Monday, November 30, 2009

of popcorn, pickles, and.. CRANBERRY SAUCE.

Ever since that awesome conversation with Joel and CAPLOCKS, I have officially gone high. :D I was like, jumping up and down, screaming my lungs out, dancing around in circles. Joel is BAD influence. ;)

Okay, well not that high. Cause today I did some serious thinking. And in order not to forget all my thoughts, I scribbled it down with the most horrid looking handwritting ever cause my nails were still wet with polish. :) Baby bluee, yea.

Anyhow, my Friday was awesome. It was so.. carefree. :) I popped popcorn in the afternoon and went totally high trying to toss it up and catch it in my mouth. I succeeded and became pro, I am not lying. I love kettle corn, its just.. sooo niceee. :D

Saturday I had to go to the dentist. Which, sucks pretty bad. I waited there for like. hours and the whole checkup thing only took like 5 minutes. My teeth are in such good condition. :)

Sunday was really really busy. Went to church, this singer from the group Boney M was there so they asked her to sing. She sang My Life is in Your Hands and Amazing Grace. Such a powerful voice. :D Then, we went home, at a hasty lunch and then sent my sister off to the Curve. Then sent my mom to Bangsar and then, home again so my dad could NAP. Wooow. Then, off to the Curve where I went shopping. Saw Yunnie in Mackers, she didn't see me. :P Picked up my sis, headed off back to church.

At church, there was this international carol thingy, so different country groups came up and sang. I joined the North America group. :) I discovered that South Africans don't have to be black. Half of their population is white also. They speak Afrikaan, which is basically Dutch. Anyhow, it was really interesting, hearing all the different languages Christmas carols.

After that, headed off to Bangsar again. I love Bangsar. :) So posh.

I have been totally into reading Little Woman for the hundredth time. I just love and admire Amy. She's so artistic and loves light blue, and has such a gentle spirit. And Laurie is just altogether to charming, handsome, and sweet to be realistic. Like, how could such a perfect guy exist?

Today was basically, stares at LifePAC books, procrastinate again. And thought really hard. You wanna know, you wanna know? I know you do.
  • Why does the world rank people by how much money they have, their talents, or looks? Why can't the world see that character and values are more important?
  • Sometimes, I see how ironic it is to talk about something so pointless, things that don't matter much in life. And I wonder, why don't we talk about something more meaningful?
  • I want to be a girl full of spirit and gracefulness. :)
  • I look for a guy with charming manners who has courage and honesty. I guess I think that looks aren't that important anymore; good character makes one handsome.
  • I think 15 is a turning point. I feel so much older than 14, so much more matured, and you definitely realize more and understand more. No wonder its called bittersweet.
Okay, enough rambling. I think I've taken 3 hours just to write all this. Its really frustrating how long it takes to update one simple post. :P tchao.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So, Jo and I went absolutely high at 11.30 at night. :D hahaha. CAPLOCKS! and yeaa. I'm ordering mcdonalds like, NOW. I love my life. Anyhow, proof of MY awesomeness.

j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
j(o.o)el says:
......... FINEEEE.
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:
j(o.o)el says:

I totally love our MSN conversations. :) I love that cutie.

A Jolly Merry Thanksgiving to y'all! :)
There is nothing like turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.
I definitely miss that. =\
 I love vacation. I can stare at the wall and talk to myself. :D "Hi, meet Hazel. Hazel, this is hazel." ;) And I also can laugh to myself which is also very entertaining. Today, I watch Prince Caspian again, after having watched it a billion times already. (Just be glad I'm not obsessed with HSM3 like Bee is!)

I just love Edmunds hilarious bluntness. Its like:
Caspian and Susan are kissing and..
Lucy I think when I'm older I'll understand.
Edmund I am older and I don't understand.

Well, anyhow. Wednesday was fun. Went to the old school and the new place, it is absolutely gorgeous. :) Went exploring with Pom. Moved boxes and boxes. Totally got scared of lift doors, well I've been always extremely scared of them. :P Hahah, it was really funny seeing Pom's and Quel's bumbums getting stuck in the lift door though. And when Quel screamed "boo" to an innocent worker in the lift. AHAHA.  I love Yumi burgers and slurpees. :D

But then, I came back and got the worse headache imagined. And I am not making a scene, Jo. Its true. But panadol does wonders. :) And then, I wanted to go to school today but my parents had such a busy day today, I wouldn't of gotten any transport home, so yea. I stayed at home with my anti-social sister who spent 3 hours solving her Math problem. So geekish, I know.

I practically lazed around the entire day. Did some LA, History, Math.. okay. No math. I actually sat down at my desk for 20 minutes 'so-called' doing Math only to realize after those 20 minutes that I didn't even have my pencil with me.

Well, I have nothing more to say except, white nail polished nails are really awesome looking. Except white nail polish is really hard to paint, so I only painted one nail. Hoho, I am so pathetic. :D
Jojo Let It Rain

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today, I wore Axe body spray. I wasn't tackled by any women. MLIA.
I couldn't help pasting the above, it was just soo funny. However, I totally predict that half my readers do not get the significance of this, so thus, Kat and I shall laugh over it ourselves. :P

So, during a period of 2 days, I've discoved some very interesting things. One of them I discovered only cause I read a whole section of LA outloud to myself. It actually helped me understand it clearly. However, in the midst of my beautiful reading, my sister ran into my room and exclaimed, "ARE YOU TALKING TO YOURSELF?!" I honestly don't know what's wrong with tty-ing. :P

Today, since everyone else was in work, I was able to talk to myself the entire day without disturbance or weird looks. Talking to yourself is surprisingly really fun because you aren't sure which person is talking. Cause you always talk in the first person, not second person. As Joel puts it:

ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says what do you talk to yourself about?
j(o.o)el says i ask myself how i was
j(o.o)el says and then i told myself i was fine.
j(o.o)el says and then we had common interest
j(o.o)el says so we talked about it.
ǝzɐɥɔǝzɐɥ says OMG, SO CUTE

Anyhow, back to what I discovered. Although I totally adore the eyes on one's face, and definitely think it is the best feature, I have to admit that the voice is most important. I mean, common. Some guy may have the most melting blue eyes but the scariest voice too, and that totally ruins the outcome.

 I also notice that the more you stare at a picture of yourself, the more you dislike it. I came to this conclusion because for an art activity, I have to sketch myself. The picture I chose of myself is becoming very ugly.

Tomorrow I'm off to school, but sadly I can't take two test that I desperately need to take. So, instead I shall be a good sport and go and help UNpack. :D Help aka talk. If I actually survive cause Joel plans to mock the life out of me. :P And be a third wheel with Josh, wait that makes it a third and forth wheel.
My head is freaking pounding. I shall tchao now. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

all bout this week.

The thing about love
Is I never saw it coming
It kinda crept up and took me by surprise
And now there's a voice inside my heart

That's got me wondering
Is this true, I want to hear it one more time

This week has been on hectic week full of stress, happiness, joy, sorrow, and loveeeeHAHAHA, Weeyen's speech. :P

Well, I shall just summarize my whole week in a few pharagraphs. :)

This is definitely worth sharing, it was so fun. Went for 'tchoukball' on Tuesday. We played like.. half a game and Quel & I were the only girls. So, we were centers cause we didn't want to wear evil knee pads and then get an uneven tan for Awards Night. Terrible centers, mind you. :P

So, we were playing happily. Okay, not happily cause I was so frustrated with myself when I couldn't CATCH the ball. I was like jumping up and down screaming "EEE!" (inside joke!). And then, it started pouring cats and dogs and I ran under shelter. Well, then it almost flooded.

Then, THEN! Neilson and Joel ran off to the playground and Quel and I decided to follow but stay in the comfort of the slide. So, we ran all the way and ducked into the slide. It was super fun sitting in the slide listening to the rain and spazzing with Quel cause.. well, Calvin kept on climbing up the slide and then slipping down the very second after he placed himself comfortably. :P

Went swinging in the rain! :D The bestest ever. I have lots of memories swinging in the rain, don't we Jon? :) We had a competition aka. a LA composition, or a conversation. I WON. In your face, Jo. And then, Raquel started spinning on the swing and she almost whacked her head on the pole, Joel and I were all like :O ohemgeee. Then she fell. Expected.

On Wednesday, I finally finished the backdrop, yeaa babeyy. :) Its awesome, awesomeee, AMAZINGLY stunning, I just adore it. :D Thanks for all my backdrop crew, especially Melinda. And you have no idea how scary it is to stand on two chairs that are stacked up. ;P

So basically, my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were definitely stressful days and just zapped the energy out of me. But as Justine said in that sweet touching note of hers, I shouldn't let stress overwhelm me. And I love my Jojo, he's always there making me promise I won't stress and de-stressing me. Even though, I do not keep my promises.

Awards Night was the bomb. I think everyone was very cooperative, it went smoothly and on schedule, and the presentations were great! It was really touching during the graduation, they all looked so.. like GRADUATES in those gowns. :P And, well. Only disappointment was that everyone was taking pictures with the old students and I didn't take hardly any pictures, I was all busy and stuff. D:

After Awards Night, went off with Bee and family to eat. We sat there, and I tell you, her brother is pretty funny, you know.. in the BEE BEE SORTA WAY. Must run in the family, eh? He was like, "You guys must of spent a lot of time together ah? All the same color. Always in sun together." AHAHAH. Then, later on he thought Lyd and Bee looked alike. What? He was like, "Before today, I only had one sister, now I have 2 more." LAWL.

When we arrived home, the weirdos didn't even want to shower. I was all like, "But I needa shower!" In the end, they were all whining about me hurrying up and getting into the shower, I didn't shower. Anyhow, I was licked all over by Roanne. She is so adorable.

So, we dragged down blankets after blankets and a billion pillows and set ourselves up nice and cosy in the TV room. Watched a movie, and then Lyd's went to sleep while Bee and I stayed up and played the Wii. I was soo high, and Bee started laughing for NO reason. AND AND, I BEAT BEE IN BOWLING. By one point. But still, I managed to beat her finally! And then, there was this lame game that was so funny. By the time we went to bed, it was 3. :)

Well, then. My smart genius of a sister woke up at 7 and started talking to Bee cause Bee was apparently awake. And I, who was so soundly sleeping, always gets waken up when someone nearby talks! Like, omg! So early. Lyds went to shower, while Bee & I, fell back to sleep. Well, tried to, that is. I was more like, just lazing around cuddling Roanne darling.

Party day was fun. Arrived there at around 9.45 and hardly anyone was there! O_o Sat in this little circle, slapped Jon a lot, laughed, talked.. ate. The noise was uncontrollably pounding so I slipped into the centre for awhile, only to be shoo-ed out. Then, there was this whole long hour of supervisor's speeches and graduate speeches and we had to sit on that freaking STICKY floor. So, I was mainly squatting, standing - any position that does no involve touching the floor

At the end, I was overcame by such sad emotions, I went around hugging people. :P And then, the photo taking spree. Peoples, send me the photos yea. And then, I left and then, yea. I napped. Cause I was just so tired, and you know, eyebags are not the trend. :P

Well, lastly but definitely the best, here goes to all the appreciations for all those whom I've grown closer to this entire school year and good old friends too. :)


Sarah Ti My good old friend since 2007. I still remember communicating to you half across the room, talking about every guy on planet Earth, and etc after ever. I love growing with you, going through experiences with you, worship leading with you, sharing responsibilities with you. Basically, thankyou for being with me throughout this whole year. ♥

Raquel Ho We've been through so much fun together, slumbers and swimming, whispers and serious talks, shopping and ice-creams! And I've seen you grown a lot spiritually, and thats terrific. ♥

Sapphira Yeoh I'm so glad I met you this year. You're always there when I'm having dramatic mental breakdowns and saying, "Chill lahh, chill!" She has a disease or some disorder called Pnuenoidontpeeinmypants-buticrywhenilaughatlamethings. And and I'M TALLER THAN YOU! :D hahahah. I still love you for all you are, being short and all. ♥

Vickie Phang Its been really great knowing you! And you looking like me and all, and people coming up to me and saying, "Hey Vickie!". O_o And you understanding everything Malaysian don't. :P American accents, and candy, and andd.. AP classes. ♥

Kathryn Phang Hahaa, you are adorably talkativee. :P But, I guess it runs in the '94 babies blood cause I am talkative, so is Sarah.. and Esther, andd... Tetsuo! Hahah. You're helpful and.. responsible too. ♥

Ang Bee Bee I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I wonder how come you did so many LifePacs eh? All my awesome influence. :P You totally deserved those two awards darling. And sitting beside you is like, the funnest thing ever. ♥

Goh Paul Mae  I hope you get your voice back cause its really sad not talking to you. :P I love your funny weird imaginated stories and matchmaking. And teasing you with boys all over Malaysia. :) ♥


Jonathan Daniel Roberts Chorch You have a looongg name. :P I'm so glad that I've known you for 3 years, and I love you more than a billion sweedish fish. Or Yumi gummies. ;) Thankyou for always being there for me, for comforting me when I'm sad, the hugs, and for teaching me SO much. When you finally graduate I shall be so happy for you, yet I'll cry loads. I know I will. ♥

Lydia Chang Tian Fen Chech I am not gonna miss you when you go off to college, I CAN'T wait. But, yea. Thanks for being what a sister would be. ♥

Matthew Tan Eng Kit Didi I really miss you, but thanks for being a good brother. For all your lame talks and Friendster moments (Friendster is so overrated.) And for.. being you. ♥

Jojo-ellaaa Tan Kar Shenn I know you know you're awesome, but here goes: you're terrifically indescribable awesomee. :D Only because you have an awesome sister, you so know that. :P Thank you for all the pokes, and all the mocking, and all the teasing with the totally wrong people. And for just listening when I rant and talk crap. ♥

 Zoe Tai Jinn Ern Meime I MISS YOU. And you rock. You know it. I love just telling you.. everything. We needa talk soon. And update that Wordpress post. ;

I always say that boys.. shall be boys. ;)

Keiffer James Barry thankyou for being the one whom I can talk to about any random thing. Thanks for trying so hard to be a good boy and being gentlemanly and all. :)

Tetsuo Takahara Well, I'm glad I got to know you better this year and seeing you on fire for God was really touching. And your Japanese wittyness. (:

Kelvin Wong You're just like your cousin, but I love you both. I still remember our composition about routs and routsss and routssss. :P And lemon tarts and talking to you about... people. :)

Neilson Ngoi You were an awesome emcee. Seriously, you were so natural at it. I love your wittyness and your.. funnyness. (:

Timothy Oh Yesh, I think you're hot. Its no secret cause well, hahaha. You are hawt. :D And its been great getting to know you and.. more about you. :)


Justine Tan Mei Ern CS forever. :P Its the awesomest code ever. Like I said, I'm gonna miss you so much. All the random comments shared between us, etc. You are the best darling. ♥

Lim Wee Yen A big thankyou for really caring for all of us, and you are definitely are a great role model to all of us. Like I said, I really respect you. (:

Grace Wong Hui Ern I'm really glad I got to know you better this year. For the period of time I sat beside you and all the long talks we had about spiritual stuff. It was really nice talking about it to you. ♥

I love you guys loads. Well, pictures shall have to come in another post, cause I think this post is definitely long enough. You guys have fun at the music workshop thingy tomorrow, yea? :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

say it again to me.

Why not take crazy chance 
Why not do a crazy dance
If you lose the moment 
You might lose a lot
So why not?

Thursday and Friday (and today of course) has been a blast! Are you ready for a "this happened, then that happened" sorta diary update. I dislike writing these, and I bet sometimes they're freaking boring, but I shall make it interesting since it was 2 very awesome days.

Basically, its been Awards Night backdrop all the way. I hardly even open a LifePac book, yes imagine the pressuree. D: I am so behind in my work! Anyhow, the backdrops getting along well, its gonna be the awesomest backdrop for Awards Night ever made (so far). :D Cause well, next year, you never know, we might make an even better one.

So, all the sewing was done on Thursday and I was out of things to for the helpers to do. Had a long chat with Josh about stitches and which stitch we should use and etc. My awesome brothers from another mother were totally being unproductive and Jon started patting Joel on the back singing this super weird and cute song, HAHA. It goes like this:

Soft kitty, warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty,
Purr, purr, purr.

Jon is so hilarious. Then at lunch, was walking up with my two brothers and they started singing it together. I was like, soo omg. It was so funny. We sat down and they started singing it to Chanelle but in the end it was just Jon singing cause Joel and I were.. having a laughing attack.

Friday was basically the same. No more.. sewing, because some genius forgot her sewing kit, I wonder who that genius was. ;) I had to do some measurements of cloth and that involves math and Joel & even Timothy were all like, "Why are you doing Math?!" Hello, its measurements. ;P Anyhow, Jo was sleepy and he started singing that song to Michael. Like, wth.

We worked hard, 'cutted' out terribly un-proportional stars and painted them. Went high with Esther, got mocked by Joel (He just loves to mock me), screamed "Eeeeee". :P Finished a whole lot! So happy. Figures were made secure and stand-able, graphics finished, only leaving letters to do.

Chapel came, I missed the video, but worship and the preaching was good. Went down, lounged on the VIP couch watching the guys labor putting up stars in the 'sky'. Then, there was all the setups and crepe paper on the lights which Nathaniel, Michael, and I did very unsuccessfully. They were so scared of the ladder, I decided to go up myself, but I wasn't tall enough. ;P

Sarah, Kat and Bee finally arrived so Bee took Justine and I back to her house to freshen up. We totally petted Roanne (spelled as Roan) and put her in this little bee suit. Adorable. There were these wings and this hood with the antennas but her head was too big so we couldn't put the hood on. Bee so spoils her dog, but I don't blame her. There's one whole shelf in her wardrobe for Roanne's clothes and she even has SHOES (which she doesn't wear). That dog is like another child. :P

Arrived at Movie Night, Bee wouldn't come in! Haha, got put in charge of free drinks and sandwiches, ate too much sugar (probably the cause of going high later on), and drank a zillion cups of drinks. Movie started late and ended late but it was fun. :) Sat with Jojo who was slightly irritated about how noisy it was and how he couldn't concentrate. The movie was paused kinda halfway and thats when...

I was called up and yea, they sang happy birthday to me for the... second time. :P And I had a cake and an imaginary candle. :P And Weeyen went all lame. ;) Thank you Sarah, Kat, and Bee for the cake! I highly doubt that Bee did any of the baking.

This is when the excitement begins. It was actually the intense part of the movie, like the final game against the Soviets and like.. Pom came and we totally spazzed. Started spotting out the "hot" guys. :P It'll be like, the bald man comes onto the screen and we're all "THERE, THERE, THERE!!" *points* and then Pom's high pitch HAHAH. :P Jojo was actually rating guys with us. :D He was like, "Imagine if all girls had taste like this." OMG, it was so funky.

And Marcus came! :) He was like, all shocked that everyone was like, "OH, are you Marcus?" Oops, so my bad. :P Jojo and I were all talking about couples throughout the movie.

Movie Night sadly ended, we cleaned up, etc. and finally I went home at around 11 with Jennifer. :) I was like, "Okay, bye weeyen. Bye Justine." When Keiffer was like, "OH, is it 12 yet? Let's sing.. Happy birthday to youuu." And I'm like stuck standing there while they all sang, yet again. In the end, I was like, "Let's just GO, Jennifer." and we ran out on them singing. :P

That was all in a day, and I totally crashed my bed when I arrived home.
November 14, 2009 officially marks the day I turn 15. Sadly, yesterday was the last day of the glorious age 14. I woke feeling so dizzy and extremely burdened. Terrible start of a day, but anyway. It is not nice turning 15. It just seems, really really old. I love being 14. :)

Of all days, I cleaned my room and watched the bathroom. I know, I am such a good girl. :P Then, I went online, checked my oh-so-many facebook wishes, thankyou guys! :D Then, I went swimming and did 7 nice long laps. :) I love the water. I feel so at home in it. However, the chlorine was extremely strong, so my eyes smart like anything now.

Anyhow, its been a great day, and I wanna thank you all for the wishes, cake, everything. You guys are awesome, but y'all know, I am awesomest eh? :)

P/s. Happy birthday to the girl who shares this day with me. Megan!

Marie Digby Say It Again

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

two is better than one.

First of all, I wanna thank you for all my very devoted helpers with the backdrop. :D
♥ A big thankyou to Melinda my co-worker in crime. ;) Without you, my stress level would of been to extreme limits, it would be indescribable.
♥ I love my Jojo. He's so awesomely helpful and always makes sure I'm okay and no longer frustrated. And cute. I mean seriously, he is CUTE.
♥ Thanks to all my other helpers: Timothy, Raquel, Nicholas, Michael, Esther, Melissa, James, Ian, Nathaniel, Josh. I think I mentioned all. You guys are great.
♥ Thank you, Ms Cath and Ms Colleen, for buying supplies, supervising us, etc.
♥ Thank you, Jon, for being there to destress me and act stupid (WITHOUT A BRAIN) and using my paper to write that sign. ;)

Secondly, I've generated some thoughts.
I've realized that the stronger one's relationship with another becomes, you began to discover the bad sides of one and sometimes, you forget the good.
Somehow it seems that once you see the bad parts of a person, you suddenly lose all respect and love for that person and start treating him/her differently.
I didn't know that life would be so difficult at this age. Looking in the future leaves me feeling so insecure about bigger problems I'll face out there.
I really wish I could have a drastic change in my life. Like, migrate to another country, start life again. I know that if that does happen, I'll cry my eyes out, but only be reminded that I wanted it.
I've come to realize that some conversations and some things we often talk about is just pointless. Like, it doesn't even matter anything anymore. It must be puberty. You know, the whole process that I'm maturing and things people (who are younger than me) talk about don't interest me anymore.

•I failed my very first Math test in my entire lifetime. D: 1010. So bummed, I know. I'm waiting for my sister to come home from work to get me more points.
•Been doing a ton of preparation for Award's Night and I'm not really excited about it. Backdrop, choir, and worship team.
•Movie Under the Stars is this Friday. :D You should definitely come, yes YOU. Buy tickets from Quel or Kat. Its gonna be fun.
•Zoe's birthday is tomorrow, so I shall do my awesome post for her... right below. :D
SO, for my absolutely rad, awesome, terrific, pretty, HOT, girlfriend of mine.. this is dedicated to YOU.

A Jovial 13th Birthday to You
Welcome to teenager life. It isn't exactly smooth sailing. ;)

Thank you for being an awesome friend, little meime, partner in sharing secrets with, and everything else. I really really miss you, and I can't believe it's almost a year since you moved to Australia. School without you is dreadfully different from last time, but I survived, and I know you did too. :D I love you like I love a billion Sweedish fish and gummy bears. You are the very best.

Lots of hugs and pokes from your very loving,
Haz. :D

Monday, November 9, 2009

7 reasons.

A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.
The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.
The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.
The little girl said, "When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah."
The teacher asked, "What if Jonah went to hell?"
The little girl replied, "Then you ask him."

A Kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk around to see each child's work.
As she got to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was.
The girl replied, "I'm drawing God."
The teacher paused and said, "But no one knows what God looks like."
Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing, the girl replied, "They will in a minute."

A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year old's.
After explaining the commandment to "honor" thy Father and thy Mother, she asked, "Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?"
Without missing a beat one little boy (the oldest of a family) answered, "Thou shall not kill."

One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do the dishes at the kitchen sink. She suddenly noticed that her mother had several strands of white hair sticking out in contrast on her brunette head.
She looked at her mother and inquisitively asked, "Why are some of your hairs white, Mum?"
Her mother replied, "Well, every time that you do something wrong and make me cry or unhappy, one of my hairs turns white."
The little girl thought about this revelation for a while and then said, "Mummy, how come ALL of grandma's hairs are white?"

The children had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture.
"Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you are all grown up and say, "There's Jennifer, she's a lawyer," or "That's Michael, He's a doctor."
A small voice at the back of the room rang out, "And there's the teacher, she's dead."

A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of the blood. Trying to make the matter clearer, she said, "Now, class, if I stood on my head, the blood, as you know, would run into it, and I would turn red in the face."
"Yes," the class said.
"Then why is it that while I am standing upright in the ordinary position the blood doesn't run into my feet?"
A little fellow shouted, "Cause your feet ain't empty."

The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray:
"Take only ONE. God is watching."
Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies.
A child had written a note, "Take all you want. God is watching the apples."

Saturday, November 7, 2009

so yesterday.

  • I love my  French nails . Its so pwettty. :D
  • Its been not a nice week. Hardly did ANY work. I like to be honest and frank, and when I mean none.. yeaa. Hardly none.
  • Went to 1U with the "youngsters" to watch a movie and help the helpless boys get shirts and slacks. Youngsters because I'll be the oldest again. ;) And I know, I am such a good big sister.
  • So, there was 6 of us and 5 of us were around 5 feet 2 inches in height and suddenly 1 is like taller than all of us by like 8 inches. :O 
  • Joel's shirt is so nicee. :D I am so proud of myself for finding him such a handsome/HOT outfit. :)
  • Ties are cool. I'm obsessed with learning how to tie one now. However, I have no tie to try on. If I ask my daddy for a tie, he'll go like, "FOR WHAT?" O.o
  • Started on the Award's Night backdrop yesterday. Its going good. Next Monday I'll be doing some serious BLACK painting.
  • I hope poor Sarah gets better.
  • Today I was like all coughing and spluttering, my throat hurts so bad. D: I totally strained it on Thursday, singing for 3 hours straight. And then yesterday. D:
  • I have a headache now. D: 
  • I can't go out any more for the whole month of November and possibly December. D: I gave up my birthday treat for today, but it was fun so I don't regret it. :)
  • I need to start arranging Jon's Christmas party so he'll stop rubbing it into my face that I didn't invite him to come with us today.
And I finally experienced this myself, and am pleased to announce that... BOYS ARE SO HELPLESS WHEN THEY SHOP. If it hadn't been for me, they would just be.. walking around aimlessly, not sure what to do or what to buy.

Anyway, here's the account of what happen. I arrived late. :) I promised myself I'll do a ST before I go, so that delayed me alot. Got there, walked around aimlessly till we ended up going to Waffle World. When we walk around, Joel is sure to say, "Where are we going?" every five minutes. At Waffle World, we all took a long time to order, and the longest time to do all the math for the bill. ;) Oh, and Joel btw, got pretty high because he DRANK the leftover maple syrup and ate kitkats and sugar. Like immediately after drinking maple syrup he went high... highfiving with Andrew about.. Malaysian food.

Oh, and we visited Topman and forced Joel to wear this pink tee. So he takes this pink tee, and starts walking to the changing room when the guy who works there comes up to him and says...
GUY oh no. I think you need a LARGE.
JOEL Are you trying to insult me?
GUY Yeaa.. I think LARGE would do good on you.
HAHAHAHA. We were all like, laughing. Then, we shoved him into the changing room, but he kept coming out unchanged. Ish. But the pink tee did look good on him. :) And Joel's not LARGE, he's just so nice, big, poke-able, and polite.

Then we were on the way to the cinema when Quel and Vickie wanted to go ride those animal cart thing that goes around the whole floor. OMG right? I have pictures.. which will come. In another post. But they never got to finish their ride becausee we were late for the movie.

Ry, Vickie, Quel, and I went into the movie first while Andrew and Joel bought popcorn and drinks. They got a free bag, which btw, Joel carried his stuff in like a sissy. :D Hahah, so we were sitting there when we heard Joel's voice. He was like, A, B, C, D, E, F.......... and walked straight pass our row. ;)

Movie was alright. Very funny. After movie, we separated to go shopping. I went with the guys causee.. they are helpless. :P Went to Parkson, G2000, Kitschen, etc. Met up with the girls, went to Cold Storage. Got separated from Ry and Vickie. Oh, Vickie did some amazing shopping in like 40 minutes. After Cold Storage, we were on our way to Jusco but well, when you shop with girls, you get delayed. Went to Aunt Annie's, bumped into Tommy and Gilbert. Went to Inqbox. Went to Padini Authentics. Finally arrived in Jusco. ;P

Found a nice shirt for Joel. :) Hm, slacks was a different story. I gave him a 30 - too small. 31 - also too small. 32 - STILL too small. wth?! Got him a 34 - too big. OMG. Hahah, finally found a nice 33 size slacks that were pretty cheap. I am such an awesome bigger sister, I know.

After that, Ry and I seriously needed to go to the toilet. :P Sent Quel home, visited Mr. Toilet Bowl, went into Toys R Us, checked out the Rubik's Cube. 360! :D Hm, then we went down to the Tie Shop were we found the perfect tie for Ryan. Hahaha. We screwed up like a billion times trying to tie it. :P Thus started my serious obsession of I SO WANNA KNOW HOW TO TIE A TIE. ;) It shall be in my wishlist.

Well, I can't wait for Award's Night. :) Although it will be rather sad seeing them all graduate and after a while of vacation, I will want school.. I still can't wait. ;)

P/s. Happy burpday, Jia Yu and Mr. Nicholas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Roberts: When you have the Holy Spirit, you'll become so passionate. You'll be out on the street and meet this guy and go, "Oh you're waiting for the bus too? Coool. You wanna something about the bus? God created the man who created the bus!"

Jon is a born speaker. He just hasn't realized it yet. Basically, he's denying the fact that he's so good at public speaking just so he won't follow the footprints of his father, his mother, and his brother.

This is pretty cool. Check it out and find out who truly is your role model.


FIRST, do the simple math below,
THEN, scroll down to find your hero.

It's CRAZY how accurate this is!

1) Pick your favorite number between 1-8

2) Multiply by 3 then

3) Add 3

4) Then again Multiply by 3 (I'll wait while you get the calculator.....)

5 ) You'll get a 2 digit number.....

6 ) Add the digits together

Now Scroll down

With that number, see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below:

1. Albert Einstein
2. Oprah Winfrey
3. Mother Theresa
4. Ronald Reagan
5. Bill Gates
6. Gandhi
7. Eleanor Roosevelt
8. Babe Ruth
9. Hazel Chang
10. John Lennon
11. Hammurabi
12. Barack Obama

I know I'm absolutely rad. I just have this effect on people. :P Admit it now, Joel and Raquel, I am much more awesomer than you guys.

P.S. Stop picking different numbers!! I AM YOUR IDOL, JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life's a game, but it's not fair.

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but taa! I'm updating. ;P Everyone's like.. "HAZ! Are you gonna update you're blog?" I'm sorry, but I take a considerably long time to write everything nicely.

So, lyd's got an extremely high SATs score and GPA. She got 2350/2400 and 3.9/4 respectively. If you don't see the significance of that, I really don't know what to do. :P I've explained it a billion times to a billion people and they never seem to get it. Scholarships are the goal, babyy. :D

It just hit me that I'm still 14. (: I feel so young and I'm glad. Sarah was telling me that next year there'll be no more older ones in school and that we'll be 16. And I was like, 'Sarah darl, I'm not even 15 yet. I'm still 14.' I love being young. And 14 is the best age you could ever wish for. :) And I still have 2 more weeks to enjoy the pleasures of being 14. *hints!*

I've been busy busy, tons of activities, hardly ANY work done. I didn't do a single page of work during the weekend. D: Neither did I manage to do work at home for both Monday and today. ;) I've always come home really late, not my fault.

Sunday; Joycie's parteyy. Met up with the oldies, I haven't seen some in decades. Fai! :) And I met Matthew's sister. Plus all the others. Hung out mainly with Paullyn, Quel, Pom, Josh, and Kelvin. It was pretty fun, despite the fact that I was... denying it. ;)

Monday; Shopping till we drop with Quel and Lyd. Left school at 3.30 and shopped till like.. 8.30. It was awesome though. Bought a dress for Chech. Tried convincing Quel to buy this really nice dress, but she's so.. undecided. :P I heart Face Shop.

Tuesday; Tchoukball till 5.30ish and then off to Bee's. Played the Wii instead of doing what she wanted me to do, which was teaching her to knit. Argh. I hate knitting. Haha. So instead I played Baseball, Bowling, Tennis, and Golf with Bee on the Wii. Totally got thrashed, except Bowling was quite close. whee. :)

Wednesday and onwards; Tomorrow is PE. I love PE. :D Then, after school I have to.. make a trip to the doctor to check up on my stomach that's always.. giving me problems. ISCF this week is gonna be rad. Movie trailer baby. :D Movie Night next week. Birthday too. :D

Hah. Are you happy, Ry, Jojo, and Tommy? :)