Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tell me somethin' I don't know.

'Ello, Marshmellows!

It's been movie weekend, yips. :D

Totally rockin'. Omg, if you haven't watched, go download. LOL. Especially if you're a dancing fan. The two stars are super good at dancing, ohmygoshh, SO NICE. Mary's stepmother is such a stuck up person, I was laughing my head off, and my sister was like, what's so funny? Oh, and Funky, he's really classic. See, I'm goin ahead of you all now. Go watch. Its a command. :P I'll rate it 8/10.

Definitely not my type. It was my parents type, so we just decided to watch it with them. Its about Isreal and Arabs and British soldiers, etc. Not that violent, but my gosh, the movie is so longg and in every single movie you watch these days, and also olden days, there has to be romance, must there not? At least in this old movie, Paul Newman (Arvi the hero) at least quite handsome, teehee. d: Honestly, most old movies, they put the old and ugly actors as the stars and the soldier is most handsome or something. No kid. He's the dude above, and he can totally act like a British when he's Jew. x) Rate it, 6/10.

Oh, and I just discovered that the release date for The Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was suppose to be on May 1, 2009 but they switched it to May 1, 2010. Sadly, I wish it was coming out way sooner. But the sad bummers is that William won't be in it, unless we see him for the shortest while in England or something. And Miss Cath was insulting him the day Zoe left, so she wasn't there to help me defend him. How sad is that? ISH! William is way hotter than Skandar, excuse me. =X

Now, the latest movie I wanna watch is Bolt or something. :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

So, what am I really livin' for?

If you're smart, you'll see the whole post. Only if you're absolutely top-turvy smart. Try me. =X

The password's here. Now, go figure out where it's suppose to go.

I have no desire for vacation anymore. Thanks for depriving me off my time. So not true, all I want is January to be here tomorrow, so I don't freaking have to worry about how to finish all the task I want to in December with 3 days out of every week taken away from me.

EDIT - Sowie, I made this video about Zoe and Melissa. Enjoy!

i love youuu.

Dearest Zoe Meime,
 I love you a billion and one Swedish fish. Thanks for all the brilliant memories you've left with me, and the more to come because we're sure to make some more on MSN. I have no idea how to even look towards next year, without you. You, and our boys code, boys rating, you and the many whispers, exchanging of phones, you and every single part that comes with yourself. Pranking boys, toothpaste, partners in crime OMG HIGH FIVE ZOEE!! :D I absolutely, totally, love you from the bottom of my heart. Please take care of yourself okay? We'll see each other one day, again. Hopefully, you've safely arrived there by now. (:

I'll never ever forget you. (:
So, I woke up at 5 to send Zoe off at the airport. Only saw her for a few minutes, but it was good enough. I still can't believe you're gone, and it's so hard to take it. :/ So, so hard, not matter how hard people made me laugh today. Thanks Raquel ( the car ride there was hilariouss!), Miss Cath, and Jon! :D I had a fabulous day, other than the part that Zoe left. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue! :)

I'm gonna miss you, or I already do. At Mackers for breakfast, Raquel and I went to wash our hands after we ate and..
Hazel Aiyo, I miss Zoe already.
Raquel Yea I know, she's my random partner.
I can't be random with anyone else.
--I can't remember Raquel NOT being random.

Well, okayyz. Ciao for now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

& so it goes.

I haven't been doing proper updating for a long time. November's held too many events, and no pictures and reviews in my blog. Are you ready? :)

November 1st : Joyce's Birthday Party;

No pictures. We did take pictures, but I don't have them with me. :O Most of the time they were swimming, so Paullyn and I accompanied each other by talking, hahaha. Cause, at that time, I still had my injury, ishhhh. OMG, I CAN SWIM AGAIN, DID I TELL YOU THAT?!! Woops, sorry. It was just so unbearable, not being able to swim at the slumber and at Joyce's party.

November 12th : Zoe and Hazel's Birthday Party;

Full of pranks, ish! hahah. But it was fun altogether. Sparkling soda, KFC (btw, why did KFC change from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Kitchen Fresh Chicken? So weirdd!), those party thingymajigs which you blow and then the paper thingy sticks out. Hahah! I blew one really close to Matthew and Gong (they were hugging each other ;P) and they got so freaked out. It was hilarious! :)

Group Photo. Lyd and Wee didn't join much.
They were stressing out about backdrop, I think? Oh, and Gilbert too.

We got this from Grace that morning. Scrumptious!

November 14th : Hazel's and Megan's Birthday!

Birthday twins! :)

November 20th : Pre-Award's Night;

As you can see, Zoe was in formal very early.
Ryan and I hated our costumes. Especially cause we couldn't walk in them! ISHHH.

November 20th : Award's Night;

So, it was worship, drama, presentations, and then Award giving. It got louder and louder as the night went on. x) haha. My girls basketball team went up to get 3rd place. For your information, there was only 3 teams. You get the point. ;P It was so awkward!

2nd price for Frisbee.

There's way more. hahaha. :)

November 21st : Party Day;

Zoee! I love you billions! :)

hahaha. We pulled Uncle Kevin down when he was crossing by. Not bad, ehh? LOL! I love you all too! Mel, don't leavee! D:

Brother #1

Brother #2 and Sister #2. :)
I love you guys! xP

Ish, RIIIIIYANNNN. :P Inside joke.
He is so totally capable of being annoyed. It's a nice thing to do too.

Well, that's about it. Don't have pictures of our outing yesterday, but hopefully I'll take a few more pictures with Zoe before she leaves. 2 or 3 more to our already 100 collection of them won't harm. :)
Anyway, a quick wish to Esther Lee. Happy birthday dear. You've definitely changed a lot for the better this year, and you totally deserved the most improved student award! :P Thanks for chitchatting with me during XYZ, I know we're bad. :) Keep rockin', yea!


oh, and it's Thanksgiving Day! Whooppieess! :) I miss Maine! If I was there now, today would be a day of feasting. Literally. All you do is eat. Go to people's houses are eat. It's one big long meal. Starts at noon and goes on till dinner. Oh, but the food. So delicious! Stuffing, turkey, CRANBERRY SAUCE! Omg, lovveee. :D I miss Maine sooo muchh.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I just wanna be with you.

 Heck, so I finally watched it before it goes out of the cinemas tomorrow. Caught it just in time. For your information, I am not a big fan of HSM like I am with Narnia, but after watching the first two, you definitely need to watch the third one and see how it ends! Gosh, the suspense is over cause I've finally watched it, but errr, it did not meet my qualifications. The plot was seriously mild. Hahah. But ohmygosh, Zac and Vanessa are such a sweet couple! :P And the songs are nice. :)

Overall, I'll rate it 6/10. It is definitely not a must see, so surprisingly, the boys all willlingly followed us and watched it with us. hahah. They all said it was boring in the end. lol! I think only the girls wanted to see it, and the girls only means me, my sis, Sarah, and Celine. All the rest were boys, and they were so considerate to teman us. hahaha. Ish, boys are so gentlemanly. Can you feeel the sarcasm?

All in all, vacation's been fun so far. Been really occupied the last 5 days. Other than not being able to sleep at night, and having gastic on and off, so far the holidays are a bomb. Ish to lack of sleep. I've been up till 12 the last two nights tossing in my bed and talking on the phone with Jon. And Fai! He keeps on disturbing me to get my sister. :P hahah.

And, like Vanessa said, I wish time could just STOP.

Friday, never come. :(

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

little miss sunnshinneee. :D

James 3:9-10
With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing.
It's amazing how powerful the tongue is. One minute, we can strengthen someone with a thoughtful word, then turn around the next minute and say something insulting to another. It's a shame that both evil and good can come out to the same mouth. D:

Anyway, today I'm using my tongue to appreciate others. Let it roolll..

Them Siblings

Roberts aka Chorch
Ish, time flies. I've known this wonderful for 2 years already. He's the type of guy everyone says, "It's Robertss, what do you expect!" when he's just himself in his unique way. Definitely Mr. Friendly and Huggable. :D Thanks for being a blessing and teaching me so much about life. I'm serious, you have no idea how much.

Lydia d' Chech
Honestly, if I didn't have a real blood-related sister, I think I'd die of boredom at home. Or, have a billion pet siblings to make up. lol. Thanks for loving me, for entertaining me, helping me, telling me to do this and don't do that and for scolding me when I treat people wrongly. hahah. :P Although you are definitely a pain in the neck when you scream at me in public for nothing I have done wrong, I guess that's what older sisters are.

Matthew van Didi
Heck, he is so annoying nott. xP hahah. Really, I think Jon is more annoying. And it's suppose to be the other way around. I still can't believe you cared much whether you were annoying or not. You so do not look the type that would really care about people's feelings. and try your hardest not to hurt others, yet you are that type. I already miss you, okayy. :)

Zoe darl Meime
Omg Zoe, I could scream my head off for 10 minutes straight, for all I care. You have no idea how much I'll miss you, and I already am dreading next year and this December without seeing you at least once a week. I feel so incomplete without my twin darhling. We've gone through everything together, even stomach aches! (hahah, I'm having one right now!) Geez, I wish you didn't have to go. Really truly, I love you.

Them GRCians

Miss Raquella Randomness
She is such a joy lah. :D Always being the random one, the happy one, the one that makes people laugh. Her trick? She's herselff! Your randomness lights up the whole room, Raquel. Keep smiling!

Weee Lim
You are such a guy. I really really respect you. I've seen you really busy in the last few weeks, but you always seem to have time to talk, make lame jokes, and keep yourself unstressed. =)

Sarah de Hyperr!
hahah, she's always been there smiling, understanding me, screams with me when we agree with stuff, and influenced me on Pet Society! :P She awesomely, amazingly, full of funnn! :D Love you bunches!

Melissa Miss Sunshineee :D
She is always smiling! Amazing how she does it. Even I can't smile for such a long time without my jaws getting too tired, wakaka. :) Hope you liked the scrapbook, you too Zoe. I'm gonna miss you loads! hahah, especially the thought of having to sit alone while BM class is going on. x) We must have an outing before you leavee! D:

Tommy Bommy ol' Boy
You smarty pants, I enjoy helping you in Math cause at least it's not work, work, work until break time or lunch or something, hahah. Pluss, we don't do Math all the time, chitchatters. :D And the talks at drama pracs, and outings. Thanks for bein' that great friend.

Grace, plain dear Grace
hahah, I know how much you hate people calling you Grace Kam, especially since there's no other Grace in our school now. Anyway, thanks for being miss healthy, hegenic, and consultant for medicines / cures for us. Detol! :)

Aunty Naomi
Don't kill mee! x) hahaha. Your character is really indescribable, its is witty, yet people aren't scared to offend you. hahaha. I have no idea how to phrase it. :P But you're a real good friend. someone who sticks to you while others have fun. Still remember times when you would accompany me when I'm sick at a party. :)

Miss Cathherineyy
Thanks for reading reports, helping me with my work, and all the regular stuff teachers do. hahaha. But best of all, thanks for helping all of us grow spiritually in the Lord and encouraging us in our walk with the Almighty.

Uncle Kevin
Your jokes, the fun we have together (even in school) is uncountable. Thanks for being my great supervisor! You've really impacted my life for the better. Thankyou for everything.

Them Close-to-the-Heart

Mrs. P
I missy the art classes about "the art of doing nothing" or "the art of eating icecream". Your art classes were always so original. We'd go outside and play tag or something random like that. Thankks for still caring after so many years of not seeing you. I miss you and Ian. :P

Mandaa! :D
Missy, I miss youu. Ish, remember being the only two girls in 2nd grade. Bee stings? hahaha. *winkss!* Omg, I'm gonna email you right now and arrange a chatting date. I have SO much to tell you. wakaka. Ohh, and you should get Facebook. Becca, Tallie, Molly, and your sis all got. x)

Mrs. Gerry
Oh, I miss coming into the school office and hugging you. And getting First Aid when I got a boo-boo. :P Hot Pink! I love your fashion sense. && when you come to cut my hair and braid it! Professionall french braidss! Thanks for being so great, I miss youu.

Jackie "Parent"
hahaha, I remember Anthony teasing you when you had a child in your lap. Parent! :P Omg, I lovee youu. (Ish, I felt like saying lahh) Love chitchatting with you about you-know-what-girls-talk-about. ;D Keep shining, you starr.

Becka the BESTEEST!
hahah, I saved you for lastt. :D Get ready for a long one. Omg, I need to see you soon before I forget how you look like and your AWESOMENESS! I could say a billion I miss you's but ishh, they mean nothing. Guess what jet tube talks + nail polishh + swimming in the rain + playing doctor + secret talks + bike riding + hair curling = almost like a Sarah and Zoe combined. hahah. Except greater, awesomer, and much more unique. (heh, Zoe and Sarah are unique in another way.) Anyway, it equals a totally awesome one of a kind bestfriend. :) Love you dearr.

Note to everyone else : Paullyn, BeeAng, Isaac, Josh, Kelvin, Ryan, Chanelle, Gong, Brandon, Fai, Gilbert, Isaak, Melinda, Melissa L : I appreciate you guys too. Really. Thanks for being great friends. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

so far, so good. (:

Hello peoples! :)

Vacation's been fine, went to World Vision and did some volunteering this morning, as well as eating cause my stomach gave way. Mommy's colleague, who was a Pharmacist, described the symptoms of gastric and they aligned perfectly with my state, so we think it's gastric. Hm, so yea. I'm to eat frequently. :\

Other than that, it's Pet Society-ing, reading Chicken Soup, ignoring Science, and chit chatting with the friends on MSN. hahah. And a lot of event arranging! LOL. & I really need to finish my Science and take test, aghh.

Well, bye for now. x)

Friday, November 21, 2008

2009, here I come.

Marshmellows! :D

It's gonna be a longg post, I have so much to say. :P

Let's start it off with Wednesday night. Zomg, the pain I went through. Was sleeping and dreaming about drama practice (like, gosh right.) and we kept on having to move things over the stage and everytime we did, my stomach hurt. Woke up a little later after that, around 2am, and realized that the pain wasn't just a dream, it was real. It got worse and worse, nothing went into Mr. Toilet Bowl, and I was throwing up. At 4am, I was really really in pain, was practically screaming my head off, and daddy took me to see the doctor at 4.30am. He gave me a jab, and don't ask me what else happen because I was too blur then. Hm, the jab was superbly painful trust me, but it had instant effect and I slept peacefully after that. The whole next day, I had a weak stomach, but today I'm good as new. :D

Oh, and Zoe got the same thing on Thursday daytime. It could be a virus. Who knows. The doctor said for me that my stomach was diguesting and it got tangled together, and there was a lot of gases inside. D:

Award's Night was errm, okay. I prefered last years one cause it wasn't so hetic and LOUD. hahah. But yea, I like the drama. The video. Oh, but there was emabarrassment cause cheerleading came up for awhile before the ceremony started and everyone was staring at it. Sarah, Pom, and I were in the mother's room freaking out. At least Pom and I since Sarah wasn't there.

Parteyy day! :D I still like last year. The whole school today was all cliques. Like, people dunno how to socalize or something. Raquel and I were though. Socalizing by interupting people's conversation and giving them food to eat. Muahaha.
Well, fun is over and I probably saw Zoe for the last time today. Sighs. Another sibling gone. Well, another sibling gone that I won't see often, or ever. First it was Jon, now it's Zoe. And I'm only left with my annoying didi. hahaha, kidding. x) It was the joke cause Zoe wanted to go talk to Matthew and I didn't, so I said, younger siblings are annoying! I think younger siblings that are blood related are, I guess. Since, according to my sis, I am. ;P

Oh, and Matthew's leaving tomorrow for Bukit Jalil for training. So practically, I'm left with my sis for 1 whole month. Well, I'll probably see Jon a bit too much lahh. hahaha. Anyway, Matthew, remember to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and don't die cause of so much traning, and don't miss us too much, hahah. Oh, and have fun. :D

Well, I wanted to post something inspirational and plans for next year, but I'll save that for another post. (: Have a blast vacation ahead of you.

Oh, and thanks Raquella for understanding me. =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hello Marshmellows.

It's really hard to be satisfied with who I am. Really truly. Cause it feels like everyone expects me to live up to their standards for me. And that obviously means following the steps of my sister. That means winning an award for how much work I've accomplished, or highest average score.

..which, I didn't.
Like, how am I suppose to when I'm in the Grade 9th to 12th division and I have to compete with my sister?! If I was in the 6th to 8th Grade divsion then I would.
I just wish people wouldn't expect so much of me.
Not like I didn't do a lot of work this year or anything. I did 65 books and my average grade was 92. 3rd place winner for amount of LifePACs done did 70. I was close. And as for average, my sister got 94 as 1st place, so the 2nd and 3rd place people obviously only got 94 and 93. I was that close.
Anyway, everything went quite smoothly today. Good luck for everyone tomorrow!
oh, and I know you guys aren't saying it outloud, but you're asking among yourselves, what happen to Hazel? Ishh.

Monday, November 17, 2008

ish. I can't believe I can't accept it.

Can't accept what, you ask.

Can't except that you're gone, you're going, and you're the only one left. What more, you - the one I'm left with - can't even replace them. Not at all. Sighs. I'm glad you're yourself, but sometimes I wished you were like him.

It been the first day out of the four hetic days in this week. And so far, I've survived. Well, I managed to keep my anger down today, but currently frustration is burning inside! Ishh.

Anyways, I was tagged.

1. Do you think you're hot?
hahah, yea, of course! ...kidding.

2. Upload a favourite picture of yourself.

Wakaka, pretty chun eh?

3. Why do you like that picture?
Good question. Cause, well. We're just all ourselves in this picture. hahaha. Yea! Cuddos to Raquella the camera woman! :)

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Hmm, at Joyce's parteyy.

5. The last song you listened to?
Mariah Carey - Through the Rain

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Writing a Wordpress post about how depressed I am. ishh.

7. What name would you prefer besides yours?
Oh, I likey the name Priscilla. And guess what, my acting name is that. ;D

5 people to tag.
-Sarah Ti
-Melissa Yeap
-Melinda Lien
-Grace Kam

8. Who is number one?
That's a real 'duhhh' question!

9. Number 3 is having a relationship with?
HAHAHA! I'm not sure. :P

10. Say something about number 5
oh, she's realley rockin' :D

11. How about number 4?
Definitely a 'hey Melinda! I'm so tired, don't feel like working, let's talk!' type of person whom you can talk about everything with. :D

12. Who is number 2?
Another d'ohh question.


I've cheered up quite a bit, moo haha. Anyhow, I just become a member of the group in Facebook : I love Biddeford's Pizza by Alex. Omg, there is where you find the best pizza EVER. Stomach growls.

This is the description:
A fanclub for the world-famous (or at least famous to those of us that have ever lived in the Biddeford area) Alex Pizza. Absolutely THE best pizza in Maine, possibly the world!

If you ever happen to visit Biddeford, Maine - that's where I stayed by the wayy - this is definitely a MUST! :) lol. It's not easy to get lost in Bidderford without bumping into Pizza by Alex first.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

nothin' happens for no reason.

Well well, a new template. wakaka. (: Not exactly finished yet, I'm probably gonna add borders and then, that's about it.

It's 9.45pm currently and the bed's calling me cause I'm to have a restful weekend before totally hetic-ness on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And a full day indeed on Thursday! hahah. I can't believe it's already the last week of school, it seemed like yesterday when 2008 started! ;O

&& I can't believe you forgot. Oh well.

Sighs. One day after my birthday are always so-so days. I felt so unproductive today, and Science calls! :\ I can't seem to get myself to sit down and do it so I can take test before school ends. If, that is, I have time in between all the drama practices! D:

Well, everyone hang on there cause vacation's almost here! :D And before that is party day, which is literally eat-and-talk-and-snap-pictures day, like 100%. wahaha. It's kinda a sad day too, cause it's the Tai's and Yeap's last day. ):

I'm off.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Heh, it's been a nice satisfying day. I wish Jon came to school though. I missed my hug. Oh well. I'll see him, next week? :) Anyways, I got lots of wishes, and notes, and presies.

Quite satisfying. Grace and Zoe forgot to bring their presents. :\ Never mind, it's only after your birthday when you get lots of presies. It doesn't make sense, but it's true. lol.

Currently, I'm satisfied with the sound of my charms clicking on my wrist. Thank you Sarah and Raquel. Another two charms added to my precious braclet. My charm braclet has a lot of memories on it, and I just added two more. Really, really, luv your presents! :) I never expected to get charms in Malaysia. Hint hint: get charms for my birthday always! Ask them where they bought it, hahaha. (btw Raquel and Sarah, actually I do know where you guys got it, and how much it cost. I'm smart.)

Just wanna say thankyou to everyone who made my day what my day was. :P I really had a good time. Yer, and this younger brother of mine ahh, he forgot to wish me, so I had to remind him to. hahaha!

I'm off to dinner at Chilies! wakaka, ciao! :D

Thursday, November 13, 2008

&I'm hugging my teddybear.

Blessed 11th Birthday, Megan!

& Happy Birthday to Me (:
hahah, yes. The two birthday girls. :D

What else can I say? I'm sleeping at this point, hugging my teddybear Mr. Fan gave me as an early birthday present. :) lol. And yea, I'm sure to have a blast when I wake up. It starts of with shushi making and gift recieving, and it's the last chapel as well. wakaka, let's all have a great day ahead! Pictures acoming. :P

So long. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hm, and you're finally entering into my life again?

I'm trying to forgive and forget, but the memories of you hating me yet being 'friends' with me still haunts. I don't understand you, and I don't trust you at all.

For sakes, I know you don't like my eyes. Their slanted, and I'm Asian. What do you expect!?
Oh God, help me forgive.
wakakaka. 1 more day. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My mei mei.

Chunted, eh? This post has been published exactly at 12am! :P

Happy Birthday Zo!

It's truth. I call her Zo, short form for Zoe - and Zoe is already so short. wakaka. :) Enjoy the pictures Zoe, and bring back those many memories! hahah, this is definitely not all cause I bet it's uncountable the number of pictures Zoe and I take together.

the famous twins of 2007 :)

Cheerleader and piano player?

Siblings! =) Zoe, I want the pic of us at the slumber!

Retarded fat faces :P

Looks like the same day right? haha, nope. The one above was in May, and this one was on DOE.


To sum it all off, I still can't believe your birthday already arrived. I wish it didn't, cause I only have 2 more precious weeks with you, I honestly feel like crying. Sighs. I want you to have a totally awesome birthday today. Have fun while it last okay. If the boys do crazy things to you, let them, for once. :D Don't go all fierce and blow up on them tomorrow, save that for the drama practices. It's drama anyways. ;)

Thankyou for always being there for me, through thick and thin, through fun and sadness. I'll miss the secret sharing and boys code partner in crime. hahaha. Oh gosh, when you're in Australia, I'll have to send you pictures of the latest boy and you can help me rate him over there. MSN foreva babey. I'll definitely email you if you don't come online often! I'll miss the teasing. 5 boys, 9 boys, 10 boys, 11 boys whatever. *wink* This Zoe ahh, mine is 14 boys. :P oh and yea, 8 boys, 10 boys, sure miss you a lot! :)

Hopefully, you had a good 11th year of your life. Don't forget..

I love you, Zo. :]

Counting the days.

wakaka! :D Two more days! I'm gonna go hyper soon! :P hahah, I love Megan for sharing my joy with me. It's always funner when you have someone with you when you're feeling the oh-reach-the-sky-sorta feeling. :)

Anyways, the business is almost over concerning LifePAC test. ALmost, or rather, is cause I can't take Science test tomorrow. I feel so unaccomplished now, cause I was planning to do 6 test in a row, and now it's only 5. oh well.

Well, other than test and drama, etc, November is a very busy month. Lots of activities and fun. I wanted to go watch HSM3 this Sat, but with so many stuff happening, Dad didn't let. Therefore, I can make it up with hmm, Zoe's party tomorrow? It's kinda like mine too.

And yesterday? Well, we rushed out of school, squashed up in the car, went to Bake With Yen, Mid Valley, and then off to Kelvin's house. When we saw it, Sarah was like, "It looks like Kelvin's house!" hahah, duuhh. But yea, she was right, it looked like the type of house Kelvin would live in.

We had fun baking, you could say, if the icing wasn't such a crisis. hahah! We kept on going out and buying stuff trying to solve the problem of oil and icing. xP It ended up that we went back to Sarah's house and collected her icing. :P

I shall go, cause tomorrow there'll be a nice, long, post about my adorable, wonderfilled sister of mine. :) Just before I flee, joke of the day (yesterday) :

Dinner. Kelvin was talking about Genting Amusement Park.
Kelvin: You know the roller coaster that goes 860° around.
Kelvin's sis: 860! That's like 3 rounds!
Lydia: 'ello! It's 360 lahh!
We all couldn't stop laughing. There was another funny one about Matthew and rollercoasters, but it's hard to explain it in words. The way Kelvin described it was SO hilarious. Go ask him yourself.

Ciao peps. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

glitter & glue.

Well, I finally finished the ephod for the High Priest in the drama. Thankgosh, cause one more thing is off my long to-do list. It took me practically the whole day, excluding the long time I spent cleaning my room. I was vacuuming, and I sucked up a long strip of fabric my sis had given me. It was kinda hilarious, cause I hadn't expected it to go all the way up! :P Thank goodness my sis didn't want that piece of cloth anymore, else I wouldn't be here now? hahah. Yea, I opened the vacuum and removed the piece. D:

But, other than that, the ephod is successful finished now. It took a lot to patience, planning, and GLITTER. hahah. Glitter is terribly messy, aghh. And it requires glue. When it comes to art, I prefer cutting, pasting, etc. Glitter definitely is a once-in-a-year thing. And painting is definitely better. :D

oh well, it's done and it's my only one time of glitter for 2008. As I said, it's a once-in-a-year thing. :)

Anyhows, I went shopping last night and had a blast spending money? haha. I so want to go watch High School Musical 3, not that I'm a huge fan, just wanna know what happen. :D lol. Anyone for a movie + party + hanging out time for my birthday? =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

birthdays, welcome.

Quick shoutout : Happy Birthday Jia Yu! :D Have a blessed one.

On the other hand, 6 days, 5 hours, and 28 minutes till my birthday at this very second. wakaka. Try figuring out when that is. :P

Thursday, November 6, 2008

bits and pieces.

Really time I post something up and wipe away the dust that's accumulated. hahah, dust sets fast on this blog. (:

Life's been busy busy and I would of said that it's just plain busy with no fun involved, but that isn't exactly true. There's the little things in life that make you smile and laugh and just make you so grateful of the friends that you have. I really respect you, Wee. :)

And thankfully, I'm surviving through this extremely busy time of my life. So far, I've done two test out of the six in a row, passed, and all is well. Pausing History and Home Ex now, till I finish the other 4 test. Still have a Math, Bible, Language Arts, and Science test ahead of me. Now, I really can't wait for 12th November, cause it means no more test! Then, I can focus on Award's Night.

That means a lot of time spent practicing the drama. D:

And, dropping a quick hint, Zoe's and my birthday is coming up. (: We wanna have a combined birthday party at school, but I'm too lazy to arrange and Zoe can't cause she's staying with her cousins. So, anyone want to volunteer? muahah. :P

Oh, and this week there was a rush as 5 of us - Weeyen, Sarah, Melissa, Zoe, and I - quickly put together a newsletter for GRC by this Friday. Thankgosh, it's almost done now, and that stress aka business is over. haha, look forward to Milk & Crackers.

Well, I outta hit the sack cause for once I'm feeling accomplished what I did today. :) And all this stress and hard work is really tiring me out. Yesterday was hetic. I fell asleep in the afternoon for 2 hours - end results, had to stay up till 10:30 writing the testimonies out on the comp. &I'm dead tired right now too, it's only 8:25. Agghh.

1 Timothy 4:12 (Contemporary English Version)
Don't let anyone make fun of you, just because you are young. Set an example for other followers by what you say and do, as well as by your love, faith, and purity.

Ciao and takecare. :D

Monday, November 3, 2008


I miss Dr. Pepper and sweedish fish. (:

And Dr. JPP. :D That's Jean Paul Perreault, btw. Was thinking about Dr. Pepper and Dr. JPP just popped into my mind. Jean Paul (pronounced as John Paul) was my dad's Math student who's really cool. :P

oh, and yesterday at dinner, we were talking about how girls can switch subjects really fast when I remembered an incident in 4th grade. Ready?

4th and 3rd grade was combined then, well, kinda combined, and 3rd graders always got to do what we older 4th graders were doing. It was really unfair, and we talked about amoung ourselves, but yea, we're a kind bunch. :P Anyways, it was one of those rare occasions that it was just 4th grade and no 3rd grade. We had finished cleaning the school van so Mrs. Fleurent, our teacher, drove us to have ice-cream. hahah, cool eh? Our class was super cool. :D Only 9 students, so yea. 6 boys, 3 girls. So we were eating ice-cream, boys at one table, girls another. And my classmate, Richard, my gosh! It was hilarious. He would say one sentence of one subject, all the other boys would agree, then he would say another sentence of another subject.. The cycle goes on. Us girls were like, "okayyy."

Then, there's Luke. He's a classic, seriously. Super funny, nice, yea. What else, he just totally acted like a boy, can't blame him, he was. lol. Let me tell you or classroom arrangement first. There's three long tables. A girl in the middle of each and 2 boys at the end, nice and moderate. So yea, I of all people had to be in between both of the craziest boys in the class, Richard and Luke. Nice arrangement, yes yes. NO!

Luke is all freckles and he's alergic to food coloring. He's hyper-active practically all the time, but with the food coloring, he goes up the walls. Like worst then Tommy, Gilbert, Jason, Haresh combined or something. hahah. Except, he isn't exactly annoying like they are, he's just really really hyper. Worst then me, Sarah, and Raquel combined or something. We're quite bad already, lol! :) Once, my sis saw Luke in the hallway going up the walls (it's AN EXPRESSION) hahah, and she asked, "What did you eat!?" He answered, straight face and all, "oh, just some grape soda." wakakaka, JUST SOME huh? Grape soda is totally food coloring and sugar, the best! *rollseyes*

I can go on cause all the 6 boys in my class were crazy, seriously. Cory and Richard called themselves "the nerds". They were more disgusting then crazy. hahah. And Josh, he was really hilarious and TALL. Like, look up 2 feet before you see his face. He's one month older than me, excuse! :)

And when Stephen Chaves, Luke and Josh combine, welcome to our 4th grade class. :D

Well, before I left for Malaysia, they got together during cursive lessons and made me a scrapbook. I didn't know cause I didn't attend cursive lessons because my cursive was beyond teaching, hahaha. It's a really sweet scrapbook and sometimes I turn back to look at what they wrote.

Indeed, I miss them. Not just the craziness. I just miss being young again, not worrying that one of them would crush on me (even if one did) or that a wrong impression would happen if I treated a guy this or that way. I miss the snowcones, washing of vans, ice-creams, bee stungs, pizza, root beer floats, and library times I spent with that beloved 4th grade class. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why bother? Daddy's 'ere.

Totally in a cold sweat with stomach cramps, aghh.

Anyways, today's been a real heck of a day. I feel so out and exhausted and.. uncertain about the business I have to face... till it ends on November 12. Now, for once, I'm looking forward to my birthday!

I have 6 test to do before the clock strikes 3 on the 6th. Literally, a test everyday starting this Wednesday. Sighs! The pressure! :\

Anyways, was on the way to church buried deep in thought when I saw this cute American boy riding in one of those two people bikes with his dad. Erm, he's like 10 or something, don't get the wrong idea. haha. So, he's in the back seat enjoying the ride, while his dad is pedaling like crazy up the hill. It was quite a sight. ;P

I'll keep it short and sweet. He had nothing to worry about, cause his father was in the front and was leading the way for him. All he had to do was sit there, enjoy the ride, and follow.

The same goes to me. In this busy time at the end of the year, I'm head over heels freaking out and there's SO many things to do, so many birthday's coming up, Award's Night and the end of school, what pressure. Am I trying to lead the way and quickly do it with all the stress involved? But, why bother? My Father's with me, and if I admit that I can't do it alone and my way, he'll take over, I get to sit back, relax, do what he tells me, and follow.

Plus, it's stress-free! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

differently unique.

I likey my links. wakaka, I feel smart man. hahah. Honestly, blogger is really really stupid sometimes, but after all it doesn't have a brain. lol. So yea, I played around with the software and managed to get feeds from people's blog with the old customized versions. Ex: Robert's, Lydia's, etc.

Anyways, I am much better, thank you God! :) If you didn't manage to catch my blog post yesterday night (yea, I deleted it), it said I was sick, hahah. I sometimes randomly feel like deleting blog post after a few hours of it being published. Raquel's randomness is really contagious. I spend too much time with her, ya'know, that's how I caught it. lol? x)

A quick shoutout to Hana : Happy Belated by one day birthday! I miss the billion of minutes spent with you guys, the haircuts, catching dragonflies, or doing something random like seeing who can open the bottle (aka, who's strongest). Elisa always won! :D Sleepovers and skits! Japanese food and fried chicken! Miss you bunches! Have a blast of year ahead of you. (:

&& Joyce, birthday blessings as well! I need to take a picture with you today first before I can post about your awesomeness. lol. xD

Switch off subject, this week has gone by really fast, I can't believe it. By the time it really 'started' and fell back into a regular routine, it was Wednesday already! But after all, a week is never regular or the same like a week before that. Every day is unique in it's special way, just like evey single soul in this world. Even twins are different in one way or another. My God is super duper smart to think up of all sorts of ways to make each and everything unique.

I just wanna say thankyou to those people who's made my week special, different, and unique from other weeks. Sure, it's been quite a hard week for all of us, at least me and my sibs, but yea. Don't forget I love you, Zoe and Matthew, and we'll all come through together. Keep on hanging there. =)