaming anyone. :P Just watched the Birmingham vs Bolton Wanderers game and am so happy that BOLTON WON. :) Also watched Leap Year which is a really nice movie - I love the guy's dry humor. I would rate it 7/10. Yea, didn't I tell you it was an unproductive day? All I did was laze around watching videos... a movie... and a soccer game.

Thank goodness there's no school next week! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

that odd feeling of apathy

I need to get hold of this movie... somehow.

- School's been typical.
- Science is pretty interesting. Learning about light.
- Can't wait for this Friday and the week after that! :)
- USWNT made it to the final of the Algarve Cup. They meet Iceland tomorrow.
- Been indulging in Kingsbury's Above the Line series and Lewis' Amish books.
- Gonna go paint my toenails, listen to music, read, or simple laze around.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

the thoughts on my heart

It's ironic how every time I have something better to do, or something else I should be doing, I have this longing to blog. For example, right now, I should be studying for my History LPT, figuring out my complex and very confusing probability, or taking a language arts self test. Even better, I could be writing something more beneficial than this blog post, such as completing my Honors College application essay. Instead, I find myself here, writing this. Talk about discipline.

Anyways, to balance my guilty conscience, I usually try what is known as "multitasking" although its more like switching from one task to another frequently. It makes me feel somewhat better, instead of feeling like I wasted any entire night blogging, reading, or watching soccer videos. (Which is what I do, plus a cramped in 5 pages of work. Hah, now you know I'm no good girl.)

Currently, I'm talking to my sister and describing to her the ugliness of my knee wound which I formed last Saturday when I was playing soccer with the dad. This is what happened. He has the ball and is running towards the goal. I run after him, duhh. Next thing I know, I fall. (I am fully convinced it was a push, and since I'm so much smaller than my dad, it resulted in a fall.) So Clint-Dempsey-like, I know. =.= Well the stupid scab kinda disintegrated on me today, so now its very red and raw.

I guess my sister has it worse, she broke her leg.

Oh, and while I'm on the roll of being random and switching to different topics every paragraph, talk about trying to multitask. Here I am trying to blog, chat, and study - all at the same time. Not working. And did I mention, I love the preview button. It's so cool. I press it like every 2 sentences.

Well it dawned on me that February went by really fast. But then again, it is a short month. At this moment I have 19 LifePac books to go. :) I shall be finally done with high school in the month of May. I'm really really excited cause after that I have like, 3 months of nothing-to-do. HOW NICE IS THAT. I've never had such a long period of time when there was absolutely nothing to do since I was like, 4 years old or something. So yea, I'm all jacked and everything.

We all know there's been a lot of people leaving school to change to O-levels and all. And while I'm accepting it perfectly fine, there's always that lingering thought at the back of my head knowing it'll be my turn soon. What more, my case is so different. Here we have people moving to a new highschool. I'll be moving across the country, to college, to a place where friends and families aren't minutes away, to a completely new environment, to a new home. Just thinking about gives me jitters of equal excitement and anxiety.

Okay, so I should really get to the studying part of my night. :P But here's a very random post just so you see a little bit of what runs through my mind all the time. Multiply it by 1000 and you know how much I think and how far my thoughts wander. Oh, &btw, I'm really glad tomorrow's Friday. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

et cetera;

i love those guy friends that look after you.
Looking after you as in, if you talk about other guys that you like, they won’t get jealous or clingy. Instead, they’ll tell you if you’re wasting your time or to be careful. Those guy friends that protect you from getting hurt. They warn you about anything. They just care for you and you can talk to them about anything. There’s no awkwardness between you two and he makes you feel good. Yeah, that guy. A friend.

(via lissybliss)