Friday, February 27, 2009

Cause the winners need someone to clap for them

It been a fun-filled week. :) And its gone by so fast, I can hardly believe it. :P But, like regular Fridays, I'm exhausted!

Guess what I learned? Laughter is the best medicine.
Honestly, if you can just laugh at any simple little joke, all your worries, pains, and distractions get blown off in on gust. :)

Anyway, biggest highlight of the week: Zoe called! :D Yesh, all the way from far Australia, the butt. It was so hilarious cause Isaak was talking to her and she couldn't hear and he kept on saying, "How's your butt?" Looolness. And the whole youth hall was filled with screams so you really couldn't hear what she was saying. D: She has $27 to spend on calls so it's not the last time I'll be talking to her!

And she has a slight accent. Don't deny it Zoe!

For now, ciao! I still haven't eaten dinner and its 8.30pm. Why? Due to my sister's French class lahh. :P

And with every step together,
We just keep on getting better.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

trillion thankyous

Sure, there are a million bummers and downs in life, but I love to look at the ups and bright sides. So, here I go.

Thankyou for the love, the things You've taught me, the deep hunger and thirst You've put into me for Youu. I'm so in love with You.
Thankyou, Zoe, for the everlasting friendship between me and you. I can't wait till you call and I can scream into the phone!! :) imy, ily.
Thankyou, Roberts, for the times you've comforted, taught me, and lived up a great example for me to follow. No one could replace you.
Thankyou for the kindness shown to me. Thanks for placing your trust in me. For caring. :)
Thankyou, Isaak, for making me laugh. For your nonstop talking, TTYIAIA! And your idiotic helping in work. ;)
Thankyou, Ang Bee, for keeping up with my craziness and the crapping. And accompanying me at the nice big table we share that is full of your stuff!
Thankyou, Ryan, for not poking anymore, hahah! And of course, that awesome friendship we've formed ever since I started poking. :P
Thankyou to my wonderful girls (Raquel, Sarah, Grace) and all the little things that make me smile. Non-matching socks, Detol, pranking boys, and everything else that comes with our craziness! Remember boys, we come in a packet, you can only take all of us not just one. x)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

of toothpaste, swims, and fun!

4 words first! :D
YES! I had a blast, I mean it. (: Pictures will tell the story. Well, mostly the whole story. Some parts, we couoldn't catch the moment with a camera. :)

Swimming, jumping. :D

Oh, and pranking. Went to sleep at 4 o'clock, wheee! Woke up at 5.30. Well, I did. I was wide awake trying to wake the rest. Tiptoed downstairs. Figured we couldn't get into the guy's room cause Isaak was sleeping right in front the door. Ended up spreading his arms with toothpaste and then waking him up after ages. Put toothpaste on all the other guys and ran out. :D

Slept. and at 7.30 was interrupted when the guys came to prank us. We were fair and didn't lock our door. But, right after they pranked us, Raquel woke us up. Sarah, Grace, Raquel and I were the only girls who got pranked. Big thanks to Matthew, hahah. He didn't put toothpaste on my face! :) The other three had a lot on theirs! Thus, my face is still spotless without a single pimple. :)

My trick? I don't use facewash. I don't even wash my face often. :P

Overall, lots of fun. Pictures uploading on Facebook. There are 126 pictures, crazyness! :D But, anyway. Sarah, I love youu. You are one of the bestest friends I've ever had. God bless ya!


Was picked up from Sarah's house at 10.45 the next morning while the others were swimming. Headed straight to Melaka. :) You bet, I slept in the car! hahah. At Melaka, or close to their we stopped at the A Famosa Resort with the amusement park, paintball, horse rideing, whatsoever. Only went to the Water World. No pictures cause we locked up the camera in the locker and decided to have PURE fun. I was a bit exhausted after all the rides, but it was fun. The high speed ride was so fun, but really scary. You first climb up at least 10 flights of stairs and then lie down on the slide and go pratically straight down. My dad and sis didn't dare at first so I had to go first. :D But it was superb.

We stayed in this guest room the church provided. Really big and nice and the cupboards and fridge was packed with food for us! :) Why were we staying at the church? Cause my mom had to go talk about World Vision, etc. Well, that night we went exploring Melaka in the car cause it was raining. Ate chendol with durian, YUM! Really good.

Next morning, went to church, etc. and headed back. Thus, I'm at home sweet home. Well, just a few pictures cause my sis and I did major camwhoring this morning. :P

But, sadly, I look terrible in the morning. xD

And my sis doesn't know how to pose. :D

Well anyways, I had a blast of weekend. About coming to school, it's probably a "yes" cause my sister won't let me say "no". I have no idea why she loves school so much. ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Impressions

States my Home Economics Unit 8 book : First impressions to your interviewer and fellow colleagues is important.


Cause I've definitely had many first impressions about my friends which have definitely changed for the better. And occasionally, I think it'll be a good thing if I forgot those crazy assumptions that I made of them, cause they were definitely proved wrong. Oops, me bad. Sorryy.

Well, I'm off for a never-stop-having-fun vacation starting tomorrow. Wish me energy! =)

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it,
but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.
                                                    -Mark 8:35

I finally understood this verse. Thank you, youu. And God. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


No one to accompany me at 8.30 in the morning.
No soul who understands when I use code. :P

No Zoe. D:

& somehow, I feel so "out" these days. See how much I love youu. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forever & Always.

I ♥ poking Ryan! Cause he's evil, muahah. :)

Oh, and by this time these days, my eyes are about to drop with exhaustion, and this is only valued for this week. Its SO hard to finish my work these days, but somehow, I manage. =) Language Arts is killing me with all the long questions and essays about the book, eek.

And at school, Sarah and Isaak crap 24/7 behind me. :P

People frustrate me. But, honestly, if you made a mistake in life, pick yourself up and stop emo-ing. Sure, it hurts. But comm'on, you don't have to pout and try to make everything alright by retracing. Memories never replay. Just start making new ones, and learn from the mistakes you make.
Heck, yes! I know. I'm not deaf nor am I blind to the obvious.

...and I always think its best to get a new piece of paper. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Weeyen introduced it to my sis, she introduced it to me, and thus. Another fav for songs. HEH. Its totally rad. But, if you're bored, go listen to this: Stephen Curtis Chapman Cinderella.

Oh, and I totally get Sarah about public holidays now. (You know, I should "totally" get another word for "totally" cause I say it friggin' often!) Back to the topic of holidays, its just such a laze about day, you feel so unproductive at the end.

Yea, so in such a boring atmosphere, I did some picture editing like I always do, mind you. When I have the mood, inspiration!! You can't do editing if you don't have mood, and ideas.

But, me mighty proud of myself. Latest desktop background..

I know you won't steal. Muahaha. If you steal, it'll be weird that err, my family's there. HEH. :P I know, superbly nice. You don't have to say. x)

ooh, and I changed my Wordpress header also. Partly cause, I can't seem to make a header for this blog today. Just no ideas and inspiration. Yes, I crap A LOT!

Today is definitely green day! But, I love. :)

Oh, and on a random note. The wild bush, whatever you call it, fire in Australia is saddening news. Let's hope Zoe and Melissa didn't get hurt, cause my geography sucks and I'm not sure whether they were affected. :P

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Without you, I'm nothing.

Firstly, a belated wish to Miss Catherine Ong, my wonderful supervisor. Hope you had a dazzling one. :)
Oh, and for Brogan Teel, friends for "one weekend" and I still remember we clicked so well. Miss you!

Friday was a blast. Worship led with Grace, and I believe it went well. =) When I refer to well, I mean that God came to meet with us. Well, I hope he did because we NEED Him desperately, and somehow it feels that chapel these days are different. Before, you could really feel his presence there.

And that was my definite goal.

Anyway, night time came and I went off with my dad to send my sis to French class. Then, S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. in Bangsar. :) Such a posh mall, I'm serious. :P

BUT, guessie what I bought!?

Rubik's Magic

I know, its SUPER chun. I was so fascinated! Somehow, you can make a Olympic flag out of it. :D I played with it till err, I was dead tired, hahah. And this morningg...


It broke! The coolest puzzle, best quality, RM54.95 Rubik's Magic, BROKE. My sister was playing it when I saw the clear string that attaches it together was sticking out! My gosh, you could imagine how I felt! Thank goodness the receipt was right beside my bed and it's refundable.

Then, I started blabbering about getting 3x3x3, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5 BEFORE EVER GETTING THE MAGIC AGAIN! Hopefully, they'll improve by then. I'll go make a complain to the company or something! (HEH, too much of Bee's influence.) So thus, I started this Rubik's Collection account thingy and my sis helped me do proper accounting. ;P Yesh, I'm weird. But, like I care a tuppence!

Well, I'm definitely gonna return it next Friday or whenever my sis has French class. Then, I'll go to MPH or Starbucks loveee and enjoy the evening. I love it when my sister has French. :D

P.S. &yes, I'm feeling colorful.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Facebook tag. For the fun of it. :P

Tagged by Miss Shabeta Kumar (:

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

#o1. I like list numbers like the way I'm doing them now.

#o2. William Moseley is handsome, I don't care what you say!

#o3. OH, and Chad Micheal Murray is hotter. ;P

#o4. I correct Malaysian's English when they use the wrong tense in their sentence. Which is often. :D I can't stand it when they talk terrible English grammer.

#o5. I absolutely detest Science, it makes no sense at all. Thank gosh it doesn't come out in SATs.

#o6. I have an almost blood related sister (actually, she doesn't even have a drop of my blood) whom I love ultra much and miss (cause she migrated to Australia). We can talk to each other in code and get each other COMPLETELY. :)

#o7. I rate boys. Don't believe me?

#o8. I'm a girl. Is that unusual? And we gals talk about everything from boys to underwear. :P

#o9. I like the fact that I'm a TCK.

#o10. I lived in America once, for about 7 years. Is that new? I think you all know that. ;P Yea, I have the accent - or whatever Malaysians call an accent cause it sounds like THEY have an accent, and not ME - and Malaysians love to tease me about it. :D

#o11. I hate those chain emails that say "If you don't forward this, so and so will happen." For sakes, it isn't true because I never send them, and nothing happens to me. My God is greater than all that!

#o12. I like to poke people, because well. People poke me, so in revenge, I poke back! HEH. It's a Malaysian thing I guess, cause I was never "poked" in Maine.

#o13. I hate talking on the phone due to a bad experience.

#o14. Number 14 is my FAVORITE number. As you can see, I chose to put this random thing as the fourteenth item.

#o15. I can't put up with people who swear. If you want to swear, swear when I'm not around.

#o16. Dancing is my life. =)

#o17. I love editing photos, doing graphic designs, design tech, etc.

#o18. Baking is a nice, productive way to spend your free time. And the product usually makes you feel productive.

#o19. I can't wait till I graduate from high school (3 more years!) go to college, get married, and have children. Best of all is the CHILDREN part. :)

#o20. My darling friend Becka Boo is half away across the world. Imagine how much I miss her.

#o21. I love it when I can say "I love you" to my guy friends and they can accept it without think the wrong thing.. and say it back.

#o22. It's pathetic when people make conclusions about anything super quickly without THINKING about it for a while.

#o23. Love MUSIC.

#o24. I can play guitar, but don't enjoy playing. I'd rather play piano, if I could.

#o25. I'm in love with my BEST friend. ♥

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