Thursday, July 31, 2008

yet not an ordinary day.

Well, today I pitched of the the "so called" restricted school with chicken poxs. We arrived there to find Fai walking around everywhere. Appearantly the center wasn't open but Mr Fan was inside, and he didn't dare go in. hahah. We didn't dare knock on the door, and were about to walk to Wee's house when Mr Fan must of heard us, and opened the door. Did my 710 test that I was suppose to do yesterday. =P Bee arrived and decided to join me and Matthew to a visit at Shab's. We walked there ourselves, since Shab took ages coming to 'pick us up'. It was quite fun, laughing and talking. And man, Nyvish with his classic comments about who's with who in the school. "You know! Paullyn likes Tommy. No, seriously!" Matthew was like, "what! Serious ahh?" o_O hahah.

Went to the park and hung out. It was just totally unfair cause someone finally beat me in swinging. Well, actually, same height, but i gave up, I was just totally exhausted! =\ I don't care Matthew Tan, I'm gonna beat you one day. x) Oh, and yea. It was funny. People throwing MY SHOES at each other while I watch them on top of the slide and yea.. Matthew sweating till it drips!

Well, then lunch. Was sitting with Paullyn, and she immediately told me from the start, "Hazel, I'm not scared of cats anymore." I was like, "REALLYY!" There was a cat around, and she stood up with her apple juice and started looking for it. We were like, "what are you going to do? Drench it in apple juice?" hahahaa! Then later, "eee, the cat is pregnant!" HAHAHAA. She asked, "Do cats give birth to eggs or cats?" It was SO hilarious! =D

okayy, enough for now. It was quite a fun day, except after lunch I was really bored. =X Hmms, Shab I want to pics. Paullyn, boys code! She herself said her's is #4. HAHAHAA. And foreva #14. =)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

when I'm with you.

Taylor Swift I'm Only Me When I'm With You

Boyaa! Whatcha day. I practically died of boredom. Really. So yea, I was studying for my 710 Science test and got my LifePAC test from my sis (Uncle Kevin let her take it back for me) and well, yea. Opened the test, and literally got such a shock! There wasn't a thing I studied in the book. Seriously, I got so freaked out quickly glancing through the questions. After a while, I was like, "You know, this can't be the right test!" And when I checked to see what test it was.. it was Science 801!! Geesh, bummers! I was like screaming my head off scolding myself for not checking in school! Really, like my form of swearing, but without the bad words. ;D

So yea, instead I made it up by doing my Math 907 test which I planned to take tomorrow. It was okay, quite simple stuff. My sis kinda scored it for me, and she said I'll pass - even if i made some careless mistakes. =\ Man, the joy of being in 908! =) I'm going to beat you, Naomi. ;) Then, for Jon I go! :P

'Nways, my speed in my work is kind of freaking me out. (: Geesh, July is over and I've done 12 LifePACs in total, if I get to that Science 710 by tomorrow. Most of my subjects I'm already half way through 9th grade. And..erm, I only started 9th grade for real only 2 months ago. x) Somehow, work seems really easy these days. That's why I can't wait to relax! Penang!! =D

Okay, so here's the random pics. :D

..and I started Home Ex in June and it's already Unit 3. =P
Seriously, it's like the funniest subject eva!

Yes, the messy dinning table. Spot those doodles. d=

grins. What else can I say? No name stated. xD

Well, the red flag came waving, and I've just been hit with this unbearable cramp and a totally lifeless mood. Who knows why one gets so tired. Seriously! At times, to the point of exhaustion. What a descriptive word. =P

Other than that, I miss school. I miss my Wednesdays full of exercise! =)

I'm only up when you're not down
Don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground
It's like no matter what i do
Well you drive me crazy half the time
The other half I'm only trying to
Let you know that what I feel is true
I'm only me when I'm with you

Man, this song is addictive. (:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

someone loveth you.

&&it's really obvious!
harhars. =P

I'm sorry, but life is just getting harder and harder as I grow older. I don't feel like acting myself. I wish.. I didn't care. Wish... I didn't know. But the point is, I do care, I do know. Litterally, I'm just feeling out?

Well, school's been closed for 1 whole week due to the spreading of chicken pox. Pfftt. It's just a total bummers. I have no plans yet, but hopefully I can go out on an outing. (:

erm, then after school starts.. one week, and I'm off to Penang! Woottss! The ONE LIFE exhibit is being held there during August, so my mom's going over to help out and the rest of the family will be joining her for a few days, then we'll all head out for a 1 day family vacation. I can't wait for just a wonderful time relaxing! No, we won't be a tourist, cause I'm so not a big fan of doing so, so I'll be just chillaxing at the beach. I miss the beach! Yes, I'm looking forward to that!

If you guys want a tee-shirt from the exhibit or anything like that, let me know.. I can purchase it for you. (: ohh, and give me the moneyy! hahaha!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

and whatsoever.

So far, the weekend is going great. Was cooped up in the house yesterday having no car to go anywhere, so therefore, watched The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe again. Man, Narnia is just love. Wish I could find that secret entrance. =P Wouldn't it just be wonderland to go there with my siblings. I have exactly three, and including me, that makes four. Purfect! Imagine being a queen!

"Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen."

Yes, forever in love. =P

Erm, this morning we watched little less than half of the movie The Ten Commandments. It's really odd, and hardly even Biblical. Almost like a romantic movie. x) And extremely long. Really! After this post, I'm going to watch the other half and we'll see how it goes.

Also, this old and faithful desktop of mine is dying. So says the IT expert, which is my dad. If you didn't know, he is a computer person. Which is just great cause well, he'll reformat it here and quickly. And backup and all has been done. It'll take a while getting the files and photos back into this old girl, but it's worth it. After that, I'll have to do lots of downloading of all my photo editing programs. If you didn't know, I use about 3 at the same time. =P

Bear with the so outta taste template for the moment. Really, I need some drastic change to happen in this blog. Time to improve my HTML knowledge and get a whole brand new look for this blog. I mean, with a computer guy around, I can ask help for the HTML/CSS. Firstly, inspiration! =)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

these are the memories.

Tuesday - Basketball (Yes, we were trashed :\)

oh wells, we still posed in the van!

Mr. Mini Rubik's Cube!

&& I've been making tons of ONE LIFE bracelets!

Yea, I just got this really old picture from Bee!

Her camera just rocks. x)

Friday, July 25, 2008

it's your choice.

Well, it over. And I had the time of my life! (:
Really, sharing in public isn't that bad. It's just a really great opportunity to share about my God. Man, he rocks! I was praying so hard this morning for him to fill me with his spirit. And I know he did! And the worship made me know it was his will! Take me, mold me, use me, fill me! And then the Heart of Worship, cause it's about YOU, Jesus! Surely, my Redeemer lives!

Well, it's time to make some confessions. When I was told 3 weeks ago that I was to share for chapel on the 4th of July, my first thought was "What, you're kidding!" I was really scared but excited as well. When the 4th arrived, it was canceled at the last minute, and Sarah and I were to change our sermon for the little kids. I got really upset, trust me, and I'm being honest--cried. I'm glad it was postponed, cause I just managed to improve it up a bit.

Not only that, I think I had the wrong attitude when I couldn't wait to preach on July 4th. The 3 weeks after that till today was a great time for me to search my heart.. and correct my attitude towards the perspective of preaching.

..and the mysteries of my sermon. When I mentioned about seniors being a good example to the juniors. I stated, one of the juniors thought the seniors arguing. Trust me, it's true. Was sitting with a bunch of juniors a lunch months ago. Mr Fransis daughter was staring at this table with senors sitting there. Jasmine's remark went like this, "What are you looking at? Seniors fighting is it?" I couldn't help a few laughs. Honestly, there was my sister, Weeyen, and Jon, I believe sitting there. =P

Also, when I was talking about non-Christians not seeing a difference in us Christians, I was talking about Brandon and Matthew. I was interviewing them, and they both stated that there wasn't any difference. Matthew did say he saw a bit of difference in a few of us, but Brandon immediately went, "no." ..and I'm wondering how come they became Christians then? Man, God's power is great!

Well, that's about it. Hope you guys were touched by the sermon. Let's be responsible in the little things! Don't let your parent, God, get the blame for your behavior!
Pictures! =)
  One Life - Do Something!

Oh, and this is news! I got two One Life shirts for myself, the old model and the new one for only RM15. Man, World Vision's staff's children are lucky! :D Actually, my sis only has one for RM20 cause she didn't want (?) to get a discount?

Check out the Girlies blog. (:
Sorry Jia Yu, your not in this pic cause I couldn't find a picture of you. x)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Cause you're always there. :)

Today was a mixture of anxiety, excitement, and just having fun the whole time through! =) I took 903 Language test, and appearantly, a lot of people failed that test. =\ I was so worried. Really and big thank YOU to all those who helped me prepare, I got 89! =]

BM class was classic. Thankfully, I did not have to go and sit with the juniors today, and got to sit in for Miss Cath's class for the time being. I'll probably get a one-to-one teacher. :O oh wells, I guess it's good to know another language other than English. Well, I don't know what actually happen, maybe just a bit hyperish, cause I was making the lamest comments. Yes! A foot scanner! grins.

After school, the girls went for basketball. At first, I didn't want to come, but then I got bored, therefore walking with the boys to the basketball court. It was rather boring, and had an extremely short time there. Did hiphop in the middle of the court with Jac, Raquel, and Matthew. :D hahas.

..and tomorrow is almost here. Well, duh! But tomorrow.. is just tomorrow! heh, yes. The 25th of July. =P What wonderfulness. But it'll be funs. I plan to pick 4 random boys to help me out. Get ready boys! =)

My mother, your mother lives down the street.
18 19 Marble Street
My mother calls me, and this is what she says
Boys are rotten, made out of cotton
Girls are pretty, made out of presty
Itsy bisty itsy bitsy, I love you
Itsy bitsy itsy bitsy, boys do too!

P.S. Cooties are real Jon! I'm serious. It says in the dictionary. x)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

on my heart.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This describes it all.

Time passes.
Life happens.
Distance separates.
Children grow up.
Jobs come and go.
Love waxes and wanes.
Men don't do what they're supposed to do.
Hearts break.
Colleagues forget favors.
Careers end.


Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. A girl friend is never farther away than needing her can reach. When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley's end.

Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you...Or come in and carry you out.

Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-in-l aw, sisters, sisters-in-law, Mothers, Grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins, and extended family, all bless our life!

The world wouldn't be the same without women, and neither would I. When we began this adventure called womanhood, we had no idea of the incredible joys or sorrows that lay ahead. Nor did we know how much we would need each other.

Every day, we need each other still. Share this on to all the women who help make your life meaningful. I just did.
Short and very sweet:

There are more than twenty angels in this world.
Ten are peacefully sleeping on clouds.
Nine are playing.
And one is reading this at this moment. (:

Monday, July 21, 2008

imagination has no age.

..bwecauseee, I can dream a lot. (:

Yes, she's back to updating. Somehow, it odd, but I hardly update on weekends? I'm suppose to be free then. x) Realleyy, I'm everything but busy on weekends. But I just don't use to computer. My sis is always using it.. or playing online Scrabble with my dad. I can't believe anyone would want to do that! O_o

My weekend was pretty much normal and boring. I got the worstest stomachache on Saturday, therefore missing my youth group. Actually, I'm being really honest, I just didn't want to go. =\ I just so do not fit into my youth. School is literally my social group, not forgetting the beloveds in Maine. :D

Other than that, I'm looking forward to a busy but fun week ahead of me. =) Tomorrow I'm playing for a basketball tournament. I know, Hazel is playing basketball. The only practice I had of basketball was in Maine. Two girls against 3 boys, or something like that. And guess what, girls shall always rock! ;D The problem is, in this tournament, we gals are playing again girls. That's a hard issue. =P  Oh, and never forgetting Friday! =)

And the normal sacred moments of one's life. (: The little moments that makes one happy. I love you all so much. Thanks for making me who I am, the way I act, the way you make me smile. Cause no one can replace you.

..and I was tagged. This tag is really cool, eh? =P

A. Amanda.
1) Do you love this person? Well, of course! I miss ya!
2) Is this person your enemy? Nopes.
3) Would you kiss this person? definitely not.

B. Bee Ang.
1) What do you really think of this person? She's one of a kind. (:
2) What’s their favourite colour? hmms, actuallly. I don't know!
3) Ever danced with them? err, nayy.

C. Chanelle.
1) Do you have a crush on this person? heh, nopes.
2) Have you ever had a crush on them?err, naww.
3) How old are they? man, the English! pfftts. err, she is 17.

D. David Chaves. - Let's hope he doesn't read this. d:
1) How long have you known him/her? err, 6 years?
2) Biggest regret? of course not. I'm glad he exist. ;D
3) Do you hate this person? hahaa. Better not.

1) Have you met their parents? nopeyy.
2) Worst thing about this person? hmm, she is too hyper? that's what someone told me.
3) Best thing about this person? Well, at CG she makes me more comfortable.

1) Have you ever dated this person?
2) When is the next time you will see him/her?
3) Do you go to school with them?

G. Grace Kam.
1) Are they a good listener? Yes, a very good one. =)
2) Have you ever lied to make this person feel better? mm, maybe.
3) Is this person good looking? Of courseee! DUH.

H. Hannah.
1) What grade are they in? grade 7?
2) Is he/she your friend? Yesshh.
3) Ever done something illegal with this person? heh. Nopes!

I. Isaac.
1) What is this person’s favourite food? err, no idea.
2) How did you meet this person? School, duhs.
3) Do you trust them? Yeahp.

J. Jonathan Roberts.
1) Do they have any siblings? Mm, I'm one of them. =P
2) Do you know their favourite song? Something to do with Switchfoot, I guarantee!
3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you? ...

K. Kelvin Wong.
1) How old were you when you first met? 13.
2) How did you meet? School.
3) Ever danced with this person? Does hiphop lessons count? ;D

L. Lydia.
1) What would you do if you had a crush on this person? HAHA. She's my real biological sister, ello.
2) Do you like him/her as a friend? Well, nope. ;-)
3) Would you go to Disney World with this person? err, if I ever go, I'm sure to go with her.

M. Matthew.
1) Is this person older than you? hahaa. I like to think he isn't.
2) Is this person single? Yeah.
3) How many times do you talk to them in a week? daily?

N. Naomi.
1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend? Duh, no!
2) Have you seen this person cry? hmm, Naomi is thick. ;D
3) Do you know this person’s middle name? err...

1) Are you related?
2) Could you live with this person?
3) What school do they go to?

P. Paul Lyn.
1) Have you ever been to the mall with this person? No.
2) How about a sleepover with them? No.
3) Does this person have a job? No.

Q. Qi Shuen.
1) Does this person drink alcohol? har, hopefully not!
2) Have you seen this person dance? no..
3) Who do they " like "? hmms.

R. Rebecca.
1) Have you heard this person sing? Mm, we worship lead together.
2) Do you think this person will repost this? Sadly, she has no blog.
3) When does this person look best? hmm, I haven't seen her for the longest time.

S. Sarah.
1) Is this person taller than you? Yeahp.
2) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her? hahaa, yes.
3) Do they live close to you? naww.

T. Tommy.
1) Would you do anything for him/her? You wish. No.
2) Have you been to his/her house? nopes.
3) Where do they live? I have no idea.

1) Is this person in a relationship?
2) When is the last time you saw him/her?
3) What colour hair does this person have?

1) Do they have a crush on you?
2) Would you hug this person?
3) Is this person your friend?

W. Wee Yen.
1) Is this person loud or quiet? Loud.
2) Describe this person: umm, considerate. =)
3) What colour eyes does this person have? Black, I think?

X. Xin Yi
1) Why are you friends with him/her? Sister of a friend.
2) Have you ever gone anywhere with them? School, lunch. Counted?
3) What is one thing you would change about them? ...

Does this person wear make-up?
2) Does this person play any instruments?
3) What is their favourite sport?

Z. Zoe.
1) Does this person have MSN? Yea.
2) Have you ever made out with this person? No!
3) When will you see this person next? Tomorrow. =P

Well, that's about it. Cheers!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cause it was your birthday.

Well, I totally forgot about it yesterday, but it's never too late.
Celine's birthday was on July 17th! =)

My gosh, the adorable has turned 9. I can't imagine her when she's 12 and I'm graduating. *gasp* Let's just not think about that. ;D I bet boys will be following her everywhere. They already do. =P

Yes, an old familiar pic, but i have no recent one. =\

Well, as you can see, Celine hasn't changed much in her looks, but I sure have. hahaa! =P That was taken last year, kay. Lat year was not a long time ago. x) 'Nways, continuing. She is just one lovable person. It's really easy to love her and never get angry at her, as naughty as she is. =) Her hugs are really the best among best. I consider all hugs great, but yes. Best among best are Celinie's. :D Keep on rocking, dear. One day I hope to see you as one accomplished woman, not in worldly terms, but in God's standard. I love you! (: Muaxz!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Plus, puppies are cuter as well. =P

Cooties fly everywhere like dandelions.. I bet I have ton on me already.
 Okay, make belief over.
No use trying avoiding them. ;D

Yes yes. I just remembered my 1st grader years this afternoon, and the fear of cooties got spread around the school. Farney, half the boys believed me! "Seriously?" Chanelle was classic. We were telling her about them, and she was like "really?!" So cool. =P Of course, she knew it was fake. Then Ryan passed by and almost touched her, and she screamed, "Don't touch me! You're below 15!" hahaaa. The age range thing was created by Zoe for fun, and I said, let it be 15 cause I still want to hug Jon. x) hahaha! So therefore, Jon, Wee, they all don't have. hahaa. How make belief yes. It's fun acting like a 1st grader again, in a different way. =)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

cause you can make me smile.

Cause words can't bring me down. (:

My days are really busy, and I'm surviving. I have no idea why, but somehow I'm working really fast but not exactly hard. I calculated, and I'll be doing 12 LifePACs for July. It's just shocking me cause I've already done 7. =\ Man, I really should slow down in my work, cause I don't want to be graduating too soon. :D eh, but to me, I'm not hurrying, just going at a perfectly good speed. Nope, no stress.

Well, time to rewind. Memories! =)

Cheer! oh joy. (:

Gracie darhling. =D

Zoe! I hate to think bout November, even if my birthday's then.

Cambodia. Lakes. Shimmering water.

Touch the sky. Learning to fly. =)

 When I was 11..

..and full of energy! =P

Check it out! I look so young, and I'm ice skating. x)

This has been a favorite for years.

Maine. I miss you. :(

Man, how I wish I could be young again. Check out the eyes without glasses. :D Actually, I had specs then, but my eye sight was really rather good, so I hardly wore them outdoor. Gosh, no eye bags. How lucky. Now, my eyes bulge. D: Really want to get contacts soon. Parents: when you're 15. Me: that's next year! Parents: yea, in November. boos! :(

..and she's really busy these days. Thinking, working, planning. Trying to be organized. Trying to get her priorities right. One totally effortless try. As you can see, I'm blogging! *guilty smile*

..because I'm wondering if you care. But maybe you just don't show it in the most obvious way. Maybe I don't either. Maybe we all don't. I just wish I knew for sure that you did. I just wish you knew that I care.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Cause I just need love from anything else but teddy bears (:

Monday, July 14, 2008

birthday party fun!

Saturday, June 12, 2008
Celine's partey! okayyah, it was really kinda boring for me cause well, I was like mixing with all the youngsters. But it was cute watching them. hahaa. Really. And I was busy entertaining myself by wasting credit. ;D Get ready, the pics will tell the stories. =)

Yep, I was invited. I didn't just barge in. x)

Mr. Jeremy. Isn't he such a handsome?


Meet Miss. Princess. :D

Overall, it was okay. The food's yum. ;P

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Bee Ang has officially turned a teenager. =)

The dog is just so adorable. I was in love, literally.

d' Birthday girl. (:

Never forgetting the delicious cupcakes! :)

Well, that's about it. Others, send me the pictures! Yeahps, I know. The quality of the pics is really low, cause Bee's house has a rather dark lighting. :D oh wells, at least it was fun. d:

Cause I'm still homesick. I feel so depressed.
oh well, I'm trying my hardest to get over it.

cause I just wanna smile again;
I just wanna know if someone loves me.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

there's always secrets.

Bloggers out there! (: Try Blogger in Draft. I prefer it. d:

For example, the write post window is really cool. I always love pressing the Preview button. hehahas! :)
And you guys are wondering about the title? Yeahps, of course. I mean, we teenagers get curious the minute the word "secret" appears. It's true. x) I guarantee you, I've got so many secrets and not even one soul knows 1% of them. Somehow, I wish I could trust someone with all of them, but nobody is perfect. And well, I'm forbidden by myself and others to share most of them, even if they're all my own secrets. I seriously don't know what I'm getting to right now, but well. I miss sharing secrets. I stopped ages ago. Now, I've got a private time each morning to tell them all to the one who keeps them in almost a safe, and that's my very bestest friend. And I'm glad I've got a least one person to talk to about all this stuff. He's was there the very second I started my first cry. :D

That's what I call You
I'm curious about You
I'm scared and not sure that You are safe
But Your eyes seem to say that You are good

This is not a dream that I'm living
This is just a world of Your own
You took me from all that I knew
Shown me how it feels to hope
With You with me, facing tomorrow together
I can learn to fly
Feels like I'm living in a lion's mouth
But the lion is an angel

Wise eyes, You see the core of me
Your gentleness melts me
And now I know that words cannot describe
The power that I feel when I'm with You

Peace and power, love forever
Who am I to stand before You?
I am speechless
But in my weakness
You are here and all is well

This is not a dream that I'm living
This is just a world of Your own
You took me from all that I knew
Shown me how it feels to hope
With You with me, facing tomorrow together
I can learn to fly
Feels like I'm living in a lion's mouth
But the lion is an angel

I love you that much. I can't even describe it. =)

Friday, July 11, 2008

err, this is it.

Life is fine. I have nothing to be sad about. Nothing that I need to tell you all. Nothing heavy on my mind, heart, soul. I'm just content.. yet not.

I guess, the reality of a life in Maine that was even more gorgeous than the one in Malaysia is pulling my down. I'm literally, in other terms, homesick. Pastor Stephen was talking today about Peter crying bitterly, till no more tears came out. He then asked if anyone had experienced it. Well, indeed. I have. When I had to leave U.S.

Geeshh, I'm over it now. Seriously. I've got friends who love me, my family is still complete, and just got a grand life here. But, I miss the sun that doesn't burn, the sand in my toes, the snow on my eyelashes. The jet tubs, instead of an outdoor swimming pool, cause the water is too cold. The bike rides through my backyard lawn. The sledding into a tree. (: Man, I just miss it so much.

I just wish I could learn to love Malaysia. I wish I could find my heart, my joy again. It's like I packed my suitcase and forgot to pack my heart. It was too painful to pull out the roots, so I just left it there. So, there lies her heart in Maine.

..maybe that's what I need. I just need to love something again.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Because HE loves me :D

Well, I can't believe I had such an inspiration yesterday night when I was trying to study for a Science test. It must of been really from God, cause not only did I write this really cool poem, the Science test I was studying for was really easy. ;D

In God's Supply Box

Dear Child,
When you can't seem to see what is ahead, I have a new pair of glasses for you to put on.
When you make a mistake, there's always an eraser with me that you can borrow, or white out.. if the mistake is in ink.
Don't worry if someone has hurt you, because I've got a box full of bandages at different sizes and shapes and the best detol ever, it's called love.
When you're scared, you can crawl under my bed, it's dust-free!
If you happen to need any help, you can dial 333 and I'll pick up. It's almost like 911, but you don't have to answer questions, you get to ask them!
Secrets are always secrets, and if you can't seem to trust anybody with them, you can trust me.. I promise you that.
This is what I give you, my child. It's your chose to believe, to trust.
I don't want be an abnormal person to you, I want to be real.
So never forget this, my darling. I have glasses, erasers, bandages, detol, and much more waiting for you. My phone number is really easy to memorize and it's a 1-800 number. My ears are always listening. Now it's your turn to come.
Well, well. It's one special day today, trust me. (:
It's Bee's, Pom's, and James' bday!
I know, when Bee walked through the door I screamed the loudest. hahahaha! Mr. Fan got upset. Oops! Hahaha!

Miss Bee Ang
 This girl friend of mine is one of a kind, seriously! I mean, there is no way to describe her other than supercalifragilisticexpielidocious. I don't really think it's an adjective or whatsoever. It's actually a word that makes you feel great, according the Mary Poppins. Hahahaaa! Anyhows, Bee. I salute you! Thanks for being that great friend.

 Miss Bee Ang on her birthday, which is today.
I know! She let her hair down!!

Paul Mae the Pom pom!
 Dearest girl friend! =) She is just so cute! As in, the way she acts, yes. hahaa! Almost bossy, yet not. I always say she's just so mature for her age. Amazing! (: And well, yuahhs, she just rocks lahh. With the la, of course. =P
Well, Miss Cath's class went for the One Life exhibition today. I'm really glad that they all got to go. When I went, it was really touching even if I had seen all the props and all, since I had helped with making them. (: If you guys want the One Life theme song, just tell me on MSN, and I'll send it to you. x)

ONE LIFE. Do Something. (:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hazel is happeyyy!

 #o1. Midnight phone call?
1:00 am - my phone starts vibrating. I put it on silent mode and still woke up from my beloved dream. Or was I dreaming? Anyways, check who's calling. It's was an unknown number, but i know who. Well, I really did not feel like picking up the phone, so I let it ring.
1:01 am - the phone rings again. For goodness sakes, I think, I don't want to answer the phone! Let it ring again.
1:04 am - RINNGG!! I finally pick up.

Hazel Hello.
Roberts Are you asleep?
Hazel Duh! ( I mean, I was. Till you woke me up!)
Roberts What woke you up?
Hazel You calling 3 times, of courseee!
Roberts oooh.
Talks longer about I forgot what then goes.
Roberts eh, pass the phone to your sis.
Hazel er, she's sleeping.
Roberts Still pass it to her.

Well, I knew it. If I answer that phone call, it means getting out of the comfort of my bed and covers. What more, cross the entire house to my sister's room. And then. have the most tiring job of waking her up first! That's exactly why I didn't feel like answering the phone in the first place!

What more, Mr. Smartypants had to talk to me for like 10 minutes before he got to the point that he wants to talk to my sister! I mean, by that time, I'm wide awake. Here's a good tip: #o1. If you want to call at strange hours and want to talk to my sis, I have no objections. And please, don't be polite to me first. You can just say you want Lydia, because I'm perfectly fine with that. At least, I'll be only half awake and be able to fall straight to sleep right after. #o2. Just don't call in the first place! x)

#o2. And I'm her sister?
Uncle Kevin Where's ******? Joshua, find ******!
Josh I'm trying! Find Lydia and then you sure find him.
Uncle Kevin Joshua, that's not kind.
Josh What!
Hazel It's kinda true.
Miss Cath Hazell! Wait till I tell your sister!
Hazel Go ahead. She won't do anything either.
Josh Who's her sister?
Miss Cath Lydia lahh!
*slaps Joshua*
Josh What! I didn't know.

Well, isn't that interesting! First person who doesn't know who my sister is. TSK! It was funny, I heard Josh asking Weeyen later, "Who's Lydia's sister?" Weeyen: "Hazel lah! Of course it's Hazel. Who else?"

Well other than the two episode, I'm a perfectly content girl.
Hiphop was chill :D
That's about it misters and misses. =P

Truth and lies
the lies always stand out (:

Monday, July 7, 2008


I still love you (:

I love you even if you ignore me when I'm talking to you.
I love you even if you take up all my time helping you.
I love you even if you disturb me when I'm busy.
I love you even if you leave me sitting there all alone.
I love you even if you embarrass me in front of others.
I love you even if you mock me or laugh at me.

Because.. I just love you.
No matter what you do.

Anyhow love <3

Sunday, July 6, 2008

..and life just goes on

I can't pause it. So let's play it!

Okay, trust me. It's not that I'm in a bad mood that I'm not updating. To tell you honestly, I'm doing perfectly fine, so you can stop asking me if I'm okay. :D It's only that Blogger is getting really frustrating these days.

 Life's been busy, frustrating, stressful.. and well. I'm getting on by and by, so you guys needeth worry. There's little joys here and there, and everywhere (: There's a time in one's life, that you just have to take a step back, and thank the people who just make you feel loved. =)

Miss Catherine
 Thank you for being so considerate.. and well, helpful. God bless!

Zoe, the dear mei mei
 Well, this girl is forever wonderful. =P I mean, she's my younger sister, and well.. I'm her bigger sister so I should be the one who comforts her, etc. Yes? Usually, if not always.. my older sibs do the comforting for me. And it's true. Sure, Zoe doesn't exactly comfort me, but I feel comforted when she's around. I love you so much, my dear girl. And as I always say, I'm gonna miss you bunches! :(

Matthew, the dear di di
  Okay, honestly, Matthew is a month or more older than me..but who cares! x) I wanted a younger brother, cause I didn't have one yet. d: 'Nways, continuing.. he is just ulber cool. Super chun at cartwheels and somersaults - which is my total weak point, though I would love to know how to. =P For your information, Soph: He is so gonna join hiphop this Wed. I don't care, Mister. Cause I'm super convincing. :D Continuing on, he's just one rocking brother.

Raquel the Ho-ho-ho-ss!
 She's for sure gonna kill me. ;P But common, ho is just perfect for Santa Claus' laughter. x) Okayy, forgive me! =D 'Nways, she's just one great friend. Erm, she can pick up Wendy and Joyce and even me for a pyramid, but even I can do that. hahaa! Only weak boys cannot. TSK! hahahaa. Mhm, and she's a very good librarian, I just tell her what I need and she'll get it. Saves me a lot of staring at bookcases. hehee! Thank you Raquel dear!

Melissa Yup
 With the oh so famous smiley faces and sayings! And I'll admit, I love your handwriting and style. hahaha! So uniquely done. Trust me, some people are just unique in a way, and those people are just so cool. For example, you! :D And she is one tall girl. hehee! I envy that. Well, keep on being that special girl. Forever girlss! *winks!*

Oh, and for you two - Raquel and Melissa - William is hotter than Skandar! Like, hello! Riight, Zoe? hahaa!

Weeyen (:
 I really want to thank you for being so thoughtful on Friday. Seriously. Thanks loads! And well, you had faith in me that I could do it -Sarah as well - and you had faith that we could change it as well, even if in the end, we didn't have to. I know this doesn't make much sense to you all, but yea. Some things aren't know-able. Back to the point.. thank you! (:

Well, I'm glad I did this. In all my history of this blog, there's many appreciations. But I haven't really covered everybody yet. I always seem to be repeating just the same old people. So this is good, for me to consider the other people that are part of my life, and for you too. Never forget to step back, and take a look. You can always see better. ;D
Currently: In love with Narnia && William Moseley (:
Feeling: Sick. boos! :( If this continues, maybe no school tmr? =\

Thursday, July 3, 2008

err, back?

And it's like, you guys keep on clicking Hazel on your blog roll..
..only to see the same pic of LifePACs and my beautiful teddy bear, yes? (:

Forgive me. I've been really busy, and well.. it seems like I've finally got the time to hit the New Post button and start typing. What delight! I really miss this. :D Well, thou is back!

This is a really late one, but it has to be done eventually. June is over, and July is here. I seriously wish time wouldn't go so fast. =\ hmm, June. Well, it seems to have been a really short month. Vacation was killing, seriously. When school started again, it was great.. till Grace Kam moved into the Youth Hall. That is totally bad news cause now I'm the only girl in that whole stretch of boys. :( ..and her old place is currently empty and used for people to randomly drop their stuff there and bump into the divider when they walk through the door, therefore shaking the whole table. It's really distracting. x) Well, I've been one good girl this month, accomplishing 8 LifePAC test. =) I am so proud of myself. =P Honestly, I've never ever been able to do even 5 per month for the time since I joined GRC. 4 was my most. So 8, it's quite a pleasure. =) Yes?

Well, that was June. And so far, the three days of July have been absolutely great. We've started hiphop, which was challenging, but like cheerleading.. practice makes purrfect. I got really sad kay, cause my naughty younger brother got a detention, and couldn't join the first lesson. Never mind, I forgive.. but you are still so gonna join next week! And well, my siblings are just great. Roberts.. helpful in protecting me from you know who. Lydia as herself? Matthew and his stunts. And I kept telling him, watch the sprained wrist! Zoe, being just Zoe! I'm so gonna miss her!

Well, Uncle Kevin (or is it Mr.?) is our new supervisor in replacement of Mr. Fransis. He, Mr. Fransis, that is.. is doing administrative work now. Err, Uncle Kevin is really cool. Yes, the doubts.. "He's so strict!" are nearly gone. =P It was really cool, after P.E. he has a long chat with us for 1 hour? It was interesting, and his jokes were so lame, yet funny. =)

oh, I was testing the boys to see if they could do the "pyramid" thing. As in they carry and I catch Wendy. But when Wendy just put her feet on their hands, they went screaming their heads off. Boys are so week, when I myself can do it for Joyce! =\  pffttt!

..and err, Tomorrow's the BIG day!
 To tell you the truth, I'm freaked out. but, if God is for us, who can be against us? (:

...oh, and check out the Girlies' blog. Forever girls! Hairtiess! *winks*