Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Firstly, cause I've been busyy! :P So sorry for the late one. Anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHABETAA! :) Thanks for being that great friend you were, and still are, even if I hardly see you these days D: You never fail to understand me and scold me for not telling you. heh. :) Loveya!

Anndddd, it's 2000 + 9 already. :P that's just so freaky, cause reality takes a long time to settle in with me. hahaha, I don't kid. :)

Ready to rewind? Thenn, a step into the futuree. :D
1st to 3rd picture - First days of 2008
4th and 5th - Silas! :)
6th and 7th - Cross Country Race, that I didn't have to run! :D
8th to 10th - Sports Fiesta : cheerleading, A&W. :P
11th and 12th - Party Day, vacation.
13th - Celine's birthday, Bee's party. (:
14th to 16th - Practice for DOE
17th - DOE x)
18th - Kuantan
19th - Penang
20th - Zoe and Melissa's farewell / slumber :)
21st to 22nd - Award's Night
23rd to 26th - Last Day of School
27th - Zoe's and mine birthday party
28th to 29th - Zoe's farewell trip to the Airport. D:
29th - Sunbeam's camp. :)
30th - Christmas parteyyy.
31st to 35th - Christmas!

Well, it's been a blast of a year. Filled with fun, adventure, different experiences, and hard work - thankyou very muchi. :P Really enjoyed myself, and learned a lot more valuable lessons in life. For one thing, I've learned to stand my sister's annoyingness, scoldings, etc, instead of bursting. HEH. I'm looking forward for next year though, cause my mentor said I'll understand when I'm 15, wakaka. Almost there.

Oh, and I planned my entire 3 years schedule for my work, forgive me I can be so organized sometimes. :D Graduate when I'm 17! Grade 12. :) No stress. I can't stretch my work to make it last a year longer, so thus, I kinda HAVE TO graduate when I'm 17. :) But, I'm glad, no complains. I'll be finished 10th grade by the end of this year. &&, I have 82 books to do this year. wahahaha, I need full consentration.

Other than work, looking forward to retreats, vacations, camps. More dancing, cheer! :P One Life is coming back, for your information, and will tour Malaysia again. Different stories, weee! :) I'll probably be able to follow it somewhere different this time, wishing, hoping, prayer! This year, I followed it to Penang and had vacation there. x) And birthdays, parties, slumbers, funnn.

And totally resting in God's arms and doing exactly what he's telling me to do. He's told me things he wants me to do, and I'm not resisting. And letting Him lead me through this year, for He is alwasy faithful.

..but lastly, I want to be myself, and only me. I wanna conquer that this year. It's so hard for me not to care about others think, living up to people's standards, and trying to be the person I'm meant to be, when I should just BE the person I already am and let God shape and mold me. This year, I'll conquer that. :)

Welll, to round it off, I'm excited! :D

&& A Very Berry Happy New Year!
cause today will soon be gone ~

Monday, December 29, 2008

I made my blog private, wakakaka. Be glad you got in. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

All of my dreams are a heartbeat away.

Welcome to the very dead blog of mine. :P I know this is surprising, but there's nothing to blog about. I wanted to write that closing of the year sorta post a long time agom never got down to it, and I still can't believe the year's gone so fast. It seemed like yesterday when I was writing my end of the year post for last year.

Nway, I'll write that post soon, in a few days. I can't believe it'll be next year... like in 3 days? :\ Aggh. Vacation has went awfully too fast, and I definitely want more of it. =) Don't want to go back to school. Muahah.

Currently; Downloading brushes. :D I know I'm being ulber random, hahah. But chun okay. I like my sparkling and stars brushes. wakaka. :)

It freaky, but I feel like my whole self is changing, and what I thought was me isn't so anymore. Other than my love for art, especially graphic designing. Like, I no longer love swimming, I have a tiny phobia of swings now - I have no idea whether its cause of the fall, but I haven't swung ever since - I don't even blog that often anymore, and I don't want school to start, don't eat as much as I used too... but somehow, it's like I'm still ME. :)

And I guess... I discovered that finding the real you isn't about your hobbies, your fears, the habits you have. It's something wayyy deeper, and harder to describe. Who knows why I meditate so often these days..

Maybe it's cause I'm turning Bittersweet 15 next year. :D
Eek, that is just plain freaky cause it was like yesterday when I was 13.

Well, before I ciao. A very belated birthday to Brian Yeap and Tommy Wong. The Christmas and Boxing Day boys respectively. Hope you had a great one. (:

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Because HE came, I'm alive today. :D
I tell youu, you better be thankful. ;P

Anyway, its been a fun-filled time. Stayed up all the way till 1'clock yesterday night, crazy record, cause my church service was at 11pm. :P hahaha, I was so tired this morning, and what more, I slept till 9'clock. Eishh.

Candlelight Service :)

Woke up today, and had a very long session of taking the perfect shot of the family. HEH. I'm a perfectionist, sorryy. :P

Amazingly, I gotta take a pic with my sis. Rare.

Hahah, for Gracie. I'm CRAZY over Detol. :)

Played Life with my sis and Dad. :)

Life tiles. Super chun, my accomplishments.

Got some Snow Spray in my stocking, so we were spraying the door. Its kinda hard to see, but its a Christmas tree. :D

Tacos for Lunch! Yum! Haven't had them for ages.

And what I got inside my stocking, wakaka. :)
(excluding the teddybear, and not including gummies and Ritz)

Honestly, Christmas is the best season of the year. Cause there's school vacation, A NICE VERY LONGGG ONE, and presents, food, JOY. I'm so glad my Savior came. :)

Well, there will be plenty more tomorrow. :P Having a LARGE feast tonight. :D Oooh, and Mommy got an oven, omgg yesss. Baking, cookies, rolls, yums! (:

Well, have a Merry one. :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chicken soup pleasee.

A lot to blog aboutt, sooo.. I'll start off with Melissa's tag cause I love the part that only girls can do it. wakakaka. :) It's friggin' lame, but who cares. x)

Only for girls. NO BOYS.
Be honest.
It must only be true.
There must only be one answer. Unless there is "more than one answer".
Must tag 10 people.
No tagging back.

Tags-Sarah Ti, Jaclyn, Shabeta, Soph, errr. Raquella. Oops, sorry about the 10.

Personal :
What is your favorite color? Definitely baby blue.
What is your favorite food? Hm, anything with cheese in it.
What is your favorite drink? Errm,7-up? Who cares.

What kind of guy do you prefer? "more than one answer" On fire for HIM, non-smoking, has the respect of many, and one that really loves me. :)
How do you want your crush to confess to you? Anyway he wants, except NOT ON THE PHONE. Thankyouu, but I seriously have phobia of talking on phones.
What do you want your boyfriend to give you during Valentine's Day? Like Mel said, got no boyfriend, and I'm happy. :P

Next up, it's a special someone's birthday! :D

He is so adorable. :) Still remember when Bee, Matthew, and I went to Shab's house one vacation and Nivaysh came out and started talking to us about this girl like that boy, or whichever. hahaha. He has such funny theories! x) 'Nways, bessed birthday my buddy.

Lastly, the oh-very-small JONATHAN ROBERT'S Christmas party at my house. I know it makes totally no sense at all, such a Jon-like thing to do. But, he wanted a Christmas party, so we had one. :)

Pretty much, it was swimming? Kinda, except no one wanted to swim even if they brought their stuff except Celine, Sarah, and I. So, it was just us in the pool while the rest.. i dunno what they did. wakakaka. You guys are so good at ffk-ing me, I know. Like every party I've gone to in the last 2 months there was swimming BUT I COULDN'T SWIM (stupid foot!) and now, when I can swim, you guys don't. Sheesh kebabs seriously.

Pictures shall do the talking.

HEH. Sarah was all-time Sarah?

She is SO cute. That's the best she could do in the pool.

Miss Tourist. :D

After I was practically purple, and Celine was ermm, as warm as a heater, but we did come out hahah, we went to shower and errm, yea. The rest joined us upstairs later. Ordered pizza, but regular size is super duper mini, so had to eat downstairs as well. :P Christmas exchange, Mafia, and then we were about to play Murderer, the squeezing hand type...

...when Celine went. "EH JON, how am I supppose to squeeze your hand!!?" Sarah and I rushed to get our cameras. SO CUTEE! :) We got distracted and never got to play it either.

Jon, Grace, and Joyce left. The us-gals who remained did crazy stuff which girls do. wakakaka. :P So freaking funnn, I tell youu. Stack 'Em.

aka Tess. She was so scared!

Lyds. :)

Sarah! :D


We finally got it really, really tall when they had to go, so yea. 10.30pm. :P Past my bedtime, but it was worth it. :)

oh, and for Sarah. We got it so high after you left that you couldn't even take out a single piece more. :P

15 layers higherr. :D

Well, that's about it. :) Till then, keep smilin'.

P/S. I've a good mind to make my blog private. hahah, whatcha think? Then whoever I don't want to read this blog, can't read it. mahaha.. :) Of course, then YOU would have to do a lot of begging cause the only ones I would allow would be Zoe, Mel, Sarah, Raquel, Jon, Matthew, and err the lovelies half across the world. :) MUAHAH. I like that idea. :P

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello Munchkins!

Miss Random. I miss youuu. hahaha. Friggin' can't find my "on-button". Why we never can arrange sleepoverr?! Camwhore, pools, movies, gossip. :)

oh, and on a random note. I like the name Haz, and it's cool when you guys call me that, but friggin' don't spell it with the 'e' as in 'Hazee' cause it sounds like I'm weather, can? It's pretty bad enough that I'm a color, a nut, a choclate, coffee type, eyes color, and noww, weather?

Thankyou very much, but it's okay. I'd prefer to stay as Hazel. :)


Why can't you see? I'm no average angel.

Friday, December 19, 2008

drive me crazy.

Was cleaning out the cabinets and stuff when my sis and I came across a few pictures of me when I was young. Took a picture of the picture, but cannot upload, the USB in this comp always has problems. Anyhow, the picture is somewhat like the one below, and it's always to same anyways...

Hazel omgg, so cutee!
Lydia WOW. Stop praising youself.
Hazel But seriously, so cutee.

HEH. I know, I'm extremely perasan, is that allowed? :P I can't help it. It come naturally. :) wahahah. After all, it's not my thing to act normal. Never my thing. I'm always full of happiness, joy, JUMPS! Dance. Life is great lahh. && blowing bubbles makes you happy. Serious. :)

That comes to mind. Why are the people who are most blessed, most spoiled if I may say, most loved, most richh, always the unhappy ones? Even orphange children, poor children out in the world, are always smiling, always happy. For goodness sakes people, BUCK UP. You are so much more blessed then others, so be thankful, be grateful with what you have, and smile. Life isn'y over if he did something to you, if he was mean, if he doesn't love youu. Gosh girls. Show the boys that there's more to life then them. And there's more to life than not getting invited to that outing, or can't make it to this outing. If you guys, the ones who are more blessed than many others, can't find a reason to be happy...

..tell me, how do they, children who are poor, with no parents, or one, or with very little money, with hardly anyone in the world who love them..


I'm freaking fed up with you emo people.

ooh, maybe it'll help if you blow some bubbles. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

thus begins the fuunn.

Yesterday was like my birthday. That's what my mom said. I kinda agree with her. :P You wanna know whyy?

Firstly, when Daddy came back from work, he gave me a Rubik's Snake. JOY! I'm still figuring it out. It's fun, but not as challenging as the cubes. :) It was a belated birthday present from my parents and sister.

Then, after dinner, we went to the IT Mall and bought a camera. EVEN MORE DOUBLE JOY! Hahaha. It's our (my sis and mine) Christmas present from our parents. We get it a bit advanced. :D What type? Canon Powershot A1000 IS. 10 mega pixels, wakakaka. :) Me am very happyy.
I tell you, I have three lovelies in a matter of 4 days (?). Since Rubik's Mini came on Saturday. Very happy and content. And, Christmas is 1 week away. Stockinggsss! :D

Well, here's some pictures I already snapped. Great quality.

It came with a little tripod, & I was testing it. :P

Rubik's Mini Cube

Rubik's Twist. In some distorted form cause I couldn't seem to make anything prettier. D:

Thus begins my life with a much better camera to snap beautiful shots. :) Hahaha, now till Christmas will be snapping away. Look forward! :D

ZOE! This is the time when I seriously will miss taking shots with youu. Cause I won't be able to do that for a very longg time. Pity. D:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

of induction and number lines.

I bet half of you won't get it. But, oh well. Wakaka. :) Wait till you get into 10th grade Math, can? :P Oh, the terror of it.

1002 : pg 22 : Induction
Hazel ehh Chech, I seriously don't understand!
Lydia I can't tell you the answer if you don't understand!
.... what's the question?
Hazel On every test Allan has taken this year he has gotton 90% or better. Conclusion: Allen always gets 90% or better., what's the counter-example?
Lydia What did you put for the third question?
Hazel Negative numbers are not greater than zero.
Lydia .. okayy, correct.
Mommy from the kitchen Yea, so Hazel. Draw a number line!
 - SWT. hahahaa. :P
oh, and I just got a Rubik's Twist for my belated birthday present. I tell youu, it is so awesomee. :D
My lovelyy. :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

forever after ever.

I like simplicity. Black, white, silver. Maple leaves. :D

So, it just finally sunk in that Christmas is like a week away. It was, "What, it's next week?!" and my sis assured me and said, "Yea it is, YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT?" Muahah, sorry leh. Time flies too fast.

I've already had 3 Christmas over here in hot, bright, and sunny Asia.  I guess its still really hard to accept the fact that there isn't ever gonna be a White Christmas here, or a real Christmas tree fresh from the woods, no merry fire place where we warm our toes. And Christmas doesn't seem complete without coldness and snow to look at outside of the window.

There's always a small tree here. I had a small tree in 2005 and 2006 here. Cause it was my aunt's and she didn't have children so she lend it to us. Last year, I went to Cambodia. No tree. This year, no tree. We have a fireplace instead. :) But, Christmas isn't about the tree, and that's why I liked the way we celebrated Christmas in Maine. There, you decorate your house with meaningful ornaments. Every single one was different and unique. It had its own story to tell. We'll trek out into the woods and get fern to make wreaths. And people stuffed stockings there. I guarantee you, stockings are so much better than a present!

And February 1st was when you had to take down all your ornaments. It was a law. :P I'm serious.

I miss Christmas the way it was in Maine. Over here, Christmas is just a season, just some regular usual public holiday, since we have so many here! I can't feel the reason for the season, like I could in Maine. And I really wanna have a memorable Christmas again, with Jesus in the middle of my focus.

Christmas isn't about trees, ornaments, wreaths, fireplaces. It isn't all about presents, gifts, presents, gifts. It isn't about seeing snow and feeling warm wrapped up in bundles. Those are only parts of Christmas that add up to the wonderful holiday. You wanna whats the awesomest about it? When the people around you, and you as well, know the reason for Christmas. And they live it. And that's what I miss. And that's what I want this year. I love you Jesus. Thankyou. (:

Anyway, Zoe! Let's review the alphabets. wakaka. :)

A. Attached or single? Single. :D
B. Best friend? None. Well, you could say Becka Boo. Miss youu!
C. Cake or pie? Pie, definitely pie.
D. Day of choice? Hm, I like Fridays.
E. Essential item? My journal. hahaha!
F. Favourite colour? Same as Zoe. Sky blue, white, black and light purple.
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy worms, thankyouverimuchi.
H. Hometown? Err, Massacusetts or Maine, whichever.
I. Favorite indulgence? Oreo and milk. Gummies! :)
J. January or July? July.
K. Kids? Well, d'ohh. 3 or 4. :P
L. Life isn't complete without? God, and only God.
M. Marriage date? Hmm, February.
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? Zerroo.
O. Oranges or apples? Apples. Granny Smiths!
P. Phobias? Like I would tell. You'll just think of ways to make it worse.
Q. Quotes? Hm, do I quote?
R. Reasons to smile? Cause Jesus is my rock, and he rolls my blues away!
S. Season of choice? oohhhh! WINTER!
T. Tag 10 people. You, you, you, you, and YOU (2x)
U. Unknown fact about me? I think it's known, but who cares. I dread talking on phones.  Seriously have phobia. Wanna know why? Ask me yourself. :P
V. Vegetable? Watermelon. It is a vegi!
W. Worst habit? hahah,  I wouldn't tell you either.
X. X-ray or ultrasound? I wouldn't want either.
Y. Your favourite foods? Japanese, Korean, Western, Vietnam
Z. Zodiac sign? Born in the year of dog. But, what does it really matter?
oh, and by the way..
Happy 17th Birthday,
Chanelle Bella. :D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So, this is what you call love.

Went shopping yesterday after lunch with my aunt. It was funn, I'm totally into shopping and malls and movies now, hahah. You wouldn't believe that if you knew me only when I was 11? :P Those were the days when I was dead shy and always had my head stuck in a book. Like, I can't believe people change so much! I can't stand reading now a days, except when it comes to a very thick book called The Chronicles of Narnia. I can read that book a billion times and still not get bored of it.

Oh, and the all time favorite grocery shop is Cold Storage. :D Like, honestly really, it is so aweesomee. Walk through all the rows, and my sis and I will be like, "oooh, remember this? So yummy!! You want? Let's buyy!" I bought Tacos yesterday, I can't wait to eat it! Everything is just so Americanized, I'm so addicted. Give me RM200 to spend there, I'll show you whats reallyy good. Peppermint farm, Gold fish, Salsa, Tacos, Chilli and Lime, && what are they called, those juice bags that you can make cellphones out of after drinking them? Omgg, lurrveee.

But you really wanna know what's been driving me up the walls ever since I came back from shopping? Toys 'R Us, omgg totally roxs! Guess? My aunt bouht me for my Christmas present, obviously choosen by myself...
Not only thatt, you all are thinking that I already own one. hahaha.
A 2 x 2 Rubik's Cube!

I tell you okayy, it is so adorable and small like a miniature 3 x 3 one, except this one is 2 x 2 and isn't miniature. Came back home, sat on the couch, and without looking at the Hints that come with it, OR the internet, started twisting and turning. I promise you, I didn't use any form of help like I did with solving the 3 x 3. Just plainly, my smart brain, wakakaka. :)

It was solved in less than two hours. :D I figured out the strategy not just merely solved it on the random. Felt super satisfied. :P

Now, I'm just going practically addicted to Rubik Cubes and originals only! Since my 3 x 3 one isn't original and it's falling apart (such bad quality) I'm dying for another one. And the whole collection as well. 4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6, 7  x 7, And Rubik's Snake! :) I seriously want the whole collection! Dying to have it. x) I SO wanna figure out how to solve the 4 x 4 one and above. :d Sorry lehh, super addicting and I bet you all are dying reading this, hahaha.

I shall stop, even if I actually had something else I wanted to blog about, in fact, A LOT more to blog about, and I still haven't had time to write it all down. :X Till then!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

omgg, rewindd the memoriess.

Zoe and I are rating boys again on MSN. Wakakaka. (: Old memoriess. Even if she's miles apart. Hahaha, we are still the very close sisters we've always been. Love youuu Zoee. :)

It won't harm you to see a little bit. (:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So, guessie. Vacation's not going good. I've been getting so freaking sick so many times, it's so blahh, and yeaa. You getcha mee, thou does?

Yesterday was not a good day. Woke up with a headache and had to go to my mom's office to work. After one hour, I seriously couldn't stand it so Mommy sent me and my sister back home. Slept for the entire day with my head and throat burning and I was throwing up furiously. Finally went to the doctor's at around 7.30pm. Was given all sorts of medicine to take. So, went back home, took medecine, 'ello pillow for the thousandeth time. Thennn, I got hungry so I took a BIG bite into a cereal bar and threw up. I am soooo smart.

Well, now I'm feeling quite okay. Kinda dehidrated, but not as bad as yesterday. My stomach is acting up with gastric but I can't eat cause I'll throw up, etc. How pathetic is thatt? What more, if you have gastic, you should walk about, but I can't cause if I do, I'll throw up cause I'm gizzy.

I feel like eating. A lot. D:

..but I can't, cause currently I feel like throwing up.

Hummbuggs, I'm ciao-ing.

ooh, oohh. BUT. Birthday wishess..
On the 5th - Birthday blessings Ian Fan! Hope you had a great one.
On the 8th - CHELSEA! Although I'm not that close to you, still remember the sleepovers you had with my sis and the garlic powder times. :P Mmmm. :)
On the 9th - My very huggable big brother of mine, Larryboy. Hope you had a wonderful one. Sorry I couldn't come to school or wish you in time, sickness killss! x)
On the 10th - Mrs. Dot Shuman! Thanks for being a great teacher and grandmother, well kinda, since Becka and I were so close. And for mowing our lawn, and for everything. Love and miss ya.
On the 11th - An early wish. I like Facebook, they inform you of birthdays. hahah. Sara Doyon! :) Well, you're like years older than me, so you seemed kinda superior, but yea. You left that great high and popular impression on me. :P Well, Happy birthday!
to all of youuu. And the more to come.

Now, I'm really ciao-ing. Headache's acoming.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I can't think of a title.

I'm back! :D It was a nice long 4 days trip. Pity though, it was that I only came home today (Moday) cause it was super late last night. I could of stayed over at Uncle Kevin's house last night then come back today, but parents didn't let. They thought it was inconvienent. Like, it was more inconvienent making my parents wait up for us and having to drop us off, etc. Plus, I wanted to saty over one more night, wahahah. More Uno with Josh and girls talk with Eunice. :D

See the girl in the red? She is like Celine's twin okay. SERIOUSLY! Looks like her, walks like her. My gosh, Uncle Kevin, my sis, Josh, and I were like super crazy over her. :D hahah, we kept on calling her Celine instead of Tess (spelled as Teff).

So, my sis and I were walking through the dining hall after eating and we passed this table. Some dude who's an orphan for a long time now, he's quite mature and he's only 17. Like, more mature than Isaak definitely! :P Well yea. We hadn't talked to him before. We were walking by...
Lydia and I woooo, err. Yeeaaa.
I was super shocked okay. Like, firstly the way he suddenly talked to us and how in the world did he know? :\ Riightttooo. :D LOL. Yea, and then at the end of the camp I realized he knew my name. Which is shocking, cause we were never introduced. And somemore, another dude started speaking to us in Malay and then when he realized we couldn't understand it, he kept on testing us. x)

Well, more to come. For now, ciao!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'll be back posting on Monday. :D
Not even sure when I'm coming back. :P

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And the fun starts again. (:

So much to write about, I don't know how to starrt. wakaka. :)

How's about November;
Definitely top-turvy busy busy. Oh, but it was fun too. November's my favorite month. Especially on the 14th, mauhahah. Did you guys get the hint for next year? :P It was birthday fun and then end of school year, and then the dreaded Friday, thankyou verimuchi, you shall not laugh at me. I will never forget when Zoe left and the last joke with her was bubblegum that melted in her mouth and all over her lips and Mr. Fan thought she was crying. =X hahah. Oh, and Josh was camera man, and the pic he took was candid, and I seriously looked like I was about to cry. How pathetic is that. Zoe's famous, "I don't like cameras." Then Josh goes, "But you camwhore so much!!" "I only like my camera" I lovee youuu Zoe. Know you too well. :D

That was November. My fun-filled, busy, and sad ending November.
Oh, and I must  show you this before I totally forgot. This post is really gonna be jumbled all up. Like chicken soup, beets, and carrots. If you didn't get that, well. What's wrong with you thenn? x)

Took some old pictures with my camera, so obvious result, they're really blur. But cute. Check out my 3rd and 4th grade class. :D Actually, these pics were in 3rd grade, but it's pretty much the same classmates in 4th. right? hahaha.

Top left down : Matthew, Daniel, Josh, Cory
Stephen, Luke, Richard
Hazel, (omg, I forgot her name), and Tallie

Stephen, Josh, Luke, Mrs. Fleurent, Daniel
(ishh, her name!), Tallie, Hazel, Cory, Matthew, and Richard
I know! What is Luke doing with my hair? I really had no idea he was playing with it when we were talking the picture. Look closely, he has a disgusted look. :P

Best bud, Becka Boo! And Tallie. (:

Well, thats that. I miss you munchkins. :D
So, I've worked two days with the hatred job I don't want and no free lunch. Sad case, I tell you. Believe me. It's really simple work, and Mom keeps telling me, your work is SO easy and you get paid the same amount as Lydia. I'll say this, shut up cause in the first place I said I didn't want the job and you forced me to have it.

Oh, well. I've learned to count my blessings cause currently, I'm feeling very blessed. :) Plus, after work I managed to do tons of school work before I come online. And yea, I feel so accomplished. x)

Oh, and what more. Christmas shopping tomorrow. :D Gonna stuff a stocking for my sis, which is like the so tradition in America, except usually the parents stuff for the children. We're changing that a little bit this time. And I'll tell you one thing, unstuffing your stocking is better than opening an wrapped present. Ask any American. :)

And after that, I'm off the PD. It was a really last minute thing, only found out about it yesterday and parents were totally willing. xD Actually, I was thinking of a sleepover with Raquella but now, so sorry Raquel! Another time, I promise okayy. :D Orphanage children are my delight. =)

December's pretty much vacation and birthdays. That included Christmas! :D Oh, and really want a swimming Christmas party but Mr. Organizer is never online. If you know this is you, HINT. :P

UNO! :D Oh, I recalled out very funny conversation last Friday
(talking about dying of laughter)
Roberts Is it possible?
Hazel (with a totally straight face) Let's try.
We started laughing nonstop, haha. But we didn't die. Proved : Incorrect. I mean, unless the joke was really really REALLY funny, I have no idea how someone would die of laughing.

Oh and random little acts that make vacation, vacation. Sarah and I started chatting about Zac Efron and Drew Seeley for 5 min straight on MSN. We kept on saying that they're both hot but Zac's better. Omg, they are SO talented. They can sing, and dance. Like, why do all the guys here who can do that already taken? Well, according to Sarah, they're already taken, but i think there isn't even such a guy here like that. You might think we're crazy talking about this, and that definitely confirms you're a guy reading this. Or, a deprived girl? Who knows. I'm sorry, we're girrlsss! x)

Oh, and a random, "Tell me anything okay." hahah, you already know I tell you practically everything and anything. :) That was random, but yea. hahah. I tell you mostly everything cause I can actually trust you, and there's no one else I can trust either.

Who knows when I'll blog again. Back on Sunday. :D So, till then.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tell me somethin' I don't know.

'Ello, Marshmellows!

It's been movie weekend, yips. :D

Totally rockin'. Omg, if you haven't watched, go download. LOL. Especially if you're a dancing fan. The two stars are super good at dancing, ohmygoshh, SO NICE. Mary's stepmother is such a stuck up person, I was laughing my head off, and my sister was like, what's so funny? Oh, and Funky, he's really classic. See, I'm goin ahead of you all now. Go watch. Its a command. :P I'll rate it 8/10.

Definitely not my type. It was my parents type, so we just decided to watch it with them. Its about Isreal and Arabs and British soldiers, etc. Not that violent, but my gosh, the movie is so longg and in every single movie you watch these days, and also olden days, there has to be romance, must there not? At least in this old movie, Paul Newman (Arvi the hero) at least quite handsome, teehee. d: Honestly, most old movies, they put the old and ugly actors as the stars and the soldier is most handsome or something. No kid. He's the dude above, and he can totally act like a British when he's Jew. x) Rate it, 6/10.

Oh, and I just discovered that the release date for The Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was suppose to be on May 1, 2009 but they switched it to May 1, 2010. Sadly, I wish it was coming out way sooner. But the sad bummers is that William won't be in it, unless we see him for the shortest while in England or something. And Miss Cath was insulting him the day Zoe left, so she wasn't there to help me defend him. How sad is that? ISH! William is way hotter than Skandar, excuse me. =X

Now, the latest movie I wanna watch is Bolt or something. :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

So, what am I really livin' for?

If you're smart, you'll see the whole post. Only if you're absolutely top-turvy smart. Try me. =X

The password's here. Now, go figure out where it's suppose to go.

I have no desire for vacation anymore. Thanks for depriving me off my time. So not true, all I want is January to be here tomorrow, so I don't freaking have to worry about how to finish all the task I want to in December with 3 days out of every week taken away from me.

EDIT - Sowie, I made this video about Zoe and Melissa. Enjoy!

i love youuu.

Dearest Zoe Meime,
 I love you a billion and one Swedish fish. Thanks for all the brilliant memories you've left with me, and the more to come because we're sure to make some more on MSN. I have no idea how to even look towards next year, without you. You, and our boys code, boys rating, you and the many whispers, exchanging of phones, you and every single part that comes with yourself. Pranking boys, toothpaste, partners in crime OMG HIGH FIVE ZOEE!! :D I absolutely, totally, love you from the bottom of my heart. Please take care of yourself okay? We'll see each other one day, again. Hopefully, you've safely arrived there by now. (:

I'll never ever forget you. (:
So, I woke up at 5 to send Zoe off at the airport. Only saw her for a few minutes, but it was good enough. I still can't believe you're gone, and it's so hard to take it. :/ So, so hard, not matter how hard people made me laugh today. Thanks Raquel ( the car ride there was hilariouss!), Miss Cath, and Jon! :D I had a fabulous day, other than the part that Zoe left. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue! :)

I'm gonna miss you, or I already do. At Mackers for breakfast, Raquel and I went to wash our hands after we ate and..
Hazel Aiyo, I miss Zoe already.
Raquel Yea I know, she's my random partner.
I can't be random with anyone else.
--I can't remember Raquel NOT being random.

Well, okayyz. Ciao for now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

& so it goes.

I haven't been doing proper updating for a long time. November's held too many events, and no pictures and reviews in my blog. Are you ready? :)

November 1st : Joyce's Birthday Party;

No pictures. We did take pictures, but I don't have them with me. :O Most of the time they were swimming, so Paullyn and I accompanied each other by talking, hahaha. Cause, at that time, I still had my injury, ishhhh. OMG, I CAN SWIM AGAIN, DID I TELL YOU THAT?!! Woops, sorry. It was just so unbearable, not being able to swim at the slumber and at Joyce's party.

November 12th : Zoe and Hazel's Birthday Party;

Full of pranks, ish! hahah. But it was fun altogether. Sparkling soda, KFC (btw, why did KFC change from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Kitchen Fresh Chicken? So weirdd!), those party thingymajigs which you blow and then the paper thingy sticks out. Hahah! I blew one really close to Matthew and Gong (they were hugging each other ;P) and they got so freaked out. It was hilarious! :)

Group Photo. Lyd and Wee didn't join much.
They were stressing out about backdrop, I think? Oh, and Gilbert too.

We got this from Grace that morning. Scrumptious!

November 14th : Hazel's and Megan's Birthday!

Birthday twins! :)

November 20th : Pre-Award's Night;

As you can see, Zoe was in formal very early.
Ryan and I hated our costumes. Especially cause we couldn't walk in them! ISHHH.

November 20th : Award's Night;

So, it was worship, drama, presentations, and then Award giving. It got louder and louder as the night went on. x) haha. My girls basketball team went up to get 3rd place. For your information, there was only 3 teams. You get the point. ;P It was so awkward!

2nd price for Frisbee.

There's way more. hahaha. :)

November 21st : Party Day;

Zoee! I love you billions! :)

hahaha. We pulled Uncle Kevin down when he was crossing by. Not bad, ehh? LOL! I love you all too! Mel, don't leavee! D:

Brother #1

Brother #2 and Sister #2. :)
I love you guys! xP

Ish, RIIIIIYANNNN. :P Inside joke.
He is so totally capable of being annoyed. It's a nice thing to do too.

Well, that's about it. Don't have pictures of our outing yesterday, but hopefully I'll take a few more pictures with Zoe before she leaves. 2 or 3 more to our already 100 collection of them won't harm. :)
Anyway, a quick wish to Esther Lee. Happy birthday dear. You've definitely changed a lot for the better this year, and you totally deserved the most improved student award! :P Thanks for chitchatting with me during XYZ, I know we're bad. :) Keep rockin', yea!


oh, and it's Thanksgiving Day! Whooppieess! :) I miss Maine! If I was there now, today would be a day of feasting. Literally. All you do is eat. Go to people's houses are eat. It's one big long meal. Starts at noon and goes on till dinner. Oh, but the food. So delicious! Stuffing, turkey, CRANBERRY SAUCE! Omg, lovveee. :D I miss Maine sooo muchh.