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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 more days! :)

The Legend of the Candy Cane
by Lori Walburg

I feel like reading that book all over again. Its definitely a children's book, but its my favorite Christmas story. Its really nicely illustrated too, and you know that feeling when you read a really nice story with all the drawings? Sometimes I wish Narnia had drawings.

Anyhow, the last couple of days have not been nice. My voice has been disappearing and coming back again, and then I start talking and it cracks up. Its very disturbing.

Plus, I've been working non-stop and will take a test tomorrow - it's Christmas Eve! :-O All my parents seem to be pleased at is if I'm doing work. I don't even think my December "holidays" have been much like holidays, I've hardly gone anywhere except school.

I dread next year cause I have to work like a mad man, sorry I mean girl. My goal is to graduate July 2011, which is possible if I work really hard. And plus, I need to work extra hard to higher up my GPA. GRC's system of GPA really frustrates me. A 91% average is a GPA of 3, in GRC standard.

In STANDARD systems, 91% is A- which is a GPA of 3.6!


I do not like our system. It makes me look.. I dunno. I just don't like it. Now I need to get a 4 on some of my subjects so I can higher it to at least 3.2 or higher.

But I guess it doesn't matter much, cause when colleges look at my transcript they see my average and not just my CGPA so maybe they'll use their system to calculate my GPA. Then I'll get a 3.5 or something. :)

Oh, but it doesn't matter anyway. The majors I'm considering don't even need high academic scores and all, since it all involves the left brain. So actually, I basically don't why I'm working so hard.


Heh. Enough rambling.

Anyhow, tomorrow's Christmas Eve. Going for a candlelight service and of course, staying up all the way till its Christmas day. Don't you just lovee Christmas. I heart it.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

♥ Before Christmas

Due to my terrible tolerance for pain, I am alone at home while my whole family is at church. What could be better? Oh, the joy - NOT. My nose is absolutely a fountain of snot, my stomach hurts, I have my best friend, and my voice is.. practically gone.

For a quiet person, I guess losing one's voice isn't that bad, but you're talking about me! D: I am dying. Its like.. being antisocial is really terrible.

So I watched Poseidon Adventure 2006. Mike Vogel and Josh Lucus. :D But it was so scary and sad, kinda like Titanic. Except Titanic is sadder.

Anyhow, as I have totally abandoned to this blog, it's time to update about my week.

Monday, December 14th

Headed off to Bee's early in the morning. She was like half awake while Saph and I were wide awake. After eating some porridge with her, we walked to school. It's really close. :) Well, we went there and Joel abandoned us again, making Pom and I talk to the.. wall. ;P Haha. The school was boiling hot, no aircon. So we headed off to Bee's again after lunch. Played the Wii, watched a movie, etc.

After Sarah and Saph had left, Pom and I went totally high playing smooth moves on the Wii and cheerleading with the weird cheerleader girls on the screen. Muahah. I love being crazy with her. :)

Not forgetting, I beat Bee in bowling. 223 vs. 191.

Thursday, December 17th
This is when I lost my beautiful voice. Thank goodness I gained it back on Friday. :D So, I did an Art LPT in the morning and it was hard! D: I had to draw the features of a face but hardest was the shadows. Cause the book has specific shadows and all, and it was like... I DIDN'T STUDY IT! D: Meh.

Then, there was the whole process of cleaning the house only to ruin all my hard work when I baked later on. Not to mention got high. There was ants in the sugar so I was giving them a sugary death. Then I got all high imagining if SNOW was SUGAR. So rapture. :D Then then, I had to sieve the floor but I kept on calling it "shift the floor" and totally shifted it all over the floor. Oops.

 Friday, Decemeber 18th

Woke up early, for once. Saph came at about 9.30. We started on our pound cake. :) Then, we moved on to gingerbread cookies when I decorated an epic failure.  They started making fun of it and my sister came up with a rule that if one of us makes one cookie that doesn't look nice in all our opinions, we strike out and can't decorate any more. Oh the pressure. :P But don't worry, I decorated very nice cookies and worked the fastest. They still mock my failure though. D:

Went on to the gingerbread house. HAHA. Marshmellow fun, indeed. After melting a batch of marshmellows, we'd all quickly grap it and spread it as fast as possible. The funniest was my chimney. Those two were like, "it won't work", etc. but i managed to stick it on after a few attempts and a lot of laughter. It looked nice okay!?

I don't have the pictures. Wait for Saph to update.

After all the baking was completed we got pretty bored around 4'oclock. Went to the playground in the rain. (No wonder I'm sick!) So, I, not wanted to get sick, went to sit in the slide. But there was a litle puddle at the top of the slide so I moved to sit inside more. Only to lose my balance and yeaa, start sliding down. I was like, lying on my back, sliding down, and SPLASH! Full speed into this HUGE PUDDLE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SLIDE. Soaked indeed.

Well, at that point, Tommy arrived so my sister set off to get him while Saph and I stayed at the park. Saph was like, "Let's go swing!". So we smartly sat on the blue swings and swung. After a while, I realized and jumped up and exclaimed, "ARE MY SHORTS BLUE?" Thus, we nicknamed it blue pants crisis. We called Lyds and was like, "We have a blue pants crisis." "A what?!" HAHA.

Of course we went back upstairs to wash our precious shorts and left Lyds and Tommy in the living room. :P Hahah, plus we took the longest time and made the loudest noise and laughed the loudest when this classic SMS arrived. *winks!* Then, after changing, we went downstairs to the poolside.

Everyone started arriving then. Saph and I went to the babypool to swim. I fell in. I TELL YOU, WATER DOES NOT LIKE ME. So, since I was all wet already, we went to the big pool. And jumped in. And then the guard pointed out crap that was inside. We obviously jumped out. What more, I dunked my hair in. Ugh.

Chitchatted, went up to shower, labeled pressies with Pom. Jon still wasn't there. D: It's like 50% his party, according to him. Haha. Later on, my sis told us he couldn't com. =.=

Well, the regulars. Ate, talked, opened presents, played Twister, Uno, Skip-Bo, sent people down... till it left just Saph, Quel, Sarah, Celine, and Josh. Ahah. Played some game (idk the name) where three people are picked and say they were in the barn burning and you could only save one, which one would you pick? We gave Quel the hardest three people ever. She couldn't decide! Saph was like, "oih, if it really happens and you're standing outside the barn thinking, 'hmm. hmm. which one should I save' and those three are jumping up and down screaming, 'HELP, HELP!' and you can't decide, they all die already!" HAHA.

I was dead tired at 12 so I went to sleep while the others talked all the way up to 2. :P Sadly, I skipped it but oh well. I have no secrets to tell. ;)

Saturday, December 19th

Okay, I was antisocial. My throat burned, my nose wouldn't stop running, fountain of snot seriously! I didn't really do anything. Sat, stoned, chatted on MSN, er.. taught hyper quel some cheerleading, um.. yeaa. It was a sad pitiful day. What to do. D:

Oh, and when I walked Raquel home, I slipped on this puddle and almost got wet doing some retarded split. Geez. I tell you, water seriously does not like me. What did I do?!

Now, for the randoms! :P
  •  Bee randomly SMSed me last night while I was sleeping just to say, "Eh you know i think the school should have badminton tournament next year. HahahaHahahaHa." ookay..?
  • Joel is being unnaturally being nice to me and not making fun of me. How sweet. He has promised to try to be gentlemanly and not do stuff like take my chair away from me. *cough* I told him, he should take lessons from Fer or something....
  • ... oh, and I told him to become a GOOD 18-year-old. Cause generally these days, 18-year-olds are either good or bad. Never in between. I am giving him lessons. Such a good big sister, yes. :P
  • Melissa is back! :) Planning to meet with her soon.
  • Matthew corrected my English and was correct.  I said, "You should of come"... I corrected it to, "You should of came." He said, "It's suppose to be.. 'You should have come' " Zomg. Improvement indeed. Eishh. :-O
  •  I can't wait for Christmas. <3

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas time

Since Christmas is nearing, I decided to change my blog template to a more holiday sort of theme. Thus the snowflakes and green & red colors. I don't know about you, but to me it seems a bit over. Like its too much of an eyeful. I shall see how to make it.. simpler. :) Maybe remove the header and add borders instead or something of that sort.

Anyhow, at church today, the whole service was some skit by the children. It was really funny when the Inn Keepers went to get their signs that read, "No more room". Well, this girl held her sign upside down, and the narrator, some cute little girl, whispered (in the mic btw), "IT'S UPSIDE DOWN!" HAHA.

So now I have all the dramas, skits, everything running through my head. My sister has this weird longing these couple of days to organize one. She could of had that longing a bit early! Then, I remembered the Christmas musical I did in my old school. It was about cats and mice, I dressed up as a mouse.. and it was like.. a skit and then during intervals, the whole school choir would sing. I had a solo then. :O But I just love the songs we sang. It was like.. cat and mouse based.

Oh tidings of tuna and cheese,
Tuna and cheese
Oooh tidings of tuna and cheese,
Fa la la la, yeah yeah yeah

Christmas time is no time,
No time for diet
So grab your fork and dive right in!

I know, it sounds so childish, but if you heard it with the tune and all the skits and solos and all. It was a really really nice drama.

Plus, I have all the regular Christmas songs stuck in my head. Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Oh bring the fiddle puddling (We wish you a Merry Christmas), etc. Not the Christian ones. :P

And I know another version for Away In A Manger. And got it mixed up with the traditional version. We sang it in church today and yea, I screwed up. I started singing the other version. ;)

Well, tomorrow I'm off to Bee's and school. Want to take a test, score, get tests to take at home, etc. :D And of course, scheme with my partner-in-crime, Pom. :) Can't wait.

Friday, December 11, 2009

So breathe it in and breathe it out
Listen to your heartbeat
There’s a wonder in the here and now
It’s right there in front of you
And I don’t want you to miss
The miracle of the moment.

I am so content. :) Went to 1U today and spent 5 full hours just simple shopping. :D My mom, sister, and I spent altogether less than RM200. Not bad eh? :D I spent like RM80 on my stuff. I am such a shopaholic. And Cotton On is the best best. I bought shorts and a cardigan thingy. Omg, so rapturous.

Also, I did Christmas shopping. Still haven't bought anything for Lyds. It's just so hard to buy her something that she'll like! Its like, she doesn't even know what she wants. :-O When she goes to the awesomest place to shop ever next year (USA), she probably won't buy anything. When I go, I shall spend billions if I don't have discipline. Well, I'll probably ask my sister to buy this and that for me. ;P

Yesterday, I went to the passport place in HELP and yea. It was so torturous. After 1 hour of waiting, I had already finished my math book. I sat staring aimlessly at nothing and listening to the never ending numbers repeated in Malay for hours.

Christmas. Countdown of 14 days. As it draws nearer, it makes me think - What does Christmas mean to you? Usually Christmas is such a furry of activities. You have caroling sessions to attend, you rush here and there shopping for presents, you go to Christmas parties, you plan for lunch and dinner on that day, you decorate your house, you think about what to wear.. the list continues. Often, people go around getting ready to celebrate it, but half of them know the true meaning. They think Christmas is all about candy canes, snow, Santa Claus, stockings, presents, and Christmas trees. Is that all?

I love the presents, all the decorations and goodies, but that isn't all. It burdens me when people don't realize the true joy of Christmas time. Its the day that Christ was brought into the world. I don't know whether you realize this, but without that present we received 2009 years ago, no one would be living now. That gift brought us joy, love, peace... and redemption. That certainly beats all the gifts I've ever received.

I want this Christmas to be different. I want others to fully understand the real meaning of it. I want everyone to be rejoicing. Just thinking about some little abandoned child half across the world not having fun on Christmas day makes me so sad. Jesus came on Christmas day just because he loved me. He loved me. He still does. So many people in this whole wide world long for someone who would just simple love them. But I don't feel that ever, because I know that someone loves me. So so much.

Oh, I am so happy. December is such a joyous month. And I want to share that joy with everyone. And I want to be more like Him daily. :)

Don't miss that miracle that happened on Christmas day 2009 years ago.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

everything to me (:

He's more than a story
More than words on a page of history
He's the air that I breath
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath my feet
He's everything to me

I'm going to have my own website soon. So, there won't be anymore irritating thing. How brilliant is that! :D

So so, today I headed off to school again. Went to school yesterday as well, with only the company of Paul Mae, but it was fun. We went high complaining. Like Bee always says, "I want to complain". :D Today, went there. Did my Science 909 test early in the morning. I GOT 100% YAY! :D Josh, Ry, Vicks, and Joel came. Sat and talked while studied. Took my Bible 1102 test. Got 90%, not bad. I expected it to be hard, and actually did better than I thought I would. :)

Then, we were all starved when Ms Cath decides to go to 1U. Jo and I couldn't decide whether we wanted to go so in the end, we decided not to. So instead, Josh, Jo, and I went off for lunch. Made fun of my Americanism, how horrid. :P Ate really slow. Everyone was waiting for me to finish. ;) Heard Josh talk his first SCIENCE talk with Mr Nicholas. Jo and I were like.. *blank faces*.

After that, we went back when Josh deserted us. The only reason why we didn't go to 1U was so that we wouldn't leave Josh all alone in school, and then HE LEAVES. :O So, yea. Jo and I totally went bored. We walked back and forth around the center (cause I was impatiently waiting for my test results) and I practically crapped the whole time. It was like, Jo couldn't get a word in otherwise. Talking is SO entertaining. Then, we headed off to 7-11, bought CANDY, and went to the playground. Sat in the scorching sun for the longest time ever, headed back to the center and yea.

Here comes the part about the toilet! hahah. Last week, the girls' toilet was locked, so we were forced to go into the GUYS' TOILET. So, yesterday, I, thinking the girls' toilet is locked, went into the guys' toilet to check if there was anyone there first. As there was only me and pom, we had no guy to help us check. :P So, I go in, start kicking each stall, when ONE DOESN'T OPEN. And I went screaming out. It was so FREAKY. haha. Its like.. I went into the guys' toilet when some dude was in there. =O Well, so I'm like.. waiting for the dude to come out when another worker walks in. SO DESPAIRING. Then, I discovered that the GIRLS' TOILET WAS ACTUALLY UNLOCKED. ZOMG.

I tell you, I do not like the toilets there. Its like, yesterday I had the bad experience PLUS pom and I realized there's no toiletpaper or paper towels OR any ledge to put something DOWN ON. I'm serious. Its like.. my soap bottle. Pom had to HOLD it. And then, today, the whole place was like.. flooded. D: Terrible.

Anyway. We came back to the center and went to the Science lap to play with some Scientific electrical thingy-ma-jigg. It was really interesting. Like, all the currents, ohm, volts, etc. We learned Morse code and then connected it to this motor. Then we lit up a lighbulb! AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION, JONATHAN ROBERTS.. connecting a lightbulb to a battery is not going to make it light up. Well maybe it might, but you have to connect it with wire.

Yea, so we spent like a good 45 minutes playing with that thing. I can't believe I actually understood like.. half of it. D: My Science is terrible. Science just doesn't run in the Chang family. THAT'S WHY I'M SO HAPPY I GOT 100%! :D

So, yea. That was practically my day and yesterday. :) Hm, I have to go renew my passport tomorrow and my passport picture which I took yesterday looks.. weird. Its like, I look fine in it, except my hair looks horrid. Cause you have to push all your hair to the back behind your ears and that looks retarded.

Gosh, I am so rambling away. Haha. I love talking. Its like, if I am sitting beside two people who aren't talkative next year at school, I shall be so intimidated. It'll be so scary. And I wouldn't be able to do work. But then again, I am so friendly, I shall just talk to anyone I sit beside. :)
Avalon Everything to Me

Monday, December 7, 2009

In a moment, everything can change
Feel the wind on your shoulder
For a minute, all the world can wait
Let go of your yesterday.

  • Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,
    its about learning to dance in the rain. :)
  • YOU loving everyone is enough of a reason why I should love everyone.
  • I feel immense pressure on me and I don't even know how to describe it.
  • Ever felt like you don't even belong anywhere?
  • I wish my daydreams would come true. :) Alas, reality.
  • Talent isn't genius. Sadly.
  • I am awaiting next year with high expectations, but I realize that once it starts, I'll be head first into a business you don't want to comprehend.
I'll edit later on. Moods are in too much of a commotion. :\

Friday, December 4, 2009

candy vs. sweets

Joel and I were planning to go HIGH, but instead we got carried off when Jo didn't know what SNOW SPRAY was. Like, omg. So yea. Then we moved on to Swedish fish and thus, starts the argument of candy or sweets. Honestly, which sounds better? Go vote on the poll in the sidebar. Yes, you.

Anyway, this week has been totally awesome. :D I've been keeping myself busy, whether at school, in the mall(s), or at home. Christmas is almost coming, I am so excited. I say this a million times, but I repeat - I just love Christmas.

Tuesday I headed off to new school. Helped put records into the files and all while I waited for the others to arrive. Sarah came next, with lots of hugs from Celine too.We wandered around aimlessly with nothing to do. Haha, then Raquel came and thus, we started on the library. National Geography. :D

Then, we walked out for lunch and practically took a nice long walk. It was good for Joel since he can benefit from it, but I am skinny enough. HEH. Anyway, I just love guava in that asam juice/sauce, whatever its called.

After that, we were totally unproductive, went high, walked to 7-11, bought CANDY. Laughed, talked, till everyone slowly left, and then I left too. That was my Tuesday.

Wednesday, I went to Raquel's. Arrived @ 9.30. Chit chat, left to print a picture for Michelle's pressie, headed off to 1U. Shopping! Omg, we went to this Famous Amos stall and bought gummy bears and Cola gummies too. 100grams for RM4.50. So we managed to do perfectly 100grams. Not 99, not 101. 100. We are brilliant. Then we got a free cookie each. :D

Went to Kitschens, Cotton On.. OH OH OH. Cotton On is just.. amazing. I found a really nice pair of shorts that actually fit. :D And a white shirt that's really nice. And and.. singlets with the cardigan. OMG, so nicee. I feel into rapture. Except, I had no money.

Off we went to Sakae Sushi. On the way, stopped by at InqBox and saw the nail sponge thingy. The thing to put like patterns on your nail, omg. :D And then we stopped by at Sticky, you know, the shop that makes the rock candy. Zomg. There was no body there and Raquel & I were all "oo" and "aa"s that the guy gave us two free rock candies. YAY!

Sakae Sushi was fab. Oh, did I mention that I had my handy dandy calculator with me? I am just brilliant, I know. December sales are all 10%, 20%, 50%, 70% etc. So in came the calculator to calculate how much so and so item cost after discount. How rad. So yea, sushi totaled up to exactly RM9.70. :) It was yummy. I just love sashimi. :D

After that and going back to Cotton On to buy Quel's cardigan, we headed off to Michelle's. Arrived there, ate very little as Quel and I had just eaten. Michelle's sister, Danielle, is extremely tall! But she's a really nice girl, pretty friendly. :D And her brother, Joel, hahaha. Adorably cute and helpful. We had a treasure hunt and I was team captain of the winning team. :) Got this beautiful necklace. Got my face covered with floor. ;)

Wednesday night, my sister suddenly had this mood to set up for Christmas, so we did. Dragged the 'fireplace' out of my room. Hung up the cards and stockings and put out the rugs. :) Set up this little miniature Christmas village on the coffee table made out of Lincoln Logs, pipe cleaners, cotton, paper, ribbon, and well yea, SNOW SPRAY. I just love it. On thursday, we did more touch-ups. Added another house, more snow, a hill, a lake, etc. :)

Then, on Thursday night, went shopping again. This time to the Curve. Got more Christmas decorations. Checked out Elianto nailpolish. I didn't see the RM1 type. Very disappointing! D:

Today, we finished up the deco. Put the Christmas wreath sorta thingy on the top of the fireplace with candles and whatnot. Hung up the lights, did the last touches. Etc. :) All that Christmas prep stuff. Its fun though. And I really really wish I could have a real white Christmas like I did years ago. Christmas just doesn't seem like Christmas without cold weather.

Anyhow, I feel really like.. jelly now. You know, so lifeless and formless and emotionless. Holidays are not benefitual when you waste away and become unproductive. I definitely need to do some spring cleaning of my life. Well, you could say Winter Cleaning. ;) I'm so gonna go swimming tomorrow and work out all the fats I've accumilated. Swimming just makes me feel so refreshed.

Okay, last but definitely not least, birthday wishes. :)

on the 2nd of December..
Happy Birthday Michelle (:
So thanks for being a good friend, for your awesome piano skills
and being a great role model. I respect you in many different ways.
I had fun at your party! God bless ya!

on the 3rd of December..
Happy Birthday Daddy (:
You're the best dad I've ever had, and the only one too. :D
Thanks for going crazy with me and all the crazy things we do.
I love you very bery much. xoxo.

Till then. :) Keep loving, smiling, hoping, wishing.
Christmas is coming. :)
Hilary Duff Come Clean