Sunday, January 31, 2010


September 2008

November 2008

You've gotta love the old times. :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

January, I thank you.

Definitely. Glad. January. is. over.

Since my latest post was everywhere, I decided to erase and start all over again.

Don't you wish that anything you do could be erased and done again? Sadly, our life isn't like a blog post, you write something wrong and you can delete. Once we do something wrong, we can't just press the Delete button and live life again like it never happened.

It's crazy how fast a month can go by. We're already 1 month into the new year. Before we know it, we'll be in the middle of it or finishing it. Just the wink of an eye.

January 2010 has taught me many lessons. I started this year with high resolutions, and as the days go by, you get lazy and procrastinate and lose sight of those goals for yourself. Every morning I wake up and remind myself of what I have to accomplish today, tomorrow, this month, this year. I have to see the big picture.

I've learned how to say 'no' to the many activities that come my way. I have to ask myself, "What is important? What are my priorities? What do I not have to do?" Its hard to say no to stuff to stuff you would like to do. Its hard to stay in your room and do work while your family's watching a movie outside. It's hard to hear everyone talking about coming events when you know you shouldn't go. But you know what, when you do something that you're suppose to do instead of doing something you want to do, it feels good. Really good. Like, you escaped the temptation and did what you were suppose to do.

I've learned how to let God decide, and stop making my own decisions. So many times, when we are asked whether we would like to do something, we answer right away. We forget that God is in control of our lives and we need to let him control it. We need his guidance. Stuff we would like to do, isn't always what God wants us to do. Sometimes in our excitement, we forget to God. We forget to hear his say in it.

I've learned to trust, love, respect and care for others. I'm sorry if it isn't really evident, but I really do care. I feel sad for you when I see you doing something wrong. I get angry at you because I trusted you and you abused it. I pity you when I see others mistreating you. I respect you when I see you caring about someone else and seeing you take care of the little juniors so well. I love you when you kept your promise and worked hard.. and finished 10 books. :)

I've learned to treasure every friendship that I had and I have. Ever notice that friendships go really fast? But they come really fast to. At one of period of time, you get really close one person, then that person drifts away. But then, there's always another person. No one stays long. So while you have that friendship, and while it last, treasure it. With your whole heart.

However, my sister shall always be my sister. There's blood relation. So Chech, have a blast in US and London. Although I'm really jealous, and I'm sure you wish I was coming with you... ;) And since you love me so much, you better fulfill that long shopping list that I'm going to give you. Muahaha.

Lastly, January has been RADICAL. However, I'm glad its over. I just 'closed accounts' today, you could say. You know, make sure all my average grades, number of LPTs, goals for February, GPA... was settled and completed. :) I'm sorry if I must glee, but I did 16 LPTs. You just have to be happy for moi. :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Would you dare?

Would you speak up when you see some people doing sometime wrong?


I'm sure you're thinking 'yes' but honestly,


You wouldn't speak up because you wouldn't dare.
You wouldn't say anything cause you'll be tongue-tied.
You wouldn't point it out cause you're scared of what they'll say about you.

But being ignorant doesn't help anything either.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

what truth

Child, I am telling you your story,

not hers. No one is told any story

but their own.

said Aslan from the book Horse and His Boy

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh yeaa. =)

I can't make it clearer, put it any other way
If you can't see the simple truth I do
Then there's nothing in this world that's left to say
But Jesus loves you

said Stellar Kart in his song Jesus Loves You

Whoa yea, my sister's going to USA in February. Yes, news leaks out. I've kept it a secret this long. :D :D :D

I'm making her a shopping list. Comment if you want anything, and then we shall see if I have the mood to convince my sister to buy it. :P

P/s. History LPT can go get lost. Seriously.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where Rainbows End

Happy Birthday Mel. :D

You've been an awesome friend. I'm glad I've known you for 2 years already. Even if you're in Australia, we still are pretty close eh? Well, je t'aime beaucoup.

Gosh, I need to spazz. :D

#o1. I finished all my goals today, in school. :) After lunch and taking a Science LPT, I totally stoned at my desk. But I'm so happy. I manage to finish all my goals every single day and I've done 12 LPTs already. wheee.

#o2. Ryan supposedly moved real close to my house, when I just discovered that actually, it isn't that close. -.= But anyhow, we shall be carpooling sometimes and dropping by at each others houses often, hm? :D

#o3. Kat and I will be worship leading this week for chapel and I'm really praying hard that God will come and meet us. Cause without Him, we could do a perfect job playing and singing, but it'll be an epic failure. Period.

#o4. Joel is supposed to talk to the new girls. However, he keeps on backing out of it due to his UN-awesomeness. I mean right, I've talked to the new boys. And I'll even accompany him to go talk to the new girls.  Ahem, Jo. I am not letting you escape from this one. ;)

#o5. I just realized that I gave Jo number 4. He shall be happy.

#o6. My current addiction(s) are the song I'm Not Cool by Scott with the weird last name and the book Where Rainbows End. Definitely a book that you can't put down once you've started.

#o7. I feel like my life is an endless cycle. Just a day ago, I was sitting at my desk feeling like my life was just a continuous cycle - 5 or 6 goals, studying for test, taking test, eat, sleep, and repeat. I can't wait for some sort of amazing excitement.

#o8. Number 8 is a nice number. Thus, the last numbered item. Haha. Till later, tchao for now. Off to read and craze over how stupid Alex and Rosie are when it's pretty obvious they were made for each other. :)

P/s. I love you.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My God loves me, anyway.

Some people tell me that I look kind of funny
My nose is red and the braces don't work at all
They say the clothes I wear are all out of fashion
I don't fit in and should be shopping at a different mall
I studied classical piano
When I could've been playing guitar
I used to drive an El Camino
And I'm not even sure it's a car

I'm no cool but that's okay
My God loves me anyway
I'm not cool but that's alright
I'm still precious in His sight
I'm not cool but I don't care
how I'm supposed to do my hair
I'm not cool but that's okay
My God loves me anyway

It doesn't matter if I know all the lingo
He doesn't mind if I'm not hanging with a certain crowd
Some people still believe in building an image
But I am finding that's a worry I can do without
I used to wish I was athletic
But football was never my game
I made some friends in mathematics
But no one can spell my last name

He says that I am a one of a kind
And I don't have to try to be somebody else
He believes in me and says I'm free to be myself
I can be myself :)

I'm no cool but that's okay
My God loves me anyway
I'm not cool but that's alright
I'm still precious in His sight
I'm not cool but I don't care
how I'm supposed to do my hair
I'm not cool but that's okay
My God loves me anyway

I love this song. I just remembered it after hearing my sister humming it. It's definitely an old Sunday school sort of song. But you know what? Its true. It doesn't matter if I'm not cool, because He loves me anyway. :D

Scott Krippayne I'm not cool

Sunday, January 17, 2010

true enough

There’s never enough time to do all

the nothing you want.

said Calvin - friend of Hobbes

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Like woah

  • I am in the most amusing mood currently. Like, I feel like laughing but there's nothing funny to laugh at.

  • Kelvin and Brandon are over @chez moi, studying hard at the living room table. How amazing.

  • Today I just realized who Ryan's brother, Luke, is. He was talking to Meara and it just popped into my head that he might be Ryan's brother. I had to clarify with Michael and he was like, "OMG, you didn't know?!"

  • Staying back after school consist of playing with Dennis and babysitting Ariel. Plus, I met Nelson who actually has patience for the little juniors. They all ran at him and hugged him and then when I came, they all attacked me instead. ;) But its so cool that he likes little kids. He was like helping Ariel to put on his shoe. So cuteee.

  • I am stuck at the plot incidents of my short story. Its really hard to make it interesting and short.

  • Time to finish off the activities from the evil LA book and study for the LPT tomorrow. So, for now - tchao.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life has those moments

Life has moments hard to describe
Feeling great and feeling alive
Never coming down from this
Mountain we're on

2nd week of school, already. The regular routine of school is slowly sinking in. New students are slowly adjusting, and I'm getting to know a few. :)

(Pstt, I really pity all the 'new kids' cause every time the supervisors or Mr Fan addresses then as one big group, classified as the 'new students'.)

Currently, I'm working on a short story for my LA assignment. Its going.. good, I guess. The plot is really kinda lame, and its longing like a novel instead of a short story. =.0 Typical story line.

I have lost all clues at why I am updating my site. Have you ever read such a SMOOTH blog post ever. Its like randomly skipping around to every subject on planet earth.

Oh, that reminds me. I was planning on taking Health and Health Quest as my next elective after Art. But now I'm considering Essentials of Communication. Sounds good eh? At least it won't be as easy basic as Health and Health Quest. My RM13 on each book shall be productively spent. :)

Well, since I haven't posted pictures since a century, here comes the pictures from Maxwell Hill and last Friday & Saturday.

Maxwell Hill - December 27th to 29th;

Rustic old swing seat

Slumber with Melissa - January 8th to 9th;

Ry is an awesome photographer. :D

I find this picture extreme sweet, somehow. :)

Jump shots! Like, number 100th. ;P

Group shot on Friday.

Group shot on Saturday. :)

I have uploading pictures on blogger/wordpress. Its extremely stressful. Thank gosh I'm done. Hahah. Enjoy. :)

OH, forgive the irregular sizes of the pictures. Its really hard to get like, a standard size. :\

P/s. I found my next adorable, cutie pie, of the year (?). DENISSS! :D

Brian Adams Everything I do, I do it for you

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pony tails, toilet paper, and jump shots.

A whole week of school has gone by. I'm beginning to adjust to it and its actually pretty fun. Getting to know the new students is really interesting. I mean, its like Sarah with the scarfs and Nielson with the nose. HAHA. And Beatrice who reminds me of Saph. And Jason, the one that looks like Terrence. =.=

Lunch on Friday was the most interesting element. We were discussing the opposite of sour, bitter, salty, and sweet. In the end, it seems like sweet is the opposite of all the other three. Its so confusing. Well, then, we were eating with all the juniors cause we had chapel practice. And so Abagail's mother was like, "you guys are part of the younger ones is it?" HAHA. Sarah was like, "Well, yeaa. We wanted to feel YOUNG, so we joined them." xD

Later on, we called Nielson to join us and questioned him about his nose. He had one of those sticker thingies on that help him breath. Cause according to him, he can't breathe in air-conditioned rooms. And Sarah was like, "Why don't you just use cellophane tape?" AHAHAHA. He was so speechless. And then, later on she asked him, "Where do you church?" And Ry and I were like, "Sarah, you don't say that! Church is not a verb!" She is so hilarious, and the way Nielson responds is so funny, he's like very polite. I'm sure deep down inside he's kinda freaked by her weirdness. ;)

Oh, not to forget, I adore all the little juniors that run around. There's so many of them, you don't know who half of them are! But they're so cute. Rachel, who always comes and says, "Hi Hazel" in the most adorable way... Thuliana, who shares all her secrets with me... Joshua, who is the definition of charm. Seriously. He won't talk to you though. It took me five minutes to convince him to tell me his name. And especially my adorable, CUTE, full of handsome potential Denis. HE IS SO CUTE. I was like, walking to the canteen when I saw him and he was like, "HI! Hug me!" And then after school, I was like practically holding five bags and he ran into me and started hugging me and clinging to me while I was walking. Aww, soo cutee.

You should be jealous. I live in the same apartment block as Denis. So I can see him anytime I want.

Chapel yesterday went quite okay. There was no kick pedal thingy for the base drum, which is so pathetic. Sarah and I searched the entire store room for at least 20 minutes going through every single box. I guarantee you, it's not there. However, thank God for Fer who could still play the drums without it.

After chapel, Quel, Mel, Ry, and I all squished into the back seat of my car and headed off to my house. Upon arriving, they all 'ooo'ed and 'aaa'ed over my sister's cut wrist (story shortly following, HAHA). After awhile of talking and in code too - "the sun, moon, and stars passed by" - we headed to the swimming pool area. Played with snow spray, camwhored, took jump shots, hung out and talked. :) I want the pictureesss! :D

Had a dinner of pasta and salad and then Ry had to leave. After that, we went down to go swimming. It was cold. We swam a bit, hung out by the side of the pool, and talked yet again. Went up around 9ish, and while we were all taking turns to shower, Sarah arrived.

Watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. We decided against watching it while Ry was here, for very good reasons. Haha. Typical chick flick movie, British accents, and Aaron Johnson. What to expect.

After doing what girls are best at - aka. stalking alert - we went to bed and talked till, no idea what time. 2ish, 3? I kinda drifted off in the middle of it, I am sure I did. Haha.

Next morning, all we practically did was eat. I'm serious. We baked a scrumptious bacon and egg pie for breakfast. After eating it, we walked to Jaya Grocer where we shopped for ingredients for sushi! And bough gummy bears. <3 Back at home, we start making sushi, eat it, drink Miso, and then everyone started leaving.

I definitely need the pictures of our awesome snow sprayed names, jump shots, and self-timer ones. :)

Well, welcome to the new website. Although there's no freaking CBOX (!!), please click COMMENT below and leave a comment. That's if, you actually bother.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Something More

I hate angry moods. But I can't stop getting them because I have a PERFECTLY GOOD REASON TO BE ANGRY. If I could make a whole "I hate..." list, it would go to a million and one items.

  • I hate Malaysia.
  • I hate cliques.
  • I hate school.
  • I hate parents who never let me have any form of FUN cause they expect me to work my butt off till July 2011, and who knows what happens after that.
  • I hate immature people.
  • I hate it when people expect too much from me.
  • I hate people who mock others that are less fortunate.
  • I hate people who have no values.

I'm trying my hardest to love, but I'm sorry. Its really hard.

So, school. Resource 1 is SO noisy, but I still manage to contain my patience and like a good little girl, finish all my work. And plus, I have to stay back practically everyday, with cute Ariel (sp?) and his afro hairstyle. He is so adorable. Today, he was going crazy being super lion (?) and attacking Gong. I finally got him to calm down and draw. So, he's sitting and drawing when Gong starts singing, "I'll meet you at the hotel room". Ariel stands up, saying, "Come, I'll meet up" and walks very soberly towards Gong. Upon reaching Gong, he kinda falls on him, especially when Gong was trying to avoid him. Pom and I had a fit laughing. HAHA.

There are like 17 new students. I've said hi to so many of them that I've forgotten all their names. Plus, the conversation is so standardized.

I say: Hi, what's your name?

Person says: so and so.

I say: Oh, how old are you?

Person says: blah, blah. (its usually 14, 15, 16)

I say: what grade are you in?

Person says: etc.



I've still yet to find the person who will say all in one breath the answer to all those questions before I even have a chance to ask. That person would be absolutely rad. :P

Oh, and where am I sitting? At the far left against the wall. And Sarah's sitting at the far right against the wall. Its a huge distance to walk all the way there. And I'm between.. oh who do you know! Bee and Kelvin. The cousins and the same people I sat between last year. Not that I mind. At least neither are intimidating.

And on the random note:


However, I shall not complain. At least I have my very awesome Jojo still around after losing the other siblings. He is such a comfort to me. :) And adorably cute. He had to explain this verse in devotion today and it was like, "It's important because... well... you will die. if you don't have discipline... you will die. So yea... you should have discipline so... you don't die." And then he prayed at lunch time and he emphasized like every single word. SO CUTE. :)

I have a Math test and Art alternate test to study for, so tchao.

I KNOW, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I FREAKING FAILED MY ART LPT. D: Well, I could of gotten like an 80% but then I decided not to fight for any points cause I want a higher average. And the first time you take an alternate, your self test scores remain the same, so yea. I still can get a high average. :D So, I will take my alternate. taadaaa.

Oh, and fyi, angry mood is almost gone. ALMOST.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I can't seem to express this right in words.

Ever feel like you want to be a better person?

But sometimes you have to learn how to say "NO", just because you can't handle so much?

I so ever badly want to be a better person this year. But I know I can't handle it all. Time to pray before I get committed, to follow His will. And to step down and learn to say "no", even if I would love doing it

Time to focus on the studies and strive towards July 2011. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Conclusions and Resolutions

The last day of 2009, how freaky. I can't believe the year's almost over. It just seems like it went by way to fast and now, we have a whole new year ahead of us. But 2009 has its beautiful memories, doesn't it? Time to retrack.

January 2009 - The start of a new school year, I was put into the senior's class with Ms Cath and Mr Nicholas as our supervisors. Of course, there's that whole process of adjusting and blah, but January is a good month for that. First time I had Bee as a neighbor, and it definitely turned out like a good combination. As my sister says, "Haz is the only one who can scold Bee without her getting angry." :P My darling Bee has been such a good girl.

February 2009
- Major Event? Sarah's slumber party. I still remember that whole issue we had about transportation. Haha. In the end, Matthew and I were such good peace makers. I sat in Ryan's car in the middle of like 6 boys. My only "girl" company was Hope and Ry's mom. Ahaha. They didn't swear, Ry. ;) And Matthew was the only guy in the midst of like 4 girls. LOL.

Haha. But it was great bonding time, and pranking time. We were really successful this time. It was really fun waking up at 5am and tiptoeing down those creaky stairs, and etc. I can't wait for this years one, Sarah!

March 2009 - I remember preparing school pictures to send to Zoe and getting everyone to sign. That was really fun, and thinking about it makes me miss that dear so much. Also, the classic-ness of Bee and I having PMS at the same time - bad results, I tell you. We broke Esther's correction tape thingy-ma-jigg. ;) And the start of Quel coming over for slumbers. Prank calls tradition! :D

April 2009 - Oh, the immaturity of me. I shall not mention it. But i do remember I got really mad at a particular person,

but yes. It's resolved. :) Oh, and the start of French classes. My poor Wednesday and Friday nights. I am so glad that's over. Haha. But it's cool being able to speak some of another language. French is so refine and beautiful. Sometimes I catch myself saying "oui" instead of "yes".

May 2009 - I can't remember when Grace, Tommy, Matt, and all changed schools, but it happened sometime before May. Hm, May. My sister turned sweet 16, we arranged a surprise party for Uncle Kevin... Ry and Sarah came over to bake. That was fun. Things.. happened. ;) We had an outing after Party Day, a very last minute one. Camp Committee was formed, and I was in it. :D It was really fun working with Sarah and Kelvin about the tees.

Also, I had a mental breakdown, I remember that day very clearly. Bad memory, so let's move on. But I'm super grateful for people like my caring Chorch, and now that I shalln't be seeing you often, I shall really try to "take care", as you always say. I lovee youu. :)

June 2009
- More planning about the Camp. Yeaa. I actually can't remember what happened in June.

Oh yeaa. Haha. Zoe just reminded me that she came back in June. wheeee. I still remember receiving an SMS from her when I was in French class sometime in May, telling me she was coming back. Oh, joy! She came to my house once and we talked for 2 hours straight. Then, she came to school twice. &she gave me Impulse City Collection. :D

July 2009 - What's Up Camp! That was really a life-changing experience, especially seeing it all just happen. I remember going there early in the morning, 4 of us squashed in one row of the van, going to some smelly mamak store, and finally arriving in PD. We set up the whole campsite, put up the posters, etc. And couldn't wait for it to just start. Then it all started, and things just went by so quickly. I remember staying up late till 2am with a long strip of tape hanging from the bunkbed as we taped up the clues on the cards for the next morning activity. I remember our dorm, it was like the coolest dorm ever. We had the whole bathroom to ourselves, and a whole extra bed to dump to dump all our stuff on. :)

I also remember filling up water balloons the next afternoon with paint. Haha. And how I couldn't tie balloons, so I would just fill them and pass them to Nathaniel or Tet to tie. And of course, the whole water fight event. It was so fun to watch them all throw balloons at each other. :)

But most importantly was the night rally. Especially at the end when I saw my fellow peers going up to meet God. I definitely had a lot of prejudice against many of them, but it kinda all cleared off after I saw willing hearts and teachable spirits before the Lord. And I got touched myself. I'm truly sorry I judges many others wrongly.

I remember doing the filming/interview thingy which was way awkward and Sarah & I were like.. yeaa. Hahah. I never even got to see that video after it was made. :-O

Also, all those sports events and etc. All stuffed up in the busy month of July. Wasn't it a month. We had cheerleading practices on, what a headache! I seriously think it brought us girls together a lot. I mean, just talking and working together to do the right thing and to treat her rightly. Plus, all the First Aid experiences I had.

August 2009 - Well, to round up our activities with Sports Fiesta. What a hassle. But it was all really fun and A or RED TEAM, we rock eh? :D And then, the start of Next Degree. Which was really a turning point too. I so remember that day we had the first meeting with Pastor Henry. I actually don't know what happen at that meeting cause I didn't attend because of some idiotic reason, and that day totally marks a day when I got really really pissed. Not a good memory, so we shall move on.

September 2009 - The first ISCF meeting, which was a great success. I know a lot of people got touched, so that's cool. Also, I got a lot closer to Vickie, Joel, and Timothy. We had our first 1U outing where we got lost and yeaa. Vicks and I totally spazzed in the lift, I mean. It was classic. We were just laughing and there was this stranger inside, and he was like, staring us down. AHAHAH.

Oh, and French classes - FINALLY FINISHED. :D Now, I am officially the owner of two foreign language credits. And I didn't have to take the major exam - DELF A1 - in the end. :)

October 2009 - Next Degree faced a few problems and well, it definitely brought us a lot closer. I definitely felt like a lot of us grew in huge dimensions that day we just started apologizing to everyone. I even wrote an email to my old friend in Maine and she replied and forgave me. And I had to swallow up a lot of pride to go say sorry to some people. Also, we had that whole fb issue where Sarah and I learned a lot that day. And I'm so glad for that darling girl. She went through it with me and understood the reality of it with me too.

Oh, and WV retreat and the whole Marcus and Pom thingy. HAHA. ;) What ho. Its so fun to tease that girl with like, 5 guys.

November 2009 - This was definitely a very stressful month for me. It basically consisted of all the end of the year activities + no work done at all . :P So, Kat and I had to start of the tedious job of the choir, which was pretty much torturous, I am so glad Eunice took over. And then, I worked along side Melinda in making the backdrop. And that was a very stressful job, but it was great fun too. I just love seeing guys sew. :D Its so amusing. And then of course,

Award's Night prep such as shopping and the day itself. With all the awards and picture taking. Oh, and school is OUT. :D Best part right?

December 2009 - It was really fun helping shift to the new school. Boxes, and slurpees, and lift doors. :P Total plotting with Pom and complaining to Mr Fan and Mr Nicholas about how essential toilet paper is. Also, working really hard to catch up with all the work I missed in October and November. I have done a total of 6 LPTS in December, and 1 more to go. :D

Then, there's Christmas of course and parties. I had great fun arranging it with Jon, scolding him, blah, etc. - HE DIDN'T COME. D: Anyhow, I had an awesome Christmas trip with my mom and sis, and an awesome Christmas with a scrumptious dinner, and a very quiet trip to Maxwell Hill. Overall, it was rad. :)

I think 2009 was a great year. I had a lot of experiences - good and bad alike. But it all help me grow spiritually and mentally, and physically. I feel like I became a few years old, wiser and more mature. And I'm ready for 2010. :)

So next year will be full of things to look forward to. But anyhow, here are the resolutions:

#01. Simply love. Do not judge, do not talk behind backs, just love.  (:
#o2. Be an example. Not only when you’re in front of people and people are watching but when you are alone and no one is watching.
#o3. Have discipline. Do what you know you should do, not what you want to do. Cancel activities, events, outings, commitments if they are not necessary.
#o4. Achieve my academic goals. Have an average percentage of 94% or above, and a GPA of 3.5 and above.
#05. Put your 100% in everything you do.
#o6. Use your time wisely. No diddle daddle, time is precious. Don’t waste even a second.
#o7. Keep an account of what you earn, received, and spent.
#o8. Have fun, be happy, and always smile. :D

Oh, and in the coming year, I shall become a part-time, single child. That should be an experience, eh? Please pray for my dear Chech, that everything will go smoothly and that by next year autumn she'll be safe and settled down somewhere in the beautiful country of USA. I can't wait for my turn. :)

I love you guys all so very much. Have a great 2010 ahead of you. <3